It poured out like milk. So smooth and white – slowly turning to pink. Minutes before, Stanley was terrified of the prospects of his new life changing forever. Like a caged animal, he was too preoccupied with trying to escape that it slowly dawned on him how he NEEDED this. His entire life had been leading up to this moment – the moment where he’d submit to an authoritative Master’s perverted desires. His body was ready for moulding – both inside and out.

He’d never be aware of it, but his acceptance of his future role was all thanks to the machine he currently rested inside. A neural implant attached to the back of his skull once the bulky equipment powered up. Master had shed millions on the latest tech to convert his sissy rubber dolls. The technology was originally part of a research project into rubberised prosthetics. Implants in the brain could direct movement within a false leg made from a special rubber coating.

Doctors and scientists who shared a similar fascination with Master’s work were happy to copy some machine prototypes. The research advanced to controlling all bodily movement, functions and feelings via the brain. Along with retaining the ability to rubberise fake limbs, Master could blanket entire bodies in the shiny indestructible skin.

His perverted mind went even further to alter a human’s body into bizarre proportions without damaging them. And so, his dollhouse and group of obedient, rubber sissies were created. Many wealthy clients lined up when they caught wind of what he’d designed. His vast array of connections also ensured nobody went snooping around, especially when a certain someone would mysteriously vanish overnight.

Stanley’s subconscious felt shock after shock of pleasure course through his body. It felt like he was riding out an intense high as the inside of the pod had a faint red glow emerge. Inside, the chamber became mildly heated as a chemical spray in the air shot at various points of Stanley’s body. Hair follicles closed up as if they never existed. Stanley’s body would never again grow a single strand of hair.

The heat and chemicals intensified at the top of his head, leaving a perfectly bald dome in its wake. With Stanley’s figure prepared, the next step was applying the first layer of neural wiring. A thin mesh material, minuscule in its thickness, wrapped around centre points on Stanley’s frame -this would control his every move from now on. He would operate almost like a computer. Stanley’s mind would send electric signals to various parts of his body to get them to move.

Of course, Stanley would still feel like he was in control, but his computerised brain would obey a command instantly and carry it out. His hard cock was fed into a moulded rubberised belt which also outfitted a hollow plug for his ass. As it tightened around his hips, Stanley might have noticed, if not drugged out of his mind, that he sported a rubberised pussy. The implant in his brain could control his new pussy and even allow him to pee like a girl.

Of course, Master loved his dolls to have fake cocks, so he ensured that all of his dolls, were fitted with dildos. A variety of other implants were injected directly into Stanley’s pectoral muscles. It would prepare him for the two massive rubber breasts that slowly lower onto his chest. Connecting with his skin, Stanley would soon feel the breasts were his own flesh and blood.

To finish off the undercoating, Stanley had his nostrils and ear canals plugged and a set of flat goggles were placed over his eyes. Something docked with the cock extension, still embedded in Stanley’s mouth.

The preparations out of the way, the chamber began to close in on Stanley’s wire-covered body. Slight adjustments meant that the casing around him came within a millimetre of his body – creating the perfect mould. The expertly engineered liquid rubber oozed into the chamber from all directions. The pressure became immense, as the liquid had nowhere to go but press against Stanley’s limb frame.

The cock in his mouth continued to provide him with air as the entire chamber oozed out the last of his new skin before closing fully. Nothing stirred within the complicated machine as Stanley’s body began to bond with its liquidy coating. To help the curing process, the casing started to generate heat and began to form the new doll.

Stanley’s mind was completely empty, focusing solely on the milky white sloshing sounds beaming directly into his mind.

All the monitors on Master’s screen read that the process was running normally. He could view everything that was happening, including an x-ray view of the converting doll. A progress bar with estimated timings showed the number of steps still to complete.

Once her new body had cured, the pigmentation of her skin would change to a hot pink before being blanketed in many coatings of permanent shining solution. It would ensure a mirrored reflection expected of the doll’s skin at all times. To complete her transformation into a bondage sissy – a heavy-duty rubber corset would fix itself around her waist. Shortly followed by multiple restraints installed on her thighs, wrists, biceps and neck. The additions would all be jet-black to stand out against the pink, luminous skin.

Master’s first encounter with the transformed doll would see an ultra-feminine rubber creature. Two open rubber holes and a solid black dildo, dripping a pink-creamy substance. The lenses over her eyes would feed the doll visuals of her surroundings, while her mouth and ass pussy would be permanently filled by the hollow intrusions – waiting to be fucked.

Master was excited to play with his new dolly. He had many fun plans in store for her. Daisy slurped on Master’s rubber cock as she lay on her knees beneath his desk. She was addicted to servicing his cock. She might have felt a pang of jealousy if it was an emotion she was programmed to express over Master’s new acquisition. Kandy aimed to be his best project yet, and he couldn’t wait to test her out.

It was dark, without a glimmer of any shade of light. Feeling disorientated and as if he was in a state of sleep paralysis, Stanley could do nothing but float in the unknown. Almost like death had come knocking, Stanley was stagnant, waiting in some vague purgatory. He wasn’t aware of what he was waiting for, but the knowledge existed in his mind without needing much thought.

“Kandy, awaken!”

Stanley’s consciousness instantly returned to his body – only it wasn’t his body anymore. A horrifying statue stood erect in front of him. Its body rigid as a board. Stanley felt such lusted jealousy for the creature before him. Everything about the doll screamed perfection with a figure that couldn’t possibly be human. Not that there was any resemblance of humanity in the perverted rubber image.

“Hello Kandy, I can see you’re enjoying your new look,” a voice echoed into the brain of the new sissy, “I’ve decided to wake you up so we can play together.”

Stanley tried to move his body, shift his gaze or even blink – but no matter what, he could only gaze motionless at the image of beauty before him.

A figure emerged from afar, standing right in front of the doll’s view. The appearance of the brutal Master caused Stanley to remember everything up until this point. He would cry out for help if he still could.

“I could very easily rewrite your entire personality and remove Stanley, just leaving Kandy behind. The perfect cock sucking sissy doll, but where’s the fun in that?” Master chuckled.

The man stood opposite Stanley – oozed masculinity and power. His size was easily double that of the sissy before his transformation. Master had no doubt used the same technology to create his dolls as he did his God-like appearance. Chiselled to perfection like the figure of Adonis, his form below the neck was coated in shiny, black rubber. It highlighted every pocket of muscle on his perfect body. The sight of her Master instantly sent the sissy into a lusted frenzy.

“Kandy, begin roleplay scenario 3422,” Master instructed the still doll.

“Yes Master, loading scenario; ‘captured doll’,” a feminine voice erupted from the doll’s mouth without any control from Stanley.

His body moved as instructed, holding its hands up in the air and forcing its legs apart. Bonds connected to the inbuilt restraints on Stanley’s new body. It began to thrash about as if trying to escape its bondage.

“Please let me go! Whatever it is you want, I’ll do anything!” the robotic voice yelled out.

“Now, now, sissy. I won’t tolerate any more misbehaving from you. It’s time you learned your place in my dollhouse,” Master announced, walking towards the confused sissy, “I’ve been informed that you’re slacking on your training and continue to disrespect your superiors. This won’t do Kandy.”

Master was enjoying playing his roleplay fantasy with the powerless doll. Stanley could only watch on as if removed from the situation. But he was about to feel like he was part of the show.

“Your Master has devised a plan to put you in your place, Kandy,” Master said affectionately, tracing the obscene lips on the mouth of the doll.

“I want to get out of here! Please!” the feminine voice echoed once again. It was echoing what Stanley was thinking in his mind.

“There is no life for you outside of here, Kandy. Look at yourself – you’re a walking sex doll used for men’s pleasure,” Master whispered against the rubberised face of Kandy, “You need to your Master, you can’t survive without your Master.”

Master’s hand wrapped around the doll’s thin waist as he circled round to press against her back.

“Say it with me, Kandy” Master ordered.

“I need You, Master. I can’t survive without you Master,”

Stanley was repeating the mantra the doll’s voice had just spoken.

“That’s right dolly. And you need his magnificent cock inside your dripping holes, don’t you?” Master prompted.

“Yes! Master. I need Your Cock inside me,” both Stanley and the feminine voice said at the same time.

He sunk into the doll in one swift motion. Her back entrance was filled with his rubber cock as he began to fuck the rubber creature with gusto. Feminine robotic moans emulated from the sissy. Stanley wasn’t sure if he’d actually regained control of his body again.

Fireworks of pleasure erupted from his rubberised asspussy as Master ploughed home, gripping his extremely-thin waist for support. Even in rubberised high heels, Master was still taller than the doll.

“That’s a good girl just like that!”

A gloved hand wrapped around Kandy’s dildo cock and oozed out some of the pinkish cum.

“You love your Master’s cock! Your only focus in life is pleasing ME! Isn’t that right, Kandy?” Master asked, grabbing the giggling tits of the doll.

“Yes, Master. I’m yours to use as you see fit,”

“Good doll! I think I’m almost close. How about we try this again with a different roleplay scenario? I think I could go for the slutty maid program,” Master announced through panting breaths, “Kandy, delete the last ten minutes of memory and SLEEP.”


And everything was dark again in the endless waiting area. Stanley had no recollection of what had just occurred – as if he was stuck in a loop.

“Kandy awaken”


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