“You are a rubber drone”

This sentence is echoed again and again in my head until it almost loses all meaning to me. Then suddenly, the darkness is vigorously stripped and a blindfold is hastily removed from my head. With the piercing light I can’t make out anything but a blur of shapes. Slowly my eyes begin to comfortably adjust and I manage to make out a figure in front of me. Squinting to get a clearer look, I manage to lock eyes with the anonymous figure. His eyes were the only thing on show as far as my line of sight could tell. This figure was dressed in a tight, shiny outfit from head to toe.

I couldn’t really make out any distinguishing features as this poor guy was wrapped tightly in his gear. Buckles ran along his body limiting his movements even more. The only visible skin was around his eyes as he gazes at me with a sign of curiosity and fear. That’s when it dawned on me. This restrained figure was me! I couldn’t move my head to survey my surroundings so I just had to stare at my current predicament. The rubber tightened even more as I gazed over my sleek reflection feeling a dark arousal continuing to grow within me. The intense feeling of the warm, smooth rubber griped me so tightly, I felt as though I could lie like this forever.

Suddenly my view was dominated by a figure wearing a gas mask and the same black, sleek rubber as me. In my helpless state there was nothing much I could do apart from stare into the reflective lenses of his mask. I tried to make a noise but it became evident that something rubbery took up all the space in my mouth. I could see the fear wide in my eyes as I peered into those lenses and gazed at my own bound, shiny reflection staring back at me. The looming figure moved around me pressing his gloved hands into my bonds and massaging my clear arousal under the rubber.

“Did you enjoy your sleep, drone?” the figure remarked, his voice muffled. I couldn’t really react to his question given the thick rubber that filled my mouth. The mask my captor was wearing connected seamlessly to his rubberized head giving the impression that it was somehow his real face. “Are you ready to get started?” he announced, before finishing off the massage with a hard squeeze to my crotch.

The figure disappeared from my view and, once again, I was forced to focus on gazing up at my own rubberized reflection. This was definitely turning me for some reason as I began to study what I had become. I was laying on some kind of steel gurney with straps lining my entire body. I counted roughly twelve of them, criss-crossing my frame, just in my line of vision alone. Minutes passed as I gazed lustfully up at the mirrored ceiling trying to push and pull against my bonds – which I found only fuelled my excitement more.

I was startled when the figure once again reappeared hovering above me. I could hear the rhythmic hiss of his mask which sounded almost robotic. He gently placed his gloved hands on both sides of my head before announcing, “you will soon complete your transition to join our world. I can sense that you’re enjoying your current state without any previous programming. We know you will make an excellent addition to our collective.” I could somehow hear him crystal clear as if he was speaking directly into my mind. He reached up to take hold of his mask, and with a hiss, removed it to reveal a completely shiny, featureless face. I was completely in awe as I began to remember the figure standing in the rain on my way home from work.

The looming figure brought the mask down onto my own face which, once again, cut off all sight and sound. “You are one of us. Obey. You are a rubber drone,” the mask chanted. My mind was broken down over time until the mask was removed and staring back at me once again from the mirror was the same faceless creature that had captured me. I had become one with the rubber drone collective. Ready to serve. Always obeying. As every drone should.

3 thoughts on “Figure In The Rain (Drone)”

  1. this is the rubber drone controller yes this will be happening to many humans soon they will be placed inside the hive to feed us we know that humans create electromagnexic energy to simulate themselves for sexual activty they will feed the hive mind they wil feed us soon this planet earth will become the new home world of the rubber drone entities there is nothing the humans can do to stop us nothing at all.

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