Oliver nervously shifted in place as he watched the countdown timer on his laptop. Combing his fingers through his hair, he began anxiously fidgeting with his tie as the clock reached 30 seconds. Oliver cleared his throat and glanced across his notes in an attempt to quickly revise. After some recent job searches, Oliver finally made it through to the final interview for a chemical manufacturing company; RB Chem.

A recent graduate in computer technology, Oliver had spent the past few months searching far and wide for an entry-level job in his industry. Countless interviews and disappointing rejection emails later, he finally made it to the final stage for a position of ‘IT technician‘.

The description mentioned looking for a qualified and experienced candidate who liked to get ‘stuck in to the role‘. Adequate salary, working from home, a progressive career path and a uniform provided. Oliver did raise his eyebrow to that last part.  Working from home in a uniform? He shrugged it off – maybe it was just a typo.

The timer struck zero and the screen faded to black with the company’s logo ‘RB Chem’ in solid white lettering. After a beat, the screen changed to a panel of three older men. Probably in their late thirties or early forties. Dressed in casual office attire, the one on the far left was the first to speak;

“Afternoon Oliver, thanks for joining us for this final interview,”

Oliver recognised the speaker from his first interview. He identified himself as Mr Broderick and was responsible for hiring new staff. He presented himself as friendly and relaxed which made Oliver feel much more at ease.

“Glad to be here again. Thanks,” Oliver replied, grinning.

“Well this shouldn’t take long. I’ve gathered some people from the tech development department here to see if you’re the right fit for the job. Does that all sound good?” Mr Broderick questioned, as he shuffled some sheets of paper in front of him.

Oliver gave a firm nod, as he readied himself to have questions fired at him from all angles. Instead, another countdown appeared on his screen. This one counting down from 5. After the numbers hit zero, a high-pitched noise sounded from Oliver’s speakers. He snapped back to reality after the noise ended – a little dazed and jumbled.

“So could you tell us about how you react to authority?” one of the panel members probed.

Another high-pitched noise and once again Oliver snapped back to reality. Is his connection messed up? Flustered he quickly responded with;

“I aim to serve the company in any capacity I can. At all times, I will respect authority.”

As the words fell from his mouth, Oliver was confused at what he’d just responded but the panel seemed pleased with his reply.

“Very good… and can you tell us what you want to get out of working for us here?” another queried.

For the third time, Oliver heard the deafening tone followed by a sudden feeling of awakening.

“Uhhh I aim to serve the company in any capacity I can. I want to serve,” Oliver replied, his speech appeared void of any emotion – like he was reciting a mantra.

“Perfect… and finally, what is your purpose in life?” quizzed one of the panel members.

Like clockwork the noise came again followed by that feeling Oliver knew all too well.

“It aims to serve the company in any capacity it can. Its purpose in life is to serve, Sir,” Oliver responded, without hesitation.

“Well looks like we have all the answers we’re looking for. Without needing to consult with the panel I can safely say we’re happy to offer you the job!” Mr Broderick declared.

Oliver was overcome with joy and relief.

“Thank you all so much!” he cheered. His voice changed. Now back to his old self.

“So we’ll get your contract over to you shortly. We’ll also be sending you a package containing all your equipment needed to work from home. If you have any questions I’ll be sending you an email to confirm everything,” explained Mr Broderick, “for now congratulations and we look forward to having you work for us.”

The stream ended and Oliver launched from his office chair with delight. He didn’t even give a second thought to the questions he answered or the noise or blackouts. As far as he was concerned Oliver said everything they wanted to hear.

Three days later, Oliver’s contracts arrived in the mail for him to sign. It was a thick chunk of pages to flick through. He gave it a quick glance and thinking nothing out of the ordinary added his signature on the last page.

Next to the contract was a large box containing the company’s logo. A welcoming letter described that the contents of the box would be essential for Oliver to undertake his work from home. Oliver read the letter allowed as he opened the cardboard box.

“Dear Mr Naylor, we would like to take this time to welcome you to RB Chem. We look forward to working with you and having you join our team. You have been sent a contract to sign along with a box containing all your equipment to work from home. Please see the steps below for setup and installation,” Oliver read inquisitively removing a smaller package labelled with the number ‘1’.

“Step one, Please open the box provided and unwrap the package numbered with ‘1’,” he continued.

Oliver grabbed a scissors from his nearby desk and began cutting the leaden packaging to reveal a kind of tablet. The screen came to life as soon as Oliver gripped the thing in his hands. A white screen showed a booting up icon. Oliver turned his attention back to the instructions.

“Step two, open box numbered ‘2’ and insert the earphones as shown,” Oliver announced, as he slipped the wireless devices into his ear canal, “To check the connection between tablet and ear phone hold down on the middle button on the tablet.”

Finding the circular button, Oliver held this down until he heard a ‘ding’ in response. The screen came alive with the RB Chem logo and a progress bar.

“Once the device is fully functional you’ll be asked to watch an introductory video and fill in your information for a work profile,” Oliver hummed as the bar loaded and the screen faded to black. The high pitched noise he heard during his interview emitted from the ear phones. It continued for a few seconds as Oliver wondered if the device was broken. Just as he went to remove them the noise stopped and the video began to play.

“RB Chem is a materials and chemical manufacturing company which operates globally around the world,” a voice-over began to narrate. The screen showed reels of manufacturing plants and workers busy with their labour. “Founded in 1955, RB Chem has grown over the years from a small factory in Minnesota to a manufacturing powerhouse for experimental chemicals and materials.”

The video changed to an animation of a silhouette of a worker;

“And that’s where you come in. Our new recruit. Here at RB Chem, we know that our journey wouldn’t be possible without many hard workers in the background…” the voice-over continued. The video now changed to lots of silhouettes of workers building the logo of RB Chem. “…with that in mind we strive for uniformity, devotion and above all servitude.”

Oliver didn’t even register the strange wording of the video. It felt perfectly normal and he was excited to demonstrate how well he could serve.

“Your journey starts today. In the remaining boxes, delivered with this tablet, you’ll find your new uniform, equipment and a bonus reward for your hard work today. We’d like to welcome you to your new life of subjugation.”

Oliver felt a rush of energy with the last few words and he sat waiting for the video to end. Once the screen faded to black and the next steps of his instructions appeared on the screen, Oliver got to work. A dull ringing continued in his earphones as he followed out his orders.

“Step three, remove all of your clothing and open box numbered ‘3’. This contains a buttplug and lubricant. Loosen your anal region with fingers and lube before pushing the plug inside,” Oliver read. Completely obedient with his instructions he got to work following the commands. He stripped out of his sweater, pants and underwear. Now completely naked, he squirted some lube into his hand and began lathering up his butt. Slowly pressing his fingers in to loosen himself he worked hard until he was ready to take the plug.

He felt the tip against his hole before exerting a gentle force to guide the plug home. It slowly filled him until he past the widest point and the object slid in. Oliver cleaned off his fingers before turning to his next instruction.

“Step four, open box numbered ‘4’ and remove the rubber suit and additional dressing aid.”

Oliver pulled out the largest and heaviest box in the package and tore off the tape surrounding the lid. A chemical smell filled the room as Oliver slipped his hands inside to lift out the heavy rubber garment. It was a full rubber suit with socks, gloves and hood attached. As heavy as a dry suit, Oliver took the zip in his hands and drew the garment open. The audio in his ear phones had been buzzing away for the last few minutes and Oliver noticed he’d been sporting a very stiff erection.

He began pouring the dressing solution into the suit realising he’d have to use the entire bottle. The sludge filled the suit as the last of it squeezed from the bottle. Once discarded, Oliver read his next instructions to don the full rubber suit. His legs went in first, feeling the slick, gooey lubricant coat his skin almost immediately. The cold rubber glided over his skin as he pushed his legs further into the black abyss. The suit was quite loose around him as he drew it up over his thighs. Oliver’s feet finally landed in the thick boots, as lots of the goo began to collect there.

Pulling the suit up and over his butt, Oliver found a rubber codpiece sticking out next to his erection. Slipping his hard dick inside the rubber cock was quite loose and almost slipping off his lubed up dick. Oliver pushed his arms into the sleeves of the heavy rubber suit reaching the attached gloves. As thick as the rest of his suit, Oliver had trouble trying to grip the rest of the suit to push his head into the waiting hood. Open eyes, mouth and nose awaited him as he wrapped the fully around his back and slowly began to draw up the zip.

Struggling with his lack of grip, Oliver finally pulled the zip up where a click was heard. A strip of thick rubber was pressed in place leaving the zip almost invisible to the naked eye. Instructions followed on the tablet screen.

“Step five, collect the last boxes number ‘5’ and ‘6’ which contain your air pump and mask.”

As instructed, Oliver fumbled about, but managed to remove the last two packages. The fifth one revealed a type of gas mask with a bulb protruding from the mouth. Not needing further commands, Oliver slipped this over his rubbered head as the bulb sat slightly in his mouth. Lastly, Oliver opened the final box which contained a kind of pump. The directions on screen advised Oliver to plug this into a small valve located around his mid-section. When inserted the machine powered to life, forcing air into Oliver’s suit. What he didn’t know was that the suit had two layers allowing for the outer section to bulge out while inside Oliver’s body was compressed against the rubber surrounding him.

Oliver instantly felt the suit take on a different feeling. What was once loose rubber now crushed his entire body in a constricted grip. His cock now fully filling the sheath which sucked him in and left Oliver panting and moaning. The gag in his mouth began to inflate along with the plug in his butt. The pump shut off as his suit filled to capacity and Oliver pulled it out of the fitting. His body was smooth and slightly rounder with about an inch of air between his body and the outer world.

Oliver felt a constricting tightness all over his body, looking out of the glossy lenses of his mask he fumbled to grab the tablet. The gloves of his suit seemed to be connected to the tablet as he made motions with his fingers the tablet responded. On clicking that he’d finished his tasks a reward screen appeared with a countdown from 10. For ten seconds Oliver felt absolute bliss, his cock, butt and mouth vibrated with a harmonic pulse. His hands instinctively went down to his rubbered cock which he jacked off. The feeling of the tight rubber, the anal protrusion, the hard grip on his dick. Everything was pure euphoria.

When the timer reached zero everything stopped and Oliver heard the harsh noise in his ears and immediately stopped. The screen lit up with his next task of creating a work profile. It asked for his name. Oliver typed in ‘Oliver Naylor‘ and a harsh tone played again along with a strong current running through his balls and ass. Oliver’s tablet slipped from his rubbery hands as he lunged in pain. The screen had a red cross through it. After the pain subsided, Oliver struggled to bend over with the pressure inside his suit. Attempting to bend at ninety degrees, his body struggled against the layer of tight rubber and balloon of rubber around it. Getting on one knee, Oliver managed to scoop up the tablet and attempt the name input again.

Oliver was confused and tried again and the same thing occurred again. An additional box appeared and read ‘drone identity number only’. Still unsure what to do Oliver glanced around the room and caught sight of his reflection in a nearby mirror. His large rubbered body almost unrecognisable. It’s then that he noticed a string of numbers just above where his right nipple would be in the suit. ‘XTN921’ it read.

Oliver inputted this into the form and a green tick appeared followed by five seconds of the vibrating buzz on his intimate parts. He continued on filling in the information including location, job title, age and weight. The next screen asked for a profile photo and a camera appeared taking a quick flash of Oliver. Reflecting back at him from the tablet was a lifeless rubber gasmask. This was XTN921.

Upon completion the tablet once again rewarded Oliver which he felt almost immediately. After his few seconds, in bliss the screen opened up to a number of different profiles. All just alike him only with different identification numbers. These would be his rubber co-workers all serving to do their best for the company they loved labouring for.

Oliver walked over to his desk, shiny body jiggling with every movement as the air moved around under the layer of thick rubber. Pulling out his office chair, his rubber body squeezed around the contours of the chair. Wedged in place, air collected in the front of Oliver’s suit making it bulge out. He managed to move into a comfortable position in the chair feeling the inflated plug sink deeper into his anus. The screen lit up with an incoming call and Oliver, or XTN921, accepted the invitation. A number of identical rubber gasmasks filled each box of the call. Messages filled the screen welcoming XTN921 to the company and he thanked and stated his excitement for getting to serve the company.

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