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The world was once a very broken place. On the verge of chaos as crime and disorder were out of control. Rioting, looting and murder occurred daily with no signs of abating. The government, elected to protect against disarray, was a circus of corrupt officials unable to restrain the growing violence in every corner of the globe. Instead, they hid away like cowards in state buildings shielded by enormous walls. 

Everything changed with the establishment of the New Republic. A peaceful society birthed from a once corrupt and perishing civilisation. While the world was busy fighting itself, a small faction of scientists, military personnel and leaders came together to overthrow the government and establish itself as a new superpower. The world is now so distant from its once disorderly past. Its dark history erased from all human knowledge as the people only know life under the new order.

This society blossomed as it grew in influence. It seized neighbouring territories until it evolved into an extensive superpower. Over a century has passed since the governance positioned itself as the singular entity controlling every aspect of life in the New Republic. This society now rules over 92% of the world’s civilisation. Some unrecorded people exist outside this regime in the wilderness as they continue with their life of violence and chaos.

The people of the New Republic enjoy a society built on functionality, order and authority. The trepidations of the old world no longer exist. Now a renewed fear lives in people’s subconscious – breaking any of the laws of the New Republic.

“Louis Blakely. Found guilty under the court’s unanimous decision for crimes including possession of illegal materials and possible threat to incite violence. These crimes are serious and will mean immediate incarceration,” a judge read out to a horrified boy, approximately twenty years old. 

Louis tried to plead his innocence, but a lockable gag kept him from speaking during his trial. Convicts in the New Republic remained mute during their hearings as defence attorneys, testimonies, and the justice system had changed drastically. Once suspected of committing a felony, innocent or not, any evidence to support a person’s need for incarceration almost guaranteed a conviction.

Turning in his binds, he could see his parents sitting behind him in the small, cramped courtroom. Tears filled their eyes as they wept from distress over having a son condemned for such an offence. A deep shame washed over Louis as he looked into their sorrow-filled gaze. 

Slightly behind his parents sat the one responsible for his arrest. The very person that Louis knew had set him up. Doug. He and Louis had always shared a friendly rivalry. Whether it was sports, exams, social life or even dating – the two always seemed to be neck and neck. That was until Louis got offered the final spot in an exclusive education programme as Doug fell short by only two points. 

Doug was furious after cramming every hour of every day. He could see how easily Louis balanced life with plenty of time outside to be social. Louis appeared to never break a sweat – always the perfect model student. 

With bitter rage, Doug vowed to end their feud while also taking down his competitor at the same time. After a few weeks of planning and some risky dealings with dodgy folk, Doug managed to frame his adversary by planting illegal weapons in his home before alerting the police. The bastard even smiled as the judge read the remainder of his sentence. 

“With the severity of your crimes and the fact that you are still an adolescent under twenty-one, I hereby commit you to two years at the reforming institute where you’ll undergo strict training and possible reintegration into society under the laws of the New Republic,” the judge announced. 

Louis’s eyes lit up with the mention of possibly being released after two years. Convicts were usually locked away forever in vast buildings and never heard from again. However, some young adolescents were given a second chance by attending a government-run reforming institute. Most who entered these institutions still didn’t manage to rejoin society, but Louis was glad to get any chance he could. Little did he know that the lucky few that managed to reintegrate back into civilisation were so fucked up from the severe and extreme training that they often begged to return. Louis was none-the-wiser as there was little knowledge of what exactly happened inside these government-run institutions. 

As Louis was wheeled out of the courtroom, bound and gagged, he took one last look at his weeping parents before catching the eyes of Doug, who mouthed the words, “have fun”.

Louis was knocked unconscious for his journey to his new home at the facility. He was sightless and deaf when he awoke after an unknown duration. Attempting to whine, Louis groaned into the gag still embedded snugly in his jaws. He suddenly felt hands poking and probing him as he struggled to shield himself. His entire body was restrained in place, as he felt tight pressure across his major joints and throughout his head. Frightened and confused, Louis attempted to hold back from outright sobbing while in his sensory-deprived state.

Dr Kent Tanner, the lead medical counsellor at the institute, was responsible for preparing the new convicts. His perverted methods of controlling and transforming each of the boys under his care were highly respected and deemed extremely effective. The doctor adored the first encounter with a fresh prisoner arriving at the institution. He imagined how he would approach Louis’s transformation to suit his new appearance under his assigned sentencing. 

Doctor Tanner was in his late forties with slightly greying hair wearing a futuristic lab coat made from shiny plastic. His discovery of a new technology caught the government’s interest when he debuted it many years ago. Needing some guinea pigs to test the long-term effects of his innovations, Doctor Tanner set up shop at the reforming institute. His machines allowed him to reshape body matter into whatever shape he desired. The process usually took a few weeks but his convicted prisoners had nothing but time on their side. By the end, Doctor Tanner could completely transform every aspect of a person’s characteristics while still retaining their personality and mind. 

How Doctor Tanner would change a prisoner’s appearance was based on their new role at the institute. Convicts were assigned a role founded on the severity of their crimes and the degree of retraining they would require for reintegration into society. All convicts acquired a personal mentor who would be responsible for every aspect of their prisoner’s life. Using their preferred methods, they would shape and change the detainees until they were deemed fit to re-enter society. Or at least this is the information which spread in the wider media. 

Doctor Tanner’s cast his gaze across the nude body on the gurney in front of him. The sedated boy was hooded in a sterile white rubber mask with tubes exiting in opposite directions, feeding him oxygen and sleeping gas. His delicately closed eyes were visible through the lenses of the mask. Louis’ body was packed with muscle from years of playing sports and regular visits to the gym. His cock was above average in size, even when soft and a bush of blonde pubes trailed up his stomach. Light blonde hair blanketed most of his lower body and his chest 

“Pull up this boy’s chart so we can get started,” Tanner instructed his assistant, earning a polite “Yes, Doctor” in response.

His aide was a previous patient of Tanner. His body had been enhanced by the machines that Louis lay, fated to enter. The boy was much shorter than the doctor, only reaching his shoulders at roughly five feet tall. His face was the only visible skin he was permitted to show. A full latex skin coating covered the assistant from the neck down. It was a glossy white and included the medical department’s insignia on the back in black. It almost appeared as if the boy was owned property himself, which in a way he was. 

The assistant’s groin had already been sanitised by the institute. A shiny round bulge represented the boy’s cock and balls. Locked away from the outside world. He was permanently in chastity with a member that was insignificant and non-threatening. A shiny dome left no trace of any hair on the assistant’s head. Completely smooth with a barcode tattooed on his forehead. 

The Doctor finished studying the chart in front of him after determining Louis’s new appearance. 

“So this fresh inmate has been assigned to correctional officer Riggs. He is in for an entertaining stay here. I know exactly how he enjoys his inmates,” Doctor Tanner laughed viciously while his assistant stared blankly at Louis’s form currently bound to the table. “Quite impressive muscles here. It’s a shame that Riggs prefers his boys weak and feminine.”

 “Let’s go with the body form V012, reduce the overall height and enhance sensitivity in the subject’s nipple area. I know that’s one of Rigg’s favourite torture spots.” Doctor Tanner instructed his subsidiary, “Run program five for genetic functionalities. I think we should experiment with how much we can modify this boy’s body without changing his personality.”

A meekly, “Yes Sir,” escaped the plump lips of the rubber-coated assistant as he began wheeling Louis’s form to the clever machinery to begin the alterations on his body. 

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