It was always a fun quest, finding new places to order zentai from. As time went by, Jake had gotten more and more adept at tracking down little suppliers, hidden away in corners of the internet, who could offer something different to him – colours, textures, special features. Now, a lead from a forum post had brought him to this website.

The post had simply linked to the website, and proclaimed the zentai available there to be “sheer bliss – absolutely life-changing!” It was easily enough to pique Jake’s curiosity, and so he’d soon found himself going through the options. Most of them seemed normal enough – different faces, lengths of access zip, individual toes, that sort of thing. But added to the list was a new and different item – “perfect fit”. He’d heard manufacturers claim their spandex outfits could achieve that before, but never seen it as a single option on its own.
Curious, and seeing that the suits were not too expensive, he decided to take the chance. He entered his usual preferences – an open mouth, a zip long enough to give him access at the front and back, individual toes. His measurements came next – a long and detailed list, one he was well-practised at entering now. And then, he added the final option. The website blipped up an error message – this could only be ordered with a sheath, and full face covering. No matter, he thought – always nice to have variety.

He finished the order, paid, and got an email confirming his order – it would be delivered in 6-8 weeks, not an unusual wait time. With that, he went back to browsing the forum, to see what other leads he could find.


Some weeks later, the parcel arrived. Like so many others, it was a tightly wrapped plastic package, as small as possible to help make it cheaper to ship to him. Nothing about it – the packaging, the label – was especially remarkable compared to any other of the many zentai Jake had gotten this way over the years. He took it into his bedroom and carefully unwrapped it, eventually unfurling the prize within.

The fabric clung to his skin almost immediately, soft and incredibly inviting. That was different – so often it was still a little stiff from the starch used to help the manufacturing process. Yet here, it was almost blissfully sleek and smooth, flowing over his hands. The colour – a vibrant, bright blue – shone in the sunlight. Jake spread the suit out on the bed to check everything was as ordered, and to take pictures for a review.

Yet he could barely bring himself to let go of the suit long enough to do even that – it was just so wonderful to feel, to rub his fingers over. Well, he thought, time to check this so-called perfect fit; after all, you always have to try it on to be sure. He could always wash it after.

So he put his phone aside, and laid the suit on its front, working its delicate zipper open – two toggles, one to the top of the head, one down to just above where his ass would sit. That was nothing exceptional. But the spandex – oh how good it felt! How urgently he wanted to feel it on his skin; so urgently he was fumbling to get his clothes off, throwing them aside, stripping down naked and sitting on the bed next to the suit.

He brought it round, zip towards him, and slipped his feet inside. Immediately he felt his cock twitch – goddamn, that was wonderful, feeling them become immersed in the material. He found that the suit needed almost no work – no bunching, or shuffling – to fit over his legs. It just slipped up his legs in two smooth gliding motions, him holding it steady just below his balls and his by now fast-stiffening cock.

Adjusting to slip into the sheath did not take long at all. The suit almost seemed to want to engulf him, and fitted snugly around his balls as well, holding them just a little forward, emphasising how hard he was getting. He worked the suit up, slipping arms in, rolling it over his head – it all seemed so easy, so speedy, and so wonderfully encompassing.

Now to zip the suit up – bottom toggle first, and normally Jake found himself pinching, tugging, wiggling away. But the toggle moved up with such wonderful ease, just held between two fingers. As it slid up, he felt the suit tighten to his skin, moulding to every single contour of his body, every last millimetre of skin. He swapped arms when he needed to, and brought the bottom zipper up to the base of his neck in one deft motion. Now the top one – normally, again, he’d be gently working it down, keeping his hair free. But no – it almost flowed down, that was how smooth it felt. With a final tug, the second zipper came to rest against the first, and he was in.

It was now Jake caught himself in the mirror. Normally the hood would obscure much of the view, but somehow this fabric afforded him just a clear enough view to catch his breath – what looked back was a near perfectly smooth, shiny, radiant blue object. The suit was so perfectly moulded to him, so flawless and inviting. He had to rub his hands over it, the sensation of the fabric against itself gave him a rush of lust, a surge of need. His cock throbbed at him insistently as he ran those gossamer gloves over his perfect, anonymous form, and sank to his knees.
Jake was barely even aware of his surroundings when the first orgasm rushed through his mind and body, hands still racing all over his body. As his body trembled with pleasure, the suit seemed to tighten just the slightest bit more. If he had even noticed that this was caused by the zipper peeling away from his back and dropping to the floor, he would not have cared. He was lost, plunging deep into a blissful, erotic place, feeling, stroking himself over and over, rewarded again and again with that trembling, potent rush of release each time.

It was some hours later that the zentai toy felt the urge to grab the phone on the bedside cabinet. It opened a different forum that Jake had once used and posted a new thread to the board. In that post was just a link and a caption:
“sheer bliss – absolutely life-changing!”

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