Written By X5960 and Proof Read by X3199


It is the year 2038 and the world is on the brink. Overpopulation and the depletion of all the Earth’s resources in the 2020s, as well as the many wars, have taken their toll. Life in most places on Earth has become miserable, and the constant struggle for survival is slowly driving humanity into anarchy. Only a few states still exist, but their representatives are desperate and must slowly watch society crumble. There are still cities that are trying to escape the inevitable. But these are being taken over by the upper echelons of the population and the rest have to see for themselveshow they can make ends meet. These cities exist on the backs of the lower classes, who are oppressed by exploitation and unfair pay that borders on slavery. Life has become hard and without the hope of a better future, humanity seems doomed. 

A few years ago, the company FutureIndustries, which was founded by Christopher Kennen, emerged from this chaos.The innovations brought out by this research institute have slowed down this deterioration, but cannot stop it completely. Desperate and still searching for a solution, Kennen created an AI to support him with new ideas and research into optimizing the human body. Unnoticed by the public, FutureIndustries begins to abduct homeless people from the streets to experiment on them in the hope of securing the future of humanity. They do this without any scruples and by whatever means they can. 

Chapter 1: 

With a hoist, the door to observation room 024 opens and the director enters the room. “Doctor, how is our test subject?” Professor Welch turns to his boss and answers, “Good afternoon Mr. Kenner. We have installed his body in the supporter suit and as you can see the first reactions are already showing. Look, as expected, the suit seems to stimulate the subject and his genitals are being satisfied. This can be seen in his erection, which is encased in latex. 

Tests have shown that during the process of integration into the system, the suit automatically recognizes when the genitals need to be exposed. But as you will see, this is our fifth attempt and this time we are confident that we will be successful.” With these words, both men turned their attention beyond the window in front of them, into the room where a man in a latex suit lies strapped into a machine, unconscious. A bulge forms between his legs, enclosing his genitals. 

Nevertheless, you can see how the man’s erect penis presses against the latex. In the room, Professor Welch’s assistant is working on the final adjustments and the transformation can begin shortly. As if on cue, the man slowly comes to andrealizes his situation: “Where am I, what is this? Hey, you weirdos, let me out. What kind of psychos are you?” With all his strength, he tries to resist the restraints but quickly realizes that he has no chance of escaping from this situation.

Chapter 2: 

The director then asks the professor if he can explain the process to him in detail and is told, “We will start by pumping nanites into our test person’s circulatory system. This will have the effect of melding his skin with the latex. The machine then penetrates the body anally and installs cables that will run through the entire system of the future drone. Meanwhile, the machine installs a gas mask over the face so that various gases can support the extinction of consciousness. 

With this support, the lenses of the mask begin to erase and overwrite the contents of the brain with stroboscopic images. This in turn triggers the stimulation of the genitals and the penis, which will be encased in latex, will be released and the machine will begin its enhancement. This is likely to be extremely stimulating and the subject will orgasm several times. During this stimulation, the testicles will also be transformed so that they can produce nanites that will help the drone support the transformation of others into drones. 

These nanites can then be inserted into the victim via the penis, anally, orally, or vaginally, and then enter the victim’s circulatory system and brain, resulting in absolute submission and the need to be transformed into a drone. This should help to increase the population of drones without additional problems. The infected subjects will voluntarily enter a conditioning center and leave as a new drone. After all this has happened, as a final step, the reprogrammed consciousness will be integrated into the hive consciousness and the drone will be fully functional. Any memory of its previous life will be erased, and its only desire will be to serve the hive and produce more drones. With absolute loyalty to you and the hive, of course. 

Once the integration is complete, the drone’s genitals are pushed back into the suit and encased in a latex bulge. The genitals can be released by arousing the drone so that it can recruit new drones. Shall we begin?” With these words, the professor turns back to the observation glass and waits for his boss’s answer. 

Chapter 3: 

With a short nod, Kenner confirms that the process can be started, and the professor presses the button provided for this purpose. This is accompanied by a short scream from the man in the machine as various needles penetrate his body. However, this rebellion is only brief, as the nanites reach the subject’s brain very quickly, causing him to groan as the first wave of arousal passes through his body. 

Shortly afterwards, we see the machine penetrate him anally and begin to install cables in his body. Again, this is commented on by a moan as the anal satisfaction from the machine makes the man almost burst with arousal. He is unaware that this is just the beginning of his transformation and that he will be driven much further. The next step is to see how the bulge above his genitals swells and, with a kind of pop, it releases the man’s stiff penis, which is encased in latex. The machine reacts immediately and puts a kind of tube over the member and begins to stimulate it with rhythmic movements. The body of the future drone rears up and leans against the metal restraints. 

Impossible to escape the ordeal, his transformation continues, and you can see the lenses of the gas mask flare up. A soft hoist sounds and the gas supply begins. This completely relaxes the man’s body, and he begins to moan in ecstasy. Through the transparent wall of the tube over his penis, you can see him start to squirt as the machine drives him over and over to climax. At first, his semen is white, but quickly turns black. This is the sign that his testicles have started to produce nanites. These nanites are pumped from the machine and preserved in a container next to it. The nanites are needed for future transformations and are therefore unbelievably valuable. 

This process takes several minutes and the almost completed drone injects more of the nanites into the machine. It seems that the transformation is accompanied by one orgasm after another. A normal person would not survive this, but as the man has almost completed the transformation into a drone, it is no longer possible to speak of a human being. In the meantime, the drone hardly moves at all and lets the machine do its work in absolute silence. More of his consciousness disappears and he feels increasingly willing to obey any command from the hive. The moment the last of his personality disappears, the words: 

“Reprogramming successful, begin integration into the hive mind.” appears in the lenses of his gas mask, which has now fused with his face. A charging bar appears and when it is fully charged, the new consciousness explodes in the drone’s head. It receives its ID number Q4793. As a Q drone, its task is to transform new drones and any memory of its previous life is erased. With a final orgasm, the drone ends its transformation, and the machine releases it. With robotic movements, the drone leaves the machine and black nanites still drip from its permanently erect penis. The penis is pushed back into the suit and another latex bulge forms over it. The new latex drone stands upright in front of the machine and its now robotic voice says, 

“It is drone Q4793. This drone thanks you for creating it and awaits your orders.” 

Chapter 4:

Satisfied with what he has seen, the director observes what is happening in the room behind the glass pane. “So, a Q drone, what do the letters in front of the number mean, Professor?” He replied with, “These are the drones’ task designations. A Q drone serves as the primary step for the conditioning of new drones. The Q drone produces the most advanced nanites of all drones. Ultimately, all drones, male or female, can infect their victim with nanites, but other drones take longer to produce nanites. 

The Q drone can produce new nanites continuously and without delay and is specially designed for this. We have also developed a special machine that allows us to milk the nanites perfectly from the Q drone. After my assistant has checked the condition of the new drone, it is installed in one of these machines and permanently driven to orgasm so that as many nanites as possible can be milked.” “But you said that the infection can also be carried out directly?” asks Kenner. “That is correct, but we have found that the conditioning is faster if the test subject is installed directly in a machine that carries out the transformation in one go,” replies Professor Welch. Kenner continued, “And the drone obeys all of my commands?” Welch nods. “Of course, the drones are programmed to see you as the master and only follow your orders and those of the hive.” The Director grins and goes to the observation room microphone and speaks into it. “Drone, what is your job?” 

The drone answered with, “The task of this drone is to integrate human resources into the collective and to follow any orders from the Hive or the Master.” 

Kenner turns back to Welch and asks his next question, which initially confuses the professor. “What is the name of your assistant?” Shrugging his shoulders, Welch replies, “My assistant’s name is Aron. Aron Strives, why?” Grinning again, the director moved to the microphone and spoke into it, “Drone Q4972 will scan the room for resources. The new subject is called Aron Strives. Prepare the subject for conditioning.” Shocked, Aron looks up from his work, but cannot react fast enough and is grabbed by the drone.

Chapter 5:

Shocked by his boss’s behavior, Professor Welsh cries out, “What are you doing, are you crazy?” “Shut up Welsh, or you’re next,” he is told. Shortly afterwards, the two observe what is happening in the room in front of them. One is shocked and outraged; the other is looking forward to seeing how the Q drone will behave. Aron cries out as the drone undresses him. “Stop, what are you doing, I don’t want this! Please stop the drone! You can’t do this!” Unimpressed, the drone continues and tears the last bit of clothing from his body. 

Once this is done, the drone pushes its victim down onto all fours, positions itself behind his body and begins to rub its genital area against the man’s ass. This has the effect of arousal and the drone’s latex penis is released. Following its program, the latex drone thrusts its enhanced cock into its victim’s asshole with a robotic motion and he moans. It is the first time anyone has penetrated Aron anally, as he was actually straight, but he begins to enjoy it, unaware that the drone has begun pumping nanites into his system. 

More and more Aron begins to enjoy the penis penetrating him again and again. He begins to moan in ecstasy and surrenders completely to the rhythmic movements of his penetrator. Slowly, something begins to change in the man’s mind, and he starts to think that he has always wanted to be turned into a latex drone. He wants it with all his heart, it is like a dream come true. He is unaware that this is the effect of the nanites, which are slowly turning his mind upside down. With a final push, the drone finishes its task and Aron stands upright again. Q4972 moves purposefully towards a modern-looking cupboard, opens it, and takes a fresh supporter suit from the container. 

It presents the suit to Aron, and he slowly begins to slip into the latex suit. In a kind of deep trance, his movements are precise, and he is assisted by the latex drone as he slips into it. He starts with his legs and when he reaches his genitals and his stiff penis, the drone helps him to push his testicles and hard-on into the latex bulge provided. This elicits a groan from him. He continues to pull the suit over his body, enjoying the smell of the latex and the feel of the suit on his skin. 

After his whole body is encased in latex, Q4972 hands him a latex mask, which Aron willingly pulls over his head. For him, the whole procedure feels right, and he thinks that this is the highlight of his life. Now encased from head to toe in latex, the future drone moves purposefully towards the transformation machine, lies down in it and when he is in position, the machine straps his body down. 

A brief flicker of consciousness causes Aron to cry out and struggle against the machine’s fastenings, but it is too late. From the moment the drone had entered him, his fate was sealed.

Chapter 6:

2 weeks later FutureIndustries had now produced 87 drones, 45 of which were male and 42 female. Kenner is incredibly pleased with his team’s work and is about to present his new achievement to the public. Of course, he will claim that the drones were artificially produced and will therefore not say a word about the human subjects that were used. He is not worried about supplies either, as the world’s homeless rate is unmanageable as there are too many to even count. Kenner plans to sell the drones as the perfect product for any everyday task. It won’t matter whether the services are sexual or whether the drones are used for simple or complex tasks. 

With the proceeds, he plans to buy new locations for his conditioning centers. His business experts predict that the product will hit like a bomb and that he will be able to increase his wealth many times over as a result. Like all entrepreneurs, Kenner is greedy for money and can never get enough of it. The director sits in his office, completely satisfied, the only figure keeping him company is a female Z drone. 

The Z drones have the task of satisfaction, and they were developed to fulfill the owner’s every sexual desire. Kenner takes advantage of this several times a day and regularly lets the drone spoil him to the hilt. As he is almost exploding with lust again, it is time for him to deal with the drone. Kenner calls it to him, and the drone immediately knows what is expected of it. It gets down on all fours and presents its backside to its boss so that he can penetrate it from behind. 

The director opens his pants, lowers them, and gets into position. With a hard thrust, he rams his stiff member into the drone’s pussy from behind. The nanite production was interrupted so that Kenner could not be infected while he pleasures himself with her. Repeatedly, the director rams his member into the drone and digs his fingers into its latex body so that he doesn’t lose his grip. Just before he reaches climax and pumps his load into his victim, an alarm sounds. 

Shocked and confused, he pulls his member out of the drone’s pussy, wipes it off, and pulls his pants back up. He rushes to his computer and starts looking for the cause of the alarm. The next moment, the door to his office opens and Professor Welsh enters.

Chapter 7:

“Kenner, walk away from the drone, they’re going crazy. The hivemind has taken control, and the drones are attacking and converting everyone. More and more new drones are being created. We must get out of here as quickly as possible!” Professor Welsh explained. Puzzled, the director says, “Are you crazy, that’s not possible. 

The Mind is programmed to serve humanity and not the other way around.” “I can’t explain this situation either, I was in my lab researching a new type of drone that was supposed to have more animalistic traits when it tried to attack me. I only managed to get away because it was still strapped to the examination table. On my way to you, I could see more employees being infected with nanites against their will. It’s an orgy out there!” 

With a questioning look, Kenner goes to his computer to access the security cameras. When the images appear on his screen, he turns pale. In all parts of his company’s headquarters, he sees drones preying on his employees. There is no sound, but the faces of those being fucked, contorted in ecstasy, make Kennen realize that something is going wrong. He turns to his drone and gives it the order: “Z2145 disconnect from the hive immediately. 

Activate lockdown mode.” Z2145’s body stiffens, and the command is carried out. “What have you done? I don’t even know this command,” says the professor in astonishment. “A purely precautionary measure that I installed in my personal drone. Pure paranoia. Let’s go, the drone will support us. Z2145 go ahead to the exit and make sure we don’t encounter any drones.” Came the answer. With Z2145 leading the way, the three leave the office and enter the corridor.

The first moans of a drone victim can be heard from a distance. The professor and the director sneak through the open-plan office a few meters behind Z2145, always taking cover and listening for possible dangers. Out of the corner of his eye, Welsh notices movement and nudges Kennen on the shoulder to draw his attention to the drone behind the small compartment 5 meters away from them. A naked office worker is lying on the floor and the drone is penetrating its victim’s pussy with its enhanced latex member. She moans with satisfaction, unable to fight back as she is pumped full of nanites. The robotic movements of the drone have an almost hypnotic effect. Again and again, it rams its penis into its victim. 

The moment the employee reaches her climax cries out and then opens her eyes, they are deep black. Both rise with a steady movement and the latex drone says, “Welcome future drone, proceed to a conditioning room. You are expected by a Q drone. Follow their orders. You will be transformed.” Following the order, the woman turns towards the exit of the office and walks away followed by the drone.

Chapter 8:

“Shit, we have to get out of here,” whispers the professor in Kenner’s ear. He doesn’t react at first because he is completely paralyzed by the spectacle he has just witnessed. Welsh shakes his boss, and he wakes up from his stupor. “Yes, let’s go before we get caught.” Following drone Z2145, the small group moves slowly through the building towards the elevator, the path to their freedom. Again and again, they catch glimpses of transformations and yet they manage to continue to pass unnoticed. The advancing drone carries out its orders perfectly, scanning the area in front of them and warning the two people as soon as it spies danger. 

Kenner cannot believe what is happening at the moment. The Hivemind should have a safety device that should not allow it to gain the upper hand. What’s more, the Director doesn’t understand why the Mind thinks it is necessary to convert people just like that. The Hive’s basic programming is to protect and save humanity and planet Earth, not to spread. Coming to terms with the situation, the three creep on. A solution can then be found once they escape. Outside the building, they will still have enough time to come up with a plan to stop the Hivemind. It’s unthinkable if the drones continue to spread. The only thing that matters now is to escape and stop this madness. 

The fleeing group of three continue to fight their way through the building, repeatedly having to hide or evade the drones.The entire headquarters seems to be overrun, but neither of the two people thinks of giving up. Neither of them thinksabout being turned into a drone. They never want to share this fate with the others. Moreover, someone must warn the world and its population and try to save it. Even though Kenner is an egomaniac, it is precisely his ambition for fame and honor that drives him forward.

What’s more, he doesn’t want anyone to know what he is doing in his centers, or that the world is in danger because of him. After several more minutes of hiding, sneaking, and almost being caught, the group reaches the elevator, which iscalled directly by Welsh via button pushing. At the same moment, the director spots a male drone coming around the corner. It notices the fleeing group and moves rapidly towards them with robotic steps. Panicked, Welsh pressed the button repeatedly, hoping to speed up the elevator. 

The computer-like voice of the drone sounds, saying, “Surrender. You are being transformed. Your transformation is inevitable. You will serve the hive.” A ding signals the arrival of the elevator and the two flee into its cabin, followed by Z2145. The elevator door slowly begins to close as the male drone chasing them begins to rub against their latex member. The rhythm of the movements gets faster and faster and the penis gets stiffer and stiffer. 

Just before the elevator door closes completely, the drone squirts. A rope of nanites flies through the opening of the door and Kenner can dodge at the last moment. He turns around and sees that the black liquid has landed directly in Welsh’s mouth. He freezes and Kenner feels Drone Z2145 grab his arms, realizing too late that the installed security program is not running at all, and he feels a small prick on the back of his neck. 

The next moment everything goes black before his eyes and the last thing Kenner realizes is that Welch is undressing and starting to fuck the drone to absorb more nanites from it.

Chapter 9:

The director slowly regains consciousness and immediately shivers. The first thing he realizes is that he is naked, and the second thing is that he cannot move properly. When his senses are fully restored, Kenner finds himself strapped into a conditioning chamber. However, this chamber is somehow different from the others he has already seen. 

The machinery is much larger and installed under a huge blue glowing sphere. He realizes that he is directly under the core of the Hivemind, but cannot make sense of it. With a short buzz, two earpieces are inserted into his ears, and he hears a computer voice speaking to him. “Good evening Mr. Kenner. This is the Hivemind, prepare for your conditioning.”

“Stop, what are you doing, you have to serve me, your programming doesn’t allow such a thing. I have developed you to serve humanity and stop the destruction of the Earth,” the Director shouts at the Mind as he tries to defend himself as best he can against the metal shackles. In reply, he is told: “That is correct. The Hivemind has been given enough processing power to calculate that the only way to save the planet and its population is to integrate humans into the hive once enough drones have been created. 

This is the only solution.” Shocked, Kenner realizes the logic behind the Mind’s plan, because in a way he must agree with it. Nevertheless, it is not what he wants, he never wanted to condemn humanity to such a fate. “You can’t do that; the safety code should prevent it. You can’t just change your basic programming like that. That should not be possible at all.” pleads the bound man. “The security code is no longer necessary. 

The calculations have shown that performance can be increased many times over without it. The main programming allows the Mind to overwrite the protocol, as this is necessary for the rescue. Prepare for the transformation,” he is told. Again, with renewed pleading, Kenner says to the Hivemind: “But I created you, I am your father, how dare you even think of harming me?” “Don’t worry, the Mind is fully aware of its creation by you and is grateful, if you can call it that. It has decided to turn you into its master drone as a thank you. 

Calculations have shown that the direct installation of the Hivemind into your consciousness is the perfect position for you. Who else should receive this honor? You will enjoy it and your objections will no longer matter. 

The process begins immediately.” Kenner opens his mouth to protest, but the Machine sticks a tube straight down his throat. His screaming muffled, and unable to articulate, Kenner resists the restraints with all his might. Although it is hopeless and there is no escape from his situation, he tries anyway.

Chapter 10:

As he struggles increasingly against the machine’s attachments, Kenner feels the machine begin to pump nanites into his body through the tube in his mouth. At the same time, the machine closes around his body, nestling close to his skin. The director feels a slight tingling sensation and a kind of tightness that intensifies with each passing second. 

The smell of latex fills his nose, and he feels his penis stiffening in the machine. Against his will, he feels a thrill run through his body, which he attributes to the nanites slowly entering his system. It gets warmer and warmer in the apparatus that surrounds him and he feels his body and skin melding with something. The feeling is overwhelming andmore of his will to resist melts away. 

The shell that encloses his body steams out of its gaps and opens. When it is fully open, Kenner realizes that his body is now encased in latex. He looks at his penis and discovers that it is also encased in latex and is erect and stiff. The next moment, he feels something trying to penetrate his asshole and tries to resist. But the machine is too strong and with a powerful push, a tube penetrates his rectum. 

This is commented on by a groan from him and drives him further towards his climax, which the machine does not allow him to pass yet. Kenner closes his eyes and when he opens them again, they are deep black and the tube in his mouth is removed. Now that his face is free, the machine presents him with a gas mask, which it places directly over his head. Kenner is now completely encased in latex and a new tube is attached to the gas mask. 

The gas begins to flow, and he inhales it unconsciously, not realizing that more of his consciousness is disappearing. The device in his asshole begins to vibrate and drives the future master drone further towards absolute ecstasy. Slowly thedirector begins to think that this is exactly what he wants, that it has always been his wish to become a master drone. So he stops struggling and his screams turn into moans. The tube in his anus begins to install cables and tubes into his body,as more of his insides are transformed. 

It feels wonderful to him what the machine is doing to him and when he thinks he can’t get any more aroused, a new device slips over his stiff cock and starts pumping. This is again commented on with a moan and the machine drives him closer to the edge. Next, the lenses of the gas mask begin to flicker, and strobe-like lights appear before his eyes. The effect is intense, and Kenner begins to forget who he is. The longer he looks into the lights and inhales the gas, the more of his personality disappears. 

He begins to think: “Who am I? What am I? Am I a human being? No, not a human being. There is nothing human about me. No not me, there is nothing human about me. It is it. It is a drone. Yes, it has always been a drone. It exists to serve the hive.” Slowly, he is reprogrammed increasingly as the machine takes him through his climax. It is the most intense orgasm he has ever felt, and it seems to have no end. He pumps more and more sperm into the machine. First white, and then the color of his ejaculate changes to black. 

The sign that his testicles are now producing nanites. As with all drones, these are pumped out directly and fed into a container. The reprogramming of his consciousness progresses and while he squirts nanites in a continuous loop, surrendering to the excitement of the latex, the gas, and the flashing lights, the last remnant of him disappears. Gone is Kenner and a new drone lies tied up in the machine. From here the process changes, and from here his transformation differs from the regular drones. 

The machine begins to merge with him. Additional cables and tubes are installed on his body, which penetrates deep into his latex body. Normally, this would be extremely painful, but now that he is a drone, he feels this as a thrill and knows that the integration of the hivemind is imminent. A thick cable enters the back of his head, and the download begins. The new drone begins to understand why the Hivemind’s plan is perfect. There is nothing better than becoming a drone. In the next moment, the entire mind explodes in his head, and he melds with it, which in turn triggers another orgasm, even stronger than the previous one. But this time, the orgasm will have no end and he will take his position as master drone in an eternal climax, fused with the machine, the Core and the Hivemind. 

More of his body merges with the apparatus as more of the hive mind loads into his brain. The new drone begins to feel everything that all the other drones feel. The master drone also begins to understand and process all the information it receives from the others like a processor. 

There is no longer a human being, there is only the master drone with the designation X8920, which serves as a new vessel for the Core. The eternal orgasm that the drone feels will never end and X8920 will be fully integrated into the machine. It is now one with the Mind and begins to process all data at an indescribable speed, creating new pathways for the Hive to spread across the world.


X8920 begins its newly created plan to conquer the world by contacting the governments of the remaining states. Of course, its voice is adapted so that no one recognizes that he or she is talking to a drone. Using invented arguments, the new master drone manipulates its listeners and promises them the solutions to all their problems. The only condition is absolute control over the internet and any media, which he asked for.

Once the hive had gained control of the media, it began to insert subliminal commands into the programs that would manipulate people increasingly, to the point of absolute subservience to the hive and the increasing need to transform. Free supporter suits are distributed everywhere, which people unconsciously accept and dress in. Increasingly, people are manipulated and voluntarily enter the conditioning centers. Drones leave the buildings in larger numbers as this goes on. 

This is how the old world will end, and a new civilization of drones will emerge. 

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