Louis sighed. His day had been long and laborious. Counting the hours on the clock, he was exhilarated for the weekend away from his desk. He hated pointless meetings that could have been emails. Okay, his company had some poor performance issues over the past few months. But his workload didn’t have to double to make up for it. He had always taken pride in his work, obviously, but no matter how he looked at it – everyone needed a break sooner or later.

“…and we need these ideas to be top-notch,” a voice on the other end of the call spoke with enthusiasm.

‘Who puts in a call for 5pm on a Friday anyway AND where do they get off being so chipper?’ the blonde twink thought.

Louis nodded and looked down at the clock on his laptop showing 17:21. He wished time would speed up so he could clock out and leave the busy office behind. Laying back in his chair, he heard his phone chime. A message lit up on the screen displaying a text from his Sir.

“In the downstairs car park. Don’t keep me waiting, boy,” the line read.

A wave of anxiety and impatience washed over Louis. He could no longer focus on the rudimentary video chat and felt his chastity cage get a little bit tighter in his slacks. Louis was undoubtedly in for a fun weekend… maybe a bit of pain if he didn’t hurry his ass up.

Louis had been dating his Sir for a few months now. After a successful virtual meetup, they decided to meet regularly for play sessions. His Sir was a few years older than him with a great match, sexually, for the submissive twink. Louis craved dominance, and luckily, that’s what his Sir was pleased to provide.

Both having pretty demanding jobs, they decided to meet on weekends – where they could both shut off and escape. This meant Louis could break away from his mundane life for a few days and live out his ultimate fantasies, which Sir enjoyed exploring thoroughly.

After excusing himself from the call, he raced to pack up his things and leave for the car park. In the elevator, he could feel butterflies in his stomach as the excitement radiated through him. The doors parted to show an empty car park. Louis stepped out, searching for his Sir amongst the stationary cars.

Creaking steps sounded behind him as a broad form grabbed him from behind. Louis’s back met harsh leather padding as a pair of thick motorcycle gloves covered his mouth. He could smell the powerful scent of plastic and leather in the air.

“Caught you, boy! I said not to keep me waiting,” his Sir announced.

“Uhmm Mrry Mrr” Louis apologised through the leather gloves as his cage strained once again.

His Sir’s grip tightened, making Louis feel like putty in the hands of the stronger alpha-male.

“Well… let’s not waste any more time, boy. Get changed into your riding gear and let’s go,” his Sir instructed.

After releasing him, Sir took the time to cup Louis’s pert ass with his leather riding gloves. Louis spun around to see his Sir towering over him. With his face hidden behind the black helmet, Louis noted something different about his biker leathers. The tight leather suit had an undeniable shine to it.

“You purchased it!” Louis said with glee, obviously talking about his Sir’s new attire.

Louis had been obsessed with an image of a biker wearing a shiny tight rain suit over his leathers. After considerable research, his Sir managed to track one down. The result was a suit that looked like it was cast in shiny, black plastic. Louis felt a rush of lust as he gazed at his Sir, clad in the glossy outfit. A solid, black helmet, boots and gloves completed the ensemble – leaving a dominant, biker drone in its wake.

“And I’ve got a surprise just for you, boy. Now get moving!” His Sir barked through the helmet as Louis scuffled to his car to change into his motorcycle suit.

They often rode on the bike to his Sir’s house for the weekend. Stripped of his belongings, Louis felt strict control during all times spent with his Sir. He would hand his phone, wallet and keys to him once they arrived at his Sir’s place – receiving them back when he’d earned the use of them.

Opening the boot to his car, Louis pulled out an identical Dainese suit to his Sir’s. The only difference was that it was coloured in solid white. His boots, helmet and gloves all matched the same solid white colour. Sir had joked when he purchased it that he looked amazing in “virgin white”.

Louis took a glance around the car park to ensure he had some privacy to change. Seeing only his Sir casually watching him from his Kawazaki Ninja sports bike. It made the blonde twink blush with embarrassment as he shed off his shirt and tie. Stripping down to his “bare essentials”, Louis carefully lifted his legs into the awaiting leather suit. The wearing of boxers or briefs was strictly forbidden so Louis would only be allowed to wear a thong or go commando with his caged cock.

It was always a tight squeeze, but once everything was in place he could zip it up. Louis felt his entire body compressed by the tough leather as he moved to step into his white Dainese boots. Once they were secured, his hands went into the waiting gloves as Louis packed his things away.

Helmet in hand, he walked back over to his Sir, creaking with every step. He could already tell that underneath the headgear his Sir was grinning from ear to ear. Louis stopped next to his Sir, already knowing what was coming next. A tight rubber hood with eye and nose holes was forced over his head. A gag slipped its way into his mouth as the poor twink was left mute.

His Sir loved the idea that riding around in public was his locked, slave boy. They would often park up at a picnic area or gas station where Sir ordered his sub around.

On numerous occasions, he’d sent the boy to fetch some bottled water or pay for gas while not being able to communicate with the cashier. This left Louis dreading the thought of being asked to remove his helmet or respond to a question. Thankfully the submissive boy would mostly need to respond to a head shake when asked; “anything else you need?”

“Alright boy, helmet on and I’ll give your gift,” his Sir ordered, moving to fumble with something next to his motorbike.

Once the helmet squeezed into place, Louis checked he still had some limited vision. His Sir turned around with a bright, white PVC overall in hand.

“I knew you would feel left out if you didn’t match your Sir, so let’s get you kitted up!”

Louis could literally jump with glee. He was shocked by his Sir’s gift as the rainsuit was pulled over his current ensemble. It fit like a glove, making movement even harder for the blonde boy. After it was zipped in place, his Sir’s hands explored his new plastic and leather clad boy. They embraced closely as their helmets lightly collided together.

“I hope you like your new outfit, boy, because you won’t be getting out of it much this weekend,” his Sir announced, with a hard slap to his leather coated butt.

Louis mff’d in response as the two began their journey on Sir’s Kawazaki back to his home. The engine jolted to life beneath the two horny perverts as Louis held on tight to his lover. The level of trust between the two couldn’t be faulted. Louis felt so safe just being close to his Sir, even when speeding down a windy road. To any onlooker it looked like a perfectly normal sight and nobody knew under the layers that such a dynamic existed between Sir and boy.

As they set off from the parking garage, Louis clung a little tighter to his Sir. A soft evening rain was falling around them but they were untouched by the water hitting their protective suits. The weekend was just about to begin and no doubt Louis would be sore come Monday morning.

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