Prince of Rubber
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All Stories

BDSM Stories

Captured and Entombed Forever

The last thing you might want to do is steal money from a very powerful and wealthy madman with a

A Better Way To Commute

Louis has an interesting weekend ritual with his Sir. It involves stripping at his office and donning a leather motorbike

Horny Jail

An investigative reporter becomes the newest convict at the world's most high security prison. Will he escape?

Danger In The Desert

A PI travels to the desert in search of a suspicious missing salaryman. The road to discovery takes him somewhere

Surf’s Up

A horny wetsuit enthusiast gets into some trouble with a local surfer boy. Maybe next time he should just wank

The Branding Begins

A boy begins his ritual of being branded as his Sir's slave.

Becoming The Skinhead Slave

A Skinhead talks about his transformation from nerdy teen to loyal faggot.

The Promotion

BLEEP! The card reader sounds as the security gates whoosh open. You enter the lobby and press the button for
Transformation Stories

A New Mascot

A jock quarterback gets his revenge on the star player for his High School football team. With some help from

Gaining An Air Valve

A peculiar call-in about a burst pipe leaves a plumber feeling a little "empty headed". What fate is in store

Boy Toy Wonder

A superhero ends up in a pretty tricky situation as a dastardly villain ends up capturing him.

Tim’s New Relationship

Tim looks back on the start of his new relationship and how he became such a good pussy boy for

Time in The Cell

Trapped with no way out. You wake up confused, surrounded by chains in a strange cell. What happens next?

The Bellhop Boy

A disgruntled bellhop working in a hotel during the annual fetish event, ends up in a sticky situation.
Rubber Stories

Space Protocol

A crew aboard a cargo spaceship discover a suspicious distress signal and head to investigate the cause.

Bring Me The Hood

Another rubber drone is about to be created by a Master hellbent on turning an innocent guy into

Wanted: Willing Subjects

Jack needs a new job! Luckily for him a suspicious company are hiring for docile and willing subjects...

Ghost Hunter

A pair of video streamers, staying in an abandoned manor, discover something sinister is lurking in the house.

Tightness – BoomerSM

Rhys couldn’t contain himself any longer. A gasp escaped from his lips, turning into a moan as he

Dark Side of the Convention

A lonely photographer at a convention ends up attending an 'interesting' after party which doesn't go as planned.

The New Throne

Being transferred to a fantasy world filled with rubber creatures may not be so bad?

Walk On The Wild Side

A submissive slave goes for a risky walk to please his Sir. Hopefully he doesn't get caught!

Growing In The Garden

Something strange and shiny begins to grow in Reece's garden after a mysterious meteor collides with earth.

Master’s Doll House

A rubber doll is created to serve its rich & powerful Master's whims and desires.

Work From Home

A new job is always exciting, even better if it's for a suspicious rubber factory. But at least

A Spa Like No Other

A spa is a place to relax, pamper and forget your troubles. Only this spa offers a different

The Figure In The Rain

 The rain came down hard on my window screen with the constant sloshing of the wipers mixed with