A cold autumn rain was pouring down onto the empty platform of the train station. A strong wind mingling with the rain made lamp posts and display panels at the station bow to its will.

This day couldn’t end better, Jake thought. Sighing he went to a shelter that was protected from the rain, put down his training bag on a bench and sat down next to it. If he had skipped some repetitions during his workout today, he would have caught the last train home. Now he was stuck at the station sitting on a wet bench in the cold thinking about what to do.

His roommates were probably drunk already, so there was no use in calling them to pick him up. Desperately staring at his dead cell phone he sighed. Luck was definitely not on his side today. Nor had it been in the past few weeks. Working out was fun and he liked it, but somehow he had the feeling that he never got into it properly. Although he had trained hard in the past few weeks, his muscles had refused to grow. His life wasn’t the best at the moment. No goals, no job, no proper perspective. If this wasn’t reality, he could have played the main part in one of those movies where people like to drown in self-pity.

Jake looked over the rain-washed platform and saw a man dressed in black heavy leather sitting down next to him. His presence was so strong that Jake did not dare look into his face directly. But he smelled the smoke that the man was blowing into his face.

Jake hated smoking. Disgusted he turned away and tried to think of a solution for his problem. He could walk through the … damn, another blow of smoke. Jake was getting angry. Since it wasn’t his manner to reproach people, he stood up, took his training bag and got out of the shelter. Within seconds he was soaking wet. The strong wind made him shiver.

Sighing he went back into the shelter and sat down again on the bench where the man dressed in leather was enjoying his smoke. Jake still didn’t look into his face. He sat down and tried to concentrate.
Suddenly a familiar smell hit his nose. It reminded him of the gym and working out and muscular guys in sweaty clothes … Where is the smell coming from? Jake wondered. But it was so intense that his brain seemed to shut off. Concentrating on the smell a picture popped up before his eyes.


Where did that voice come from? Jake couldn’t concentrate anymore. He was captured by the arousing smell and the picture.


What was happening? Jake shook his head and opened his eyes again. The man was looking right at him. Jake was looking back into his shiny black eyes that were soothing, RELAXing, and comforting.

The man stubbed out his cigarette, stood up and walked out of the shelter while his leather was creaking to a certain rhythm. The sound reminded Jake of the song he always listened to during his workouts.
Without knowing why Jake followed the man out of the train station. He felt so comfortable. He didn’t know the man and his sense of logical thinking told him to call his roommates, but … Wait, roommates? Jake didn’t know anymore. He just felt he had to follow this man.

He didn’t know where they were walking, but he didn’t care.
Following the man, Jake was completely satisfied still seeing the picture before his eyes, smelling that beautiful, hypnotizing smell, listening to the leather creaking in that familiar rhythm.

He forgot more and more about himself. He didn’t even notice the man opening the door of a big house and guiding him into a dark room.
Jake had no thoughts. He was only feeling. It felt right to remove his clothes in front of that strange man who put him down on a soft bed.
Lying comfortably on the bed, he felt that beautiful smell intensifying as those shiny black powerful eyes appeared again. It was the smell of freedom and power.

A comforting voice said;

“I know of your desires. And I will fulfil them. Touch this plug I have in my hands and feel its power!”

Jake did as he was told and moaned in pleasure as the shiny black plug touched his hands. A white symbol shone from it. It looked like a jockstrap.

Jake couldn’t deal with all this power and horniness. He started jerking his cock, moaned in pleasure and even cried to find some relief.
He knew what the man would do next and he wanted it so much that he got scared.

The man put the plug into him, slowly, DEEPER and DEEPER.
Jake exploded with feelings as the plug started moving inside of him. It dissolved and pumped energy and power through his whole body. He shivered and moaned.

As the liquid filled his body he felt his brain shut off and his muscles pumping. Filled with black power, the muscles in his legs got firmer, his arms grew stronger and bigger, and so did his chest and his stomach, even his back. His whole body was filled with black power making his muscles pump and pump, MORE and MORE, BIGGER and BIGGER. Jake screamed in pleasure. His cock still rockhard was covered in a comfortable JOCKSTRAP.

When he opened his eyes he looked at his master smiling at him. The room was still dark, but he could see everything.

“I knew I made the right decision in choosing you, JASON!”, his master said, “You are the right guy. A proper JOCK. Go over to that mirror and FLEX.”

JASON went to the mirror and looked at himself. An evil smile appeared on his face as he saw the new power his master had given him. Flexing in front of the mirror he knew his master was PROUD of him. He was JASON, a proper JOCK, obsessed with the gym, addicted to working out, FEELing POWERFUL and FREE.

His former name, his former life forgotten, erased. His eyes were shining in black. His JOCKSTRAP was glowing with ENERGY. JASON looked at his master and smiled.

“You are JASON, my JOCK!” his master’s voice sounded like music to his ears, “My power is in you now. And we are connected. You know what you have to do, JASON, don’t you?“

“Yes, Sir. I will make master PROUD!” JASON said and felt happy and good, “I will OBEY master and use his power to turn other JOCKs. I will make them bow to my will. My will is master’s will.“

“I am PROUD of you JASON. I chose well! Now go and enjoy your workout, pump those muscles. But don’t forget your smokes, JASON. You know you need them for yourself and to turn others.”

JASON smiled and put on training clothes. Lighting a smoke he took his bag and went to the gym.

Evil eye smiled. He knew JASON would make him PROUD. Phase one of his plan was completed. Smiling he lit up another cigarette and left the house. Phase two was about to start …

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