The car swerved for the off-ramp as both Joel and his Sir neared their destination. There was an awkward vibe the entire trip. Sir merrily hummed with anticipation for the day ahead, while Joel sulked in disgust after being dragged out of bed so early in the morning. Joel and his Sir had clashed on numerous occasions in recent weeks over his lack of respect and a rotten attitude. Sir strived for his subs to have the utmost admiration and appreciation for him. However, Joel had been deficient in his duties and often challenged his Sir on many occasions.

Of course this didn’t go without its fair share of punishments, which Joel detested, but now Sir was growing tired of a disobedient sub. That’s what was going through Sir’s head when he heard about a day spa from one of his friends at the leather bar. ‘The Devote Spa‘ was just what the doctor ordered. Joel was kept in the dark about his eventual fate. He would only protest and refuse not to go if he knew what lay ahead. As they drove through the eerie industrial zone, Joel noticed an abundance of boarded up factories with empty parking lots. This definitely wasn’t what he was promised.

“What kind of weird ass spa is in some place like this?” Joel questioned with a sour tone.

His Sir grimaced, he hated foul language from a sub and that was one thing he was looking forward to dealing with no more. When he met Joel the two seemed to hit it off. Sir laid out what he was looking for and Joel was happy to oblige. But as their relationship went on, Joel began to lack the enthusiasm he originally possessed and started acting out like a spoilt child. Sir detested brats and he knew that a good slave just needed a firm hand… or when all else failed a visit to a seedy spa in the wrong side of town.

“Seriously can we just talk about how creepy this place is?” Joel groaned, sinking back into the passenger seat.

“We’re almost there. Look! There’s the building”

The car turned into a neglected, old shopping mall. There was a vast empty parking lot with cracked tarmacadam that had certainly seen better days. Along a row of uninhabited stores was a bright pink sign for ‘The Devote Spa‘. The exterior looked very cheap, like one of those unsavoury massage parlours you’d find in backstreet alleyways. Your Sir parked the car and announced their destination with a big grin on his face.

Two solid, white metal doors opened into a sterile, bright entryway. The beaming lights above reflected off the shiny white surface of the walls and flooring. The door behind Joel and his Sir slammed dramatically. Joel looked around in confusion after entering such an immaculate & dazzling environment within a battered, old strip mall. In front of the two was a mirrored door reflecting back their surprised expressions. Sir’s grin grew even wider.

“I guess this place is FULL of surprises,” he remarked.

The mirrored doors slowly opened and both men walked through into the reception area. Similar to the entryway, the sterile and bright room seemed like something out of a futuristic movie set. Glossy white walls surrounded the two, as they stuck out in their dark, muted attire amongst the beaming lights and gleaming interior.

“Welcome to the Devote Spa, do you have an appointment today?” a receptionist in white cotton scrubs sat behind a desk, directly in front of Joel and his Sir.

“Yes, I have a booking for my sub Joel here. The full re-education and slave package, please,” Sir replied.

Joel was horrified with the response from his Sir. He immediately began to protest.

“I see your sub certainly needs an attitude adjustment,” the receptionist replied, pressing a buzzer on the desk.

“I think my boy is just a little surprised,” Sir mocked.

In a fit of rage, Joel turned and began stomping towards the exit. He tried to push open the solid, metal doors but they wouldn’t budge. Unbeknownst to him, two bulky orderlies grabbed him firmly on both arms. The two brawny figures towered over Joel’s petite frame and effortlessly lifted his body off the ground. He was led through a pair of white double doors. All the while, his Sir was directed through a different door where the actual spa existed. Joel was heading towards a very different treatment.

Joel awoke feeling groggy as his vision focused on a white tiled ceiling. Relaxing ocean sounds were playing overhead as he came to. He went to move his arms but found he was fixed in place. A cold chill from the room confirmed that he had been stripped of all clothing. Cool, rubber restraints kept him fixed to a padded table. He tried to groan in protest only to feel something lodged in his mouth. Pushing his tongue against it he guessed it was some kind of thick rubber. A suckle from Joel confirmed it was indeed a rubber cock gag. On discovery of the phallic object filling his mouth, Joel felt a similar item in his butt.

He felt disorientated and confused. Exactly what was in store for him at this weird clinic? As he contemplated this, a nearby door swooshed open and Joel could hear footsteps approaching him. What came into view gave Joel the shock of his life. The thing that stared down at him didn’t even look human. A perfectly shiny head, devoid of all features, sat atop a glossy built frame as Joel gawked up with wide eyes. His skin was gleaming and white as snow with a texture akin to that of shiny pvc or – from the smell – latex.

The anonymous figure peered down at the alarmed victim below. He stepped even closer, leaning over to undo the rubber restraints starting with Joel’s neck and wrists. Stunned and frankly too weak to fight, Joel remained frozen in place looking up at the shimmering skin of the figure above. Once released, rubber coated hands drew Joel up to a sitting position as he was guided off the table to stand on the cool tile floors. Joel cupped his balls and began to shiver from the temperature but also from what he’d just witnessed.

The rubber man shoved Joel forward as he was ushered out of the room. Flushed with embarrassment, Joel kept his eyes fixed on the floor. The two passed through a hallway coated in the same glossy white as the rest of the interior in the supposed spa. Another rubber-coated figure passed by as Joel could now get a proper look at these creatures. From top to toe, they seemed to wear identical outfits. Their shimmering bodies looked like a second skin with a white utility belt fixed comfortably around their waists. Their belts held a number of white painted instruments that Joel couldn’t identify. Not a single other colour existed on these gleaming rubber men.

Joel felt even more out of place amongst the pristine environment. He stumbled at one point trying to conceal his pride and collided with his guide behind him. He felt the cool body slam into his back. Gloved hands grabbed his wrists and Joel struggled to break free. He was no match for his assailant who forced Joel’s hands by his side and marched him forward. Now pressed firmly against the rubber body, Joel could hear the man breathing confirming that this was indeed a living human. The scent of rubber was even stronger as Joel could do little but march forward.

The two reached a large open room separated by white screens. Joel was forced to an area in the middle which contained a row of white metal seats. The rubber man produced some metallic cuffs from his belt and locked Joel’s wrists together. They both took a seat in front of a large screen. Around them Joel could hear a minimal amount of activity. Behind some of the screens he could hear noises you’d usually hear in a spa or treatment centre. Only without any conversation.

The screen flickered to life and a logo for ‘The Devote Spa‘ appeared on the screen accompanied by text stating “slave edition”. A video of a cascading waterfall filled the screen as a voice-over spoke;

“The Devote Spa is a place where tranquillity meets transformation. We’re here to leave you feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and reborn in your proper role in life. Our program today will take you through a carefully designed process to unlocking your inner zen.”

The screen fades to a silhouette of a red figure which clearly looks unhappy.

“When you arrive at The Devote Spa, we know that the stress of daily life has left you confused and unsure about your status in life.”

The figure is now seen being taken off-screen, and reappears now strapped to a table.

“We begin by injecting some relaxing, positive energy into your system which will help you along our process. We also prepare your mind to focus on feeling relaxed and shutting out any bad thoughts you might be experiencing.”

The figure begins to lose its redness and slowly turn white. “Next, our friendly helpers prepare your body for the full treatment before you experience the most relaxing sensations this world has to offer.”

Joel is confused about what any of this means. But he’s also extremely concerned about what’s in store for him. The illustration is now marching with lots of other white figures as the video continues;

“We want to make the world a much more relaxed place and that’s what your new job will be! To provide relief and assistance to those you serve.”

The screen filled with the logo once again before shutting off. Joel was immediately man handled by the rubber man once again who pulled him through a partition in one of the screens. Within the grip of his shiny white escort, he entered into some kind of shower room.

Still filled both front and back with rubber dildos, Joel stood shaking while the attendant messed with a number of nozzles. He was released from his cuffs and handed some rubber goggles to wear. With trembling hands, he fixed them in place. Next, he was roughly man handled again and nostril tubes were shoved up his nose. Joel flailed in a feeble protest before a screen door opened and he was shoved inside. Joel had a hard time seeing out of the weird goggles and felt uncomfortable with the tubes lodged in his nose. He breathed in the stale air as the door sealed shut behind him.

From above he felt a strange, thick substance dropped on his head. Words flashed on the screen door in front of him. Joel was instructed to rub the goo all over his skin. He began massaging it into his pores as more of the stuff coated him from above. A timer displayed counting down from five minutes as Joel stood there trembling. The gunk began to irritate and sting his skin. Joel began to itch parts of his body but it did no good in bringing him relief and touching it seemed to make things worse. So he decided to try and stand still and bear it.

As the timer dropped to one minute, Joel was visibly uncomfortable walking on the spot and trying hard not to touch his burning skin. Once the countdown reached zero, a shower head began emitting hot water from above. Joel felt an instant relief as his body was soothed with the flowing water. He then noticed that – not only did the gooey substance leave his skin – but so did all of his hair! From head to toe he was without a single strand of fuzz. Once the water stopped a lotion was dumped on Joel once again and he was instructed to massage this everywhere.

The door slid open to reveal Joel’s rubber companion as he stared at the now hairless and vulnerable victim. The tubes were removed but the goggles remained in place as the rubber man inspected Joel’s body. Once satisfied, his wrists were locked in place again and Joel was taken out of the shower room and guided back to the room he’d woken up in. He was firmly restrained by the shiny figure and could do little to struggle as he stared up at the ceiling.

Headphones slid over Joel’s ears as his goggles faded to black. He began to hear the gentle sounds of a waterfall crashing into rocks and colliding with the water below. He instinctively began to suck on the rubber protrusion in his mouth as spit collected in the back of his throat. He flinched as he felt slick rubber hands massage some kind of ointment into his sore skin. They started at his pecs and slowly slid down his stomach. The feeling put Joel in a semi-state of ease.

His goggles seemed to erupt into life as the falling waterfall became real. The two rubber cocks began to vibrate mildly and Joel felt a heat start to rise within himself. He could hear a faint whispering behind the pummelling waterfall but couldn’t make any of the words out. His masseuse was doing a great job at relaxing his muscles now working on his things and calves. A swirling circle behind the video of the waterfall slowly faded in front of Joel’s eyes. The whispering got a little bit louder but still indiscernible to Joel. The heat and vibrations continued to build and build until Joel could feel that he was sporting a big erection. His cock twitched with lust.

He recoiled against his restraints as the rubber man above began to massage his stiff penis. The swirling circle now completely dominated Joel’s vision as the words revealed to be a countdown from 100. The experienced masseuse continued with his handjob while his other hand massaged Joel’s pecs, thighs and shoulders. Joel was visually bucking now trying to get as much pleasure from the moment as possible. The countdown was about halfway when images began to flash in front of Joel’s eyes. Rubber coated servants kneeling at the feet of their Sirs being tortured, fucked, tied up, used and doing domestic chores.

The sights turned Joel on even more as he could feel himself right on the edge but not able to find release. His cock throbbed with want between the rubber man’s fingers. He moaned as hard as he could behind the phallic object in his mouth. Never before experiencing this kind of pleasure which just seemed to build and build. Eventually the timer reached its final ten seconds as the voice, vibrations and speed of the rubber man’s hand increased. Getting closer to 4, 3, 2… and then nothing. Everything stopped. Joel was left panting and bucking against the restraints like his life depended on it. He screamed into the gag as he was left with no release.

Slowly his breathing returned to normal and the headphones were removed. His goggles changed opacity and he could see the same rubber face staring down at him as before.

As Joel entered another white coated space, he noticed a black tar-like pool in the middle of the room. Similar to a mud bath but with a gloopy, reflective substance. Joel felt different since his massage of lust. He felt the heat still thumping away below the surface of his skin. His cock jutted out in front of his body showing his evident arousal. But instead of hiding his pride he instead stood perfectly still at attention next to the rubber attendant. Joel no longer required the cuffs and didn’t feel the need to rebel. The nose tubes were reinserted into his nose but Joel didn’t struggle this time. As he once again breathed in the stale air, the rubber man escorted him towards the black oozing pool.

The only communication between the two was a glossy white finger pointing into the dark pool. Joel slowly dipped his toes in thinking the bath would be shallow. Instead his foot was submerged and kept going further and further into the goo. With a texture like glue, the sludge gripped Joel’s foot as he pulled back in an attempt to remove it. Surprised by the strength of the substance, Joel lost his footing and fell right into the pool sending black ooze everywhere. The pristine white skin of the rubber man was splashed with dots of black as Joel sank into the pool.

Panicking as he submerged further and further into the thick, viscous substance, Joel breathed hard into his nostril tubes. All over his body he could feel the warmed tar pushing against him. He tried to swim but his limbs seemed stuck in place as he was suspended within the goo. From his view everything was just black and empty. His ears now blocked, he could only hear his thumping heart. The substance began to warm against Joel’s skin and he could feel a light vibration all around him. Completely glued in place he had no choice but to remain in the position he landed in. On his back with his knees in the air and arms outstretched in front of him.

Eventually the thick liquid began to change form and turned into a black liquid. As Joel began to feel the grip against his body loosen he could move his body parts a bit more. Feeling himself sink to the bottom as the surrounding substance became like water. A white screen appeared on his goggles informing him to swim to the surface. Still blind, Joel just kept swimming until he could feel the splash of water as he emerged from the top. His goggles were coated with the black tar but he felt around for the edge of the pool and slowly drew himself out.

The goggles were cleared of the goo and Joel could now see the bright lights of the room return. He had created a big mess as the white tiles around the pool were now stained with the tar. He gazed up to see the white rubber man splashed with spots of black. Joel flushed with embarrassment over the mess he’d made. He was lifted to his feet as he stared down at his new oily skin. Slick with the wet tar, Joel was covered from head to toe. His feet unsteady against the white tiles as the sludge slid against it. He was steered over to a glass door, his feet making a wet plop with each step, and pushed into a dark room. The stifling heat was about 65 degrees and Joel could feel the rush of heat as soon as he entered the room. The chamber resembled a regular sauna only in dark, black wood.

Joel could feel his rubber skin begin to cure and tighten all over his body. The substance no longer felt sticky and instead turned into something similar to his white rubber friend. The boiling heat was intense as Joel stood in the middle of the room. Feeling the rubber on his body growing tighter and tighter, he could feel the sweat building under his new skin. The vulcanised rubber gripped his cock and balls which still protruded from his body. His face felt tighter as the rubber hardened all over pushing the gag ever so slightly into his mouth.

Joel began to walk around the room feeling his rubbered feet no longer sticking to the floor. Each toe was outlined in the smooth rubber as Joel gazed down at his hands which looked similar to this of a store mannequin. As the rubber became taught, Joel could see not a single crease was found on his body. Everything was perfectly flush and held Joel in a comfy embrace from head to toe.

As Joel felt he couldn’t suffer anymore, the glass door opened and he quickly shot out into the cold. His cock perfectly outlined by the rubber and protruding out like a phallic dildo. Joel gazed down in astonishment as his skin rippled with the white lights above. The black tar had been cleared up and the white rubber man stood before him refreshed and devoid of even a single spec of black. His skin shiny and glossy as ever.

Joel had his nose tubes cut, leaving just the inserts lodged in his nostrils. The excess was taken away and a seamless look remained. The rubber man began inspecting Joel’s body as he felt the squeak of rubber on rubber. White hands caressed his abs, butt, cock and legs which sent a shiver of lust straight through Joel’s new body. From behind, the white rubber man embraced Joel and began massaging his rubber coated pride. Feeling the strong rubber hands around his waist and the defined muscles against his back Joel was ecstatic. The attendant gyrated against the rubber cock still embedded in Joel’s ass as he felt a light vibration return.

To Joel’s disappointment his teasing ended and the white rubber man messed with some buttons before heading towards the exit. Joel instinctively followed behind staring at the muscled rubber butt in front of him. Right there, Joel wished he could serve this rubber figure but he knew his real Master was ready and waiting for him.

Back in the starting room once again, Joel looked over at the restraints on the table. He knew they wouldn’t be needed anymore. From a metal locker, the white figure produced a spray gun and began spraying Joel with a shining solution. On contact the substance made Joel as glossy and reflective as the anonymous man in front of him. He started with the head and slowly worked his way down to each of Joel’s rubber toes. The bright white lights from the space reflected off his now sparkling black skin. When he was finished, the figure produced some thick rubber bands to go around Joel’s wrists, biceps, thighs and ankles. The final item was a rubber collar to go around his neck which gripped his throat tight.

Joel was now complete, from head to toe in shimmering black rubber he looked like the perfect rubber statue. Every finger and toe was perfectly detailed along with a smooth look over his mouth. His goggles had turned black on the outside, like his skin, but Joel could still see through them. Two rubber figures in contrasting colours stared at each other. Their rising and deflating chest was the only sign that there was actually a person beneath that glossy frame. Finally, the larger of the two turned towards the door and Joel followed him again.

Joel’s Sir was ready and waiting as he passed through the white double doors into the reception area. His Sir’s look of both astonishment and joy is what Joel noticed first. His Sir had spent a relaxing day in a different kind of spa – filled with back massages, jacuzzies and steam rooms.

“He’s perfect! Nothing like the brat that I dragged in earlier,” Sir remarked.

“Nothing of the sort. I’ve explained some of the features of your new… toy. But let me demonstrate a few,” the receptionist announced walking over to Joel. “We go for an all over sleek black look with vulcanised rubber containing porous holes. These allow your slave to sweat without removing their second skin. You also don’t need to remove anything for cleaning as their rubber coating acts like its own skin – breathing just like the real thing. If you’re not fond of the full black look you can change the colours of his restraints using the app on your phone. Voila!”

The restraints and collar fixed against Joel’s smooth body changed to a bright red.

“The handy app also controls what he see’s in his goggles including nothing at all if you like.”

The receptionist reached up to Joel’s mouth, pressed a button on the app and Joel could feel movement around the opening. The receptionist came away with the dildo for his mouth but still Joel couldn’t close his jaws. He tasted the same rubbery texture as before.

“While your sub was under, we took care of removing all his teeth and replacing them with rubber ones. We’ve also coated his mouth with vulcanised rubber, but he can still swallow food and nutrients. Among other things… It’s the same with his back end here. We recommend a diet of liquids and protein shakes to keep your slave healthy and squeaky clean.”

The receptionist replaced the dildo with a click and grabbed Joel’s stiff rubber erection.

“All the plumbing is still the same as before. There’s a small hole in the top of his cock to pee. But it isn’t likely this will be going down anytime soon as we’ve programmed him to always be ready and horny. If you become bored at seeing his pride protruding like that you can hide it away with this!”

Joel felt a rubber pound cover his crotch and pin his dick into place against his lower stomach.

“It looks just like a rubber mound now. This will bond with his new skin and when you want to release just press the button on the app. All this and more can be found under the help section and I’m sure it’ll be more fun for you to find this all out for yourself.”

Your Sir clapped once the receptionist had finished his display. After Joel’s Sir bounded over and began feeling his body for himself he had a look of pure delight on his face. Joel felt weak at the knees being touched by his powerful Master. The lightest touch sent ripples through his rubber body. He was so happy to have found his place in life.

“Be sure to visit again if he has any problems. We also offer reinforced training if his skills aren’t up to scratch. I can even team him up with his rubbery friend over here!” the receptionist laughed, gesturing towards the white rubber figure.

“We may have to take you up on that. I guess I’ll test him out first and find out what he needs to focus on. Well I can’t thank you enough,” Sir responded.

Joel’s Sir spanked his rubber coated ass before heading out of the spa. Joel followed diligently behind to his new life as Sir’s rubber slave.

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  1. Hi. Magnificent job. I did not expect this on a friday night. This is a terrific story. Thanks!

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