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In the future, most people had plenty of free time, with most jobs automated by robots, and all of their needs covered. Most people wear a self-cleaning exosuit that can project any color, design, print, or fabric, with holograms giving a sense of depth. Most people have a variety of different designs, from Victorian Steampunk to Mobster Tuxedo to Florida Spring Break, complete with a set of perfectly simulated abs if they have enough money.

Some people rented out their images and let others choose their appearance. Most young gay men went this route as soon as they received their standard-issue exosuit at age 18. Tops would rent out the visual space of the exosuit; having identified as a top-in-training, they would be made to wear sports gear or the outfit for manly professions such as firefighter, cop, or military. These tops would later buy upgrades to sculpt a larger cock or body frame, adding muscles that looked and felt as big as the most steroided muscle god from the early 21st century.

Bottoms would rent out the space, and since they registered as bottoms, they would often be made to wear humiliating outfits, such as a diaper, a funny costume, or some animal. Many bottoms sought upgrades to improve their sexual performance, such as a chastity device to remove the temptation to jerk off – work in the future was few and far between, so people had plenty of time on their hands to be as hedonistic as they wanted. A majority of men registered as bottoms, who had to compete for the attention of the small number of tops.

There was another option, not to register your preferences, where they would be groomed by an older mentor to help determine their potential. You could never tell who was in the 3rd option, as they were often clothed to be as normal and average as possible, and there was a cloud of secrecy behind the group. There was even a rumor that they wouldn’t wear the exosuit at all and that they’d let their natural skin show!

After the sexual and gender liberation of the early 2000s, gay-only cities popped up, where men could have sex freely in public, in clubs, or anywhere they desired. In one such city, a young man named Q was staying in an apartment complex for men-in-training. He knew he liked men ever since childhood, and he spent his days in the public gym bulking up and watching mature muscular men fuck on the machines to demonstrate proper form.

On the morning of his 18th birthday, Q woke up naked for the last time. The night before, he had removed all of his body hair below his neck, leaving him smooth all over. For years since he discovered jerking off, Q had been taking notes of all of the men he had ever seen. He was conflicted whether he was straight or gay, top or bottom. He was already on the tall side. He just didn’t feel as confident as the other tall guys his age. Part of him wanted to be a muscle buff, so he could always jerk off to his own image, and be with every sexy person he could find before he got too old.

There was a different part of Q, which twitched every time he saw an Alpha top, that wanted to be dominated by one of these muscle men. He wasn’t able to watch porn or have sex with anyone, until today! He tried jerking off, but he was too uncertain of his future, he just got frustrated and skipped the ritual. Q put on his formalwear and fancy shoes and walked to the local Exosuit Emporium.

On his walk, Q passed several obvious tops, their larger-than-life muscles straining their button-up shirts. One muscle hunk stopped and winked at Q, flexing and ripping apart the shirt. Q giggled at that. He soon saw an obvious sub, who was wearing a large plastic-bubble outfit that vaguely resembled a pink flamingo. Q turned around and saw muscle hunk walk over to the plastic dude, and started fucking him on a bench.

“Hopefully that’s me later today,” Q lamented to himself.

The glass doors of the Exosuit Emporium opened, and Q stepped inside with his head down a bit. There was a cute twink behind the desk, wearing a tight leather vest and a pair of pink speedos, leaving little to the imagination. Q smiled and stopped as soon as he got inside.

“Ooh, the virgin strut. Show your stuff for me, birthday boy!” the twink shouted. Loud party music burst through the speakers around the store. Q laughed and dutifully did a little dance, shaking his arms and ass. He tried coming across as masculine and somewhat confident in himself, while also wanting to be open to anything. He wanted to get off on the right foot with the clerk, who could decide the fate of the rest of his life.

“Love it. You must be Q. You’re the only one on the list today, which is great, because I had five in one day last week,” the twink clerk

“Five, wow, that must have been a lot of lube,” Q joked.

“Tell me about it. One kept getting hard while I was putting on his cock sheath. I had to give him a blowjob so he could fit,” the clerk
commented casually. Q moaned a bit in approval.

“Do you like the sound of that, a blowjob? I got all day,” the clerk offered.

“More about being the one giving said blowjob,” Q admitted slowly.

“I see, so you’re going the bottom route?” the clerk said with a bit of disappointment. He moved over to the computer to start entering Q’s information.

“Not necessarily.”

“A top man? We could use more around here, especially one more your size.”

“Ehh… I’m not sure either.”

“Bud, haven’t you been getting ready for today? What else have you been doing the last few years?”

“I’ve been jerking off a lot, as recommended, and I’ve also tried playing with my ass too. I’m just not sure if I’m doing it right.”

“You’ve been playing with the tip of your ass, right?”


“No deep, forced penetration?”

“I take my time. It’s… I dunno.”

“I see. Have you read about Option 3? It’s not the right path for everyone, and you could get matched up with someone crazy. You can always come back for a different teacher, but that’ll cost you.”

“Yea… I’m just not ready to make up my mind yet. I find most men are beautiful in their own way.”

“Even lil old me?!” the twink practically sang; his tone became playful again. Q chuckled.

“Yes, I would love to please you. I haven’t pleased a man before.”

“Not once? Most teenagers find some way of doing it in secrecy.”

Q blushed. “I follow the rules, Sir. I don’t wanna get in trouble.”

“I see. I shouldn’t be telling you this, but I happen to know that some older guy came in here last week, asking for a protege. He might’ve taken someone already, and you could be stuck moving across the country. There’s no way to tell until you complete your registration.”

Q sighed and felt a bit at ease stepping into the unknown. “It’s OK Sir. I think that’s the option I’d like to do. Please sign me up for
the mentor. I’m ready,” he said, holding his fingerprint on the scanner. He heard the clerk type and click into the computer.

“Let’s get you suited, and see if you get a match by the time you’re sealed in,” the clerk said. He led Q into the next room for the scanning process.

Q took all of his clothes off and threw them into the corner, and shivered a bit as his hairless body waited. He held his arms and legs
out, and a laser measured every inch of his skin. His dick stayed soft, as he worried and contemplated who he might get matched with.

“We’re all done. Your session is now up, and potential suitors will be able to follow every step from here on out. Step into this chamber
please,” the clerk directed Q into a large square box. He walked over to the shaft in the center that descended from the ceiling.

A black gag sat with two tubes extended from the shaft. Q put the plastic into his mouth, lining up the bottom and top rows of his teeth, and pushing it all the way in until it reached the back of his teeth. He then took a deep breath through his nose, and slowly pushed the 4″ nose tubes in one at a time. He breathed in deep and spread out his hands and legs.

“No lube and I didn’t even have to ask! Someone is eager,” the clerk said, and Q breathed an “mhm”.

“Someone’s getting hard. Do you need me to take care of that before we start, or will you?” the clerk asked.

“Ice please,” Q mumbled. The twink looked disappointed, and he got a cold sleeve to calm down Q’s raging cock. The cock put up a valiant effort, but within a few moments, Q was flaccid. He sighed and nodded, signalling for the process to begin. The clerk gave the thumbs up and closed the box, and the machine quickly whirred into action.

Hoses sprayed a base layer of liquid latex onto Q, covering the hairless skin with black goop from the neck down to the toes. Q watched in amazement as the material congealed into a rubbery second layer of skin, but made sure to stand perfectly still. A claw reached out from the wall to push a catheter tube into Q’s dick, which stung a bit, but not nearly as much as the large tube entering his ass. The lubed tube pushed in a few inches until it rested somewhere beyond his second sphincter.

After the first layer was done, the box heated up to seal Q inside, as the liquid latex bonded and solidified into a thin rubber layer. Q moaned in pleasure as the suit shrank into place, squeezing every inch of his body, and forming a perfect outline of his cock and balls. His cock pulsed in the tight cock sleeve, squeezing against the tube from the inside, and making him shudder from horniness.

“Your dick is getting real hard. It might not be too late to shoot one load before the next round,” the clerk tempted Q.

“Keep going please Sir,” Q replied, his mouth gargled while wearing the rubber gag. He didn’t mind the experience, in combination with his suit, but no one walked around with their head covered, that would just be extreme…

“You got it, boss,” the clerk replied, bored. More arms came out of the walls, installing sensors along each muscle of the body, down to Q’s fingertips and toes, and along his torso and back.

“Get ready for a tiny prick,” the clerk added as the exosuit’s neural network poked a tiny hole into Q’s neck, connecting his brain with the suit. Q stood taller as he felt the new connections as if a bunch of weight was pulled off his shoulders. Another layer of liquid latex was sprayed on, reinforcing the sensors and adding a bit more rubber to weak points in the suit.

Q felt more confident and sexier underneath the layer of latex after the second layer completed. He couldn’t wait to see himself and pleasure a man for the first time. He stood obediently, his mouth and tube gags attached to the machine. Q wondered when he would be set free, and he waited patiently before the next step.

“So, speaking of tiny pricks…” the clerk spoke outside of the soundbooth, sounding rather jealous. “It looks like someone is already
interested. He paid to install a chastity device in your new suit. Do you consent?”

“Yes Sir,” Q shouted, his mouth garbled from behind the rubber gag. His heart raced a bit and his newly encased dick got engorged. He knew that some bottoms wore a chastity device to prevent them from topping or jerking off, and they would rent out the key to their manhood for some extra money.

Another arm stretched out from the machine, carrying a ring of stainless steel. The robotic fingers pushed Q’s rubber balls through the ring, but his dick was too hard to get through the ring. The robotic arm shot out a scary-looking blade, causing Q to get frightened and immediately soft. The blade retracted, and Q let out a sigh of relief, as the robotic fingers pushed the rubber-covered dick through the ring. The fingers then the cock and printed a cage on top and around it, securing it tightly to the ring. Q moaned in horniness at the realization he might not be fucking anyone anytime soon.

“And we have a bidding war. Someone else is interested, and he paid to install you with a wider ass tube, keeping you permanently gaped up to an inch,” the clerk remarked jealously. He tapped a few buttons, and the robotic arm turned into a long shaft, which slowly slid up Q’s ass. The shaft pushed against the sides of the tube and inflated it to its new inch-wide diameter. Q moaned a bit as the new shaft warmed up and was reinforced from the inside. His locked cock twitched and his prostate started pulsing in horniness.

“Make that 2 inches, with a locking plug. Somebody wants a slave he can use,” the clerk whined. Q moaned into the rubber gag in anticipation.

Only serious tops wanted their bottom to have such a wide girth. The robot tube again pushed against the rubber, stretching his hole even more, and reinforcing it to its new width, pushing Q to his limits, and making him even hornier. He was starting to leak out of the end of his cock, as precum dribbled out of the tube inside his locked cock.

Q stood obediently as the robotic arm bulged even more around his first sphincter and printed the lockable plug in place.

“This lockable plug is tied to the same key as your chastity belt. It will narrow down to 2 inches when it is unlocked, so it can be removed. Your suit has sensors measuring your waste, and if you go more than two days without the plug being removed, your master will be reported for endangering your life. Remember to play safe and have fun,” the clerk lectured, dripping with jealousy. The lockable plugs were an expensive upgrade, and Q was getting one purchased by his new master.

“Yes Sir,” Q replied, beginning to get more excited about who he would end up with.

“We have a third bidder! Damn boy, you are a hot commodity,” the clerk shouted, and Q moaned in anticipation for what would happen next. “He wants firmer pecs and a wider back,” the clerk spoke into the microphone with a deep, sexy voice.

The robotic arms moved over Q’s chest and clamped onto his chest, digging into the layers of latex to grab onto each of his nipples. Q
moaned deeply in pleasure as the machine vibrated and added a thick layer of rubber over each nipple. Thick straps extended over the shoulders and around the torso to meet in the back, giving the vague impression of a thick rubber harness. The machine again heated up the new layer, attaching it firmly to the suit.

“One of the bidders wants your head encased in rubber, with goggles that can project anything or block out all light, and hearing aids that can pick up or diminish every frequency. Damn, it’s been a while since I saw any newbie got this many free upgrades!” the clerk exclaimed as he cheered Q on.

Q moaned uncertainly. He had never seen anyone with an exosuit that covered his head, but the idea of being covered from head to toe turned him on. His locked dick throbbed, and the plug in his ass kept twitching. Every part of his body felt turned on by the experience, and he wished he could jerk off. He diligently kept his arms and legs to his side.

The machine came out of the wall with a pair of goggles, holding them tightly over Q’s eyes. Another machine arm came out and pushed waxy plugs into his ears, pushing them deep to form fit his ears. The machine then sprayed liquid latex all around his head, securing the goggles and earplugs. From inside the gag, Q felt the machine buzz around his mouth, filling every gap between his teeth, wrapping around his tongue, and pushing deep down into his throat. He then felt the nose tubes extend a bit more, meeting the mouth gag.

“There are tiny screens that will filter out all pollution or foreign viruses. Your gag reflex will naturally go away, although you might have some difficulty at first speaking, or getting used to your new mouth,” the clerk warned. Q felt the need to moan, but no sound came out.

“You are one pricey new object, and it looks like two of the bidders dropped out. I’ll give it a minute, but it appears you might have your master. How are you feeling in there?” the clerk asked.

Q tried again to speak, but no sound came out.

“Ooh, it looks like this one doesn’t want you speaking at all, not without his permission. That’s an expensive model. Let’s test to see if
this works. Try speaking, boy,” the clerk ordered.

Q felt something move in his throat. “What the fuck?!” he shouted, before the thing in his throat closed back up, and he was unable to speak again.

“Great, it works. Let’s do some basic tests before you get unhooked. Can you bend down and touch your toes?” the clerk asked, bored. Q was a bit angry at not being able to talk, but he obliged and bent down, easily touching his rubber-covered toes.

“Good. Stretch your arms out wide, then give yourself a hug,” the clerk ordered. Q bent out his arms, enjoying the feeling of the rubber
stretched. It felt like his pecs and back were huge as he reached his arms in and clasped his hands over his shoulders.

“Alright. Your new owner wants to try you out in person, so your plug and cock will remain locked for now. Huh, he doesn’t want anything projected on your skin, for now, just the standard black. With that, he has confirmed his purchase, and we can finish up,” the clerk said with a sing-song voice. After the last few clicks of a button, Q felt the machine pull away from his face. He stood and breathed in deep, admiring his new form.

“Wanna see what you look like?” the clerk asked, sounding quite turned on. Q nodded, and he walked out of the chamber. A large mirror on the wall reflected back a tall, hulking rubber gimp. A tiny piece of plastic covered his manhood, and the goggles of his eyes reflected back as a mirror, but otherwise, you could see every inch of his body. Q shuddered in horniness.

The clerk felt Q all over. “If you pay me $100, I’ll unlock the plug and fuck you in here before your new master gets here,” the clerk asked, but Q shook his head, wanting to present himself in his ideal form to his
new master.

“Good test. Your master directed me to ask you that, and punish you with some electroshock to your balls if you agreed,” the clerk laughed, and Q chuckled soundlessly.

“It looks like your new master has arrived. Are you ready boy?” the clerk asked, and Q nodded, excited for whatever adventure awaited him.

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