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Louis would be unconscious during his transition to his new look. His motionless form lay steady on the gurney as its wheel creaked on the tiled floor of the laboratory. The rubber aide exasperatedly pulled the trolley closer to the devious equipment before coming to a halt next to it. Said machinery consisted of an open-air pod containing a stark blue liquid that was slightly viscous in appearance. It took up most of the room in the spacious lab with many tubes and wires cris-crossing leading from it to unseen connections.

The rubberised assistant fixed black goggles over Louis’s shut eyes and tightened them in place. From a nearby tray, the aide took a black, phallic-shaped gag in its hands and slowly began to lodge the rubbery piece into Louis’s mouth. An attached hose followed the gag as it disappeared further between his lips, feeding deep into the boy’s throat. A dull click announced the item had installed successfully locking, directly with the boy’s teeth and gums, as fresh air entered Louis’s lungs. Some rubber buds were pressed firmly into Louis’s ear canals and nostrils, plugging the remaining orifices before the assistant took a step back.

The medical assistant pulled out a gas mask constructed from the same shiny white rubber as its suit. The aide spent a few seconds studying the dark, claustrophobic space inside the face protection. Almost reluctant to put it on. Slowly, it raised the gasmask above its shiny dome and slid its bald head inside. Its rubberised fingers pulled on the material until the neck of the hood met the in-built collar of the boy’s suit. Its headgear and collar fused seamlessly together, trapping the doctor’s aide inside.

The assistant struggled as its arms disappeared into elbow-length thick rubber gloves to shield itself from the sinister goop in the pod. Stepping back to the gurney, the lithe body of the assistant laboured, pushing Louis’s lifeless body from the gurney to the pod. His rubbery digits attempted to grab at flesh as he used brute force to topple the muscled adolescent into the pod. Eventually, the brute’s body gave way as he landed face-first into the gloop in the chamber, submerging his entire body.

Although the vat wasn’t all that deep, Louis’s body seemed to float a few inches from the top as the mysterious substance made work of his body. Billions of nanobots were absorbed into his skin re-modelling his body’s molecular and genetic makeup. This process meant that Louis’s form would no longer shape and adjust the way it naturally should. The speed at which the transformation took place was mere minutes. What were once risky procedures followed by weeks or months of recovery could now be achieved without any chance of failure.

The rubberised assistant began typing commands into a nearby computer which would be the designer of Louis’s new body that would soon imprison him. It was tried and tested many times before and had a margin of error of 0.001%. The pre-programmed applications, which ran a custom set of parameters, would soon transform the boy that lay restless in the pod.

His body mass quickly declined as a view on the monitor showed his weight decreasing dramatically. No amount of conditioning or training in the gym would bring back the muscles he’d spent so long achieving as they disintegrated into the glowing liquid. His legs had reduced from muscular tree trunks down to delicate sticks – skinny from the absence of excess flesh. Louis’s butt became firm and tight complimented by his new lank legs.

Broad shoulders, built from years of pull-ups and chin-ups melted away, revealing a slender upper back. The jock’s pecs were next to be assaulted as they deflated like balloons leaving behind the willowy and lithe frame of a boy – less so a man. Louis’s overall height was also affected by the manipulating nanites. His body shortened to just above five feet tall, which would only help to reinforce his new status.

His manly jaw was softened by the machine’s programming – along with Louis’s harsh brows, sunken eyes and sharp cheekbones. Plump lips began to grow slightly from around the gag still lodged in the boy’s throat.

Next, the boy’s blonde, luscious hair was the focus of attention for the onslaught of the machine’s authority. Every pore on Louis’s skin was catheterised and closed up, leaving all hair follicles to dissolve in the mysterious substance. Louis always had such pride in his thick hair, ensuring enough of his teammates got an eye-full during their locker room changes. Alas, his body would never again grow as his skin would be permanently and pervasively smooth for the rest of his life.

Louis’s now bald and willowy frame floated in a chamber of goop where a gruff, handsome jock once rested. To his impending dismay, the attention of the nanites now focused on a much more embarrassing place – the boy’s cock. His above-average cock shrank in size, de-masculating the already tortured former jock. The modified appendage was even more obvious – due to the boy’s lack of pubes. Before draining the pod, the computer had one final job to soften Louis’s general complexion completing his transformation to a reformed femboy.

Doctor Tanner studied the boy’s improved body intently, ensuring that the nanites had done their job and nothing had gone astray. Louis remained in a state of unconsciousness as he remained unmoving on the gurney. His face was now unrecognisable to anyone who would have known the old A-star stud. His slightly amber eyes were the only giveaway that underneath this feminised guise was the man, otherwise known as Louis Blackely.

The doctor’s aide was situated nearby with its gaze fixed on the floor. Standing to attention, it waited for its next command while now void of the gas mask and gloves. Louis was still to be fitted with his tattoos displaying his new ID number along with specific modifications to his mouth and anus. For now, the boy remained with the phallic gag locked between his plump lips as he slept peacefully.

Suddenly a hand slammed against the perky, rubber-coated ass of the doctor’s assistant. The boy yelped and tensed as Officer Riggs greeted Doctor Tanner.

“Is this my new assignment? Already fresh from the pressure cooker – I see,” Riggs laughed, his hand still exploring the butt of the nervous aide.

“Good afternoon! Yes… he’s almost finished. I’m just about to add the finishing touches as we speak. I wanted to run some ideas past you,” Tanner responded.

“I’m all ears. You know how I like my boys to be… just right. This one has no idea what’s in store for him when he comes to,” Riggs announced.

He stared down at the uneasy assistant, sniffing the sweet smell of rubber and fear. Riggs was infamous around the facility as a cruel, domineering sadist. His methods of control over his convicts were so extreme that they were often unrecognisable after their initial incarceration period. Riggs believed that troublemakers had to be broken down to be built back up from scratch into obedient, well-behaved members of society.

Of course, he took great pleasure in his work. A pleasure earned both mentally and physically. The perverse nature of the facility was the perfect place for someone like Riggs. His cock was already hard at the thought of what was to come for poor Louis.

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