Jacob stared into the liquor-filled glass, swirling it gently as he processed the flurry of emotions pulsing through him. He was annoyed, frustrated, angry, sad, disappointed, but also strangely optimistic. The wide range was bombarding him with feelings and he was trying to silently parse them with the aid of alcohol. He was too consumed in his old mind to notice a handsome man sitting down next to him and eyeing him like a predator sizing up their prey.

“You look like you could use someone to talk to.”

The silky voice of the stranger startled Jacob back to his senses and he turned to look at the man. The first thing that caught his attention were his eyes which seemed to pierce directly into his soul. Something about him was irresistable and he found himself nodding slowly. Something about the man made him feel relaxed and he found himself explaining his current situation to the stranger before he could think to decline the offer.

“Yea. I just messed up. I’ve been wanting to get out of this area for a long time and my boyfriend and I have always talked about it but never really worked out a real plan for it.”

The man never broke his gaze as his lip curled up into a devilish smirk.

“That’s understandable, I’ve not been here for long but I can’t wait to be out of here myself. Where were you wanting to go?”

Before Jacob could think he found himself talking once more.

“Well, I’ve always wanted to get out of the city, live in the country somewhere. Not like off the grid or some backwater town, just somewhere with scenery. My uncle owns a small ranch about an hour from here and I convinced him to rent his guesthouse out to us if we wanted it. Even better is that in exchange for nothing but helping him out around the ranch.”

Jacob sighed and took a sip of his drink.

“Sounds like you had at least a start of something. I take it your boyfriend was not so receptive to the idea?” asked the stranger, his voice so calm and relaxing that Jacob simply couldn’t help himself but continue.

“Not at all. I told him I already accepted the offer and was going to be moving and that he should come with me. I should have talked to him first, but I honestly thought he would be thrilled that we finally had a chance. He just kept pointing out all the ways it was a bad idea and belittling me for my half-baked decisions. He thought it would be better if we didn’t do anything for the time being. I couldn’t help but feel like he didn’t believe I could make it work. Like he didn’t trust me.”

He was too lost in his own recollection to see the subtle shift in the man’s eyes. Changing from care and compassion back to that of the predator.

“So you just wish that he was more supportive of you?”

Jacob nodded. “I suppose so yeah,”

The man, his eyes practically glowing, spoke once more, “Then say it. Say what you want. Wish for it.”

The dazed young man couldn’t help it, he almost mindlessly recited.

~I wish my boyfriend was more supportive of me.~

The man’s eyes were practically ablaze with energy at this point and couldn’t help but laugh as a thick fog seemed to engulf the two of them from out of nowhere.

Jacob, suddenly free of the man’s gaze had only a moment to attempt to comprehend what was happening before he was engulfed by the fog. It’s swirling mass blocking out everything. It was impossible to see anything and the sounds of the bar faded into a rushing void.

Without any real warning, a single word pierced the silence.


Sean leaned his head against his pillow and sighed in frustration. He couldn’t help but replay the recent argument over and over in his head and while he felt justified in his reasoning he could have done much better at expressing it than he did.

What started off as a conversation about making their future plans come true quickly turned into an incredibly heated argument which ended with him hurling insults and his boyfriend storming out. While he knew their relationship was strong enough to survive this little quarrel, that fact did little to ease his mind at the moment.

He knew he had to make a decision soon since Jacob had pretty much made up his own mind without his input at all. He knew he should trust in his boyfriend to make it work but couldn’t help but dwell on all the wrongs that could happen with such a big life change.

He didn’t really know how long he lay there continuously replaying the argument and dreaming up new ways Jacob’s plan could fail. He was oblivious to the strange fog seeping into his room, swirling around the bed waiting to strike.

A strange heaviness overtook him out of nowhere and he felt like he was about to drift to sleep. Right as he slipped into unconsciousness he could swear he heard an echo all around him. Jacob’s voice…

“I wish my boyfriend could be more supportive of me.”

With that, he faded away and was overtaken by the fog. Which itself quickly dissipated, leaving an empty bed.

Without any warning Sean suddenly found himself walking aimlessly in the thick swirling mist. He called out into the void but nothing but silence was all that responded. He paused for a brief moment trying to remember what he was doing before his sudden stroll in the void.

He recalled he was laying in his bed, getting a feeling of incredible fatigue wash over him, then he found himself here…no…he remembered something else, hearing something else. The memory replaying in his mind echoed throughout the void the moment he remembered.

“I wish my boyfriend could be more supportive of me.”

However this time a different voice rang out after, a voice much more sinister and commanding.


In an instant, the mist disappeared and Sean found himself in a small cabin. He could hear birds chirping outside and the sun shining. He rushed to the small window and gasped. He was clearly on a farm of some sort. Just outside the window was a small field and beyond that a large corn field.

“What the hell kind of dream is this!?” he exclaimed to no one in particular, still under the impression he was asleep. Rationalizing that this was a dream allowed him some level of comfort otherwise he would be in a panic but he was surprisingly calm. This place seemed really nice and peaceful. He could see himself wanting to stay at a place like this.

“If this is the kind of place Jacob wants to move to, maybe I should give him a chance rather than argue.”

A warm breeze blew through the open window and he closed his eyes and breathed deep to savour the sense of calm and relaxation that it carried with it. That moment was fleeting when he heard a metallic tang as something hit the floor behind him.

Sean turned out jumped slightly and turned to inspect the sudden noise. He saw that there was something small and silver lying in the middle of the floor that he was sure wasn’t there before. He curiously approached it and picked it up.

He immediately recognized it as a simple belt buckle, it was almost completely smooth aside from a small bit of fancy design on the side slightly raised border around the edge. Something about how the light reflected off the smooth metal caught his attention much more than he could have realized. The warm breeze blowing, the sound of leaves rustling, birds chirping, everything seemed to slowly fade from his perception as he stared into the reflective metal surface in his hands. He ran his finger along the smooth border and felt a strange pleasure course through him.

He ran a finger along the smooth bottom of the and felt something underneath instead of the smoothness he was expecting. As his finger moved along the border, he could see that his name was now engraved into the metal along the bottom of the buckle. He smiled at the sight of it. Something about how the smooth metal felt in his hands and the way the light seemed to shimmer across its surface completely consumed his attention. A pleasant warmth washed over him as he started deeply into the shining metal.

Unbeknownst to him, the warm pleasure flowing through him was having an effect on him. Within seconds the pleasurable sensations flowing through him began to grow stronger and stronger, focusing its intensity in his cock which was now standing firmly erect and throbbing in pleasure. He idly took a hand and started pumping his cock as he continued to stare into the shining buckle and caress the cool metal in his other hand.

The pleasure was intoxicating and he couldn’t help but start pounding his cock harder and harder as he gripped the buckle tighter and tighter, practically experiencing the same erotic pleasure from both actions. It was getting almost impossible for him to tell which hand was stroking his cock and which was stroking smooth, shiny metal.

Sean continued to bask in his mindless pleasure until he turned himself in the light and had his already strained attention directed to another shining surface at the edge of his vision. A surprised gasp was all the man could manage to utter when he gazed down at the new shine only to realize that the hard cock he was pounding vigorously was now entirely made of hard, shiny, smooth metal. Had he been more coherent he would have panicked but all his pleasure-addled brain could do was drop the buckle onto the ground and grip his hard metal shaft and pound it with both hands, his mind becoming quickly consumed with the new shiny metal thing to admire.

He couldn’t pull himself away from the spectacle between his legs, relishing the hardness of the metal and how the light danced across its polished surface, catching on every slight detail. Each stroke of his metallic cock sent unimaginable orgasmic pleasure throughout it and he couldn’t help himself but wish he could experience that intensity all over. At almost the exact same time as that thought crossed his mind, he felt the immense pleasure begin to spread.

His balls were the first new part of him to experience the erotic currents as he watched as his entire sac and groin slowly lost their fleshy tone, taking on a silver hue and developing the same polished shine that gripped him ever more tightly. He shuddered as the pleasure didn’t cease there and could only watch as it continued to its advance.

The metal slowly spread to his hips and thighs, a strange stiffness overcoming them as the metal claimed them. Surprisingly he was still allowed a very slow and incredibly limited amount of motion but only just barely. He rubbed his hand along his smooth silver thigh and shuddered as the same euphoric pleasure radiated from it as it did when he stroked his cock.

From his waist and thighs, the metal advanced in all directions, spreading its shiny stiffness as it went. His knees stiffened but his attention was focused on his abs as they were getting slowly overtaken. He rubbed a hand over his hard muscles and basked in the practically unending pleasure. He closed his eyes for a moment to divert his entire being to focus on the pleasure, feeling more and more of his body being consumed by it. A strange sense of vertigo caused him to open them once more.

When he opened his eyes once more he was once again shocked to see that things were different. The entire room seemed to be growing larger before his eyes. It wasn’t until he realized that his feet were slowly sliding along the floorboards did he pieced together that it was actually him shrinking down instead. By this time the metal had overtaken most of his body, his chest and shoulders were now barely moveable and only his forearms feet and head were left unchanged. As he shrank down, still basking in the metallic euphoria, he felt his foot catch against a slightly raised part of the floor.

Had Sean been more capable of movement he probably could have caught himself but instead, all he managed was a slight shift before he fell backwards. A loud clang rang out as his metal back landed hard against something else metallic. He turned his head from side to side and could see that he was lying against something smooth and shiny but from this perspective, he couldn’t immediately place it.

He couldn’t help but rub his hands against the smooth metal, feeling the orgasmic fire pulsing throughout almost the entirety of his being. He could tell by the feelings that his feet had become entirely transformed and the stiffness settling into his fingers was telling him that his hands were well on their way as well. The slight vibration of metal on metal before it became too hard to move at all was what triggered his realization of what he was lying on….the belt buckle that he had dropped earlier.

Even though he could no longer really touch himself, the pleasure didn’t cease for a moment. In fact, it almost seemed to intensify even more as he found that more and more of the limited mobility he was allowed was rapidly disappearing. Within a few seconds of landing on the belt buckle, he had become completely inanimate, a silver statue lying on top of a silver buckle. Only his head remained unchanged but he could feel the pleasure and stiffness slowly creeping into his neck and knew that it wasn’t long until that would change too. Before he could think about it, however, his legs were assaulted by a pleasure more intense than anything he had experienced this far and it completely took him by surprise and he could only silently scream as it assaulted his senses.

His feet and legs felt like they were moving, growing, shrinking, freezing, burning, flexing and relaxing all at the same time. Every single nerve in them was triggering all at once and every single one buzzing with pleasure. With what little motion his neck afforded him, he watched as his shining metallic lower body started to change on its own. Slowly seeming to melt together and shrink upwards onto the buckle. He watched awestruck as his entire lower body slowed into the metallic surface of the buckle, slowly reforming into the lower border of the belt buckle. He could just make out where his name had been engraved into the buckle before the mind-shattering pleasure faded away, marking the completion of those changes. Just as the pleasure faded in his legs, it was replaced with the same intensity all over his back.

Again Sean mindlessly screamed in euphoric agony as his metallic body changed. This time his entire backside, from ass to neck, was ablaze as he felt himself seeming to sink slightly into the metallic surface of the buckle. Although he couldn’t see it he had a feeling that he was now partially submerged in the metal, becoming part of it rather than simply laying on it. That thought was all but confirmed when he was suddenly able to feel the euphoric bliss across the entirety of the belt buckle instead of just his own metal body.

The metallic stiffness that was slowly creeping up his neck finally seized it entirely, locking his head facing forward and he knew that it was only a matter of time before the metal overtook what little bit of him remained.

He felt the pleasant tingle of metal overtaking flesh creep up his neck as his jaw was suddenly struck with the familiar stiffness. An intense taste of metal assaulted him as his mouth and tongue hardened and transformed to silver. The feeling was more than words could describe as he watched in his peripheral vision as the flesh on his nose and face became shiny and silver. His vision suddenly fixed in place and he realized that his eyes must have changed as well. In mere seconds the metal finished its ascent, freezing him entirely and molding hair into a stylized version of what it had once been.

Immobile, transformed and pulsing with pleasure, Sean was still as coherent as he could be given the mind-numbing bliss assaulting him. He could feel, however, that his thoughts were getting foggier and he could only assume that it was metal overtaking that as well. It was steadily getting harder and harder to think in any real capacity as his mind was slowly being overtaken by the metallic transformation.

He was just an inanimate object now, a simple metal belt buckle and had no real need for anything complex like a human would. He felt the pleasure increase again as it was no longer coursing through just his body, but through his mind and soul now too. Unable to do anything but simply bask in unending radiating pleasure. He didn’t know how long he lay there simply existing in a state of bliss but he was pulled him his daze by the sound of a door opening.

Without the ability to move he was unable to see the source of the sound but the door opening was quickly proceeded by the sound of heavy boots walking across the wooden floor and a large shadow loomed over him.

“Oh, there’s my belt. How did it get in here?”

Unbridled joy filled the former man’s metal frame as he was lifted off the ground, his metallic body clinging softly against a floor sending waves coursing through him. Even the most intense waves he had experienced were nothing in comparison to when the man, his apparent owner, gripped him tightly. His fingers rubbed against his smooth metal body. The pleasure was simply too much for his simple brain to manage and he felt something shift deep inside him. An intense longing that started in the darkest reaches of his being and was quickly consuming all else.

All his hopes, desires and aspirations were disappearing, being replaced with basking in this new feeling. To be used, worn, appreciated. To fulfil the one reason he was now made for. Memories of his human life began to flash into his mind as they were being replaced by his new reality. The brief glimpses of his former self disappeared just as quickly as they appeared, never to appear again.

By the time his hard body was fully fastened around his owner’s waist. Coherent human thought was all but impossible as all that remained of it had been reduced to nothing but a shiny metallic belt buckle. An object with a purpose…to provide support where he could with every ounce of his being. His vision shifted around as he was now affixed to the front of his owner’s pants. The sense of purpose combined with the feeling of fabric rubbing against him overtook what little thought he could muster and he found himself slipping into a state of mindlessness as he simply existed from then on.

A sexy metal buckle supporting his new owner.

  • – – – –

Jacob awoke to the sound of birds chirping and the rustle of leaves disturbed by a gentle breeze. A pleasant smile crept across his face as he stretched slightly, not quite ready to get out of bed. In his sleep-addled mind, he didn’t realize that the familiar hustle and bustle of the city outside his apartment was absent. He exhaled deeply and tried to remember what happened to him the night prior. He remembered the fight with Sean, going to a bar and a strange man but after that, all his memory was nothing but fog. A deep sigh escaped him as he gently flopped a hand over to see if Sean was still in bed or not, but was immediately brought out of his peaceful morning stupor when his hand smacked against a wall rather than his boyfriend.

His eyes shot open and he was gripped immediately by panic and confusion when he realized that he was staring at a wood-paneled wall that was completely unfamiliar to him. He tried again to remember what happened the night prior but every attempt to recall just ended with him getting lost in a fog.

Panic started running rampant in his mind as he shot out of the small wooden bed he had been sleeping in and he quickly surveyed his surroundings in an attempt to piece together both where he was and what had happened. What made things even worse was that once he was free from the covers, he realized that he was completely naked and there wasn’t so much as a hint of where his clothing may actually be.

The room was fairly plain by most standards, with basic furnishings, and some random knickknacks thrown in as a half-hearted attempt to decorate. The place looked more like a display home than one that was being lived in.

His eyes darted around the room looking for anything to help him piece together what was happening but froze when they saw the time displayed on a clock hanging on the wall.


A sudden sense of urgency hit him out of nowhere and while he didn’t know where or why, he knew deep down that he needed to be somewhere by 10. He cursed under his breath, still standing naked in the middle of the room and started to panic even more. He frantically started rummaging through the various drawers in an attempt to anything he could wear. Frustration was all he was greeted with as each drawer he pulled open ended up being completely empty.

He let out a frustrated sigh and began to look around the room for anything that could help him with his current predicament. He spotted a few cabinets that yielded the same disappointment as the dresser and was about to give up when he just happened to spot a small hamper sitting in the corner of the room. He practically ran over in excitement and was more than thrilled to see that there were actual pieces of clothing inside.

The first thing that hit him was the intense smell emanating from it. A strong musk hit him and something about it both repulsed and attracted him. It smelled like a real man after a long day of work. The aroma summoned images of a strong, tanned, muscled ranch hand in his mind and made his cock twitch in excitement at the very thought.

The intense musk was making his head swim as he slowly pulled the clothes out of the hamper. Boxers, socks, a pair of jeans, a shirt, and a jacket. Just enough to accomplish what he was needing to do. His hands went for the jeans but his eyes locked onto the boxers and he felt an intense throb in his cock.

Images of this mysterious cowboy floated into his head once more and he found his cock twitching excitedly as his mind started dreaming about the kind of man these clothes belonged to. He inhaled deeply as his hand drifted over to the boxers. The smooth fabric felt nice in his hand and before he knew it he was pulling them up his legs and over his now fully erect cock. Once the boxers were on his hand started massaging his cock through the fabric, working the intense aroma into his own sensitive skin. Underneath the fabric, his skin was tingling pleasantly as he rubbed himself, lost in his sexy daydream.

As he pounded his own meat, he couldn’t help but dream about what kind of monster had been trapped inside them before. Images of a massive slab of cock popped into his mind. An absolute monster that most men could only dream of. His mouth practically watered at the image and he was too wrapped up in his daydream to notice that his cock was pulsing with electricity as it started throbbing uncontrollably in his hands. A moan escaped him as his cock started growing underneath the soft fabric. 

He was too distracted by his mindless dream about the perfect cock to realize that in the short time since he put the boxers on, an almost identical monster was now trapped underneath the soft material. Despite the intense pleasure radiating from his new cock, his attention was almost immediately ripped from it by the sound of ticking as it tore through his mind and he found himself whipping his head around to see the clock as his urgent need reasserted itself as his priority.


His eyes widened when he realized just how long he stood there daydreaming and he cursed himself for his stupidity. His cock throbbed a couple of times in disappointment as he pulled his hand away and forced himself back to the task of getting dressed.

The socks were up next and as he grabbed them he immediately noticed how large they were. He was a bit dismayed that there was such a large size difference between his feet and the socks but that wasn’t going to stop him. As he sat down onto the bed and held them in his hands he was once again assaulted by the smell emanating them. The man knew better but he immediately began conjuring up his cowboy again. 

This time focusing on his feet.

Jacob imagined a man coming home from a long day’s work. Pulling the sweat-soaked socks off his large, powerful feet. He wriggled his toes into the cool fabric and pulled the heavy socks up his calves as his cock began stirring once more. As he placed his now socked feet down onto the wooden floor his hand once again started to run itself along the impressive length of his cock. Jacob couldn’t get the images of the man’s feet out of his head, imagining them covered in sweat and glistening tantalizingly as they exuded the powerful musk that was clouding his mind.

Lost once again in a daze, Jacob was unaware as the electricity that once resided in his cock was now radiating from his feet. Inside the socks, his feet started to grow, becoming more defined and longer as they filled in the once baggy socks. It didn’t take long before the fabric was wrapped snugly around his feet, fitting perfectly. Once he had a clear image of the man’s feet in his head, his mind couldn’t help but start travelling upwards onto the man’s legs.

Without much coherent thought he grabbed the blue jeans on the bed and brought them up to his face. The denim fabric was doused in the now intoxicating aroma and Jacob couldn’t help himself from shoving it against his face and inhaling deeply, basking in the pleasure as more and more of his dream man came into focus in his mind.

Jacob could almost see the man in his mind as clearly as if he was standing right in front of him. His sexy feet lead up into strong sexy legs. His skin is a wonderful tan from working out in the sun all day. His muscles are tight and defined. The perfect connection between his amazing feet and impressive cock. Jacob pictured the man’s lower body in vivid detail while he rubbed himself incessantly, imagining how well his perfect form would pull off anything he wore like the jeans he was now mindlessly stepping into.

He paused his stroking for only a moment as he tucked his into the jeans and zipped them closed. The tightness pressing down on his hard cock did nothing to quell the intense pleasure he was feeling, if anything it only made it intensify. The electricity returned even stronger than it had before over the entirety of his lower body and he felt himself fall back onto the bed from the sudden sensations.

Pleasure gripped him and he found himself unable to do much aside from rub and moan as his legs were transforming underneath the worn denim. What little fat he had drained away from his lower body as his muscles tensed and flexed on their own as they grew. As that happened on the inside, the outside was changing as well. His once pasty white skin rapidly darkened, taking on the same wonderful tan one would get from working in the sun every day. In his almost orgasmic bliss, he spotted the clock once again and while he felt that slight pang of panic, it was quickly suppressed when he inhaled another deep musk-filled breath.


Jacob couldn’t control himself and he immediately began to picture the man’s upper body. Tanned, sexy abs, defined pecs, strong shoulders, bulging arms. The image was too much for him and it wasn’t until that euphoric current coursed throughout his own body did he realised that he had pulled the shirt on over his own body and was already one sleeve into getting the jacket on too.

The transformation swept through him once more. His entire upper body was on fire with pleasure and he was too lost to realize what was happening. The shirt that had initially been just a bit too tight for his frame suddenly hung from his defined torso, his little bit of flab dissolving away and getting replaced with this muscle. Power coursed through him as he felt his arms growing and hands strengthening from all the years of manual labour. 

His upper body rapidly took on the same beautiful tan. The sensation was finally too much and Jacob finally felt the orgasm he had been building finally start to rise up from deep within him right as his mind created the final piece of his dream man.

In his head, he surprised himself when he saw himself, albeit slightly more rugged, instead of some stranger. His piercing eyes were slightly duller, jaw more defined, but with a doubt him. Right as he felt the tingling currents flowing through his head he felt himself finally reach the tipping point.

Jacob screamed, his voice now deeper, as he felt the orgasm unleash its full force upon him. The current of change was overshadowed by the mind-shattering orgasm that ripped through his entire body. He felt his monster of a cock tense up in his jeans and unleash its mighty load into his jeans, which despite it all didn’t show even the slightest trace of dampness. Despite the impossibility of the situation, his cock continued throbbing uncontrollably as it emptied load after load, completely overloading the poor man’s mind in the process.

He was too subsumed with the pleasure to realize that his face had slimmed down, his features becoming more chiselled with a small trace of stubble. His piercing blue eyes dulled down, their hue fading into a dim brown as his intelligence faded with it.

After what seemed like an eternity the orgasm finally subsided and Jacob was allowed some measure of control over himself and he sat up on the bed and smiled dumbly. He was trying to recall what spurred on his mid-morning wank session but was drawing a complete blank. He let a deep sigh escape him and he rubbed his hand gently over the bulge in his jeans one last time before he noticed the clock again.


“Oh shit! I’m supposed to be working in the barn by 10!” he shouted and jumped out of the bed.

Luckily he was already dressed. He just needed to grab a few things and head out at this point. Armed with the knowledge of the guest house he was residing in, he was able to quickly locate the remainder of his outfit. As he rushed around the small building, he couldn’t seem to shake the feeling that something was off. It was like every room he entered was brand new and foreign but also familiar. He made his way toward the door and spotted his boots lying on the floor.

He quickly set about putting them on but right as he slid his foot into the tough leather boot, it was like his muscle memory simply disappeared and he found himself pausing for a moment before slowly sliding his foot inside.

“What the hell’s going on? It’s like I can’t remember shit today.”

He shook his head in an attempt to clear the fog out of his brain but it was like there was something in the back of his head trying to tell him something, a faint flicker in the darkest recesses that he couldn’t quite understand.

Right as he was about to leave he felt himself instinctively reach down and pull up his pants and realized he was still missing something. Almost as if in response to that realization he heard something metallic hit the floor in the room opposite him.

Jacob knew he was running out of time but went to check on the noise regardless. He was glad he did when he saw what had made the noise. The wind must have blown his belt off of a rack and onto the floor. He didn’t remember having it in here but he wasn’t the brightest at times so it didn’t really bother him.

His heavy boots against the floor echoed in the room as he retrieved his belt. He held it in his hands for a moment and gazed at the belt buckle. Something about it caused that flickering light in his mind to shine a bit brighter for a moment but he didn’t understand. He slowly ran his finger along the buckle, admiring the detail of the little metal man affixed to the centre of it. The little man he jokingly referred to as SEAN since that was the name engraved into the bottom of it.

“You’ll never let me down will you little buddy?” he playfully whispers to himself with a smirk as he fastens the belt around his waist.

Having everything he needed now he turned back toward the door, finally ready to leave his home and get to work. As he does he grabs his hat off a rack by the door and places it on his head.

As soon as the hat touched his head he felt that familiar tingle course through him once more, although much more subdued and he stopped for a moment as he felt something deep inside him click into place. The small nagging flicker finally burned out as his new life asserted itself completely, becoming his only life.

A sense of peace hit him and he smiled dumbly. Jake, the sexy cowboy, finally closed the door to his home and headed off to the barn. No thought in his head other than the work his uncle was going to have him do for the day. Not realizing that he had finally gotten the full support from his boyfriend that he had wished for.

Unbeknownst to either current (or former) men, a third being lurked in the darkness of the guesthouse. It had witnessed and ultimately orchestrated their whole ordeal. All it took was a simple wish for it to twist their realities to his whim, strip their lives down to simplicity and feast upon the potential they used to have inside them.

He had gone to the bar on a whim, simply looking for some pitiful soul to prey upon but the one he found was so full of potential and life that he simply couldn’t resist himself. It had been even more tantalizing that he had successfully managed to snag another at the same time and he was so smitten with the situation that his eyes were ablaze in anticipation for the next soul that decided to cross his path and make a foolish wish.

A foolish wish that almost certainly is…..GRANTED.

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