Thunder echoed in the skies above, as rain pelted down around Reece. He quickly ran for his front door, hearing the squelching of his shoes on the soaked lawn. Reece was happy to seek refuge in the security of his own home. He dramatically shut the door and could still hear the wind and rain howling outside. It started as a beautiful day but sometime around noon, the weather started to turn. Reece tossed aside his sopping rain jacket and unlaced his shoes before heading upstairs to shower. Discarded clothes left a trail to his upstairs bathroom where the hot water was a significant improvement over the cold, damp rain beating down outside.

Towelling off, Reece through on some underwear and decided to change into some sweats. His after-work routine usually involved the mundane cooking, cleaning and binge-ing of Netflix shows. Reece relaxed into his sofa when a crash of lightning made him jump. From his current vantage point, he had a view of his back garden which was collecting small pools of rainwater. He settled back into his political drama while skimming through social media sites on his phone. Another flash of lightning drew his attention, once again, away from his technology.

The TV suddenly started to buffer and Reece let out an audible groan. His phone also showed no bars of signal. Weird. He put it down to the lightning crashing outside. After trying to mess with his router for a few minutes, Reece decided to give up and just pray that his power didn’t go out. Out of boredom, he now had no choice but to state out into the lashing rain in his back yard.
He first started to feel a slight tremor, before a loud noise began to fill his ears. The sound was akin to a whistling siren. The blaring became louder and louder before Reece started to get worried.

Suddenly, an enormous crash could be heard outside and the vibrations could be felt all around him. Lighting must have struck right outside his porch windows.
Reece had never heard lightning so loud as the sound was more akin to something solid colliding on impact with a hard object. He jumped up to get a closer look out his window. A heavy mist surrounded his garden with a strange orange glow. WAIT. That isn’t mist, it’s smoke! His garden was on fire. Reece panicked for a moment trying to get a better view of what was happening. Surely the rain would extinguish any fire, right? Still, he thought it best to investigate further.

‘Lightning must have struck something in his garden starting a fire’, Reece thought. He was just relieved it hadn’t struck his house. Pulling on his still-drenched raincoat and rubber wellingtons, Reece braced himself for the harsh rain once more. Switching on his outdoor light, he pressed up against the window of his back door. The smoke-filled air made it difficult to tell what was going on.

He stepped out into his patio, instantly smelling something burning. Reece was positive there was some kind of fire. Battling the roaring winds, Reece managed to cross down to the lawn looking for the source of the smoke. There was a faint glow emitting from the centre of his garden. Reece trudged along hearing the plop of his boots in the saturated grass. He covered his mouth with his wet sleeve and spluttered and coughed from the dense fumes. The smoke began to clear as he neared the source of the glowing. In his garden lay a large crater oozing an illuminating orange blaze.

Whatever this was had just collided with his yard at such a high velocity it embedded into the earth. Maybe wreckage from a plane? Now he was relieved it hadn’t struck his home. The flames seemed to have dissipated as only charred embers remained now. Reece confirmed there wasn’t any risk of fire spreading and decided it best to get inside and investigate in the morning.
Arriving back in the safety of his living room, Reece wasn’t sure what to do next. His phone’s signal had returned and the internet router was back up and running. A quick Google of ‘What do you do if a plane crashes in your garden’ came up with a few results. Reece decided to phone up the Civil Aviation Authority. He felt a bit embarrassed when describing at length what he’d just witnessed. After being transferred around and asked numerous questions the person on the other end informed him that no aircraft was known to be flying in his area.

So if it wasn’t plane wreckage, what could it be? Reece’s mind jumped to the thought of asteroids, aliens and beings from another world here to probe his butt. This was all just fantasy and there are always more realistic explanations for these things. Reece looked out into his garden and the glow and smoke had now started to clear. It was still too dark to get a coherent view of the current state of his garden so Reece decided to investigate tomorrow at dawn.

Reece pulled back his curtains to reveal the storm had come and gone. The rain had ceased and Reece could see remnants of the destruction by the storm around his neighbourhood. Tree branches were torn from trunks, garbage was left littering the streets and next door’s Christmas lights were strung up on a telephone pole nearby. Trying to get a better look at his backyard, Reece crossed into the guest bedroom. His garden was destroyed. Bits of earth was tossed in every direction and a huge black crater lay in the middle of it all.

The scene looked like someone had set off dynamite in his yard. Reece let out an audible sigh, he had just finished landscaping the thing. He wondered if his home insurance would cover the damages. He pictured the look on the evaluator’s face when he would eventually mention the falling “thing” from the sky. Not exactly something he was looking forward to.
Reece reached his backdoor, bits of broken branches were scattered throughout his deck. He had to step over some to avoid tripping as he descended the steps to get a closer look at the hole. Along with the smell of burnt earth, Reece could also get the scent of something akin to hot tar. The fragrance was far from pleasant and made Reece feel a bit lightheaded. He covered his mouth with his sleeve and neared the source of the crater in his yard. Scorched earth surrounded the cavity with a strange black substance filling it. Reece assumed the rainwater mixed with the soil to create a strange pool of liquid. Reaching for his phone, he took a few snaps ready to show his bad luck off to his Facebook friends.

Deciding that nothing could be done, for now, Reece headed back into his house to get ready for work. As he stepped into the house the liquid in the hole began to congeal and shape into a ball…

As Reece drove home from work, he recalled the office’s reaction to his destroyed garden. His day was fuelled with theories of meteor showers, storm debris and satellite parts from outer space. Either way, nothing would be confirmed but Reece was dedicated to getting to the bottom of it. Maybe Nasa would pay for the damages to his property if it was a satellite? The cleanup had already begun that day and as Reece pulled into his driveway he could see that the neighbourhood had mostly returned to normal.

Sliding his keys into the door, Reece flipped the light switch on and took a step forward. As soon as his foot landed on the hardwood floors, it slid ahead of him as he came crashing down. Reece’s back collided with the hard ground and he let out an audible moan in pain. Gathering himself up off the floor, Reece gazed down to see the source of his fall. A slick, black goop trailed along his floor. The material looked something like oil but mixed with PVA glue. He felt the odd substance in his hands and stood up to see the trail extend in both directions.
Was this some kind of practical joke? Were some local kids pulling pranks on the neighbourhood

Reece shut the front door, avoiding the slick mess on the ground. He followed the stream of guck left as it passed round to his living room. The substance went in a few different directions but diverged to join into the entrance to his kitchen. Reece’s blood was starting to boil, if this was a prank he was going to make the bastards pay. Furniture was coated in the black sludge and there was some kind of disturbance as a few of his ornaments were knocked over in the process.

Reece followed the destruction into the kitchen, where the backdoor was broken into. The smashed glass lay on the floor and the door had been forced open. Reece reached for his phone to dial the police when he heard a smash in his downstairs office. Adrenalin fuelled, Reece grabbed a butcher knife from the kitchen counter.

Just off Reece’s kitchen was a hallway leading to his office. Holding the knife out in front, he slowly crept to the door of his office. Pushing open the door with a creak he discovered the source of the noise.

The trail of black oozing tar lead up to a figure hunched over a pile of boxes in his study. Reece froze in place, in front of him stood some kind of bizarre creature. The thing was mostly human in shape but made from shiny black rubber. The figure’s skin seemed to be the source of the oozing black goop around Reece’s home. The entity was hunkered down with its back to Reece. Stunned in fear, Reece retreated as he once again felt his feet slide from under him. He crashed into the ground with great force causing the creature to turn in surprise.
Reece went to rise and bolt away but the goop seemed to solidify and he was now trapped – glued to the floor. He screamed out as he struggled as the figure just watched him from across the room. Two reflective eyes stared back at him, giving the impression this was indeed something other-worldly. For the most part, the thing looked relatively human, apart from the oversized bulging rubber head and swinging tail.

Instead of attacking, the creature simply walked over with a sense of calm as Reece stared on in total horror. The strong scent of something tar-like became unbearable as the figure moved closer to Reece. It hunched over on its knees looking down on him with a blank expression. A rubbery hand reached out and came into contact with the top of Reece’s head. A warmth washed over him and Reece began to see flashes of images right before his eyes. He could see a first-person view of a black fiery rock coming into contact with the earth. Another vision of the black tar collecting into an orb. A flash of a person that looked like his neighbour staring down at the orb as it lay in the hole before it jumped out and attached to him. A view of the rubber coating the man and transforming him into the figure that lay in front of Reece right now.

If Reece wasn’t frozen in fear, he would have screamed his lungs out. His vision returned to normal as he gazed up at the alien above him. The black goo sticking him to the floor began to pulse and grow. Reece could feel it oozing up his skin to coat the entirety of his back and arms. He started to struggle as the rubber hand once again came up to his head.
This time descending to cover his mouth as Reece ‘mmfd’ in protest. He could feel pressure building at his lips as the black sludge started to pry open his mouth and flood inside. Reece could feel the goop building up in his mouth and instead of stopping at the back of his throat, it turned to liquid and began pumping down into his stomach. The hand clenched around Reece’s cheeks as it injected more and more of the fluid down his gullet.

Reece looked on alarmed as he could feel the stuff oozing into him. The creature just stared calmly at him not even flinching. The thing was not from this world as it didn’t even seem to breathe anymore. The rubbery substance now crossed over onto Reece’s midsection. His clothes seemed to melt away under the tar as all he could feel against his skin was the cold, unforgiving goop.
As more of Reece’s body, inside and out became coated with the altering substance, he began to feel his mind start to cloud. Whispers began to creep in and his feeling of horror began to subside. At first, the whispering seemed unintelligible but after a few seconds, it began to form words that Reece could understand. It was like he had just learned a new language.

“Be at peace. Be at peace”

Reece instantly felt the fear from his body release and a feeling of relaxation filled him.

“You are being changed before being reborn”

He began to chug down the rubber oozing from the hand attached to his mouth. It coated his insides fully, feeling the change both on and under his skin. His chest became coated with the sticky, black goo as the creature’s other hand reached up and lay on Reece’s crotch. Immediately, he felt a massive burst of pleasure. Like an orgasm but on a never-ending loop.

“Your new body does not need reproductive organs, but, your kind responds well to pleasure triggers so this will be kept for rewards only”
The alien voice echoed into his mind. Black goop flowed from the alien’s hand to cover Reece’s crotch. It filled up until there was nothing but a shiny, rubber mound. At the same time, the rubber on his body reached Reece’s neck as it passed over and crept its way up to his face.

“Your mind will soon be complete and you’ll be ready for rebirth”

The substance around his face stopped, as the rubber-coated the remainder of his body. Now in black, slick rubber inside and out, the figure removed his hands from Reece’s new body with a ‘plop’. The being produced a massive flow of thick rubber to surround himself and Reece in a massive black orb. Suddenly everything went pitch black. Inside Reece’s office lay a massive, pulsing rubber egg with Reece and the creature inside. Reece felt his new body slide and slip around in the black egg as he could feel the body above him start to manoeuvre his form.

“You are now ready for rebirth.”

Reece could feel his rubber arms gripped by the figure above him as bright reflective eyes danced in front of his vision. A rubber protrusion began poking at his rear, as he could feel the character above him begin to feed its cock into him. Once inside the rubber shaft began to piston into him. The goop on Reece’s face continued the final steps of his conversion.

“Sexual reproduction is no longer needed however pleasure seems to be a good trigger. Therefore your new goal in life is to convert new brethren with this very process”

The pistoning became erratic, as Reece and his new rubbery mate began to slip and slide around in the black egg. Reece’s vision remained blank until the ooze finished off by meeting together at the bridge of his nose. His features began to change and take on the exact appearance of the creature he was being fucked by. He could start to see in the confines of the rubbery egg and could now control the black rubber that surrounded them.

His transformation was complete and Reece could feel the pleasure building inside of him as mini orgasms washed over him. He could feel the peak of a climax as the figure above him flooded his insides with the last of the black, oozing goo. After the orgasm hit the egg around them turned to liquid and fell apart spreading onto the floor. The two rubber figures collected themselves and stood side by side. Both mirroring each other. Ready for the conversion of the human race to begin.

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