Time lost all meaning as Stanley moaned in desperation. He continued to, suck and sweat in his current predicament. The video feed was constant, as erotic videos of extremely modified dolls played in front of his eyes. With no choice but to watch what he was soon to become. Often the screen would show vanilla sex or a doll’s removal from their rubber skin. This was met with a loud screeching tone and harsh electric shocks.

Blind to the outside world, Stanley could only feel the gentle rise and fall of the plane’s altitude. During the lengthy flight, Stanley continued to suck rhythmically on the dildo embedded between his lips. It would frequently reward him with a cool liquid shooting down his throat. Sweat collected at the bottom of the inflated rubber prison and Stanley had a slight amount of movement as a result of the now slippery surface.

In his horny reverie, he felt calm. Either the brainwashing was doing the trick or the liquid he was ingesting was laced with some kind of drug. Or maybe both. Whatever the case, he was starting to look forward to his impending arrival and to meet his new Godlike Master. His mind became hazy as he thought about worshipping his magnificent rubber cock.

A dull thud signified the planes arrival as it rolled towards Master’s private hangar. The sissy-in-waiting could feel movement as the container was rolled into a van nearby. A rumbling within the confined rubber prison signalled that they were now on their way to Master’s Doll House. The vibrations and milker increased in speed the closer they got.

By now, Stanley was exhausted from the constant attention of the milker and brainwashing process. After hours of non-stop orgasms, his cock ached inside the milker. He moaned into the gag as it shot a fresh batch of cum down his throat. Unbeknownst to the sissy in waiting, his cum was now fed directly back to him. Something he’d become all too familiar with.

The van came to an abrupt halt, signifying their arrival at Stanley’s new home. He could feel movement once again – as the case rolled across a smooth surface. Everything inside his transportation box became still as the rolling came to a halt. The rubber around Stanley began to contract. His numb limbs felt the pressure dissipate. A crack of light filled the darkness he’d become accustomed to and his sweaty body was forcibly removed from the travel case. All the equipment was removed from Stanley’s body as his eyes strained, adjusting to the bright room.

The first thing that came into his vision was pink and shiny. They lay inches from his face, as two round globes took up his entire line of sight. Once his eyes regained their sight, Stanley looked up to find they belonged to a strange figure standing over him. He thought he was staring at a mannequin, before the form stirred. Covered in solid black and pink rubber from head to toe – there wasn’t a single inch of skin on show. Even the doll’s face seemed hidden behind a layer of solid rubber. Its facial features were hidden apart from the protrusion of its nose and a hole where its mouth was.

Stanley was stunned into silence as the terrifying doll brought him to his feet. He could see now that this creature was far from human. Its waist was slimmed down to a wasp-like twenty inches while its chest and hips billowed out to give it a hyper-feminine look. Before Stanley could react, the doll placed its rubber-gloved hands on both sides of his face and its huge inflated lips met his in a passionate embrace.

The massive pink lips surrounded an O shape that was the doll’s cock sucking mouth. A strange substance oozed out and Stanley could taste something strange leaking onto his tongue. Said tongue entered into the rubber hole feeling around for any flesh but all Stanley found was smooth rubber. The doll didn’t even have any teeth just hard rubber ones.

During their smooching session, Stanley didn’t notice they were no longer alone in the room.

“Daisy, meet your new sister,” the figure approaching called out.

The doll moaned enthusiastically behind the kiss before releasing Stanley leaving him to stumble backwards in shock and confusion.

“She can be quite the hands-on doll, it can be a problem for some. But then again I programmed her to be a horny slut,” the male voice echoed in the room.

Daisy moaned and twitched as the very voice of the man advancing towards them made her weak at the knees. A firm hand landed on Stanley’s shoulder as the other one immediately cupped his ass. He quickly tried to break away from the grasp.

“Don’t move an inch, sissy. Your programming hasn’t begun yet however the hypnosis you’ve been exposed to will leave you under my control for the next few hours.” his Master explained.

Stanley was frozen in place. He couldn’t even wiggle a finger as his new Master’s hands inspected his body.

“Good figure, however, we’ll see how tight we can make that pretty little waist of yours.”

A hand grabbed a clump of his hair with such force that would leave Stanley gasping in pain. Only his body was not his to control anymore.

“This will need to go. All my dolls have to be completely shaven before they receive their new skin. And what do we have here… probably the smallest cock of all my sissies.”

A strong hand vigorously inspected his flaccid member. It ached even more from the constant milking during his journey.

“Sissy cock unlock,” Master commanded into Stanley’s ear.

Without any control from Stanley, he felt his cock grow hard as it lengthened in his Master’s firm grip.

“Not too bad. So you’re a grower, not a show’er… we can use this to my advantage,” Master laughed in Stanley’s ear, as he stood frozen like a statue.

Stanley could feel warm rubber press against his back as a hard cock was forced between his cheeks. Master’s cock was always sheathed in rubber, however, with a strategic hole at the top he could still feed his sissies his Godly cum. Stanley’s ass stretched around his new Master’s magnificent member as he was taken right to the hilt.

“Good tightness, but I think we can make it feel even better. All my sluts are equipped to be perfect rubber fleshlights.”

Large muscular arms gripped Stanley as he was lifted in the air being fucked on the hard rubber dick. He felt so powerless as he was used by his new Master. Already hungry for his cum to feed his ass.

“I’ve had enough of seeing you in your ugly state,” Master announced dropping Stanley back into his standing position. He pulled out and turned to the rubber doll, “Daisy, prepare our new slut for its new body.”

“Yes Sir, doll obeys” a robotic voice came from the pink rubber doll.

Footsteps left the room echoing as the bizarre rubber doll came close to Stanley. It started by attaching cuffs to his wrists and ankles before locking them into chains hidden from view. The doll could easily move Stanley’s body into a new position but he had no control of it.

The bonds were only for safety, as a few dolls had managed to break out of their trance and make a run for it during the conversion process. None had ever managed to escape the facility as they were currently deep underground beneath Master’s private guarded home. Even if a prisoner had managed to escape, Master had connections throughout the region. Any police would gladly escort a suspected dolly back to his facility.

Daisy approached the naked, bound Stanley with an odd contraption in her rubber hands. An anaesthetic mask but with a large rubber cock protruding from it. The cock was shoved deep into Stanley’s mouth until he could feel the tip hit the back of his throat. The mask latched on and locked in place as he could only breathe in a sweet scent.

The rubber doll appeared once again in Stanley’s view – only this time she was armed with a backpack and what looked like a large machine gun all in solid pink. The nozzle erupted as a creamy substance coated Stanley, starting with his chest and moving to his hard sissy cock. In a matter of moments, he was covered from head to toe as the spout finally shut off.

After five minutes, Stanley could feel his skin start to burn. The substance would permanently remove all his hair leaving him as bald as all the other dolls in the facility. Before the pain became unbearable, a shower cascaded from above and Stanley’s hair was washed down the drain. Left behind was a pink-skinned dolly in waiting.

Loud footsteps entered the room, once again, as Master came fully into Stanley’s view. He was dressed in a full rubber catsuit with a hard rubber cock tucked away behind his codpiece. Stanley could see this man conveyed power. From his ripped body under the suit, to his domineering stance – this was a man to fear. His eyes drilled into the motionless sissy as he hung in his bonds.

“Looking much better, but we aren’t finished. First, you need to be prepared for your new body… and then much like your free will, I’ll break your mind. Soon you’ll be nothing more than my toy,” his Master explained.

Stanley could make out the twitching of his Master’s cock under the rubber.

“Daisy put this sissy into the processing chamber and then come see me in the control room,” he instructed.

“Yes Master,” the sissy replied obediently.

“See you later, dolly. I can’t wait to feel your mouth around my cock,” his Master laughed as he exited the room.

The bonds were released and Stanley was ordered to follow the pink doll. His body moved almost robotically as it followed behind the swaying hips of the shiny mannequin. His focus was entirely aimed at the doll’s ass as she walked ahead. He could see a similar hole to the one in the doll’s mouth which Stanley assumed was for the same purpose.

The two entered another room in the facility which contained a large domineering machine. It looked similar to an MRI scanner, but with two large vats on either side. A bed lay at the entrance to the contraption as Daisy instructed Stanley to lay flat. Daisy pressed some buttons from behind a control desk while the machine shook and whirred to life. Stanley’s body was carried into the device, ready for his transformation.

Various devices scanned his entire body as a model view showing his current body state flashed in front of his eyes. Slowly he could see the view change as the mock of his body altered into a doll similar to Daisy. Master had already pre-programmed the machine to create a doll of his design. Full pink rubber with massive torpedo tits. Stanley was to become even more doll-like than any of his previous perversions.

Stanley felt like screaming as he could see his fate laying before him. He tried with all his might to thrash his limbs but he was trapped within his own body. After the checks were complete, the machine prepared to transform the terrified sissy. Hot rubber began to pump its way into the chamber ready to make Master’s vision a reality.

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