In the heart of a desolate landscape, nestled far away from the bustling pulse of civilisation, lies a monolithic facility of chilling significance. An imposing fortress, it rises defiantly against nature’s rugged landscape. Its towering walls cast shadows that seem to stretch into eternity. This enigmatic institution, shrouded in stark solemnity, is a place of profound transformation, where lives are remoulded amidst an environment of pristine rigidity.

The facility’s architecture is a study in stark contrasts. The entirety of the structure is cloaked in a resolute shade of grey as if to symbolize the absolute absence of extravagance and frills. The cold, unforgiving concrete façade stands as an impenetrable barrier between the lives of those within and the unforgiving wilderness beyond.

Upon crossing the threshold of this sombre fortress, one is met with an atmosphere of unrelenting orderliness and restraint. Sterile and antiseptic, the cleanliness here is an emblem of discipline and the meticulous attention to detail that governs every facet of life within these walls. The spatial arrangement is governed by the principles of strict control, with an oppressive sense of containment. Minimalist furnishings, unyielding in their simplicity, furnish the rooms and common areas as if to remind the occupants that the path to re-education necessitates an uncluttered existence. A pervading sense of quiet and isolation underscores the daily existence, enhancing the impression of a world distilled to its purest essence.

A winding dirt road sways through dense woodlands up a steep hill to the remote and merciless citadel. Along its rough and rugged track, a singular vehicle navigates the bends of the road ahead as it nears the re-education centre. An unmarked storage van —just as sterile and sombre as the building in the immediate distance. Its tinted windows obscure any view into the interior of the austere vehicle. Within its concealed metal confines, an elaborate freight is being shipped to the isolated establishment —that of two particularly unlucky males.

The victims’ storage during the excessive journey was far from comfortable – more suitable for a precious artefact than a human being. Within the vehicle’s internal storage are two carefully secured steel crates. Little would one know, but these containers were a marvel of preservation. The robust crates continually monitored both males, providing life support during their travels to the facility. The occupants were physically affixed in position within the storage unit’s interior of inflatable rubber. The males’ bodies were motionless, sealed in their fetal poses as treasured cargo isolated from the outside world. 

As the transport carrier entered via the fortified entrance, numerous checks ensured the shipment was to be delivered to its correct destination. Once the vehicle halted outside a loading bay, the doors to the driver’s cabin creaked open. 

Clad in formidable suits of body armour crafted from thick, imposing rubber, these muscled male guards represented unwavering resolve and unyielding authority. The body armour, used maybe more as a visual statement than for practicality reasons, moulds itself to the powerful physiques of both guards with almost sculptural precision. It clings to their well-defined musculature, accentuating their physical prowess in a display of sheer, raw power. Their relentless discipline and training required by all those who guard and maintain this facility was emphasised by their appearance of brute strength. 

The visage of these muscled guards was obscured by matte black tactical helmets, which complemented the armour with its sleek, purposeful design. Their eyes were hidden behind a smooth, reflective visor. Gazing at their facial region, one would be intimidated beyond belief, staring at the gleaming surface. These men conveyed an intensity that speaks of the relentless focus required for their task. An indomitable spirit that courses through their veins as they stroll to the back of the vehicle.

As the containers are carefully hoisted from the delivery van into the bay area, they are wheeled inside the frigid, grey building by the robust guards. Within these monochromatic walls, a rigorous routine was about to unfold. Each moment was meticulously orchestrated to facilitate the transformation of these men who would now reside here. The strictness of the regime and the strict adherence to protocol left no room for deviation.

Amidst the formidable and sterile interior, the rolling wheels of the trolleys carrying the containers echoed along the extensive network of corridors. Several fortified security checkpoints meant the powerless captives were getting further and further from freedom with each roll of the cart’s wheels. 

Passing other similarly clad men in the hallway, the two delivery guards didn’t acknowledge their presence, fixed solely on their purpose of delivering the precious cargo. The boots of the armoured guards clomped against the shiny white vinyl flooring as they neared their final delivery place for the two packaged males.

A final door, requiring a passcode, ‘hsst‘ open as its hydraulic inner mechanism jolted to life. The room inside was heavily stocked with many strange machines and equipment, all for the sole purpose of preparing the males for their new life within the confines of the centre. The tools and supplies resembled something out of a state-of-the-art operating theatre or perhaps more in line with a mad scientist laboratory.

Within the mysteriously equipped room, several gynaecological chairs were positioned in various parts of the space. The walls, ceiling, and floors, all clad with immaculate white tiles, bathe the room in a pure, ethereal glow. The surfaces were unblemished and reflected the ambient light, creating an atmosphere of unparalleled sterility. The true purpose of this space would soon become apparent as a theatre made for one thing only —decontamination and preparation. The air, purified and conditioned, carries a faint scent of antiseptic, a testament to the unwavering commitment to sterility and control.

The wheels of the elaborate crates came to a stop as the guards had completed their delivery. They took a step back, paused in place and, in unison, turned and exited the room, leaving the two crates in the vast space of the eerie chamber. The captive males wouldn’t be alone for long. Shortly after the departure of the transport guards, several figures entered the brightly lit preparation theatre.

In contrast to the stark, aggressive dress code of the facility’s guards, the silhouettes which entered the room were distinctly feminine. Balancing on impossibly high en-pointe heels, the silhouettes which entered the space looked more akin to animated mannequins than human beings. Their entire form, head to toe, was cast in seamless casings of shiny perfection. In complete disparity with the black military gear of the guards, these creatures resembled moving statues of pure white elegance. 

Large faultlessly formed shiny white orbs hung from the chests of the almost identical dolls. Their seamlessly cinched waists and rounded hips sat atop delicately slim, glossy white legs as the figures tottered towards various machinery in the room. Each being looked like they had been dipped in the thickest vat of liquid resin or rubber. Ridges forming a strict, white corset could be seen around each doll’s waist, with various buckles and restraints coating their pristine, glossy skin.  

The facial area of the creatures is perhaps the area of most peculiarity. Darkened lenses sat where the shiny doll’s eyes should be. Their mouths hung open in a permanent ‘O’ shape with a smooth white interior showing a set of rubberised teeth and a slightly lolling tongue. White bloated lips surrounded this vision of perverse eroticism. Each doll’s head was flawlessly polished and smooth, adding to their appearance as show dummies. 

The only respite from the full-encompassing seamless outfit was the corset, restraints and a carefully positioned rubber collar wrapped around each figure’s neck, reading their personal ID number. Although almost everything about these creatures exudes the highest form of femininity, one thing causes any onlooker to question the being’s gender. Between each doll’s thin legs is a stiff, shiny sharf wobbling from side to side with each dainty step on their high heels. A sealed cock and balls in the same material as their perverse, and frankly freakish, bodies. 

Overhead, advanced surgical lights hang suspended like celestial orbs, reflecting the perfect shine on the strange mannequins as they worked. Surrounding each chair, an array of cutting-edge medical equipment stands ready. Monitors and screens, adorned with vibrant displays for vital signs and diagnostic imagery, line the walls. The instruments, laid out in a meticulously organised fashion, gleam with sterile precision, each tool a testament to human ingenuity and the pursuit of perfection in the service of transformation.

After all checks had been completed, the figures tottered to the centre of the room where the crates lay still and silent. As if on cue, two additional bodies entered the room with an aura of dominance and control. The dolls visibly tense up upon their arrival.

Tall and statuesque, the two men embody the pinnacle of physical and masculine perfection. Each sinew of their muscular frames speaks of strength beyond comprehension, a testament to the sheer might that courses through their divine forms. Their towering presence seems to cause nervous wobbling from the figures surrounding the containers.

Adorned in skintight ensembles, their attire exudes authority and power. Flawlessly fitting suits sheathe both muscled men with the same glossy material as the feminine figures in the room. Like the guards, the men’s enclosed outfits are coloured in stark blackness, causing them to stand out amongst the whiteness in the room.

Above the collars of their suits, chiselled features, sculpted with an otherworldly precision, define the men’s countenance. Their faces, a mix blend of masculine strength and celestial grace, show an expression of excitement for what’s about to come. The two imposing and authoritative figures in question are two trainers, Master Bentley and Master Robin. 

They were responsible for the induction and training of the new captives arriving at the facility. Their track record for breaking in outside victims to this austere establishment was second to none. Their training regime was perfected over years of expert practice with many captives who would enter inside this building’s walls. 

Males confined within this austere facility are subject to an unyielding regimen of rehabilitation and re-education —designed to reshape their minds and mould them into creatures of pure loyalty and conformity to rules and command. Creatures which would no doubt remain genderless and subservient to the carefully ordered hierarchy within the establishment. The two men, fixed in their delicately arranged transport mechanisms, would soon understand the need to submit themselves to a re-education process that will erase their previous identities and instil a new, uniform ethos. 

“Alright sluts, we haven’t got all day!” barked one of the trainers. His voice is resonant and powerful —a melodic timbre that commands attention and obedience. 

The dolls surrounding the crates descended on the metallic containers, extracting the two sleeping victims from their confined storage. The sealed rubber which surrounds the men deflated. Their vital signs were monitored while the bulky cases were unlocked and opened. Within the chests, sweaty naked flesh was revealed amongst the harsh blackness of the crate’s shiny interior.

Faint traces of steam rose from the boxes as they were pried open by the feminine workers. The temperature inside the crates would have been severely uncomfortable if the two occupants were conscious. Black anaesthetic masks clung to their faces, providing the unlucky sufferers with oxygen. Copious amounts of sweat leaked from the transport carriers and ran into a drain in the centre of the white, polished flooring. A vast array of intricate black rubber tubing led into various orifices of the two men. Their journey had clearly not been a short one. The captors had undergone extremely diligent preparation to ensure the safe arrival of the cargo unharmed. 

The on-looking trainers were beaming as they caught the first sight of their freshly unpacked prey. Their lithe, nude forms being pried from their transport carrier displayed two young men who would make an ideal acquisition for the facility. Beneath the peaceful facade, a subtle vulnerability lingers, an air of fragility —exciting the two cruel trainers. The rise and fall of their chests, beneath their sweat-soaked flesh, betray the gentle rhythm of slumber—a tranquil respite from the tumultuous trials in which they will soon commence. The brutal observers felt their hard cocks strain the tight rubber of their skintight suit —something which did not go unnoticed by the dolls hard at work. 

Each tube was carefully disconnected from the naked victims, followed by the removal of a phallically shaped gag and dildo. As they were lifted from the cases, two nearby medical seats lay ready, clad in pristine white leather, their sleek surface adjustable to accommodate the needs of the most intricate procedures, containing several disconcerting belts and restraints. The dolls hauled the nude men to the nearby genealogical chairs as their bodies were harshly secured within their leather-coated seats.

The muscled trainers smirked at the vulnerable appearance of the stripped males. Their legs were locked in place, spread open and inviting, for the start of their preparation for this frightening and dominable world. Gazing at the two bodies lying defenceless and fixed to the gynaecological chairs, Master Robin noticed their dissimilarities.

The first is a rather tall adolescent, his shape and form thin and lanky. His slender, naked frame accentuates the angularity of his physique. Framed by a mop of unruly hair, his face bears the subtle nuances of adolescence’s youthful features. Beside him lies a stark contrast—a more muscular male. His unconscious form exudes an aura of athleticism, his broad shoulders and defined musculature a testament to hours spent honing his body within sports. 

The instruments nearby, laid out in a meticulously organized fashion, gleam with sterile precision, each tool a testament to the ingenuity and the pursuit of perfection in the drive for reconditioning.

The dolls begin by employing advanced scanning equipment to produce a thorough digital replica of the two males’ bodies. Specially equipped probes were inserted into various body parts to make a flawless mould of the victim’s most intimate orifices. The excessive assault on the two prisoners began to revive them from their prolonged, drug-induced slumber. Low groans of confusion and desperation echoed within the room’s pristine white walls.

Their blinking eyes fluttered to adjust to the blinding lights. Within their field of vision, the blurry figures working around their body caused both men to panic. Their reactions seemed to go unnoticed by the rubber-coated dolls, who continued to operate on the restrained captives. 

“Mfffddddd,” came the alarmed cry from them both, as their limbs, weak from the sleeping agent, struggled feebly against their bonds.

Their horror came from both the situation unfolding within their gaze and the horrible ‘full’ feeling within their tightly packed asses. The gag within their mouths caused one of the two to choke for a few seconds struggling with the cock-shaped gag between his lips. Alongside the dread and distress of the two males, the most confusing of all was their hard, rigid cocks with a tube of its own firmly attached to the two male appendages. Alongside the sleeping agent that was fed to the captives while they were in the crates, an extremely powerful aphrodisiac was also administered for their trip. This was a unique blend which was fed to the dolls from an early stage to get them addicted to their new perverse and horny state. A perfect condition to be in for their training to begin. 

As the dolls finished their intensive on-slaught and preparation of the victim’s nude bodies, they took a step back, leaving room for the two beaming trainers to come into view of the terrified prey. Their eyes widened out of trepidation as the two enormous bodies came closer into view and halted at the foot of the gynaecological chairs. Among the pure whiteness of the room, the black outfits of the two men added to their tyrannical appearance.

The victim’s bodies were fully exposed as their asses had phallic-shaped probes inserted deep within them —similar to that lodged within their mouths. Disconcerting tubing fed from the probes and away into the dark corners of the vast room plugged into unknown machinery. All the while, dark moans of fear mixed with pleasure emulated from the terrified victims. The trainers took some time drinking in the sight of the controlled males, seeing them attempt to shy away with their naked forms so lewdly on a show for the muscled assaulters.

“Welcome to the rest of your miserable life,” the larger of the two announced, his hand already massaging his thick cock bulging out of the rubber codpiece, “I’m sure your heads are swimming with silly little worries about what’s going on. There’s only one thing you need to occupy your mind with right now, and that’s following every command myself or my big friend here gives you two pathetic sluts.”

Both panicked prey struggled more in the bonds as the muscle-packed man spoke. Their behaviour clearly displeased him as he frowned and nodded to a nearby doll. The walking mannequin understood instinctively and commenced operating some nearby controls. Suddenly, a flurry of pain wracked the bodies writhing in the chairs as if they were being tormented by the instruments embedded within their naked forms. 

“This is just a gentle taste of how fucked the two slaves in front of me will feel if they even imagine disobeying my orders. Over the next few hours, you’ll soon understand who holds the true power here. You might still retain elements of your wild mind but, and I mean this, you will be broken. Do I make myself clear?”

The ominous trainer’s question was met with heavy breathing and terrified eye contact by the two captives. Another nod to the doll by the controls and the pain erupted once again across the bodies of the screaming slaves.

“I won’t ask again. Do I make myself fucking crystal clear?”

“Mfffffd!” the duo mumbled in return through their phallic-shaped gags.

“We’re ready to move on, cunts. Put these sluts under and begin the procedure,” barked the male to the terrified group of shiny-coated workeds.

The two men allowed the dolls to get to work. They came into view of the two prisoners, who were baffled by what they were witnessing. They felt a spiral of bewilderment and terror wash over them as they got a good glimpse of the abnormal creatures tottering around them. Glossy, white forms without a glimpse of any skin or personality. Completely uniform, their body shapes were too similar to tell them apart. Their hard rubber cocks swaying with each step. 

The smiling trainers were both extremely horny for what would shortly follow for their captive prey. Watching the progressive transformation of new slaves and how they adjusted to their new life inside the merciless citadel was always an enormous thrill for them both. The two unlucky victims drifted into a deep slumber as intricate machinery was wheeled to the leather-backed chairs. Specially designed goggles were fixed around their heads while more tubes were fed into their nostrils and ears. They would awake in a few hours with their bodies, minds and lives permanently altered.

“I don’t know about you, but I’ve not cum since this morning,” one of the trainers laughed, massaging his enormous cock within its holster. This did not go unnoticed by the many dick-hungry sluts surrounding him, who knew better than to act until instructed.

“First phase, executing depilation procedure,” a soft feminine voice rang out across the laboratory.

Equipped with rubber hoses that ended in phallic-shaped nozzles, the feminine worker drones began spraying a white foamy substance on the bodies of the two vulnerable prisoners. This dreadful foam, a noxious substance that defies the senses, clings to the figure’s form in a grotesque parody of comfort. Its consistency, thick and gloopy, seems to writhe with a life of its own, engulfing the body in a slimy embrace that would inspire revulsion rather than reassurance. As the repugnant foam engulfs every inch of the figure’s skin, it adheres with a tenacious grip, smothering and suffocating. The bodies, once human in form, now appear distorted and contorted beneath this vile coating.

Wires and tubes emergy from the loathsome foamy surface into various machinery. Coating the victim’s bodies was a harsh and intense chemical compound which would burn away any traces of hair along with killing off any roots to ensure hair would never grow back again. This had been tried and tested on many other converts —and the victim’s bodies would stay smooth and silky for the remainder of their pathetic lives.

A few minutes passed, and the bizarre creatures got to work spraying down the bodies with jets of clear water, washing away the nasty substance from the two captives. Their skin, revealed, was rosey red from the harsh chemical and not a single trace of hair could be seen anywhere. Their now bare and dome-like heads lay still against their headboards, leaving behind an impeccable canvas.

“Second phase, executing body reconstruction and outer skin application,” the feminine voice announced once again. 

The earlier scan of the two soon-to-be sex dolls appeared on monitors next to their unconscious frames. Programs ran in the background to the exact sizes needed for their new body moulds. Machinery in another part of the facility already set to work printing the large moulds awaiting the soon-to-be dolls. The years of intense research, marvellous breakthroughs and the development of new equipment allowed the facility to complete remarkable fusions of technology and artistry. 

One thing which was the institution’s opus was the rubber body moulds which formed each individual doll. If one were to believe that the shiny casing surrounding each doll was removable, one would be mistaken. The trainers had aptly named the polished, white coatings a doll’s ‘second skin’. The material acted as such through advanced technology. The glossy surface behaved almost identically to a human’s real epidermis. 

The mysterious compound is like a living organism attaching to flesh and breathing with it. Within the body mould, the build of the doll’s form is permanently altered, sprouting artificial round tits with a slimmed waist cinched down by the permanent corset. The dolls emerge as silhouettes of perfection, sculpted into mannequins as if by an artist’s skilled hand. And this is what was about to happen next for the poor, hairless victims. 

First, wires and tubes were disconnected from their housings as the victims were stripped bare, leaving two pink-skinned male bodies. Their lifeless forms were raised from the gynaecological chairs by the unit of freakish, blank attendants and hauled to two awaiting chambers ready for their defenceless and still unconscious forms. The narcotics used to keep the two captives out cold would last for a couple of hours, and they would gently awaken in their new bodies.

The lithe form of the skinnier captive was first locked into his awaiting chamber in a seated position, followed shortly by his more muscular prison mate. The pod was sealed shut, leaving two bald heads poking out from under the bulky array of machinery. As the girthy apparatus sprung to life, a rhythmic revving could be heard throughout the pristine white theatre. 

Beneath the soft glow, the contours of the two male’s bodies shifted and refined. Every imperfection would be dissolved, replaced by flawlessly smooth skin. This would also be the first step to creating two identical dolls-in-waiting. The vast ingenuity and scientific breakthroughs within the facility led to the creation of machinery capable of altering human’s physical forms in preparation for their new moulds. 

After removal from the malevolent tanks, the two males would look nearly identically with their new bodies slimmed down to now lithe, and frankly, feminine proportions. With their hairless and flawless naked appearance, the two captives looked already like expressionless mannequins. 

The assailants gazed with superior grins at the bizarre emerging forms of their prey. Each had a doll kneeling between their muscular legs worshipping their hard, needy cocks. The two lifeless bodies were carried to awaiting gurneys ready for their transport to the rubber mould. They would soon emerge as the sex dolls that they would spend each remaining second of life as. Moans of pleasure erupted from the trainers ramming their huge cocks into the silent dolls working tirelessly for their reward. 

. . .

Within the quiet confines of a room, deep within the ruthless halls of the facility, a steady silence in a darkened room stirred one of the captives from the depths of a coma, stirred from the grasp of unconsciousness to find himself adrift in a reality entirely unfamiliar. As consciousness ebbed back into awareness, the figure’s senses were assailed by a disorienting whirlwind. 

The moaning creature’s awareness was first assaulted by an intense desire. The need to touch it’s aching and lusting cock. As if right on the edge of orgasm, the figure struggled among the unseen bonds thrusting its hips uselessly, feeling no stimulation from the world around it. The moans of one were soon joined by a second. 

‘Mffffd,’ the two creatures cried out in lust among the darkness of the room. 

They kicked, swung and swayed but to no avail —it was as if their bodies were fixed in place. The duo’s bodies felt exhausted, limbs numbed, flesh aching and enormous pressure was exerted in various parts of their body. Not to mention the existence of gags and dildos still plugging their sore mouth and asses. The moaning persisted for what felt like hours, as there was little else the two unlucky victims could do in their current state. 

As the initial shock began to ebb, a torrent of emotions flooded the beings —confusion, disbelief, fear, and a profound sense of despair for what they had just lay witness to. Yet amidst the turmoil, a growing dark perversion—an unknown need and desire emulated from the firmly restrained victims. The phallic objects lodged within their anus caused the longing to grow more intense.

Suddenly, the immense darkness was interrupted by a crack of light blinding the two moaning subjects. Like being birthed once more, the exterior world gradually came into view as the two emerged from the extensive machinery of the body mould. Gone were the hoards of mannequin dolls, but the two authoritative trainers remained, gazing intensely at the opening of the rubber mould.

The peculiar mould stood like an enormous egg within a vast room. Its surface is black and viscous, similar to thick jello —breaking apart to reveal the new dolls inside. Their nude, hairless bodies changed beyond recognition. Standing among the mould of the mysterious, dark entrapment stood two black objects of desire. Similar to the white rubber dolls, the male’s new bodies were of distinctly feminine proportions. 

Rounded breasts sheathed in rubber, cinched waists from permanent corsets, followed by long slimming legs ending in trepidation heels. The only difference between the dolls before and the two fresh ones was their colour. The two transformed beings were sheathed from head to toe in shiny black rubber —signifying their stance as prisoners and slaves-in-training at the facility. 

The trainers were beaming with delight at the freshly-produced dolls that looked as if they were fresh out of their packaging. They would spend many days, weeks and even months training them in the method of strict control, devotion and hierarchy.

The two objects supported by metal structures keeping them fixed in place could only stare in fear at their blurred vision of their new trainers. Their moans, now sounding struggled and mixed with need, felt the plugs within their asses vibrate, causing their metal bonds to creak from their struggle. 

“Good evening, sluts…” one of the trainers greeted, his voice silk like honey, “Before we release you and get started there is only one thing left before you can be fully complete and ready to function. We know that untrained creatures like you two can’t be trusted with this new sexual desire you have coursing through your veins. The drugs we’ve supplied you with are too intense for us to control you without a little help.”

That was when the two dolls noticed the mechanisms the trainers were holding in their hands —a strange black belt seemingly made from metal. 

“These devices are specifically made for the training period of a doll’s lifetime. Your useless cocks are no longer the male organs they once were. These are now controlled by us and this facility. You will learn to channel your new erogenous zones which I’m sure you realise by now.”

A new burst of fear ripped through the dolls as they screamed their fear.

“Shut the fuck up! Now let’s get these locked on you sluts and we’ll take you to your new quarters. The good news is we’re going to keep you two sluts together. Won’t that be nice to share a rubber-covered bed together, bound and gagged every night. I think we’ll even turn you into lovers. How about that?”

The trainers grinned at each other before climbing in the mould to take the distressed dolls in their rugged hands, unlocking them from their bonds and preparing them for their new chastity devices. 

In this remote and merciless citadel, the quest for re-education is one of profound asceticism and self-abnegation, where the starkness of the environment serves as a constant reminder of the stringent path to transformation. Whether it be through the relentless march of time, the rigour of self-reflection, or the implacable conformity demanded, the facility stands as a symbol of austere authority and unyielding discipline, a monument to the re-education of males, where the echoes of their past lives fade into the cold, grey abyss.

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