Tim and Derek met in conventional gay fashion, a hook up through Grindr after Tim experienced a painfully hard day in the office. The sloppy fucking session, left the two sated. Tim felt extremely satisfied and his new lover wasn’t hard on the eyes either. Derek seemed like the complete the package. Good sense of humour, handsome, financially stable and his “goldilocks” penis wasn’t something to chortle at either. There was an instinctual chemistry between them both with intellectual conversation between said fuck meets.

Tim drove home, exhausted after another horrid day in the office. He felt elevated thinking about the weekend to come, singing some moronic tune on the radio. His phone buzzed with a message from Derek.

You free tonight? I have something I want to talk about

Curious, albeit a little concerned, Derek responded

Sure where do you want to meet?

I’m just about to make dinner. I can put some extra on if you want to come over?

Tim responded with a casual ‘sounds good‘ and took the next exit to detour over to Derek’s place. He preferred staying at Derek’s place anyway. A lot more privacy, plus his bed was like heaven on four legs. His mattress was clearly carefully picked and finished with exotic silk sheets. Obviously Derek spared no expense when it came to the finer things. And if Tim wasn’t already smitten for Derek, he’d continue a charade just to sink under that plush quilt.

There relationship was, broadly-speaking, flourishing but without the big mention of the L word. Tim was sure this talk would just solidify their bond’s progression. Either that or Tim was about to walk into a break-up. That’s definitely happened before.

Pulling into the concrete driveway, Tim shut off his car as sparks of nervous energy prepared him for the impending ‘talk‘. On checking his reflection in his rear-view mirror, Tim loosened the tie around his neck dropping it on the passenger seat. He REALLY should’ve drove home first to change -but Tim didn’t want to keep Derek waiting. He shook the tension from his body and stepped out onto the driveway.

Using the ornate knocker on the doorway, Tim waited for the door to open. Footsteps could be heard approaching the entrance and the door opened to reveal a bare naked chest.

“Hello, oops did I catch you coming out of the shower,” Tim greeted.

“Nope!” Derek beamed back at him.

Tim then noticed the tight looking pants and boots sporting Derek’s lower half. They looked something like leather – and smelt like it too. Derek shut the door behind Tim.

“What’s with the get-up?” Tim queried.

“Just trying something, do you like them?

“They look good on you… So what’s cooking?”

Derek seemed a bit unpleased with Tim’s response. He headed for the kitchen before answering;

“I thought we could talk first before we eat.”

“But I’m starving!” Tim groaned, clenching his stomach in dramatic fashion.

“This is important,” Derek countered. Tim sensed a weird energy and his nerves started to creep up again.


The two entered the kitchen and Derek offered Tim some red wine. It wasn’t exactly Tim’s go-to – but he liked to drink it to impress his host. They then crossed the room and sat in the lounge. Tim relaxed back into the plush leather sofa as he gazed into the stern face peering back at him.

“So I’ll be frank, I’m aware that our relationship is becoming something more than we both intended. Would you agree?” Derek asked.

“I think so, I feel like we both really enjoy each others company.” Tim responded.

“Good. I have to be honest Tim, when we first met I thought it was just some horny energy between us. Now I can see that it’s something else,” Derek exclaimed

Tim blushed.

“Yeah I know what you mean. So does this mean we’re boyfriends now?” Tim laughed.


Tim was taken aback. What did he just say?

“I told you from the start I don’t do boyfriends. I think you took that as I’m against relationships. Quite the contrary,” Derek continued, “Before I tell you anymore I want to give you two choices.”

Tim gulped and gave a nervous nod.

“One outcome is we continue what we’re doing but with what I’m about to propose. The other we go our separate ways and realise we aren’t a right match for each other,” Derek explained.

“So what are you proposing?” Tim questioned, nervously swirling the wine glass in his hand.

“There’s something I’ve been keeping from you, Tim. I’d usually like to lay all my cards on the table from the get-go, but with the way things started between us it wasn’t really possible.”

Derek removed a band of leather from behind him. It was thick with four silver rings poking out. Roughly about the size of a serving plate.

“Do you know what this is?”

“A collar?” Tim replied.

“Yes Tim a collar. You’re a gay guy in your twenties I’m fairly sure you’re familiar with BDSM. A collar is worn by a submissive to show his status to superiors.”

“So are you telling me you’re a submissive?

Derek furrowed his brows.

“No, Tim. Rather I’m a dominant. Which means the only place for you in our dynamic is as my submissive, which leads me onto my terms.”

Derek took a swing from his glass and fixed his gaze again on Tim.

“We continue progressing our relationship, but with a new dynamic. I will be your dominant and you will be my sub. You will be controlled by me in ways you can’t even imagine and I will introduce you to everything I expect of a sub. It will be an exciting journey for you and in time you’ll come to wish you’d tried it sooner.”

A beat.

“But… if this is something that you absolutely despise. If you can’t picture every submitting or serving me. Then I’m afraid the door is there for you. Just know once you leave it’s game over. There’s no midnight, lonely hookups or drunken phone calls. It’s the end,” Derek declared.

Tim looked on still too awe-stricken to speak. He swallowed his nerves and replied with;

“So it’s do whatever you want or I leave? That doesn’t seem very fair,” Tim argued.

“It might seem like this is all about what I want, Tim. But that’s the first lesson to learn about BDSM. I don’t want to make you do something against your will. Maybe not at first, but over time you’ll want to serve me. Not to be a braggart, but I’m good at what I do. Being in our current location means not many subs to play with, but, I have a feeling you have what it takes. I’ve tested out little things on you and your reaction shows me that you have the sub gene. You want to be controlled by me.”

Derek extended his hand with the collar and dropped it onto Tim’s knees. The weight was immediately felt.

“Pick it up. Imagine this wrapped around your neck, as the sign that I own you. You will be mine. Not as a boyfriend, but as a slave!” Derek exclaimed.

“T-This is too much I can’t,” Tim answered. Derek closed the distance between the two sitting on the couch. His leather pants creaking against the surface of the chair.

“I think you can, Tim. And you will with me guiding you. I’ve noticed that you let a lot of things hold you back from fear. Don’t let this be one of them,” Derek advised.

Tim’s hand met the collar as he held the mass of leather in his hand. It was slightly cool to the touch and there was quite a bit of grip in his palm.

“Will it be painful? I’ve seen videos of people using whips and stuff, I don’t think I can do that,” Tim remarked.

“Like I said Tim, I think you can but initially there won’t be anything like whips or floggers. I prefer to dominate using a more mental approach. As I mentioned before, I will get you to want this too. Just know the moment you accept this collar you are my slave. Our dynamic will change starting today. There won’t be an easing in process. I will treat you as I treat all my slaves, understand?” Derek asked.

“Yeah I get it.” Tim answered.

“A slave says ‘yes Sir’,” Derek corrected.


“A slave only response with ‘yes Sir’ or ‘no Sir’ when someone asks a question,” Derek explained calmly.

Tim felt a shower of embarrassment wash over him. He just continued to fix his gaze down at the collar in his hands.

“Well I’m waiting, slave,” Derek growled.

“Yes Sir!” Tim yelped in response. He felt a hand on his knee.

“Now put it on slave. Understand that this is you accepting my terms.”

Tim hesitated for a moment. He stood at a precipice. Sure he really loved being with Derek, but was he asking too much? Could he really go through with all this? Tim internally battled with this decision before feeling the hand on his thigh squeeze harder. Derek’s leering eyes waiting for him to make a choice. Tim slowly brought the collar up to his neck, he noticed a grin plaster across Derek’s face as the leather came into contact with his skin. Hands reached up to help fix the collar in place, tightening the strap so the leather enclosed his neck. Only a slight pinch, so Tim would feel its presence but not uncomfortable.

“Good slave. I’m glad that you’ve decided to trust my judgement. From now on that’s what you’ll be expected to do at all time,” Derek cheered.

Tim continued to blush, unsure how to respond.

“Well first things first, some ground rules to start you off. As a slave in my house you’ll be expected to wear what I tell you to wear. For now that means nothing at all. So STRIP,” Derek commanded, with a clap of his hands.

Tim had been naked in front of Derek many times in the past so this wasn’t that big of a deal. But he felt a wash of embarrassment fall over him as he reached up to remove his dress shirt. Starting to undo his buttons, Derek barked at him;

“When I give a slave an order, it should reply with ‘Yes Sir’!”

Tim felt his cheeks turn a bright red at being scolded and also the humiliating instruction.

“Y-yes Sir!” he beckoned, a little too loudly which made his humiliation even more apparent.

Tim continued to pop the buttons of his shirt removing this and the white cotton vest underneath.

“Wait here, boy. I expect you fully naked except for your collar when I get back,” Derek instructed, walking out of the room.

Tim was left alone to undo his shoes, remove his socks and pull down his work pants. His hair stood on end, as he carefully folded his clothes on the couch and caught a look at himself in a mirror in the lounge. Standing in his briefs, he knew what had to come next. He slid down his underwear and placed them neatly with the rest of his work attire. Tim fidgeted with the collar around his neck – unsure what to do next. Footsteps sounded in the hallway and Derek re-entered the room.

His outfit slightly changed, Derek now sported a chunky harness around his defined chest with a leather cap resting on his head. Two bicep bands stood out against his tanned flesh and leather gloved hands held two strange items.

“Good slave, we have some work to do on your body before you’re up to where I want you to be. I’m going to reshape you into the perfect you there is. You might thing you’ll hate it, but I think the more we continue on this journey, the more you’ll end up loving the new you,” Derek informed the twiddling, naked boy, “come here, slave!”

Tim slowly crept over to his new Master, getting used to this new feeling in their dynamic. Gone was the old banter between them, replaced with a new energy that made Tim so obedient to Derek’s orders. He wasn’t hating it, one thing Tim always hated was making decisions. There was a comfort in knowing he could just allow someone else to make them on his behalf.

Derek held out the first item for Tim – a black leather blindfold. It was fixed over his head. Next, Tim felt a ball pushed into his mouth, stretching his jaw wide. He made an audible “uhnnnn” as it popped home. Derek fastened the gag behind Tim’s head and forcefully pinned the sub’s arms behind his back. His body was pushed forward and Tim nervously took steps forward afraid to bump into anything.

Derek guided the blind boy into the hallway. Tim was relatively scrawny with not much meat on his bones and even less muscle. Just how Derek liked them. He could easily overpower him in an instant. Hell if he wanted this journey to be quicker, Derek could throw the twinky boy over his shoulder. But there was more fun in seeing the boy flinch as they journeyed on.

“Careful we’re about to walk up the steps,” Derek announced.

Tim felt for the first step with his bare foot and with assistance from behind he managed to start ascending the flight of stairs. Mentally mapping where he was going in his blind state made it a bit easier for Tim. They reached the landing of the first floor and Tim felt cold tile under his feet. The bathroom?

Derek pushed Tim into the shower.

“Keep your hands behind your back and no fidgeting!”

Tim was left alone for a few seconds before he felt some cold water jet against his crotch. The water was ice cold and Tim immediately yelled into his gag. He went to move from the oncoming blast of water but firm hands held him in place.

“Calm down, slave. It’ll warm up in a minute,” Derek declared.

Tim stood shivering in the shower, trying to keep his arms behind is back.

“I know that with your job it’s not exactly an easy task to be the perfectly looking slave for me. So for now everything above the collar is off limits. But, rest-assured once we get around that issue I will decide EVERYTHING about how you look. This includes that mop of hair. I like my boy to have a more fitting hairstyle.”

Tim grunted into his gag, clearly displeased with what was being said. The water slowly became a little more tepid but still not the ideal showering temperature.

“Although the neck up is restricted territory, everything below that should be kept exactly how I want it. That includes body hair. I like my boys smooth. Any hair that I find on your body will result in a punishment. You don’t want that do you?” Derek asked, the water turned back to ice cold and Tim groaned into his gag, “Good. I’m glad you agree. Alright let’s get rid of all this ugly hair!”

Derek shut off the cold water and began lathering on some thick, gloopy substance. The smell was horrendous and soon Tim’s entire lower half was coated in the gunk.

“Fifteen minutes and we should be good to go. Keep standing as you are. I don’t want to see you moving an inch! I don’t care if it starts to sting,” Derek growled.

The thoughts of being baby smooth filled Tim’s mind. He didn’t really have a problem with this and always hated his body hair. But, being told he couldn’t have any – that it wasn’t his choice anymore. His own body started to feel less and less like his own property.

The minutes ticked by, and Tim felt his body getting progressively more sensitive. By the end it was scorching and he was relieved to feel the cold water sooth his burning skin. Derek whistled as he showered off Tim’s flesh, watching all his hair fall away with the goop.

“Looking great, slave. Not a hair in sight,” Derek cheered, as he shut off the water.

A fluffy towel covered Tim’s baby-smooth skin. Every fibre could be felt brushing against his delicately, sensitive skin. After being towelled off, Derek guided Tim out of the shower onto a woolly bath matt.

“Now let’s get you into your outfit for tonight, before dinner,” Derek declared.

Tim felt a hand grasp his balls and cock in a tight grip. He made a muffled yelp behind the gag. There was pressure around the base of his dick before some lube was rubbed over it. Tim started to get hard, but before his cock could get fully stiff it came into contact with hard plastic. Pressure on all sides of his dick confirmed that it had been fitted into some kind of tube. After being feeling a click and release, Tim concluded it was some kind of chastity device.

“Looking good, boy. Today starts your chastity training. I need to focused on my pleasure not your own. This will be the key to controlling you, as long as THIS,” Derek grasped Tim’s locked cock in his hand, “is locked away you have no choice but to do as I say. Your collar may be removed at times, but your cock will always be kept like this.”

Tim gave a weak, muffled grunt before the hand was released and they continued with his dressing. Next, the same lubricant that was spread on his dick was massaged into Tim’s legs. Derek took extra care to work the liquid into the sensitive flesh. Something cold began to work its way up to Tim’s thighs. It clung to his limb with an air-tight grip. Tim could feel Derek smoothing out any creases with his hands before starting with the second appendage.

Soon, Tim had two slick stockings on his feet. He could feel pressure on every inch of his skin and the tightness made his locked cock start to strain a bit. He never realised he’d get turned on by something like this.

“Alright-y slave. Your last item is waiting and then we can get on with our evening,” Derek reported, before slipping off the blindfold that was still fixed to Tim’s head.

His eyes strained at the bright lights of the bathroom. He winced for a few seconds before gazing down at his new body. His whole body was devoid of any hair. Silky smooth. Tim’s legs were coated up to the thigh in bright pink latex. Tim let out a gasp when he seen the same bright pink on his chastity cage, poking out obscenely from his slender body.

“One last thing to complete the look,” Derek chuckled, holding out a pink latex skirt to match his new pink stockings, “Leg up!”

Tim sheepishly raised his leg, hearing the creak of the rubber as he did. He stepped into the latex skirt as Derek worked it up to rest on his waist. The fabric rippled out and the bottom of his cage poked out for the world to see.

“There you’re all ready and dressed. How do you feel slave?” Derek questioned, undoing the gag and working the rubber ball out of Tim’s sore jaw.

“I-I look like-”

“My slave. You look how I tell you to look. If I want you wearing a garbage bag, I can command it. But I prefer my subs to be inviting and provocative. For the record you look very cute, boy… or should I say girl,” Derek chortled.

Tim went beet-red at the latest comment. He just continued to stare down at his new body, feeling a wash off embarrassment but with a twinge of satisfaction. He agreed with Derek, he did look cute. He enjoyed dressing and if it’s anything to go by the tent in Derek’s leather pants. He wasn’t the only one who liked his new outfit.

“Okay girly, it’s time to have some grub. Then we can talk about the next stages of your submission to me,” Derek stated, before turning towards the door. “And if you want to eat in my house as a slave you’ll have to EARN your food.”

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