The chilled air outside rushed in through the main reception doorway at the Onyx Landscape Hotel. The bellboy, Danny, shivered as the electric doors slid closed cutting off the crisp breeze. A remote hotel in the outskirts of Illinois, the Onyx Landscape Hotel was home to an annual fetishist weekend filled with all sorts of odd characters. The hallways, event rooms and brasserie were thronged by leather Daddies and rubber gimps. Most of the staff were intrigued to see the arrival of such interesting folk, that was except for a certain bellboy.

To Danny’s dismay the number of bags he was tasked with carrying to hotel rooms doubled during this weekend. He’d been working for the hotel for three years now and every year dreaded the upcoming affair in late January. Last year, he walked into some kind of leather orgy with men having all sorts of objects stuffed in their rears. The year before that, he slipped on the stairs coated in some kind of lubricant. Each year posed a different challenge for Danny to navigate. This year he’d got through it relatively unscathed. So far the only challenge was hiding all his luggage trolleys from visitors.

‘Why did they want them so badly?’ he thought.

Danny sat by the ornate concierge desk. The day was winding down now as the sun began to set outside. It was about three in the afternoon and his shift would be finishing in the hour. The reception area was relatively quiet. The fetishists booked out the entire hotel so he didn’t have to worry about shielding any children’s eyes today. But then again maybe he should be covering his own.

It’s not that Danny was homophobic. In fact he didn’t really know his own preferences. He’d only had one girlfriend at the age of sixteen and that was a complete disaster. He was curious to explore, but thought that a life dressed up as a leather gimp might be a bit too far. He tried Grindr but found it rather shallow. Besides, if he wanted to see chubby dicks he’d just do the room service shift again. Seriously? What is it with some people not wrapping a towel around their waist? They probably get some weird kick out of it.

Danny fixed the bellboy hat which say atop his head. The hotel was quite old fashioned despite holding a leather fetish weekend. Maybe the owner was just strapped for cash and knew people with such a specialist interest would pay out the wazoo. His uniform consisted of a maroon blazer with a white shirt underneath, loose black slacks and shiny leather shoes. Danny prided himself in his appearance and genuinely enjoyed his job. He relished the idea of helping people and making them feel like royalty. The hotel got a lot of weddings in the summer and he always enjoyed seeing the happy couples.

He sometimes felt lonely being so far out of the city. Danny grew up in Detroit before taking a job away from home at eighteen. He wanted to get as far away from his weird family as possible. In doing so he’d kind of isolated himself in the middle of nowhere. The hotel gave him accommodation and on his free days he’d make a trip into the nearby town or spent time on walks in the lake nearby.

His co-worker manning the reception desk was tapping away on her phone. Danny took a glance outside seeing patches of snow collecting on the paths. The weather was far from frightful, but with lake Michigan nearby the temperature was always spontaneous. Danny’s attention was drawn back inside as he overheard a conversation between the receptionist and a man who approached the desk.

He was clad in the usual leather attire of the event goers. Leather breaches fitted his shapely legs down into shiny boots. Under his hefty leather jacket was a similar shirt and tie. On his head sat a black officer style hat in the same smooth hide as the rest of his outfit. His stocky build was apparent even under the heavy clothing. He was engaging in a conversation with the lazy attendant behind the counter.

“…I’m afraid I can’t really leave the front desk but if you ask the guy over at the concierge desk he can help,” she informed the leather covered man, directing his attention to Danny.

‘Screw you, Felicia,’ Danny thought, as he shot her daggers. The man’s boots clacked on the marble floor as he reached the concierge desk his hand rested on the smooth ceramic.. Danny just wanted to get this over with.

“Can I help you, Sir?” he asked politely.

“I’m supposed to be doing a demonstration in about thirty minutes in one of the event rooms. But I tried to do a test of the equipment and the projector isn’t working…” the man spoke, his voice had a trace of a British accent.

“Ahh there should be a meeting and events manager around to help you,” Danny replied.

“Yeah… he tried to fix it but no luck. He said one of you two might be able to help,” he gestured back to the receptionist.

Danny cursed internally. Guess there was no way out of this. He had luckily avoided going into the main events area swarmed with fetishists. That is until now.

“One minute, please Sir,” Danny responded. He collected some keys from behind the desk and went around to follow the leather clad man. As they walked the man’s boots echoed through the hallways.

“Quite a display I imagine all the visitors keep you on your toes over the weekend,” the leather man commented, clearly trying to make idle chit-chat.

“Yeah it’s not our usual crowd,” Danny replied, a light chuckle at the end. More out of awkwardness than genuine laughter.

“Anybody giving you any bother?”

“Just lots of heavy lifting. I don’t really mind,” Danny lied.

They turned a corner in the corridors and the sound of heavy thumping music could be heard from the event’s main rooms. There were a few dozen taking up the hallway standing in small groups. One was attached to a leash in some kind of rubber suit, another clad in next to nothing with a dog mask on his head. Danny tried to look anywhere else and resigned to just staring at the hard floor beneath him as he walked past.

“So not your fancy?” the leather man asked.

“What?” Danny responded. He was a little worried he’d offended the man.

“So all of this isn’t really your thing?” the man corrected.

“Um it’s not that. I just don’t really know what to do or think in situations like this. Also I don’t know how people can do this sort of stuff in public,” Danny admitted, a bit flustered.

“Well it takes a lot of courage that’s for sure. But I think given the right push anyone can do it.”

“So is that what you call courage?” Danny gestured to two human pups wrestling on the ground, pretending to play fight like dogs. Well if Danny was worried about offending the stocky leather man he’d done it now.

“I guess there’s just some people in the world who are too afraid to step outside their comfort zone,” the man responded, “also one of those courageous individuals runs his own company and the other is in the army. What someone might do on their weekends isn’t a reflection of their abilities in this world.”

Danny felt sweat building under his collar after being scolded. A mixed bag of emotions.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to offend anyone,” Danny quickly countered.

The hall finally came to the small meeting room set out for about thirty people. A few of the event staff were testing out equipment as Danny and the leather man approached the top of the room.

“Help is here! This little boy is good with tech stuff apparently,” the leather man announced. Danny was irritated about being called “boy” but in his bellhop outfit he did look rather puny.

“There should be a cable running into your laptop. Have you plugged it in?” Danny said dryly.

A man dressed in a rubber vest and shorts was pressing buttons on the laptop.

“Yeah but it’s still not working… all we can get is a blue screen,” the man in rubber attire admitted. He stepped away and left the leather man and Danny to fix the issue. Danny got down on his hands and knees and went under the podium to check the connection wires. He could eyes from behind glued to his ass as he rummaged under the podium.

“So you clearly dislike this fetish event being held here, why didn’t you speak to your boss?” the man asked, a bit muffled for Danny to hear with his head under the stand.

“I tried but they said it’s the busiest weekend in the winter. So I just have to grin and bear it,” Danny disclosed. Messing with some wires he unplugged some cables and replugged them again.

“Hmm that can’t be a good,” the leather clad fella acknowledged. He was silent for a few seconds before declaring; “I have a proposition for you…”

Danny was all ears, as he emerged from under the podium.

“I’m on the main committee for the event and actually we were speaking about a change of venue. I wanted to keep using this one… but if you agree to help me… I can have the event moved to a different hotel,” the leather man announced. Tapping his boots on the carpeted floor.

“And… what is it you need help with?” Danny questioned, getting off his knees to face the man.

“You have to be my display model for the rest of the night.”

“No way,” Danny chirped almost immediately, figuring it was a joke.

“I’m serious, I was meant to have a boy about your size help me out in this talk I’m doing. If you step in for him I’ll pay you for your time and have the event moved somewhere else. Besides your face won’t be on show and it can be our little secret.”

The idea was ludicrous but Danny was actually contemplating it now.

“I don’t want to be whipped or anything that would be painful. Also I don’t want to have to talk to anyone.”

The leather man chuckled.

“Quite the opposite… you won’t be doing any talking. We only go as far as you’re comfortable with and if you want to end at any time I’ll release you.”

‘Hmm he kept sweetening the deal,’ Danny thought.

Ok. It wasn’t sounding so bad anymore. The guy would probably just tie some rope around him or something and if anyone asked where he was he could just say on his break. Danny noticed the projector was switched to the wrong input so he used the remote to reset it and it flickered to life.

“Fixed it!” Danny exclaimed, turning with a grin on his face he said; “And you’ve got a deal”

The leather man’s face lit up with a beaming smirk. The two shook on their mutual agreement.

“The name’s Eric but you can call me Sir,” the larger of the two announced.

“I don’t know about that but my name’s Danny!” the bellboy countered.

“Here’s your first item”

The leather clad man drew a rubber shirt onto the door of the bathroom stall. Danny took the item in his hands it was slick with some kind of lubricant.

“Do you have anything else… maybe something that isn’t so slimey?” Danny retorted.

“Want to go out there naked, boy?

Danny was silent. He removed his uniform and drew the lubey top over his head and down his midsection. The arms and collar had red stripes fixed to them. The entire garment fitted like a glove to Danny’s chest. Next came a pair of rubber jeans with similar red stripes down the side.

“Take off your underwear otherwise they’ll be covered in lube when you change back into them later.”

‘Pretty solid advice,’ Danny thought.

He slipped off his boxers and folded them next to his uniform. The pants were a bit of a pain to get into. Danny struggled before finally getting them up over his hips as he buttoned them in place. Finally a pair of red knee high socks and rubber hood were draped on the door.

Danny started with the socks rolling them over his feet and up to about knee level. He held the hood in his hands for a few seconds.

‘This was crazy,’ he thought.

A few minutes ago he was mocking the fetishists passing by and now here he was dressed almost identical to one. He remembered why he was doing this in the first place and thought now would be a bad time to back out now.

“Something wrong, boy?” the leather man asked loudly.

“No! Just how do I put this on?” Danny questioned, a tad embarrassed.

The stall door pushed open and the leather man entered catching the sight of the bellboy now decked out in tight, form-fitting rubber.

“Wow you are just the right size for that outfit. I guess I end up playing with subs the same size,” the leather man announced.

Danny was about to retort, when the leather man snatched the hood out of his hands and told him to turn around. He came behind Danny and with force drew the hood over his head. He pulled it down to meet the collar of the shirt and leather-gloved hands smoothed out the rubber over Danny’s head. The eyes, nose and mouth fell near their respective holes as he fixed the rubber in place.

“That hurt a bit!” Danny protested.

“No harm done. Now you won’t be able to speak until the panel ends… any talking I’d get it out now,” the leather man reported.

A leather muzzle was drawn over Danny’s rubber coated head and he felt a small gag slip in between his teeth.

“One grunt for alright, two for painful, three for stop, ok boy?”

Danny grunted once in response, finding this whole thing so ludicrous. The leather man smirked.

“You are my boy until I decide to release you. Until then I am your Sir, understand?”

Danny was speechless he turned to look at the leather coated man who glared down at him.

“Along with our little deal I also want to show you how to bring out that inner courage we spoke about earlier, understand?”

Danny nodded and grunted once. A little fearful of what the leather Dom might do. Finishing off his ensemble the Dom produced some red rubber braces – clipping them to his rubber jeans. He also fixed some bright red cuffs around his wrists. Sitting Danny down on the toilet seat the bulky leather man slipped some black knee-high leather boots on Danny’s socked feet. They shined with the gleam as his rubber. The leather man brought Danny to stand on his leather soles.

“How does that feel? Anything hurting?” he asked.

Danny felt tightness over most of his body but nothing hurt too much. He grunted once in response.

“Great! Time to get the show on the road!” his Sir for the next hour proclaimed.

The bulky leather man collected Danny’s uniform and put it in a bag he’d been carrying. They both headed off to the panel room as Danny heard his outfit squeak as he walked.

‘Maybe this was a bad idea…’ he thought.


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  1. Please please please! I need the next part! This is an amazing set up for a story! Reluctantly giving up control… was it a good idea?

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