Marcus shut the door to his study, finishing the little work he had to complete for the day. Since the early-2000s tech boom, Marcus became a significantly affluent male. After peddling his IT company for an enormous profit, the now self-made millionaire invested his money wisely and lived out the remainder of his years in the peaceful countryside – not bad for someone in their forties.

Marcus took on many side projects within his secluded world to avoid boredom. Many of these related to his numerous passions, such as collecting notable artwork from around the globe, growing rare and exotic plants in his enormous walled garden and furnishing his well-fortified mansion with many effects. The usual activities for a well-off individual – Marcus had little need for contact with the outer world.

A limited number of personal staff, a cleaner, gardener and a handyman, visited his property on a specific schedule for a few hours each Sunday. Weeks or months could go by without Marcus ever seeing the helpers in person. He preferred it this way. The private attendants were never on his property outside their designated hours, once a week. Not that they could ever gain access past the enormous electrified fencing anyway.

Marcus was a man who liked his privacy. Why else would someone move to such a remote part of the country far from any element of civilisation? Hidden behind the façade of opulence and grandeur, Marcus harboured a dark secret.

Descending the mahogany staircase to the basement of the extensive mansion, Marcus arrived at a heavily secured door. There was no handle, as the metallic door, controlled electronically, required a six-digit keycode to enter. If this wasn’t enough protection, behind the heavily fortified door lay a small room which was Marcus’s safe.

Any clever mastermind who happened to gain access to the mansion and the succeeding reinforced chamber would think they hit the jackpot. They would be too busy filling their boots with expensive artefacts, cash and gold bars to realise a much deeper secret the rich man harboured. The large safe was a decoy to keep prying eyes from discovering Marcus’s most resonant passion. Once inside the safe room, repeating the keycode sealed the room from the outside world. A concealed entrance hidden on the lefthand side of the room was the final gateway to the dark mystery hidden in the mansion’s cellar.

Once beyond the sealed entrance, an intricate airlock and fortified doorway led to a dimly lit corridor. An illuminated passageway with strips of blue-coloured lighting lay beyond the heavily barred doorway. The blue hue reflected off the metal surfaces of the hallway. Multiple locked doors led to assorted rooms in the underground lair.

Marcus followed the long passageway rounding a corner and arriving at a final door where the hallway ended. A final keycode allowed him to enter the secure control room. This space held everything Marcus’s needed to rule over his private dominion. Within this enclosure, Marcus single-handedly directed every aspect of this isolated world. Cut off from all exterior interference, anyone within the underground domain would forget a world existed outside of these thick walls.

Before Marcus could immerse himself in his role as God of his realm, he needed to remove his garments contaminated from the outside world. On the opposite side of the control room, a spacious dressing area contained numerous outfits more appropriate for Marcus’s authority in his domain. Casting away his silk buttoned-up shirt and plain vest, Marcus gazed at his reflection in the large floor-to-ceiling mirror. A heavy workout regime and strict diet meant he had a body like a Greek sculpture.

A firm barrel chest led into a washboard set of abs, followed by a perfect Adonis belt. Every inch of his body showed the thorough training and dedication that he undertook every day. His lightly-tanned skin held little hair or blemishes as it was well cared for and groomed. Discarding the last of his ‘foreign’ clothing, Marcus stood naked with his rock-hard cock excited and ready for the next few hours of his schedule.

Water cascaded down his perfect body as the decontamination from the outside world flushed any impurities down the drain. After the shower ceased, automatic heated dryers quickly dried Marcus’s body. Stepping from the shower area, Marcus opened a nearby locker to pick out his outfit for the evening.

Anyone that would dare enter Marcus’s private and perverted world would know that he held absolute authority within the well-padded and fortified walls. Every inch of his appearance would represent his power and sovereignty within his dominion. As such, Marcus would dress in only one single material that he believed fit within his intimate and sacred world. RUBBER.

As if gifted directly from the Gods, rubber could transform a body like malleable putty, creating and altering any living creature. The way it slid across Marcus’s bulging muscles, tightening to a perfect second skin, it accentuated every feature of his already flawless body.

Inside the locker hung a bright red, form-fitting catsuit already glistening and shiny with silicone oil. Accompanying the suit were knee-high statement-making rubber boots in a striking black colour, along with matching gloves and socks. Marcus delicately lifted the catsuit from the hanger hearing the low rumbling of the latex as it moved. Every item that adorned his magnificent body was measured faultlessly and made precisely for him. Even his mouth-hungry cock would be wrapped in a moulded rubber sheath attached to his vibrant, red catsuit.

He pulled apart the neck of the suit creating an opening for him to eagerly step inside. The catsuit was already pre-treated, so donning the latex garment was often a piece of cake. With it being entirely zipperless, the latex suit would quite literally become the wealthy man’s second skin. Marcus was already becoming excited as he dipped his feet inside the slipper innards – his hard cock jutting out in front of him.

His legs were now sheathed in the tight armour as he drew the material up his godlike body. Easing the catsuit over his hips, Marcus carefully inserted his cock and balls into their precisely placed holster. He smoothed out any wrinkles from his bulging thighs and continued to pull the material further up his slightly perspiring body.

Marcus slipped both arms inside the lubricated suit. The red latex eagerly slicked up his thick arms as the entire garment fell into place on his muscled body. He twisted, pulled and stretched the catsuit until it spread perfectly across Marcus’s frame. He turned to the mirror and admired his reflection with a deep hunger building within him. There would be time later to dive into this growing pleasure – and so Marcus continued with his dressing.

Next, the thicker socks were pulled into place, hiding slightly under the seams of his neck-entry suit. Grabbing the rubber boots, these were laced tight to Marcus’s calves while shining with a high gleam – just like the rest of his outfit. Lastly, the rubber gloves completed the immaculate ensemble as they slid into place.

His latex throne awaited him as Marcus seated himself in the comfortable and plush-looking chair. He wheeled towards the vast array of screens which quickly sprung to life as he began typing commands into the computer’s keyboard. Said computer controlled every aspect of life within Marcus’s dominion. Everything ran on an automated system which regulated every second of life within the fortified prison. Pre-programmed routines occurred daily, and anyone within the walls of this space would have to adapt to them.

Detailed reports flashed up on various monitors with a breakdown of the past few hours since Marcus last checked the system. Everything appeared as standard while his well-trained eye viewed the array of information across each screen. As Marcus would never rely on bringing outside help into his perverted sanctuary, he counted solely on emotionless, pre-programmed machinery to exemplify his supreme authority. Only he knew how every inch of his haven worked. He was, after all, the creator and God of this private hermitage.

Now that the rudimentary checks were out of the way, it was finally time for Marcus to inspect something very sacred – housed inside the vast complex. When he was in the early stages of planning the sheltered domain, he required an extremely critical piece that would ultimately complete his garden of Eden – an inhabitant. The most sinister of smiles crept on the usually stern man’s face as the screens changed to a view inside one of the rooms in the underground lair.

A subject, slave, victim – whatever you’d like to call it, for it most certainly was now an ‘it’, lay in a windowless and featureless cell. The subject had once roamed the outside world, no doubt, with dreams and aspirations of its own. No one could predict that its ill-fated future would find it a prison within the rich man’s basement. Careful planning and a rigorous selection process meant Marcus had high expectations for whatever would inhabit his private sanctuary.

Starting with an extensive list over a year-long planning phase, Marcus whittled down his choices as he dug deeper into the lives of what he deemed as candidates. He could find out almost anything he needed about the index of potential slaves, with them being none the wiser. The wealthy man had extremely high standards for a potential subject. He wanted all of his personal preferences to be met, along with the body and mind of a slave that could mould easily into whatever he desired.

He carefully concealed his tracks as he went about his selection method before he fixed on one individual that caught his full attention. His name wasn’t relevant. Marcus, frankly, had already overlooked it. The subject’s appearance, mannerisms, health, family history, sexual interests and personality embodied total perfection. Of course, there’s always room to improve, and Marcus delighted in the idea of his absolute control of the prospective slave.

The abduction was one of the most intricate and dangerous parts of the rich man’s agenda. It certainly wasn’t going to be easy to make a full-grown man disappear without a trace off the face of the earth. Of course, Marcus was more than prepared, tracking every step of his scheme to a tee. Firstly he had to be removed from all direct contact with the ill-fated victim so that nothing could trace back to him.

As part of his selection process, Marcus identified that the soon-to-be slave led a relatively solitary life without any close friends or family nearby. Its life seemed to mostly revolve around its demanding career – which would make the disappearance a much simpler affair. He had theorised ways to make it appear like the male had perished in an accident – making it unlikely that anyone would come looking for the missing slave.

The final plan would rely on one singular outside party. Working with a trusted entourage, which was paid handsomely for their silence, Marcus intervened during an average day in the life of his current victim. By utilising the expert hacking skills of one of his posse, Marcus made it look like his slave had been embezzling money from his current company.

By setting moving money into the slave’s bank accounts and planting evidence on his home computer – any investigation would lead to the enormous crime that the victim had supposedly committed. A fake suicide note was also left on his desktop announcing his guilt. After this preparation one morning, Marcus would only need to wait until the right time for his waiting men to capture the unsuspecting male and dispose of his car down by the docks.

The perfect situation arrived when the slave entered the vast and empty parking lot at the end of the work day. It only took a few carefully planned seconds for the group of men to bundle the frightened male into an unmarked van and speed off. The next few days went exactly like clockwork as the embezzled money was quickly discovered by the police, along with the suicide note. Using his connections, Marcus could keep tabs on the investigation as it swiftly came to a close. After a month, he was out of the woods, and there was no hope of rescue for his newly appointed slave.

Marcus felt his cock jolt as he gazed at his favourite pet project in the confines of its new rubber home. Although there were multiple rooms in the locked underground complex, the slave was, for the most part, stowed away in its prison cell. The featureless room appeared on the video monitor as something akin to a padded room in a mental hospital. Only the sleek white padded walls were instead black, thick rubber. It would be hard for anyone within its confines to distinguish the exit.

A slightly raised corner of the cell was a thick cushioned rubber mattress where the noticeable victim lay resting. Cut off from the rest of the world – the slave had no concept of time, date or if there even existed an outside world. It relied solely on the computer, which now maintained its daily and habitual routines from morning to night. Of course, whenever he could, Marcus was more than delighted to sit in and supervise his slave’s training schedule.

Studying the still form of his victim, Marcus gazed on the perfect loyal subject for his domain. Wrapped in the only article slaves were authorised to wear within his walls – Marcus had squeezed the boy into one of the tight-fitting and all-encompassing suits that were now the victim’s permanent dress. Although it turned him on to see the struggling slave within its bondage prison, the purpose of the attire was also to denounce its position within the fortified base. Extreme levels of bondage were incorporated into each outfit to help the recently acquired prey understand that its new Master now had total control over its every breath.

To vilify the slave’s status as a prisoner within its cell – vibrant orange colours were often used for its daily uniform. Humiliating wording spelt out the object’s ranking within Marcus’s world and consistently referred to the prior male as a thing. The rubber suit held the victim’s arms crisscrossed across its chest like a straight jacket. A rubber tube hooked to the crotch of the slave meant a lengthy time in storage without worry of its waste management. A similar tubing snaked into the large, phallic plug lodged in the rubber-coated prisoner’s anus. Anything from its bowels was safely siphoned out with a pre-programmed enema that was delivered to the poor pet’s insides at regular times during the day.

D-rings ran up the sides of the slave’s vibrant catsuit as this was today’s method for keeping the bondage toy fixed to the rubber-coated bed. This meant little to no room for the item to struggle whenever it was awake. The last component of the object’s ensemble was its Master’s opus. Rarely would Marcus ever view the face of the victim he had now enslaved within his deep and dark basement. As part of his new role, the rubber creature was to be hooded at all times – only being removed for cleaning periods.

The headgear made Marcus’s subject look almost alien-like as the heavy rubber hood removed all distinguishing facial features. All of its orifices were covered by dense rubber with tubes running deep inside the slave’s nose to provide oxygen to its lungs. Hidden speakers played constant hypnosis with the voice of its God and occasional commands for it to loyally obey.

A phallic gag was permanently fixed in its now toothless mouth, ensuring that even this intimate part of the victim was now strictly controlled. For when Marcus desired it, a simple click on the outside of the mask could remove the gag and make for his wonderfully hard cock to be shoved inside the moist hole. Computerised artificial lenses would cut off all sight to the slave on command or allow the unlucky captive to see its surroundings. This was also perfect for feeding the captive any visuals its Master thought relevant to its training and further reinforced its occasional brainwashing.

It was currently sleeping soundly, so there was no movement from the bound form on the camera view that Marcus was monitoring. However, it would soon be time to wake up its toy to begin training for the day. First, it would need its morning ‘breakfast’. The toy’s meals consisted of milky-white substances moddled off of cum which gave the slave all the nutrition it needed, including a few other surprises. Marcus could easily let the machines do everything as a third and final tube was fixed to the cock-shaped gag in the victim’s mouth. When he desired, the slave’s meal could be pumped directly into it through the rubberised piping, but often Marcus enjoyed delivering the feeding himself.

After typing a few commands, which included setting the programme to the ‘waking routine’ for the currently sleeping prisoner, Marcus rose from his comfortable chair and exited the control room. His boots squeaked on the shiny metal flooring as he marched confidently to one of the doors in the hallway. Power and hunger surged through his body as he always got such a thrill from seeing the slightly sedated slave waking up in its current predicament. For a few short seconds, it would go from a peaceful dream to the nightmare it was living every single day.

Marcus typed a code into the keypad with his rubber-coated fingers, the door unlocked allowing him to enter the object’s cell. The sight of the rubber-covered toy gently stirring from its slumber made Marcus’s dick bounce within the tight latex sheath. As the victim gazed around the strange and blank-looking room its eyes focused on the figure of its Master. A groan of uncertainty quickly turned into panic as it realised this nightmare was its new life. The earbuds came to life with the voice of its Master and God.

“Good morning, my beautiful object. I can see you’re ready to start your day with such enthusiasm. I think you’ll be ecstatic about the plans for you today. But first…”

Marcus stepped further into the rubberised panic room, his boots screeching against the smooth padded flooring. He gazed down lovingly at the body and mind that was now totally his.

“You need to have your daily feeding,” the earbuds announced.

Unplugging the various tubing and unlocking the ties which kept the victim attached firmly to the rubber bed, Marcus bent over and took his pliant and feeble prey into his bulging and muscled arms. He held the younger male like how a parent would cradle a toddler. The slave’s weight was no problem for the muscular God as they moved out of the prison cell. He would relish forcing the gelatinous substance, the rubber-coated pet’s meal, through the gag and into its awaiting belly. Marcus smiled a sinister grin as he thought of more perverted ways to humiliate and control his captive today. After all, this was the thing he enjoyed the most.

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