Mark was excited when he was told he had been accepted for an administrative internship at DroneTech but was worried when he saw six other people applying for the same position. He was told that over the day, they would be gradually eliminated until only one remained.

Their first task was to put on the company uniform and report back to the main office. He entered the changing room and saw the rubber suit hanging on the wall. He knew he would eventually end up in one after he researched the company. Nothing prepared him for the sensations putting it on would assault him with. His cock was rock hard before he even got it halfway on.

Eventually, his drive to succeed overpowered the pleasure. He zipped himself up inside the tight suit. Each step back to the main room caused the rubber to grip and caress his entire body pleasurably. To his surprise, four applicants were already waiting there, meaning he was only one person away from getting eliminated right out of the gate.

The next challenge was to complete a handful of computer training modules. As Mark sat down at the screen and began his work, he noticed how the monitor would flicker at times and the headphones he was wearing had a strange static crackling in them. The training started off basic enough, but again he found that his throbbing erection was distracting him more and more. He casually started to rub his cock through the rubber with one hand while clicking through the various modules. After a short while, his screen flashed complete and displayed a number two.

He sighed with relief now that he wasn’t dead last this time.
He was never reunited with the other applicants but was told that the latest challenge was a relatively simple one. He had to work as a low-level employee for the remained of the day. They would be graded on their performance. Mark reasoned it was to better understand how they operated and give some perspective when making decisions.

The first thing Mark would need to do was complete the uniform and be given a heavy black shiny helmet. Eager to show his dedication he quickly put it over his head. As soon as it was on his head he heard a click and felt something press into his ears.

A loud warbling sound echoed through his head as the inside of the helmet lit up with a kaleidoscope of colours. Mark quickly tried to pull the helmet off, but it was firmly affixed to his head. The sound and colours quickly drowned out his mind. He stood there as he was bombarded with programming. His posture relaxed as his hands reached down and started rubbing his cock through the rubber.

Time lost its meaning to the man as he was slowly pleasuring himself into a state of mindless obedience. A couple hours later, Drone MK-7384 exited the training room and began its first day as a proper drone.
Unbeknownst to Mark, the entire elimination process was nothing but a sham.

The real intern had already been selected, and rather than have the other applicant’s talents potentially go to a competitor, DroneTech decided to provide them with a much more permanent employment opportunity.

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