“Good puppy, obey your Master”

I awoke drenched in a cold, slick sweat and panting like crazy. The room was spinning and I felt as though I had just woken from a very long slumber. I managed to focus my attention on a blurry shape in my vision. At first my delirious mind thought that it was a space ship. However on closer inspection I worked out that it was a metal bowl filled with water. I was then shocked to see what looked like my arms and legs cast in black, shiny rubber. I fidgeted around to inspect my entire body which was indeed covered in some kind of glossy, rubbery substance. The rubberised aroma once again returned to fill my senses. I could feel the rubber on every inch of my skin, even my hands were balled up into useless paw shaped mitts.

“Good morning puppy,” a voice called beside me. I looked over to find a figure standing over me dressed in a similar gleaming, black outfit. There was no skin showing even his face was hidden behind a featureless mask. The glossy figure looked strangely familiar to me. “Did puppy have a nice nap?” he teased me. I tried to retort but my mouth was sealed shut behind a gag. I instinctively reached up to try to dislodge it – but inflatable paws bounced off my rubberised muzzle which extended from my face. I guessed he could sense my displeasure with everything that was going on and announced, “Calm down. I promise you’ll like where this is going. Not that you’ll have any choice in the matter.” I suddenly felt a lot more relaxed as a strange comforting haze washed over me.

From the ground in which I lay, I could make out that we were in some kind of laboratory or maybe it was a factory? There were so many machines and conveyor belts around that I had trouble telling which. This industrial setting was made even more peculiar by the fact that I was lying in a corner filled with dog toys and a soft, foam bed. The whole place, apart from a meter radius around me, had a sense of power and strength with large pipes running around, metal crates and large engines humming. I started to wonder if I was even in my own world anymore.

“I can see that puppy is thinking a lot about his current predicament. However you should only think of one thing. You’ll learn what that is really soon,” my captor declared. He now took a seat at some kind of control panel next to my “puppy space”. His mouth wasn’t moving but I could hear him so very clearly as if he spoke a gospel.

“Welcome to our conversion chamber, puppy. Usually this place is for converting my prey into rubber drones, however, I have taken a certain liking to you,” he proclaimed, pointing towards a nearby mirror where I could see a confused, rubber-covered dog staring back at me. “I think you will serve me well as my personal rubber mutt. How do you like the sound of that?” I began to panic taking in everything this domineering figure had just announced. I began to thrash about trying to find some way to escape.

The drone stood once again and grabbed me by the collar forcing me to stare up at his blank, expressionless face.

“Are you ready to become my new pet?” he questioned, pointing a sophisticated looking remote towards my neck. I heard a faint “beeb” and my nervous breathing began to fall silent as my whole world had just collapsed around me.

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