Rubber Stories

  • Shine


    Each thump of the music’s beat vibrated through the floor, sending a pulse through Kyle’s bare foot. The party downstairs had been raging for hours, and

  • Rubber Drone Takeover

    Rubber Drone Takeover

    Wrtten by rbbrbikerthorp M A Thorp – Senior Reporter: It’s impossible to ascertain where the RubberDrones originated or when their mission started. What is clear to this

  • Space Protocol

    Space Protocol

    (Photo credit @ShinyCreature) “This is The Valiant… responding to distress signal eight-four-seven-six-zero. Do you copy?” Static hissed in response, cracking with the steady rhythm of a

  • Bring Me The Hood

    Bring Me The Hood

    Wrtten by rbbrbikerthorp Master was in his dungeon, doing what he enjoyed the most; turning an ‘innocent’ young man he’d selected for transformation into one of his

  • Wanted: Willing Subjects

    Wanted: Willing Subjects

    First posted on StudsInStone, copyright Floatr 2012 — Jack was awoken early by the sound of someone yelling. He wanted to yell back and tell whoever

  • Ghost Hunter

    Ghost Hunter

    (Photo credit @ShinyCreature) Sam examined the monitor zooming in slightly to investigate the noise he’d just heard. “I think it was the dining room, check camera

  • Tightness


    Rhys couldn’t contain himself any longer. A gasp escaped from his lips, turning into a moan as he arched his back. Hands caressed his chest, his

  • Dark Side of the Convention

    Dark Side of the Convention

    CLICK! CLICK! The camera shutter fired as Eric pressed down on the trigger. The two images blinked on his screen before he thought of a different

  • The New Throne

    The New Throne

    CLICK Your camera snaps the scenic landscape in front of you, as your foot adjusts its position on the mossy rocks. The vast forest was filled

  • Walk On The Wild Side

    Walk On The Wild Side

    The curtains added a cerulean glow to the morning light. The harsh lighting caused Manu to stir as he began to rise from his slumber. For

  • Growing In The Garden

    Growing In The Garden

    Thunder echoed in the skies above, as rain pelted down around Reece. He quickly ran for his front door, hearing the squelching of his shoes on

  • Master’s Doll House

    Master’s Doll House

    The elevator doors slid open, revealing a desolate underground car park. An average-looking salaryman exited the lift, ready to face the drive home after a long

  • Work From Home

    Work From Home

    Oliver nervously shifted in place as he watched the countdown timer on his laptop. Combing his fingers through his hair, he began anxiously fidgeting with his

  • A Spa Like No Other

    A Spa Like No Other

    The car swerved for the off-ramp as both Joel and his Sir neared their destination. There was an awkward vibe the entire trip. Sir merrily hummed

  • The Figure In The Rain

    The Figure In The Rain

     The rain came down hard on my window screen with the constant sloshing of the wipers mixed with the hum on the engine. I had regretted

Transformation Stories

  • Hypnozone – ‘Hive’

    Hypnozone – ‘Hive’

    Wrtten by Hypnozys Jeremy and his gang of friends had all come to the isolated little village in an attempt to do some hiking but couldn’t shake

  • Being Roommate Bros

    Being Roommate Bros

    Wrtten by rbbrbikerthorp Jake had a crush on his straight college roommate Chris. The problem was Chris was straight, great at sports and could pull any woman

  • The Exosuit

    The Exosuit

    First posted on, copyright PupTrebleNYC In the future, most people had plenty of free time, with most jobs automated by robots, and all of their needs covered.

  • The Reforming Institute

    The Reforming Institute

    (Photo credit @ShinyCreature) The world was once a very broken place. On the verge of chaos as crime and disorder were out of control. Rioting, looting and

  • A New Mascot

    A New Mascot

    Vrrmmmm The engine cut out as Ricky pulled up to the makeout spot. It overlooked the glistening city lights shimmering in the distance. On the outside,

  • Gaining An Air Valve

    Gaining An Air Valve

    Roger got the call in about someone’s damaged pool over in Woodland Hills. It was a wealthy part of town, with many retired well off individuals

  • Boy Toy Wonder

    Boy Toy Wonder

    ‘SLAM’ The hero landed on a metallic vent poking out from the building’s roof. He heard rumours that an abandoned factory on the outskirts of town

  • Tim’s New Relationship

    Tim’s New Relationship

    Tim and Derek met in conventional gay fashion, a hook up through Grindr after Tim experienced a painfully hard day in the office. The sloppy fucking

  • Time in The Cell

    Time in The Cell

    Swirling darkness. You lay fixed in this inky black world, breathing calmly and waiting. Your mind is transfixed on what’s going to happen next. If this

  • The Bellhop Boy

    The Bellhop Boy

    The chilled air outside rushed in through the main reception doorway at the Onyx Landscape Hotel. The bellboy, Danny, shivered as the electric doors slid closed

BDSM Stories

  • Captured and Entombed Forever

    Captured and Entombed Forever

    The flames leap with sparks pirouetting, crackling as they burst – sending embers outward to the marble hearth. It transformed the wood into hot ribbons of

  • A Better Way To Commute

    A Better Way To Commute

    Louis sighed. His day had been long and laborious. Counting the hours on the clock, he was exhilarated for the weekend away from his desk. He

  • Horny Jail

    Horny Jail

    The wiper blades swiped across the windshield as rain fell from the sky above. Each droplet landed in the cooling air, soaking the road ahead. The

  • Danger In The Desert

    Danger In The Desert

    “Freshen your cup, honey?” the elderly waitress questioned. Her perfume was just as sickeningly sweet as the soggy slice of pie on Trevor’s plate. The coffee

  • Surf’s Up

    Surf’s Up

    Sam dumped the full keg under the bar with a massive ‘clank’. He was still growing accustomed to the heavy lifting of his new job at

  • The Branding Begins

    The Branding Begins

    The ice-cold chain forced Cody’s neck into an uncomfortable downward position. His eyes focused on the two kneeling legs jutting out from his midsection. His cuffed

  • Becoming The Skinhead Slave

    Becoming The Skinhead Slave

    (Photo by Craigskin © 2015) Drip. Drip. Drip. Soaked through to his skin, Chris felt the droplets of rain collect at his hair ends and plop

  • The Promotion

    The Promotion

    BLEEP! The card reader sounds as the security gates whoosh open. You enter the lobby and press the button for the elevator. It feels like a