Swirling darkness. You lay fixed in this inky black world, breathing calmly and waiting. Your mind is transfixed on what’s going to happen next. If this is a dream then surely your subconscious will keep you entertained. However, what’s in store for you is like some kind of twisted dream. You remain calm and collected unaware of the foreboding nightmare that awaits.

It’s as if there is something in the air you’re breathing. You feel your entire body relax in this vast unknown something tight against it. It relentlessly presses and pushes your every muscle, joint and limb. If you try to wiggle your toes you can feel the pressure move with them. You feel like you’re being consumed from all angles by this nothingness – when suddenly it hits you like a train. A pungent aroma of stifling heat mixed with industrial rubber is all around you. Together with the darkness, this scent is sealing you up even tighter.

You try to remember how you came to lay here surrounded by this murky emptiness. Your mind flashes back to remember the mundane day you had at work before coming home. You recall that evening relaxing beside the television. The rest is a bit fuzzy. You’re certain that this was the last memory you had before waking up in this mysterious cloudy haze.

Wait! Your foggy mind clears and you remember hearing a loud noise in your garage. Going out to investigate the strange noise you tuned on the light above. You recall seeing a vehicle that wasn’t yours. Your garage was sometimes left open so someone must have drove into the wrong house. Peering in the windows of the large SUV you couldn’t make out anyone inside. You recall hearing your garage shaking the concrete room as it closed. Turning around you collided with something and then blank!

At that moment you begin to thrash in your bonds, the reality of the situation catching up with you. You’d been kidnapped? The tightness of the blackness around you draws even tighter as you try your best to break free. An arm, leg… anything? Nothing seemed to respond apart from feeble wiggling. You felt your breathing now heightened, on the verge of a panic attack. It took all your strength to will yourself into slowing your breathing. Concentrating on getting the thumping in your chest under control.

You tried to make some kind of noise but something lodged in your mouth prevented this. Any sound you made never reached your ears so you concluded that maybe they were plugged. Defeated, you lay in your bound state just waiting. Scared for what was in store maybe now was the time to relish this feeling of nothingness. Especially if you were about to be murdered. Your mind was swirling with all these thoughts before you noticed something in your dark world. A red light in front of you. Dim but shining like a star in the distance. It hadn’t been there the entire time right? Faint but glowing. Suddenly it disappears and your vision scans around looking for it.

It reappears again for a few seconds only to vanish once again. What could it be? Maybe it was just your imagination but now you were fixed on the same spot. The red glow coming and going within the black abyss. Was it getting brighter? You had a hard time telling. You made the motion to close your eyes. The same darkness surrounded your vision only without the red light. You concluded that you must be in some kind of dark room.

Making a fist you got a better feeling for what this tight pressure around you was. Smooth and warm with your body. It gripped you tightly all over but drawing in air through your nose you recognised the smell. Something like a suite of furniture, it was definitely leather. Deducing that you were wrapped in tight leather covering you from head to toe. You could still see out of your eyes so whatever you were wearing must have eye holes.

Wiggling your legs again, you could feel them pressed together. Parts of your body had become numb with the compression but you could feel skin on skin between your legs. This confirmed that you were in some kind of sack. Attempting to pull your legs up towards your body failed. It was if your feet were being pulled against your body. Same for your arms, neck and torso. Nothing responded no matter what force you endeavoured to apply.

Your attention was brought back to the red, blinking light. You tried to discern what it could be. It might give you some kind of glue as to where you were being held captive.

Suddenly, you noticed beside the red flashing light a rim of light. This lasted about two seconds before your vision was overcome with blinding white light. You closed your eyes on reflex. Feeling the burning light still leaking through your eyelids. Straining for few seconds you began to slowly life your lids. Seeing nothing but blinding white light. Over time this began to fade and you noticed you were laying face down in a blazing white room.

Above you a circular ceiling lamp surrounded by large squares of white padding. Hoping to find some kind of recognisable surrounding you felt deflated. You were still confused as to your location. All you could do is discern that you were in some kind of white padded cell. Glancing around your limited vision you made out four identical walls. You could only see the tops of the padded walls but you assumed they were all the same.

The red light was lost in the glaring beam from above. You manage to crane your neck just a fraction of an inch to gaze down at what’s holding you captive. Your earlier guess was indeed correct. From your vantage point you can make out a number of straps and buckles fixed to a smooth leather encased body. Your arms are pinned with force to your sides. You assume your body is tied down with rope and fixed to the walls of the cell. With the sound being blocked around your ears you can’t hear chains rattling but can feel the reverberation against your enclosed form.

A few hours passed. Or maybe it had been minutes.. you had no way of telling. Time lost all meaning in your tight leathery cocoon. The light continued to beam overhead and you managed to drift off a few times. Now feeling sore and exhausted you just want this nightmare to end. Being so cut-off and isolated it starts to have effects on your hearing. A light scratchy sound sizzles against your eardrum – similar to the red illuminating spec from earlier it alternates. You strain to hear it imagining that you must be going out of your mind.

The room is suddenly plunged back into darkness as the faintest glimmer of the blinking red light returns. A little startled your body shook with the shocking change of lighting. The static pressed against your ear gets louder. You assume some kind of noise-cancelling headphones are fixed atop your leather-coated head. The crackling continues until you feel something crawling up your mid-section.

WAIT! Is someone there?

In the vast darkness you can’t make out if anyone is now in the room with you. If a door somehow opened you wouldn’t be able to tell in this dark lighting. You feel it again pressing down on your leather coated feet. Your eyes search for the source of the feeling but darkness clings to you. You feel more movement now around your crotch area until something very strange happens.

A burst of vibration, centred right on your limp cock, bursts into action. You jolt from the sudden feeling and begin to thrash against your bonds. The trembling increases and you surprise yourself with how quickly your erection begins to rise.

What’s going on? Why is this happening?

You start to feel your hard cock pressing on the leather surrounding it. Causing an even tighter feeling in the area. The vibration only increase and so to does the static against your ears. Feeling defeated from so long in the forced bondage you do what you can to enjoy the situation. You begin attempting to thrust up into the vibrator above. It gives you no additional pleasure but you continue to buck your hips regardless. The restrictive feeling around your body, now only helps to enhance the vibrations dancing on your cock.

You gyrate more and more against your bonds feeling a moan bubbling up to meet the gag still lodged in your mouth. The heat within you continues to rise as your sweat collects in the bottom of the leather sack. A similar feeling is felt under the hood as your eyes start to sting. You can feel the seeds of an orgasm building deep within you. But before you can reach that sweet release – the vibrations cease and the static playing stops. You moan out in frustration, like a caged animal wiggling against your restraints. It does no good.

As your breathing begins to fade to normal you feel something on both sides of your body. Movement? Something blocks the red light and now you know that you’re no longer alone in this room. The light from above flickers on again. Your eyes slowly adjust…

Shiny grey and black fills your vision. Two thick muscular legs lead up to a large bulging crotch and a head wearing aviator sunglasses and a police cap. The white lights dance against the surface of the man’s clothes. The outfit looked a police officer’s uniform only in shiny grey and black rubber. It clung to the bulky man’s frame. He stared down with a massive smirk on his face. Behind the sunglasses you could tell he was staring straight into your eyes.

Your breathing now heavier again you began to groan behind your gag. Thrashing as much as you could – until you felt his boot collide with your chest as he stepped on it. The headphones jumped to life as the rubber coated man spoke;

“Quieten down, boy. You don’t want to wake the neighbours… not that they’d hear you anyway”

He put a device up to his mouth so it must have been connected to the headphones. You felt as though you recognised his voice.

“Do you know why you’re here?” he asked.

You tried to shake your head but opted for ‘mmffhh’ instead.

“You knew what was at stake when you missed your payments…”

Your panicked expression became even more clear. That’s it. You ended up with lots of bad debt when your business went under. To try and save it you had to find money in pretty seedy ways. One such way was a loan shark, recommended through some disreputable individuals. The loan shark promised a handsome sum with a big chunk of interest. As you started to fall behind on payments, you thought the worst that could happen was collecting more interest. Maybe break an arm or something but this?

“While you were in dream land I rummaged through your stuff. Well what’s left of it. Any valuables I’ll be selling, the rest I set ablaze.”

You mumbled once trying to show your signs of a protest. His boot pressed harder into your chest making it hard to breathe properly.

“Everything that you now own is gone. And you still owe me a fair slab of cash. Usually I’d sell you within a few days through some connections I know on the black market. But-” his grin now wider, “I rarely get anyone as cute as you. Besides it seems like you’re starting to enjoy it.”

The latex officer now pressed his boot into your groin which was indeed still hard as a rock.

“This is my jail cell boy and your my new prisoner. I imagine maybe in a few years you’ll have worked off your debt… and if I get bored of you I can always sell you.”

You writhed against the leather sack, yelling as much as you could into your gag.

“It seems your still upset about your new position prisoner. I think a day or two in this isolation cell will sort you out. See you soon faggot!”

The rubber man bent over and fixed a blindfold to your leather coated head. You were now once again plunged into darkness. The static returned and so too did the vibration on your cock. But so lightly you knew you’d never reach orgasm. Still groaning and squirming you lay in your hot leather prison inside the padded cell. Your fate sealed for the rest of your life.

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