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Monday, Week 1

“They’re doing what?” I half-asked, half-yelled at my best friend Mike. He and I have been friends since college, where we both studied software engineering. We had spent many an all-nighter together working on various programming assignments and we made a good team together. When we graduated, we were lucky to both get jobs at the new software company, which was really a branch of some psychiatric branch of the government. See, people have been asking for a long time what makes people happy and what makes people more productive in the workplace. So many private companies had developed their own techniques, but the effectiveness was hit or miss and more often than not the benefits did not last long, often dissolving within a year. This new company was tasked with developing a program that could scavenge all of the available data on the subject and be able to organize the data in a meaningful way as well as assist in the development of effective tools that would be used to solve this problem. Mike and I had been assigned to work on some of the both programming that the senior programmers didn’t have time to focus on, busy as they were with the “big picture.”

The work was relentless and by the end of the year Mike and I were exhausted. Things were just as difficult for my girlfriend Ginny, who worked in retail. I’d come home at night thoroughly exhausted and she would be no different. It was not that bad at first when we were still in college, but things have been hard since then. I was lucky to get a job that was stable. But Ginny was not as lucky. She graduated with a degree in Anthropology major and there are some promising jobs while she was studying, but unfortunately the jobs dried up a few months ago. While I did earn enough money for the both of us, she wanted to keep busy and to contribute to the bills. We were happy with each other and I think that more than anything else helped us stay sane even as work piled up on us. We had both started saving up vacation time so that we can take some much needed time off work. But the latest announcement from Mike had put a dent in those plans.

“You’re pulling my leg, aren’t you Mike?” I continued.

Mike crossed his arms, “I wish I were, Jerome, especially considering all that vacation time you are saving up. But we’ve been drafted to test out some sort of meditation program that is supposed to make us more productive. Practically everyone’s been enrolled, and it’s been deemed mandatory. The good news is there offering a free week’s worth of vacation time if we go through with it. And this vacation time has no quarter limit!”

“Damn, that’s a very big incentive. Even if I didn’t need the vacation time, I would take up the offer.”

“Well this means that you’ll be able to take a longer vacation with Ginny! I know you’ve been saving up for that it would be good for you.”

“Thanks, man,” I clasped Mike on the shoulder and gave them a quick squeeze. “So, when does this start?”

“You really didn’t check your email this morning! It starts right when were done with lunch break. On the plus side there letting us off early.”

“That’s a relief. For once I won’t go home feeling like a deadbeat,” I said. Mike and I made our way to the company’s state-of-the-art cafeteria, where I ordered a stir fry fish and vegetable plate while he ordered a chicken salad. Even if this job was very demanding at times, at least her employer’s make sure that we ate well. Heck there was even a gymnasium somewhere on the premises, though I haven’t had the chance to make use of it yet. I’ve just been too busy with work and spending time with Ginny. Mike, on the other hand, spent at least an hour there almost daily and the time had turned him from a slightly overweight guy like me into a muscled jock. I guess that’s the life of a bachelor, I thought to myself enviously.

Once we had finished lunch and had made our way back to the office, everyone was gathered around 2 men who were dressed in lab coats. Mike and I were among the last to arrive and thankfully it looked like we didn’t miss much for 1 of the men began to speak.

“Good afternoon everyone. My name is Dr. Andrews, and this is my assistant Ben. First of all, I want to thank each and every 1 of you for your participation in this project. It is the hope that this program will make a good impact in our company, by providing a meditative moment of relaxation that will help you get through work more effectively and without as much stress. For the next 2 weeks I only ask that you give the program a try, and that you don’t try to fake anything. If this becomes a waste of time, we want to know about it. So, every morning before you start work, after lunch, and an hour before you leave, we want you to run the program for its recommended time and then fill out the accompanying short survey. If you have any questions along the way, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me or my assistant. We will be working in the office just over there. The software has already been downloaded to your computers and the headsets have been synced to it. All you need to do is turn on the program and then put on the accompanying headpiece. Thank you everyone for your time and please let us know if you need any help.”

Mike turned to me and gave me a smile, “this is where we get to start being lazy, right” he said as he elbowed me playfully, eliciting a short chuckle from me. We parted ways and I made my way to my desk, whereupon I found what looked more like a set of sunglasses glued to a pair of headphones than a high-tech VR gaming headset. The visor was completely black, and I couldn’t see through it from either side. Well, I just have to put it on and see. I got myself comfortable in my chair before launching the program for my computer. I had to laugh at the icon design, which looked like a purple colored hypnosis spiral on a black background. What a joke! Hypnosis was a lot of poppycock. Sure, some people claimed it worked, but I was not convinced. The appearance of the program window brought me back to the task at hand. It was a simple gray box with some instructions written in black font. I followed the directions and turned on the headset, got myself relaxed my chair and waited for things to happen.

The first thing I heard was a calm male voice telling me to take deep breaths and relax, which I started to do, following the prompts as they came out. As time went by, I did start to feel the tension leave my body as I relaxed in my seat. The guide had me focus on the present sensations in my feet, legs, torso, arms, neck, and head, then had me release the tension and sure enough I felt just that. By the time I had just released the tension from my head, I felt like I was floating in my seat. The guide had me imagine walking down a flight of stairs as he counted down from 20 to 1. And as I went down the flight of stairs, I felt myself growing lighter and serene. I felt completely at peace in that moment, without any cares in the world. I felt so removed from my earlier worries that when the visor began to project a slowly spinning purple colored spiral across my field of view, I didn’t really care one way or the other about it. In fact, I found that the pattern was so soothing to look at and that the longer I stared at it the more at peace I was. I think I must’ve zoned out at that point because I snapped to wakefulness before a black screen. As I took off the headset, I didn’t feel any different from before I had put on the headset. I still felt crazy tired from before. Oh well, I thought.

I turned my attention to my computer which had a small window open with 2 survey questions written on it in black colored font. Right, I thought, there was a survey to take. The first question looked simple enough: how do you feel? To this I answered no different. The second question was just as simple: do you feel any discomfort? I answered in the negative, submitted the survey and closed the program. As I did, I looked at the clock on my computer and was surprised to learn that I had been relaxing in front of my computer for the last hour. Well, hopefully my nap did me some good. Perhaps I would have enough energy to spend some quality time with Ginny tonight.

I gathered my things from my work desk then made my way to Mike’s desk. He had just finished gathering his things. “So, what did you think?” he asked.

“I think it put me to sleep,” I said, “I remember listening to instructions and actually feeling like I was relaxing. Then it was all over.”

“Same here actually. I actually feel rejuvenated right now.”

“I wish I could say the same that I don’t feel any different. Maybe I’ll feel different when I get home and spend some time with Ginny.”

“Well I hope you feel better. Works been hard on you, harder than it’s been on me. Anyways, you better get back to her before you lose with few hours of the afternoon you have left!” We exchanged a fist bump and then parted ways. I got in my small car and drove to the little apartment I shared with Ginny. She was surprised to see me home early, and for a moment she dreaded that I had been fired. She calmed down after I explained to her the weird events of the afternoon. She was excited when I told her that I would be getting a free week of vacation time in about 2 weeks. That would mean that we can go on the vacation sooner. Unfortunately, our hopes were dashed by an urgent call from her parents. Ginny’s mother had just been hospitalized and her father needed her right then. I helped Ginny book the flight and spent the night cuddled with her as she cried. We didn’t sleep much that night. The following morning, I dropped her off at the airport then made my way to work.

Tuesday, Week 1

I arrived a little late and so I passed by a silent department. Everyone was already running the meditation program and the office had a moment of blessed silence. Quietly I made my way to my workstation, got myself comfortable, and fired up the meditation program. It walked me through the same pattern of slow breathing and visualization. Only this time, it played the purple hypnosis spiral right from the start. And I was surprised at how captivating it was. Despite my distressed state and general fatigue, I felt myself relaxing more quickly than yesterday. And just like yesterday the time passed by in an instant and I figured that I had fallen asleep again. Unlike yesterday though I did feel a bit more energized and so I made mention of that in the survey. As the morning went by, I was surprised to find that I was able the tackle the days tasks with a bit more energy than I had in the past. I figured it must’ve been the multiple naps. I told Mike about it at lunch and he shared a similar experience. He attributed it to the program, but I wasn’t convinced.

The rest of the day passed by quickly. After lunch, I tried the program again and again woke up to find an hour had passed by as though in an instant. I got some more work done; more debugging that needed to be done with the data collection software. Normally I tend to get irritated at the smallest things, but today I didn’t feel is aggravated. I was able to make good progress before it was time to run the program again. When I had finished, I made my way back home and spent the evening binging on Netflix.

Wednesday, Week 1

The following morning, I didn’t make as much progress. After running through the program, I made some more progress on the debugging project, but I kept getting distracted by a general itchiness all over my torso. As the morning progressed it got so bad that I went to the bathroom to check on it. But I couldn’t find what the problem was, and it left me feeling irritated. The problem magnified over lunch and I could tell that Mike was also feeling some discomfort, because he occasionally pulled that his tie and collar or fidgeted in his seat. I didn’t mention anything to him, and we went through lunch without mentioning it at all.

When I got to my desk and turned on the program, I felt an instant of relief as my attention became focused on the purple spiral instead of on my itchiness. In fact, the itchiness had subsided when I awoke an hour later, and I found out why when I pulled off the visor. I wasn’t wearing a shirt. I guess I must’ve taken it off during my nap. I was surprised to find that I wasn’t feeling is concerned as I should’ve. Being half naked in a professional setting was tantamount to a swift firing in any situation, and yet the thought didn’t seem to bother me. I mean after all I did feel more comfortable. And as I got back to work in the hours of the afternoon passed on by, I was hyper focused and was making even better time than before. In fact, I was so focused that Mike had to shake my shoulders before I acknowledged that he was in my cubicle. As I turned around to face him, I saw that he too wasn’t wearing a shirt. I could see is well sculpted torso and six pack, as well as his big muscular arms. I started to blush red from embarrassment as I realized that I too was shirtless and was nowhere near as attractive as he was. I wasn’t fat but I did have a rounded belly that I was embarrassed about.

“Hey, Jerome. You ok, man?”

“Yeah…mmm sorry. I didn’t hear you…stop by.”

“Yeah you did look pretty focused. I called your name and you didn’t respond.”

“Sorry about that…What’s up?”

“Do you happen to know who took over writing the code for that term indexer? I need to ask the guy a few questions about a bug that I think started from there.”

“I think Benjamin was working on that.”

“Ah, darn! He still on vacation and will be back for another week I think.”

“That is rotten timing.” Mike started to turn around and make his way back to his desk. I started to do the same but then paused. I quickly turned around and called, “Mike, are you doing anything tonight?”

Mike came back to lean on the entrance to my cubicle, accenting his muscles as he did. “Nothing really. Why you ask?”

“Ginny is out of town for a while and I was thinking maybe we could hang out like we did back in college.”

Mike smiled, “I’d like that. I’ll see you after work.” Once Mike had left I returned my attention to the work of the day. I made good progress and when I was done I put my shirt back on (itchy as it was), then drove straight from Mike’s place. Mike lived in a studio apartment on the other side of town and his home was practically a second gymnasium. Mike had all sorts of exercise gear there as well as a very big white screen television screen so that he can watch sports games. I’ve been over a few times in the past year, so I knew where to go and what to expect. Mike greeted me at the door wearing nothing but gym shorts and sneakers. As soon as I was in the door, I started to take off my shirt.

“You still feel the itch?” I asked.

“Yeah, same as you I guess. It was driving me crazy and I just had to take it off. And I’m glad I did I feel so much better now.” He said, grinning at me. I smiled as well.

“Mike, I want to ask for a favor. You know how Ginny is going to be gone for a bit, and you know how I’m not really in shape. Well when I saw your 6-pack and muscles I…I um…”

“Let me guess, you want to get fit again to impress your girl, right?” I nodded bashfully. “Sure thing Buddy! I’d be happy to help and give you some pointers. Tell you what, let’s order some pizza and while we wait for it to arrive I’ll run you through a quick set of exercises.”

“Thank you so much, I really appreciate that. I know Ginny would like to see a 6-pack on me.”

Mike gave a good laugh and slapped me on the shoulder, “Always thinking about your girl, aren’t you? Well if you keep up with the exercises regularly, you will have a body that you and Ginny will like.”

True to his word Mike walked me through a set of exercises. It sounded easy but it was anything but. By the time the pizza arrived I was straining with effort and had built up a sweat. I had changed from my work clothes into a pair of gym shorts that I borrowed from Mike. Mine were at home, buried somewhere in a drawer and unused since I was a college sophomore. When the pizza arrived I wanted to stop and dive right into it, but Mike stopped me and told me to finish my reps. I started to complain, to which he replied, “less talking, more reps! The sooner you finish, the sooner you can enjoy that pizza!”

“1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20 and done!”

I collapsed and panted on the floor. My body was searing from the workout.

“Damn Mike,” I panted, sweat drenching my body, “are you sure you’re not trying to kill me?”

“Hey, the first time always feels painful. But trust me a week from now you are going to be noticing a difference and you can be glad that you stuck with things. Trust me on this.” And I did. Mike was devoted to keeping his body fit and I could see the results clearly across his bare torso. He helped me up, then fetched a protein smoothie from his fridge. He poured some into a glass for me and told me to gobble it up before I ate any pizza. It was very bland to the taste, but according to Mike it was a very important part of the workout. After exercising the body can more readily absorb nutrients, he told me, so it was important to get the right nutrients in first before diving into the pleasure food.

As we finished our drinks, I asked “want to watch a movie? I don’t really want to move right now.”

“Sure thing, got anything in mind?”

“Well there is that new superhero movie that we could watch.”

“Good idea. Could give you more motivation to push harder”

“Shut up” I said, throwing him a playful punch.

The movie was okay and had some interesting action sequences. The villain was some sort of hypnotist and when they showed the hypnotic spiral on the screen I couldn’t help but focus directly on it. Just looking at it instantly made me feel very relaxed. By the end of the movie I was feeling really good and glowing right then. I looked over at Mike and saw that he too looked rather relaxed. That was good, I thought, feeling relaxed is good. As I glanced over at him I accidentally caught a glimpse of the obvious tent in his gym shorts and quickly looked away. Thankfully, he did not notice, and we parted ways for the evening. As I slipped on my short (Mike was kind enough to let me keep the gym shorts until I bought my own pair), I noticed with embarrassment that I also was rock hard. I was glad that he was not looking down there and I was able to use my bag to hide my bulge.

I was still rock hard when I got home and I started to beat my meat, hoping to get some release. I had not masturbated in a while, having been too tired for sex in the recent weeks. But tonight I was getting horny. Must have been the exercise and the naps from work, I thought.

As I beat my meat, thinking about Ginny, I could not help but also picture Mike’s muscled chest and abs, ogling them in my mind, wondering how firm they were, how strong he was. I came shortly thereafter, my thoughts on admiring Mike’s muscular body. Exhausted from the day and the masturbation session, I fell asleep right away.

Thursday, Week 1

I woke up the next morning with another hard on, which I promptly took care of before setting out to work. It came back though after I awoke from the morning’s meditation session, and I noticed that I had removed not only my shirt but also my pants. Like the incident with the shirt, I should have felt surprised at being so indecently dressed, but I didn’t feel any of that. I just exalted in the freedom and relaxation that I felt. Lunch with Mike was interesting today, as we ate together dressed in nothing more than our underwear. Funny enough, the more the day went on the less I paid attention to that detail. It was just not that important, kinda like how saying the sky is blue is not that important. It also did not bother me that the whole department was also down to their underwear, and by the end of the afternoon I wasn’t bothered by the obvious tents in everyone’s underwear.

Mike and I spent the evening together again. While we waited for pizza to arrive, Mike walked me through a different set of exercises, focusing on my arms and legs today instead of my core. I was glad for the break because my muscles were still sore and tender. At the time he was done with me, I was sore all over. We retreated to the couch for another round of Netflix.

“I picked the movie last time,” I said, “what would you like to watch tonight?”

“You know, I actually want to watch last night’s movie again. There is something about it that was so…captivating. I think I actually felt more energized after watching that movie, truth be told.”

“Funny you should say that because I feel the same way. I don’t mind watching it again.”

And I did not. I enjoyed the movie just as much the second time, especially the scenes where the villain revealed the hypnosis spiral and tried to hypnotize the heroes. I just could not stop watching whenever the spiral appeared on the television screen. There were several scenes midway in the movie where the spiral was visible for a pretty long time, in those instances caught my full attention. It was during one such instance where he felt a warm fluid within my underwear. I looked down to find that I had spontaneously came inside my underwear. I looked over to Mike to see if he had noticed. He too was looking down at the wet spot on his underwear and, sensing that I was looking his way, looked up at me and then looked down at my crotch. We shared a wordless moment, then an embarrassed laugh.

“Excited are we?” He asked.

“I guess so,” I laughed back, “as excited as you are apparently. Didn’t realize this movie was such a turn on for you!”

He gave me a playful push and we both returned to watching the movie. We had to rewind a bit to get back in the mood. We kept exchanging nervous glances with each other, at least until the hypnosis spiral scan back on the screen. At which point we stopped all fidgeting and focused intently. We remain like this for the rest of the film, though we did cum again during 1 of the key final scenes, specifically when the villain had hypnotized the heroes and was making them build his doomsday device. We had to rewind again and thankfully we got through the movie without any further incidents. By the time the movie was done, I was exhausted. It had been a very long day for me, and the movie had taken longer than I had expected.

“Hey Mike,” I said stifling a yawn, “can I sleep on your couch? I’m pretty beat.”

“Sure thing Buddy, I don’t want you getting into any car accidents. I’ll get you a blanket.”

“Thanks, you’re a lifesaver. I’m actually kinda glad that we don’t have to wear suits anymore at work. Means I don’t have to wake up extra early to drive home, get dressed, and then drive to work.”

“It is nice. I feel that I’m able to focus more at work these days. That meditation program seems to be doing the trick.”

I laughed at that, “I doubt it. All that things good for is putting me to sleep.”

“Then it is doing something for you. Good night, see you tomorrow.”

“Night,” I said, pulling the covers over myself and drifting into sleep.

Friday, Week 1

The next morning I awoke to Mike shuffling around the apartment as he got ready for work. I gave a big yawn before rising up to help out with breakfast. My morning wood strained against my underwear, begging for release, but I did not dare jerk off. It was one thing to be hanging out with my best friend wearing nothing but our underwear, and another thing entirely to be jerking off in front of each other. That would be gay.

After a hearty breakfast and a shower, we drove in our respective cars to work. We arrived wearing our standard work clothes, though like everyone else we quickly shed out of them as soon as we got to our desks. As I sat down to my workstation and got ready to run the program, I realized that I was looking forward to this. Apparently the naps have been doing me a lot of good and so I resigned myself to this change in schedule. I really was feeling better than I had several days ago. Loads better. So I put on the visor and I started up the program. An hour later, I resumed where I had left off yesterday with the software updates. Occasionally I would reach down to stroke my hard Cock and balls for a few moments, before continuing with the coding. When it was time for lunch I made my way to Mike’s desk, the temperate air of the building rubbing pleasantly across my exposed crotch as I walked through the office.

I found Mike at his desk, completely naked and furiously stroking his hard 8-inch Cock. With his other hand he was pinching 1 of his nipples, which elicited a moan from him that excited me down to my core.

He looked up at me as I approached, “hey man, just give me a minute to finish this up and then we will go to lunch” he panted

“No problem, I gotta get some release too. Watching you beat your meat is making me very horny.”

I made some space on the desk and sat myself down on it, then got to stroking my hard Cock. He pushed his chair back a little to give me some room and we both jerked off together in mutual silence, aside from our panting and moans of pleasure. As I moved my hands up and down in the way that was most pleasing to me, I would glance down at Mike as he writhed in his chair. Sometimes he would catch me looking and would just smile back at me before going back down to the task at hand. I smiled too. Soon enough, we shot our loads, the thick creamy fluid spreading over our chests. We caught our breaths and smiled at each other, then rose from our seats, not bothering to clean up.

“That’s much better,” he said, looking up at me with a smile. I smiled back at him, “Totally. Ready for lunch?”

“You betcha!” He said.

We made our way to the cafeteria and got in line with the rest of the department. Everyone was naked and spattered with cum. Some people were still rock hard as they stood in line. I looked down at Mike and saw that he was also rock hard. I looked down at mine and saw that I was semi hard, which surprised me because usually after I blow my load, I go flaccid. By the time we picked up our food and sat down on our table, I was rock hard again also. And by the time we finished our meal, I felt like I really needed to jerk off again. Mike must have also felt the same way because he started beating his Cock as well. I suddenly had an urge to touch it and beat him off, thinking how that would help him get release. And to my surprise I found myself doing exactly that. Mike offered no resistance to my touch, moaning louder as I moved my hand up and down his hard flesh. He reached for mine as well and as soon as he touched it felt divine. It didn’t even cross my mind that what we were doing was very gay; this was just taking care of my fellow man. It was perfectly normal to want to help my fellow man by coaxing him to orgasm, and nothing felt truer in my head. The sensation of his hand on my Cock became overpowering and I released, spreading my seed all over his chest. Mike also came, most of his outburst landing on his chest and a little bit landing on me. I felt a surge of pride at that, his cum was a badge that declared that I had done my duty to my fellow man. A badge that I would wear with pride as I continued to work during the afternoon.

We ended up going back to his place after work, our horniness having returned in full force at the end of the workday. As soon as we closed the door to his apartment, we quickly stripped down to nothing and got down to stroking each other off. The whole thing felt so good. After we came, we resumed working out, at which point we got horny again and started stroking each other off again. This time we didn’t cum right away and by the time we did I was too tired to drive home and ended up spending the night with him again. As I cuddled up under the blankets on the couch, I couldn’t help but smile.

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