The engine cut out as Ricky pulled up to the makeout spot. It overlooked the glistening city lights shimmering in the distance. On the outside, Ricky was your typical jock quarterback, with spiked brown hair and a toned muscular physique. He was the envy of many males at his school. His overconfidence often got him into trouble, but he knew that “those in life who didn’t act, wouldn’t succeed” – his own Dad drilled that into him.

As Ricky pulled his girlfriend closer, sneaking a hand under her pleated skirt, he knew that life was heading in the right direction for him. Well, as long as his deepest secret never came out. On the outside, Ricky was a brawny athlete, but inside his secret desires were hidden from everyone. He grimaced as he sloppily french kissed his girlfriend. She was just for show – Ricky made sure to pick the prudish girl in school to date. Someone who wouldn’t pressure him into sex. Someone that would be oblivious to what he really wanted.

Ricky wasn’t the most faithful partner. Not to say he fucked about with lots of women. No. On the contrary, Ricky had fucked plenty of other guys. He was a homosexual. Of course, to keep up the facade of his perfect life, his true sexuality had to be hidden away. He’d been stupidly careless in the past, almost getting caught several times in the locker room. Ricky was sure some rumours were floating around, but none were verified to be true.

“Oh yeah, baby,” his girlfriend moaned, biting on his lip.

Ricky always felt nervous when it came to pleasure a woman. But he was a good actor and knew how to display overconfidence. Ricky also wasn’t embarrassed to make it all about him. Plenty of times, he’d received a blowjob while closing his eyes, thinking of the hot guy in his maths class. He really had no shame.

His girlfriend climbed onto his knee, wrapping her hands around the back of Ricky’s head. The couples usual Friday night contained making out on the forest hills before Ricky drove her home. He mentally counted the minutes until he could haul ass out of here, so he could get home and jerk off to his gay porn collection.

“Hey… what’s that, Ricky?” his girlfriend asked.

Ricky turned his head to gaze out of his foggy car window.

“WHAT THE FUCK!” he yelled.

On a billboard next to his Ford Mustang, Ricky glared at the image before his eyes. It was inconceivable – his worst nightmare. Over the advertisement of a cola beverage was a stretched canvas photo taken of Ricky. A muscular guy was fucking his mouth while another did the same to his ass. The two other bodies had their heads cropped from view, but the one spit-roasted in the middle was clearly the quarterback jock. Revealed to all with nothing hidden.

“Ricky??” his girlfriend hesitatingly questioned.

Ricky was gobsmacked. He just stared on agape as his fucking session from last week, plastered on an eight-foot-high billboard. Right there and then, the entire illusion he’d been so expertly keeping up fell away. Ricky was dead, and what was left behind would change his life forever. Before he almost passed out from shock, the last thing he noticed, spray-painted on the sign read;

‘Ricky love to suck dicky!!!’

That was roughly three months ago. And Ricky’s life did change after that. The billboard wasn’t the only place the photo appeared. News spread quickly throughout the school, with every locker containing the infamous picture. He was the laughing stock for months. Ricky contemplated changing schools, but to keep his parents in the dark about what happened, he decided against it.

With just a few months until graduation, he decided to try and get through it. Luckily his coach still allowed him on the team after numerous warnings about ever being caught in the locker room in the future.

The one question on Ricky’s mind was why someone would go to such lengths to make his life a living hell. He soon got his answer. Ricky discovered the star player of the football team was behind it all. He was seething when he confronted the star player known as Jon Richards.

“I know it was you,” Ricky announced when the two were alone in the locker room.

“Hah! Should I even deny it? You know I’m kinda proud of it,” came an arrogant response from Jon.

“I have the right idea to kick the fucking shit out of you,” Ricky threatened.

“Oh yeah? You wanna try, gay boy?” Jon retorted with a shit-eating grin, “I know you’re not gonna try anything, remember I still have other photos I was so kind to keep from everybody, including your family.”

Ricky felt his blood boil. He was trying to keep himself from strangling the guy right there and then. Unlucky for him, they both knew that Jon was the stronger of the two as he towered over Ricky by a few inches.

“Why the hell are you doing this, man? I never did a thing to you!” Ricky pleaded.

“Heh! Fucking dumbass. Do I even need a reason? Because what’s worse than just a homo is a homo who pretends he’s just like everyone else,” Jon answered.

Ricky was seething as Jon confidently walked away. He’d make the bastard pay, big time.

Ricky spent weeks planning his revenge. He’d need some help with his intentions for Jon’s demise. His options to involve his old friends wouldn’t work as they quickly deserted him after the billboard incident. Ricky would have to go further afield to enact his retribution.

The high school’s science club contained several outcasts just sick enough to help him with his stunt. Ricky managed to convince them of his idea after promising to take down the biggest bully in school. The group agreed to join forces and set about making Ricky’s plan a reality with just a few tweaks.

The club had won a scholars award for the creation of a spongey foam-like material. It had both liquid and solid properties controlled by a computer chip. The invention proposed a solution to help plug holes in leaking pipes and insulation for houses – but Ricky’s plan meant a different use for the material.

With some tinkering with the technology and producing a handy app for Ricky’s phone, their plan was all set in motion.

“Let’s go get em, boys!” the coach chanted in the locker room as the team prepped for the big game against their rival high school.

Ricky gazed over at Jon as he stripped to change into his gear. If he didn’t hate the guy for ruining his life, he’d find him pretty attractive.

He seemed moulded from a cast, as he had a rugged but polished look uncommon to most people. Lacquered and enamelled by the sun, with tan lines around his waist. His mountain peak pecs appeared chiselled into shape. The rest of his body contained sharp contours looking as if they were sculpted. Maybe Ricky would need to have some fun when his plan came to fruition.

“Oi fuckhead, care to put that gaze somewhere else,” Jon yelled.

Before Ricky felt the rush of rage take over – he just smiled.

“You ain’t my type, bro!” Ricky responded.

“Hah! As if! I know you’d do anything to get this cock anywhere near you,” Jon wagged his dick crudely in his direction.

“No thanks, especially with the photos I have of you,” Ricky lied.

“WHAT?” Jon yelled, attracting some attention now in the crowded locker room.

Ricky just mouthed the words “turn around,”

Taped to the inside of Jon’s locker was a note that read;

‘Two can play your game. I’ve got some pictures that you WON’T want the other guys to see. Meet me in the showers before the game starts or else!’

Jon spun around seething, but Ricky was nowhere in sight.

“Little fucker,” he cursed.

The locker room cleared out after a few minutes. Jon quickly broke away from the team and headed to the showers – sceptical of what he might find. Surprisingly, he was alone with just the sound of the dripping shower heads onto the white, non-slip mats below.

Jon had no idea what kind of stunt Ricky was trying to pull. He was sure that the guy was bluffing, but he couldn’t risk it. There was too much at stake, especially with what Jon did to ruin the quarterback’s life. Did he feel bad for the guy? Maybe a little. But Jon was pissed off knowing that a homo like him was sleeping around with guys on the team. The sooner Ricky was put in his place, the better.

“Nice of you to show up,” the voice beckoned from behind.

Jon turned to confront the turd who’d threatened him moments before.

“Alright! I’m here! What the fuck have you got?” Jon snarled, brows furrowing.

“You’ll be happy to know that I was bluffing about the photos. But I have a much more embarrassing thing for you,” Ricky responded.

His confidence and cunning smile made Jon begin to panic. Before he could react, he could feel something stirring at his feet. It was as if he was standing on a giant sponge.

“W-Wha,” Jon yelped in alarm.

The mats under him materialised into a liquid, as if it was an illusion, and collected where he stood. The white sludge poured in from every angle as it crawled up his legs.

“Wha-t th-e fuck is th-is?” Jon kicked and yelled, but the material continued to climb – now coating up to his knees.

“Isn’t it neat? Those guys you picked on in the science club made it. It also comes with a few other neat tricks,” Ricky grinned, pulling out his iPhone.

The layer covering his body was thick – about two inches of white, tacky gunk. The process quickly sped up as Ricky began tapping some commands on his phone.

“Don’t worry, the nifty thing about the material is that it doesn’t harm living tissue. Can’t say the same for any hair or your uniform though,” Ricky laughed.

As soon as the slop reached Jon’s football uniform, it burned the cotton material away. Jon could feel an intense scalding sensation in various parts of his body. The gloopy substance hardened against his lower limbs. The coating had now reached his waist as he felt a massive jolt course through his body. He could feel it gripping his cock and nads like a vice. The searing pain caused him to shout out in disgust.

“F-uckk y-ouu,” Jon exclaimed as the fierce sensation took him by surprise.

“I know it hurts now, but I’m sure you’ll soon start to love your new body,” Ricky remarked as the gloop continued to climb.

Shortly after his hair had seared away, Jon noticed the material beginning to cool and massage his groin.

“Starting to feel good? You know I don’t want this to all be bad for you,” Ricky informed the humiliated jock.

The substance rose past Jon’s washboard abs to reach his solid pecs. All disappeared beneath the thick gloop. It quickly slid over his shoulders to meet the layer ascending Jon’s toned back. After coating his arms, Jon’s new skin began to solidify – leaving him looking like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. The proportions looked more like a blob than of a human. Only his head remained untouched amongst the white hunk.

“You’re one weird fucker! You know that!?” Jon exclaimed.

“Now now, I’d expect you to get more into the team spirit! After all, you’re our new mascot,” Ricky informed him, beaming from ear to ear.


Before Jon could get a word in, the covering began to morph into a peculiar shape. The blob rounded out into puffy limbs as a tail began to form behind him. Swollen digits formed on his hands and feet, ending with harmless paws.

The last of Jon’s human form, now finally coated in the white substance, blew up to five times its size – Ears forming on the top of his bloated head. The features of the team’s tiger mascot came to life. His white body began to develop a murky tint. Orange and black stripes emerged, making Jon look even more like the puffed-up tiger mascot.

“Looking great, Blaze! I think you’re going to be the star of the field for sure tonight,” Ricky grinned, snapping a picture of the conversion taking place. He’d enjoy that later.

To complete the transformation into Blaze the Tiger, Jon’s new body formed a matching football kit. The entire figure developed a deep shine to its outer layer as if made from plastic or PVC. Jon was no more in his place stood Blaze, the shiny tiger mascot. His legs and arms puffed out as if ready to catch a ball. Fangs on show, with his mouth wide open.

The pressure inside was harsh as Jon struggled to move within the massive form. The material acted like thick foam, light in weight but incredibly difficult to manoeuvre. Jon hung suspended inside the oversized mascot. He somehow still had a restricted view of the world around him.

“Alrighty Blaze, there’s just one more thing we need to do before you’re ready for the field,” Ricky commented, messing a bit more with the app on his phone.

Jon felt more alarmed as the rubbing sensation began at his rear. His mouth filled with the thick spongy substance as a cock formed between his jaws. A similar shape pressed into his virgin ass.

“You’re lucky that I find you so hot. Of course, there’s no way I can fuck you looking like that. But, at least this way, you can imagine what it’d be like,” Ricky laughed aloud.

The spongey dildo, modelled after Ricky’s own cock, entered the terrified jock – filling him to bursting. Jon felt powerless and humiliated. If there’d ever been a time to regret messing with Ricky – it was now. He grimaced as he could feel his dick harden in its squashed prison. Jon hated this. He wanted to die. And yet he almost began to moan around the cock lodged in his mouth.

“Time to show them what you’re made of, hot stuff!” Ricky announced.

The shiny form that towered over Ricky began to move as its puffy legs carefully walked along the tiled floor. Of course, Jon wasn’t controlling the movements of his large body – Ricky’s phone app did it all.

The stadium was abuzz with ecstatic high-school football fans. A commentator announced the teammates as they entered the field with deep cheering from the crowd. On the sidelines, the coach was panicking about his missing star player. Ricky took a seat in the bleachers, still controlling Blaze the tiger.

The roaring intensified when the popular team’s mascot arrived at the pitch. Jon felt all eyes on him as the mascot began to drum up the crowd’s vitality. He felt exhausted at the movement of the energetic tiger. Somersaults, dramatic poses and lively dancing electrified the masses. While this was all happening, Jon felt the cocks embedded inside him growing larger while the massaging of his cock increased. He was close to cumming, but something kept him on edge.

Out of view from the animated tiger, several cheerleaders ran up to him, carrying a large box. In their normal routine, they’d hide the mascot from view while he ran to a different part of the football field. They’d then reveal the empty box to the crowd, and a great fanfare would ensue when he reappeared somewhere else in the stadium. Only this time Ricky had planned a different surprise.

For Jon, everything suddenly went dark as the box fit over him. Extremely horny and so close to cumming, he wanted nothing more than the ability to jerk off. His hands kept voluntarily moving to touch his crotch, but the thick sponge stopped that. However, that didn’t prevent him from trying.

Jon almost cried out in glee when he felt the puffy covering give way. He could sense some motion return to his body. More and more of the pressure on his body dissipated as his hand managed to make contact with his own flesh once again. His fingers entwined around his cock as he jerked it for all he was worth.

Suddenly his entire world crashed down around him as the box unfolded for the enormous crowd to see. Expecting an empty box, the audience was in total shock when instead a naked, sweaty Jon was jacking off inside. It felt like a nightmare. It dawned on him that his mascot body was no more – Ricky had conveniently melted it away. The shock of his current situation had an odd effect, and the buff jock felt himself cum. White semen erupted from his cock as he collapsed in a heap.

Hilarity and chaos ensued as the gathering began to scream, yell and laugh hysterically at what they currently witnessed. Girls and boys alike scrambled for phones to catch a picture. Jon’s head started to spin as his mouth stuck open in disbelief. Ricky beamed to himself as he joined in with the group’s chanting.

He couldn’t have planned this better. The cumming at the end wasn’t exactly what he intended, but it was an excellent touch. Ricky was glad he could give the bastard a taste of his own medicine – as they say, an eye for an eye. In Jon’s case, it’s the eye of the tiger.

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