CLICK! CLICK! The camera shutter fired as Eric pressed down on the trigger. The two images blinked on his screen before he thought of a different idea.

“And another one… this time try holding your weapon to the camera,” he instructed the two girls decked out in their sci-fi costumes.

They were standing on a ledge above Eric as he kneeled on the floor – aiming his camera upwards. Another snap, and he was happy with what he captured.

“Thanks so much. These look great,” the girls in costume commented.

Strolling away, Eric watched them re-joining their group of friends. The job of an event photographer was often a lonely one. He’d travelled to a new city for this gig and wasn’t exactly the best at making new friends. An attractive guy in his late twenties, Eric’s biggest problem was a lack of confidence.

Walking around the convention, he was amazed by the conviction of everyone in costume. Their ability to expose themselves in such revealing and often controversial clothing made him immensely jealous. He lacked the assertiveness to push beyond his comfort zone.

Eric imagined this was why he enjoyed the role of a photographer – cautiously behind a camera without being so vulnerable. Some of the convention-goers outfits were incredible, although, they didn’t look very comfortable. From head to toe, some of them appeared as carbon copies of the characters they were portraying. Whether he was just there for the job, or not, Eric had to commend some of his photographic subjects for their creativity and bravery.

“How’s it going, Eric?” a voice called out from amongst the crowd.

Eric spun on his heels to see a fellow photographer friend coming towards him.

“Hey! It’s alright. A bit different from my normal gigs but still exciting,” he responded with a cheerful grin.

Eric was tipped about the job from his photographer pal. His recent fashion work wasn’t exciting him so he decided to look at other avenues. Although nobody could make a career from this sort of stuff alone – Eric enjoyed the creativity of it all.

“Glad to hear it. I’ve been shooting at this convention for about three years now and the real fun starts after dark,” his buddy laughed.

Eric had heard some intriguing stories about the night parties at this convention. He’d caught wind that they’re a lot seedier than the daytime proceedings.

“Don’t worry there’s a party I want you to check out and I think you deserve it after working so hard today,” his pal announced.

“About that, I was thinking of maybe skipping. I’m not exactly the party type,” Eric responded glumly.

“Not a chance, man. Trust me just come and check it out. If you REALLY hate it, I’ll let you off,” his friend joked.

Eric sighed. He’d have a difficult time trying to think of a way out of this one. Resigning himself to at least trying it out for a few hours. He could always make up a justification to leave early.

“Don’t worry, Eric. I think you’ll REALLY enjoy it!”

Eric analysed the directions on Google Maps, before gazing around confused about his surroundings. The after-party he’d been invited to was nearby the convention centre. Although the area was filled with rows of dilapidated-looking industrial buildings along the harbour. After walking through the busy streets for a few minutes his surroundings quickly changed to this.

The paths were void of any people. This made Eric feel pretty apprehensive. It was early evening in the middle of winter, so the sun had already set. Meaning an unsettling and eerie atmosphere as Eric navigated the wide streets.

Eric thought about turning back and making up a fib about getting lost. But curiosity got the better of him, so he decided to proceed onwards. Turning the corner, Eric came across an old factory which surprisingly turned out to be his destination. An aged, red-bricked structure with little to no windows, Eric could see elements of an industrial powerhouse that was no longer in use.

On the side, he noticed the words “Rubber Works Limited” in faded white writing. Trepidation started to creep in as he took a few steps towards the eerie factory. Suddenly, a slam on his back, caused the boy to leap out of his skin.

“Woah! Hey there, pal. It’s just me… Looks like you made it!” Eric’s friend announced with glee.

“Where the hell are we? I thought this was a party…” Eric stammered out.

“It is! Just may not look it from the outside. It’s pretty exclusive so you should be thanking me for the invite,” his buddy laughed nonchalantly.

Eric had heard of parties like this. A lot of strange things usually went on inside and people were hellbent on keeping things a secret. He felt a little more unsettled hearing this was one of those events.

“Let’s go!” his companion announced, heading towards a graffitied, metal doorway.

A stern knock at the door followed a tiny hatch sliding open with dead eyes staring out. No words were exchanged but Eric’s friend simply clicked his fingers. The cold eyes instantly went dazed as the door was pulled open. They passed by the bouncer as Eric took note of his outfit.

This guy was HUGE! Massive bulging muscles built like a house. His clothing was what one would expect from a convention but with an eccentric twist to it. Eric noticed the tell-tale look of a Batman costume, only this one appeared to shimmer and shine in the light. Seemingly cast from pure rubber, the masked gatekeeper continued to glare Eric into a feeling of unease. His cape draped over his shoulders, shimmering just like the rubber of his armour.

Eric got a quick look at the giant’s crotch as it was the focal point of his whole outfit. The image screamed sex as an obscenely large bulge protruded from his rubber-coated crotch. It was clearly either a form built into the suit or this guy was hung like a horse. Eric blushed at the thought as he quickly hurried into the building.

Stepping out of earshot of the oddly dressed doorman, Eric whispered in his friend’s ear;

“I’m not gonna lie, man. I feel a bit nervous about this…”

“Don’t be silly! You’ll love it,” his companion laughed, failing to make Eric feel any better.

The two entered a room with vast amounts of open space. The interior didn’t look as decrepit as it was on the outside. The floor was painted cherry red with a high gloss to it. With such an enormous area, their footsteps echoed as they proceeded further into the large hall.

“It’s not what I was expecting… are we early or something. Where is everybody?” Eric proposed before turning to face his friend.

A wicked smile plastered his face as a dreaded feeling washed over Eric. His skin crawled with goosebumps as he felt eyes on him from all directions.

“I told you this is a special party. You need to be dressed correctly to take part…” his friend instructed.

“What… do you mean…” Eric asked, nervously shifting on the spot.

“Don’t worry… Someone’s been kind enough to pick out an outfit for you to wear!”

“Uhh what… who? I’m sorry but all of this is freaking me out. I wanna leave,” Eric stammered.

“But Eric you’ve worked so hard today. You deserve a break to RELAX. Besides, you haven’t seen your cute little, outfit yet” his companion remarked, “You really should try and have some FUN with us.”

Eric felt slowly tranced and decompressed by the words coming from his pal’s mouth.

“That’s right! You’ll have so much fun playing with the other toys…”

‘Other… toys?’ Eric’s broken mind slowly thought.

“Come on out, boys! I know you’re all desperate to meet your new friend!”

From the murky shadows of the large hall, several figures emerged circling around Eric and his companion. Their bodies reflected a shiny gloss – like the Batman-clad guard on the door.

All were costumed as superheroes and villains straight out of a nerd’s fantasy. Marvel, DC, CapCom and even a few unrecognisable to Eric. Each form was built from a polished plastic material. The uniforms which decorated their bodies were supple and moved with them. The scent in the air told Eric it was the same rubber as the Batman doorman. Eric would have pinched himself if his skeleton could move, but he was impaled on the spot.

“I hope you like my handsome collection. They’ve been excited to meet you, Eric. We’ve been looking for a new playmate for a LONG time,” the voice boomed behind the stunned boy.

Eric was lost in a distant stupor as every word landed on a blank mind, empty and ready for moulding. All the characters surrounding him had flushed expressions on their faces. Like they were in the midst of the most erotic experience of their lives. Some were panting, while others had very obvious erections under their suits.

“The toys get bored of playing with each other all the time, so when some fresh meat comes by, they’re extra horny,” the man behind him chuckled, “Aren’t they just perfect. I only allow the best looking boys in my collection.”

Bulging muscles filled the bodies of those who were dressed as Superman, Captain America and Flash. Slender frames suited the characters which were a little more nimble than their shredded friends. From head to toe, these characters glimmered. Their skin was like a plastic replica of its true form. They all looked like oversized toys loose from the toybox. And Eric was to soon become one of them. If he wanted to or not.

A section of the circle parted as a rubberised Venom and Ironman pushed in a large metal structure. It looked like a basic cube formed from beams of illuminating metal. Something very futuristic and sci-fi esque. Eric just gazed with a blank expression as the structure came closer to the centre of the circle.

In the middle were a bunch of wires holding up the front and back sections of a rubberised suit. The costume was in two sections and hung lifelessly in the centre of the object. Eric was mesmerised, as his sights were fixed on the floating shimmering rubber. He wanted so badly to stretch out and touch it. He could already imagine how its tight embrace would feel against his bare skin.

“Step up to the platform, Eric. You know you want to,”

Eric gave a dumb nod and crept up to the metallic construction. Being only inches from the rubber, he could smell its powerful and alluring scent. It was like honey to a bee. He was intoxicated with the pheromone and lost in pleasure. He put out his hand to stroke the glossy material.

“No! The first moment you will feel your new suit is when it will be permanently bonded to your skin. Now move over to step on the marker,” the voice ordered.

Eric was long lost in his trance. He simply obeyed every work of his friend turned Owner as he performed every request. His feet moved on their own near to the two feet holes in the heart of the structure.

“Firstly strip, throwing all your clothing out of the cube!”

Eric promptly followed. His clothing, shed from his body, landed around the circumference of the cube. These were instantly plucked up and transferred out of sight. Once he was bare naked, he placed his feet into the slots with a loud click.

The arrangement burst into life as a transparent plastic wrap surrounded the cube containing the now trapped Eric. He would have panicked if he hadn’t succumbed to the intense hypnosis that now controlled his mind and body.

Numerous machines set to work, creating the newest toy for his Owner’s eccentric collection. Firstly, harsh chemicals were showered on the poor boy from above. His body felt tingly as his skin began to sizzle. He would have screamed in terror if his mind wasn’t mostly mush by now. The intense rainfall lasted for a few minutes before shutting off and repeated with plain water. Eric’s entire accumulation of body hair fell from his frame. It left behind a bald and empty mannequin that was ready for re-shaping.

With a cranking of the machinery around him, the two halves of his new skin slowly crept towards his body. As soon as the smooth, rubbery material touched his bare flesh, Eric let out a deep moan and orgasming just as the materials enveloped his body. The two pieces pressed into him from both sides, squeezing him like a vice.

Every bubble of air was forcibly pushed out until a completely sealed toy remained. A large metallic structure descended from the roof of the cube and clamped around his new body. It instantly began to heat up becoming, almost, unbearable in seconds. Eric didn’t mind, his tongue lolled out his mouth as his eyes spun around with delirium. He submitted to the feeling of pleasure and pain as one.

The heating element made sure that his new suit would be bonded to his body for life. It also shrink-wrapped the material to give the most rigid of fits. Eric’s new Owner liked his toys to be encapsulated by their skin-cut costumes. Only this was no longer a costume – this was Eric’s new complexion.

“Almost finished my toy, just some finishing touches to really hammer home what you’ve now become,” his Owner called out from behind the plastic curtain.

Eric hung on every word. He felt obsessed with the concept of becoming a toy worthy of his Owner’s recognition. The clamshell around him broke away, leaving behind a drum-tight black and blue rubber outfit modelled from the superhero Nightwing. Everything from the neck down was cast from the shiny material.

Eric felt a surge of sexual power course through his nerves as he clasped his brand-new frame. His polished rubber fingertips explored every surface of his improved skin. The material glided squeakily along his refined and lubricated body. Eric’s erection filled the pouch at his crotch while he continued to stroke and caress himself in bliss.

His Owner smirked at the display of his new toy behind the transparent shades – preparing for the last inch of human flesh to be covered.

“At attention, toy!” his Owner barked out.

Immediately Eric felt his body freeze in the stance of a soldier at war. The wires returned this time with a mask in two halves once again. Flesh coloured rubber with an inbuilt eye-mask. The process which happened to his body was repeated on the rubber toy’s face. It felt so extremely tight that it could only mean this was as permanent as his skin.

For a few moments, he couldn’t breathe but the hypnosis told him to keep calm. As the case split away, Eric reached up to feel rubber against his cheeks. A massive pressure pushing down on his head was a rubber hairpiece that resembled the heroes hairline. His current Owner spared no expense when it came to creating his erotic fetish toys.

The plastic screens fell away and emerging from the transformation cub, Eric stepped down into the crowd of horny, rubber creations.

“Welcome Nightwing, to your new family,” his Owner proclaimed boldly.

A strategically placed mirror showed off Eric’s new form. Every bulging muscle was accentuated by the glimmering matter. His face was no longer his, just a replica of Nightwing in shiny plastic like an action figure in any child’s bedroom. His lips were sealed shut along with rubber tubes going up his nostrils. Every breath brought with it a rubbery scent.

Within seconds, the circle quickly closed in on Eric as he was pressed against numerous rubbery, squeaking bodies. Everyone wanted to fondle, squeeze and caress the new toy in their Owner’s collection. Rubber coated hands reached out to stroke his ass, bulge, face, chest and back. He felt all of their touch on his sensitive body.

Their collective embrace was too much for the horny toy. Eric felt himself shudder and cum, once again, while being held in the arms of rubberised brethren. Once he’d had a chance to get ‘acquainted’ with all his new friends, his Owner announced that it was time to return to their ‘Toy Box’.

All of his toys obediently marched over to a large shipment container as the doors skidded open. Inside was a thoroughly rubberised chamber. The heroes and villains quickly clambered inside. Space promptly became a dilemma as the bodies pressed in together, and hands quickly explored one another.

Eric felt rubbery arms drape around his waist with a bulge pressing into his shiny butt. Another massaged his tightening bulge and pecs. The vessel suddenly went dark as the scent of rubber and the sound of moans mixed with squeaking bodies filled the space. Arms reaching out to grab anything in sight, bodies gyrating into each other and mouths pressing together. The entire toy box was filled with horny, obedient slaves who waited anxiously until they were let out to play again.

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