Chris walked into a leather store. He admired the sensuality and the masculine allure of leather men and he NEEDED to try it himself. Chris walked through the store nervously as his eyes scanned through the store. Everything was so perfect but so expensive…Chris couldn’t possibly afford it. But he HAD to know what it felt like.

A shop attendant greeted Chris and told him about the best-selling products and he insisted that Chris try on something. Chris jumped at the opportunity. He grabbed the leather gear and rushed into the changing room. He quickly got naked and put his clothes on the floor. Chris grabbed a pair of leather pants and pulled them on. The pants were a little too big for him, but he secured them to his waist with a leather belt. Chris then put a leather shirt on.

It was comically large on him, but Chris hoped that he would bulk up enough to fit into it. Chris then pulled on a pair of leather patrol boots. They were a near-perfect fit but were slightly too big for his calves. He then pulled on a pair of leather gloves. They were surprisingly the perfect fit. Chris then put on a leather jacket. The jacket was far too big on his slender frame, but he was sure he could make it work. Chris then finished the look with a leather cap. Chris stared at his reflection in the mirror.

“Damn I look hot,” thought Chris.

Chris then peeked out the curtain of the changing room to see if the coast was clear. But he was disappointed when he saw that the shop attendant was waiting for him. Chris worked minimum wage and had a lot of bills that he needed to pay, so he couldn’t possibly afford the leather outfit.

Chris had hoped an opportunity to steal the gear would arrive, but the shop attendant was too watchful. Chris started to remove the gear but stopped when he heard the shop attendant get called into the back room.

Chris made a run for it through the door. Glancing behind, he was glad that nobody was following him. Chris made his way home after a few hours of anxiety and decided that the shop attendant must not have seen him leave. He then went to sleep.

When Chris woke up, he couldn’t see. Chris tried calling out but he couldn’t even hear his own voice. He then felt a strange sensation. He felt hollow. It was like his entire purpose in life was missing. He needed to be whole again. He NEEDED to be useful. Chris smelled a strong leather scent emanating from every crevice of his ‘body’. He tried to move but couldn’t sense where his ‘limbs’ were. Chris then heard a voice call out to him.

“You thought you could steal from my store and get away with it. You were a fool. Nobody steals from me and lives. At least not as a human…I have turned you into the gear that you stole. You belong to me and me alone.” Said the man.

Chris felt overwhelmed and confused. He wanted to believe this was a joke, but part of him knew it was true. He was no longer a man. He was an object. The man put Chris’ leather shirt torso on. Chris screamed internally. His senses went from chilling numbness to an overwhelming sense of pain and pleasure.

Chris felt his upper body being stretched over the man. His desire increased with each button done on the shirt. The man then pulled Chris’ leather lower half onto his body. Chris felt the man’s lower half stretch his insides.

Chris felt dizzy but strangely he was simultaneously ecstatic. He could feel the man’s pleasure as his own. The man then put Chris’ bootlegs on. Chris felt the man’s legs as his own while struggling with the feeling of being worn as clothing. The man then put Chris’ hands over his. Chris could feel the man’s hands as his own. The man then put on Chris’ leather jacket body. Chris finally felt his leather ‘body’ come together as he felt ‘his’ senses return through the man.

The man then put on the last part of Chris, his leather cap mind. Chris felt his memories and dreams change as his love, lust and loyalty turned to the man that wore him. Chris was no longer a man. He was leather. He belonged to the man.

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