The hero landed on a metallic vent poking out from the building’s roof. He heard rumours that an abandoned factory on the outskirts of town was a front for the secret lair of his arch-nemesis. There had been no sign of any security, however, this dastardly villain was known for his cunning traps so our hero proceeded with caution. Leaping from the vents, he crept his way over to an open duct which appeared to be a tight squeeze into the building below.

Our hero went by the name of ‘Wonder Boy’, vowing to protect the city from evil – such as his soon to be captured foe. Wonder Boy could call on immense strength which was impressive as his frame remained that of a skinny, nerdy teenager. Although some muscle did show under his tight suit, his legs were long and slender similar to his arms. His suit was decorated in reflective black material with a red mid-section. The letter ‘W’ outlined in gold at the centre of his chest.

As Wonder Boy performed many acrobatic stunts his suit needed to fit like a glove. Not a wrinkle in sight, the fabric perfectly outlined his spunky physique. He leapt up into the vent with ease like a cat. The combination of his immense strength and skinny frame meant that Wonder Boy could launch himself meters into the air with the grace of a trained gymnast. Trouble-makers usually took a matter of minutes to apprehend when Wonder Boy was on the case. 

‘This vent should lead me right down to Toy Maker’s lair’ our Hero thought to himself.

He shimmied along the dark, narrow vent deeper into the outwardly neglected warehouse. Through his journey, Wonder Boy was surrounded by darkness until a faint green glow illuminated at the end of the duct. He crawled along until he reached the source of the glow.

From his vantage point, Wonder Boy could make out various machinery, stacks of crates and an intricate computer system. His intel seemed to be correct – now to find that sneaky villain. Releasing the clasp on the grate, the hero dropped onto the floor like a ninja. He slowly crept around the whirring equipment and instruments trying to uncover their purpose. 

“What are you up to Toy Maker?” Wonder Boy whispered to himself, as he took cover behind some steel drums. 

Toy Maker was an immoral thief who could control children’s toys. He often used this to his advantage to loot banks, museums and galleries. He was one of Star City’s most notorious criminals – but not for long! 

Wonder Boy peeked his head over the barrels to discover one of Toy Maker’s henchmen operating some machinery. The lackey was alone, so the hero used this to his advantage to get some more intel on Toy Maker’s whereabouts. Doing the calculations in his head, Wonder Boy leapt from behind the barrels and touched down right behind the henchman. The loud machinery allowed the spandex-clad hero to remain undetected. He waited for the right moment and sprung. 

Wonder Boy kicked the henchman against the panel he was operating and turned him around in a chokehold. 

“If you want to live you’ll tell me what I want to know… where’s your boss?” he questioned, feeling the lackey thrash under his grip.

“Ugh… no. Don’t kill me. He’s down those stairs to the last floor.” the henchman responded. 

“Good answer!”

The hero used some tape that was lying next to him to cover the lackey’s mouth. He then proceeded to wrap him up in rope before hiding him in an open crate. The flunkey groaned in protest behind the black tape before the crate was slammed shut. 

Carefully making his way down the creaky staircase, Wonder Boy made it to the bottom floor. There was a circular platform illuminated by lights from above and in the shadows Wonder Boy could make out various computers and tools. It was so empty and desolate that for a moment the young hero thought it might be a trap. Not seeing the Toy Maker anywhere in sight, Wonder Boy yelled out;

“Show yourself, Toy Maker! I know you’re in here”

After a beat, the evil supervillain emerged from the shadows on the opposite side of the room.

“I was wondering when you’d show up, Wonder Boy. You know it’s always a pleasure to see you,” the bandit declared. 

‘Maybe it was a trap after all!’ the hero thought, he would need to be alert. 

“I wish I could say the same for you, but the next time we meet it’ll be behind bars,” Wonder Boy responded, in his confident hero pose. 

“Oh I’m not so sure about that…” countered the villain, crossing his arms in an intimidating stance. 

Toy Maker wore his usual garb, blue and black suit with a flowing cape and helmet on his head. Being a full-grown man his getup made him look a little bit ridiculous but Wonder Boy couldn’t exactly comment. The world of heroes and villains was often cheesy enough. 

Having enough of the fraudster’s remarks, Wonder Boy leapt up into the air and charged at the thief with a powerful kick. Just before he could reach his intended target, arms shot out from the shadows and came into contact with Wonder Boy’s limbs. He was rendered immobile floating in mid-air. In a panic, the hero tried to pull at the restraints only to have them move with him. His strength was useless if he couldn’t break the ends of the metallic arms. 

“Always eager to ruin my plans, Wonder Boy. At least this will be the last time,” the villain laughed. 

“You think this can hold me forever? My strength is no match for these,” Wonder Boy announced proudly. 

“Oh but we’re just getting started. By the end you’ll be powerless and weak,” the evil genius retaliated, swishing his cape as he turned.  

The villain strode over to a nearby computer and began typing in some commands. Seconds later, some nozzles appeared from the darkness where the arms had launched from. The hose came to rest roughly a meter away from Wonder Boy’s frame. The hero began to sweat with anxiety over its intended use. Suddenly, the hose erupted and emitted a purple mist that sprayed all of Wonder Boy’s body. The nozzle rotated around the bound hero to ensure his entire body was covered with the smog. 

The spritz made Wonder Boy hack and cough as a purple cloud gathered around him. The smell was harsh and industrial and caused the hero to wince in disgust. The jet stopped and allowed the mist to evaporated. Wonder Boy was left looking over his body for changes. There didn’t appear to be any outwardly changes. 

“Nice try, Toy Maker. It looks like another one of your inventions has gone bust,” the hero mocked. 

“I wouldn’t be so sure,” the man at the computer retorted. 

As the words left his mouth, Wonder Boy noticed a strange feeling on his chest. Like an itching that slightly burned. He noticed it first on his right nipple as he felt cold air against it. A small hole had appeared in his suit. Then he began to feel more similar holes forming around his body where the air could be felt. 

“The nifty little nanobots are eating away at anything except skin that’s on your body. I hope you’re not too attached to that suit.”

Progressively more and more of Wonder Boy’s skin became exposed as his suit disintegrated. His defined abs revealed themselves to the world as too did his butt and slender legs. The hero, embarrassed over his nudity in front of his arch-enemy, thrashed harder against the floating arms. 

Suddenly, he noticed something falling in front of his face like snow. It wasn’t white but brown. Wait! That was his hair. 

“I did say it eats anything that isn’t skin soon you’ll be smooth and ready for the next steps,” laughed Toy Maker. 

Wonder Boy began to twist and turn even more frantically as his suit began to fall from his body to join his hair on the ground. Soon the last bits of fabric left his body, leaving behind a smooth, bald hero struggling against the arms that held him. 

“Let me go. No! How could you do this?” Wonder Boy shouted. 

“Hmm a little smaller than I expected. You’re not that POWERFUL down there.” Toy Maker mocked, “Don’t worry we’re just getting started. Now you’re ready for your new look.”

The nozzle was replaced with four others. All with different colours attached to their openings. They froze in various positions around Wonder Boys body waiting for the computer to signal them to start. A thick goo blasted from three of the hoses and began coating the hero in a strange sticky substance. Each hose got to work on a different part of his body and painted with mechanical precision. The hot gloop bonded to his skin and hardened into a flexible fabric similar to rubber.

“Don’t worry, I know how much you love your super suit – so I thought you’d enjoy wearing it for the rest of your life.”

The painting of the nozzles became clear as it decorated Wonder Boy’s body with a facsimile of his current suit but in shiny rubber. A nozzle that had remained unmoving above his head fired to life. It jetted out a skin colour paste onto Wonder Boy’s bald head. As it bonded to his skin, it removed any features so the hero began to look like some kind of store mannequin. He struggled to breathe for a few seconds before tiny holes formed and allowed him to see out and take a breath. 

Wonder Boy could feel the rubber now on every portion of his body. Creating a full head to toe enclosure. Not an inch of his actual skin was visible hidden behind the shining new coating. Everything from his boots to the gloves of his original outfit was copied onto his new skin. No seams in sight it all joined into one layer like some kind of toy doll. 

“You’re looking more and more like your action figures they sell in the store. Just some more additions to make.”

The jetting spray guns shut off and retracted into the shadows. A smaller hose arrived just an inch from Wonder Boy’s new face and began spraying on his features. Big wide eyes, a button nose and his trademark smirk painted with rubber on rubber. Even his signature hairstyle was placed on his rubber-coated head by another arm out of sight. Wonder Boy could feel the pressure at the top of his head as his new hair bonded for life. 

All the nozzles retreated, leaving a rubber version of the superhero held up by the metallic arms. Another stir from the shadows revealed two more hoses that floated either side of Wonder Boy. A final spray blasted a shining solution all over the hero’s new skin leaving him gleaming like polished steel. The lights from above bounced the embarrassed rubber hero. After the final details were completed he looked exactly like his own brand of action figure. Wonder Boy was in complete shock and the humiliation of his predicament. Toy Maker approached the former superhero with a glint in his eye. 

“Well, not a bad job if I do say so myself. Time to get you boxed and ready for packaging.” 

As if the situation couldn’t get any worse, the rubber-coated hero floated over to a machine containing two layers of flat clear rubber. Wonder Boy was rotated to lie on his back and slowly guided down to the centre of the clear rubber sheet. Within a microsecond of his body being released from the bonds, the top layer of rubber slammed down catching the hero like a Venus flytrap. The two layers of rubber held Wonder Boy immobile with his arms and legs outstretched like he was on display. 

Swiftly after his capture, the machine whirred to life and all the air between the two tight layers were sucked out. Wonder Boy felt an intense pressure all over his body as the clear rubber looked like a plastic shell that would house a toy. And that was indeed what the cocky superhero was to become. After the sucking died down, the frame clamped shut ensuring that air would never again reach the boy inside. Strangely the stationary toy didn’t struggle to breathe. It just remained unmoving in its clamshell as the machine pushed the hero to an upright position. 

The arms once again lifted the poor hero and guided him over to a box awaiting him. The packaging was decorated exactly like his action figure box with “Collector’s Edition” label on the front. A plastic cut out allowed for a viewer to see the toy inside and everything was as authentic as a miniature toy just scaled up to human size. 

As the frame slid into its new home and Wonder Boy felt the thud of the bottom of the box, he began to lose all hope of rescue. The top of the cardboard was folded shut and the packaging the hero rested in became a little darker. His only light came from the cutout in front of him. The evil villain appeared behind the plastic grinning at his new toy. 

“You should now be able to hear me speak. That’s because I’ve taken control of your body and mind. You see I discovered that I can control not only toys but also things that look like toys. And believe me, Wonder Boy you’re as authentic as a toy could be. Everything but the ‘Made in China’ stamp on your foot. From now on you’ll be controlled by me in every sense of the word. You will never need to breathe, eat, sleep or urinate ever again as I control every aspect of your body.” 

As the final words echoed into his mind, Wonder Boy began to feel a lust building in his lower regions. His cock began to tent against his new toy skin as he felt so unbelievably horny. 

“There is one thing I’ll continue to allow you to do but that’ll come as a reward. You’re going to love being my toy, Wonder Boy and I’m pretty sure soon you’ll begin to think of yourself that way. Of course, I can control your mind to think however I want you to. However, I have an even better fate in store for you. Slowly over time, I’m going to make you want to be my precious toy. Begging for me to play with you. But I’m honestly more of a collector so I doubt you’ll ever get out of your packaging.”

Wonder Boy tried to react in some form but his body remained still and unmoving like a doll. He couldn’t even frown. Not that anyone could see under his new shiny rubber-coated face. His mind began to fill with horny thoughts of being played with like a toy. Wonder Boy knew these thoughts weren’t his own but he had no control over the pleasure they brought to him. His dick twitched under his bulge as the villain smiled and turned away – his cape swishing in a dramatic fashion. He’d enjoy playing with this new toy and maybe capture some others to join him. 

The lights dimmed down and Wonder Boy was left floating in his unmoveable packaging – not that his body was his to control anymore. His mind projected various horny ideas into his brain as he could just sit back and watch. Soon he’d forget there was even a human underneath all that rubber. Just a happy smiling toy ready for playtime.

Rubber Credit: Rubber Shadow

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