He started to come to, he felt like he’d just woken up from a night of drinking nothing but straight vodka. His head pulsed in pain as he blinked some life back into his eyes. Straining to see where he was, Roger noticed he was laying on a plush bed.

He could see a headrest and paintings hung on the walls above. It looked rather opulent. He remembered the weird mansion villa and the almost naked houseboy. After passing out they must have moved him to a bed to recover. The curtains were drawn so the room was rather dim. Roger went to sit up but found himself fixed in place. No matter how much he tried he couldn’t move an inch of his body. 

He panicked as his body tensed but still didn’t move a muscle. What the hell was going on? Could he be stuck in some kind of weird sleep paralysis? It had happened once before. Roger continued to try and struggle, but to his frustration, he just remained spread on the plush bed with his head facing the ceiling. 

A few moments later the door to the room opened as two figures entered. Roger heard the footsteps approach but couldn’t look up to see the people’s faces. The tanned boy from before approached first examining Roger. 

“He’s awake, Sir,” the boy said to the other figure in the room. 

“Good. Hello Roger. I see you’ve done your job well and fixed my broken pool,” the other man said, a gruff brooding voice, “I see you’ve also met my house slave, Sin. I hope he made you feel right at home. As this is what you’ll come to think of this place.”

Roger’s eyes bulged in shock as he tried anything he could to command any part of his body to move. 

“What you’re experiencing now is a reaction to the meds you were drugged with earlier. Your body will be paralysed for about two hours of course by that time you won’t be doing much moving. I see you took a little trip into my pool toy room,” the voice commented, “I hope you liked what you found as you’re about to join them. It might be hard to believe but they were all once like you. You see I’m a rather peculiar collector. Instead of collecting stamps or vintage teacups, I collect pool toys. But not just any kind of pool toy. The kind that used to be human.”

‘What? That’s impossible. What this guy is saying just doesn’t make any sense,’ Roger thought. 

“You see I happen to have the money to invest in all kind of strange technology. One is the ability to transform human flesh and bone into nothing but air and rubber. It may seem hard to believe but what you’re about to witness will confirm that this is far from a dream. This is your reality.”

Roger couldn’t comprehend what was happening. Had he lost his mind?

“Boy, get him prepared,” the man barked a command at the young muscled boy. 

“Yes Sir,” he replied. 

As the boy walked out of sight, the body of the voice came closer to Roger. Bending over to examine the man stretched out on the bed, Roger got a clear look at his face.

The first thing Roger noticed was the man’s size. He cast a shadow that nearly filled the room. His tailored shirt fit him perfectly and Roger could tell that he was an athletic man. His face had a trimmed beard and dangerous-looking eyes. The massive man reached down to grab at Roger’s jawline. He turned his head from side to side.

“Well we’ve got lots of work ahead of us, don’t we?” the man smirked. 

‘What the hell did that mean?’ he thought. 

Out of the corner of his eye, Roger could see a large sheet being draped over his body. It was clear and rubbery. At first, Roger thought he’d suffocate as the material was pressed against his face. Just as he began to panic for air, a small hole was made for his nostrils.

The young boy went around Roger’s body pressing the sheet down and smoothing it out. By the end, it looked like his figure was hugged in plastic. Little did Roger know but there was also a similar sheet under his body that he’d been laying on. Once the top and lower sheets came into contact with each other they created a seal. Roger was now enclosed in tight rubber, like a wrapped up mummy.  

“Time for your transformation to begin,” the wicked man laughed.

A noise erupted in Roger’s ears as the entire casing around him shrank. He was being crushed by the immense pressure being exerted from every angle. The force became incomprehensible as pain shot through every limb on his body. He tried to scream out in pain but his body wouldn’t allow it. 

Just before he felt himself passing out from the extreme agony, the noise stopped and a numb feeling began to wash over Roger. 

“Excellent. The coating has now permanently bonded to you as your new skin. Next, we just need to make things a bit lighter for you,” the voice teased, giving a view into Roger’s fate. 

His entire skin began to tingle like pins and needles in a dead arm. He could feel something change within himself as every vein in his body began to push out blood and replace it with air. His entire being was becoming a living organ like his lung. He would now breathe through his skin into his empty hollow body. 

The process took a few minutes and he could feel every fibre of muscle, tissue and blood leave his body. It was replaced with nothing but rubber and air. The result was a blow-up doll as a complete facsimile of his former self. 

“Well, it’s a bit better but not exactly what I had in mind. I think your style could be improved, don’t you think?” the bearded man said gruffly.

The rubber skin of the pool toy, previously known as Roger, began to heat up again. This time changing the shape of his body, from an overweight plumber to that of a ripped bodybuilder. His blue coveralls were now a cartoon version of their previous selves, drawn directly onto his new skin.

“Hmm I think blue fits him well but I prefer something a bit more provocative… Let’s go with a blue speedo to show off that new body of his,” the domineering man ordered.

Roger could feel some more pressure on his skin as the blue of his uniform melted away to be replaced with a flesh colour. Some lines were added mocking his abs and chest muscles and his arms and legs separated from his main body so he now had all his limbs free to move. But he still struggled to control them. 

A strange feeling could be felt around his crotch as something pierced his rubbery flesh. The boy was currently installing his permanent valve which would be used to inflate and deflate the toy. Roger would later find out that the release of air would feel like the most amazing orgasm he’d ever experienced. He would spend endless years hoping to get deflated and re-inflated just to feel that level of bliss. 

A spray was applied to every inch of the doll, coating its entire body in the shiny substance. What remained once the process was complete was a glossy, inflated pool toy resembling a muscle, tanned hunk in a blue speedo. 

“Some of our finest work yet boy, I think he’s ready to meet some of his new friends,” the dominant of the two announced. 

“Yes Sir!” the boy responded cordially.

Roger’s new body rippled as he was lifted from the bed. It was a strange sensation to suddenly weigh almost nothing. Roger was taken into the arms of the muscled twink as he was carried out of the room and towards the decking. His body squeaked against the glistening body of the young servant boy. 

After reaching the deck it was only a short walk to the pool supplies room which Roger remembered all too well. He was unceremoniously flung into the room and landed on top of a pile of other inflated toys. Once the door was shut, Roger felt the pile under him begin to stir. The room came alive as rubber toys made the faintest sound of movement as their rubber-coated skin rubbed against each other.

All desperate to access their valves, to feel that insane bliss once again, they all tried, but none succeeded. They still got a hint of this pleasure every time their skin caressed one another. So immediately after landing in the pile of humans turned toys, Roger was in ecstasy. He creaked and thrust as he felt the dozens of inflated toys around him.

The pool room erupted into creaky squeaks and moans of delight and frustration as the toys waited to be played with. Roger began to daydream about the muscled houseboy squeaking against him while he swam in the pool. Or even better, having his new Master lay on his inflated body while jacking off. He would only ever dream of these kinds of horny thoughts and forget about his previous life. 

Outside the pool house, Master was laying on a sun lounger while his houseboy knelt to ‘attend’ to his after-work boner. He had been very impressed with the tanned, muscle hunk. Finding new additions was never easy but whenever the opportunity arose he would take it. He unfolded a newspaper while ignoring the bobbing head between his legs. Master flicked to the services section. He smiled as a plan began to hatch in his head. 

“Looks like our fridge is going to break, boy. We’re going to need ANOTHER repairman.”

The End..

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