The flames leap with sparks pirouetting, crackling as they burst – sending embers outward to the marble hearth. It transformed the wood into hot ribbons of light. A richly carved mantel surrounded the flaming blaze with reclaimed oak. Sat atop the decorative fireplace was an antique clock.

Large figures, in bisque, of a dachshund and Irish wolfhound, stood on either side of the fireplace, with a decorative coal bucket and elegant blue china vase filling the remaining space.

Among the refinement and grace sat a man relaxed in a curved armchair in a lavish robe. He was all man, so macho with the kind of face that stopped you in your tracks. His chiselled jaw, much like his body, was similar to a work of art. The male had an appearance of the type of gentleman who dominates all things in life – the mark of a true alpha.

With a book and whiskey in hand, the dapper gent rested his muscular legs on something out of place among the grandeur of the lavish living room. The temporary footrest anxiously held its pose with a stagnant tremor from its exhausted muscles. At first glance, it looked like a piece of carefully crafted furniture. Canine in shape, the entire being was cast in inky-black rubber.

Its limbs looked like over-inflated stumps holding the rigid form upright. At either end, an inflatable tail fell between the dog’s hindlegs while a canine shaped head with pointy ears and muzzle gazed down at the carpeted floor. It would whine if not for the cock shaped gag embedded in its muzzle. The only giveaway that the object was, in reality, human came from the swirling, brainwashed eyes of the transformed dog.

This wasn’t just a piece of furniture for decoration. If you lifted the tail to the doggy footrest, you would find a rubberised cock hole waiting to be fucked – trained to milk any dick on command. The alpha male crossed his legs atop the padded rubber back of the dog-shaped footstool. He felt a slight wobble under his powerful feet before it steadied again.

A soft knock at the door interrupted the perverse scene of grandeur as the muscle-robed male spoke allowed;


The door to the chamber opened gracefully as a figure entered the affluent study. The alpha male continued to read his book, paying no attention to the approaching form – clad in the same material as the bitch-suited footrest. It was human in shape, with its muscled body cast from the jet-black rubber. Rubber boots halted on the elegant carpet as the servant’s rubber squeaked into a kneeling position next to the armchair.

“Master, please forgive the intrusion. We’ve captured the target, Lewis Cooper, as instructed. He was on a camping trip in a rural part of Arizona, so we covered our tracks to make it look like an accident. What should we do with him?” the rubberised servant enquired.

There was a slight pause as the rubber gimp waited patiently, not daring to move from his kneeling spot.

“Bring him in,” the robed man said with an exhausted sigh.

“Yes, Master! I should also mention that he wasn’t alone on the trip. We had to capture his teenage son in the process. We believe they were on a Father, Son trip,”

Another pause as the muscled Master flicked to a new page in his book. The conversation with his rubberised servant seemed almost secondary to the story he was engrossed in.

“Let me get a look at him too… perhaps he can be of use around the manor,” came an ominous reply.

“Yes Sir!” the servant answered, creaking as he stood to walk from the room.

The Master shifted his feet again, pushing his foot under the stomach of the muted, rubber dog at his feet. His bare foot came into contact with a thick bulge of solid rubber. The footrest became a bit unsteady, trying its best to wriggle but to no avail.

“Steady Fido,” Master ordered.

Abandoning his drink, the robed man rose to his feet. His gown slipped open, revealing his toned body with black latex underwear clinging to his sizeable hips. The door creaked open, allowing several identical figures to enter, hauling two gagged and restrained individuals. Lewis and his son both whimpered as their terrified gazes met the dominating figure in the room.

Master could see the panic in Lewis’s eyes as he knew this wasn’t a man to mess with.

“Nice to see you again, Lewis. And you brought some company with you…” Master announced, gesturing to the other bound up prisoner, “We’ve been looking for you for quite a long time, as you can imagine. Does your son here know that you’re nothing more than a conman?”

The bound man wriggled and shut his eyes, still not accepting his captured fate.

“Your Father here isn’t exactly who he says he is. A criminal in disguise. We had some business together that didn’t go according to plan,” the muscled figure spoke, bounded towards the frightened man.

The rubberised figures stood at attention, unmoving, at the scene unfolding in front of them. Their presence only further disturbed the captured prisoners. A footed sole pounded down on Lewis’s head as he let out a muffled yell.

“Not only did this pathetic worm make me lose out on two million dollars, but he also tried to make off with some of my money. Although, I think he knew he’d never get away with it. Hiding out in the wilderness was a clever idea, but I have eyes everywhere!”

Master’s foot pressed harder causing Lewis’s face to crush uncomfortably into the ornately carpeted floor. He wanted to call out for forgiveness, but nothing escaped Lewis’s mouth.

“Things always catch up with you, Mr Cooper, and as you’ve taken my property, I’ll be taking something of yours,” laughed an ominous chuckle.

Stepping over to the bound up adolescent reeking of fear, Master felt the shaking coming through his hand as he grabbed the boy’s chin. Terrified eyes met him, as Master purred in delight.

“Looks like you’ve got a pretty good looking boy here. A little bit on the skinny side, but I’m sure I can train him to fit in with the rest of my servants.”

A growl rumbles through Lewis’s throat, making him cough in agony. The fear on his face of knowing what this man was capable of. A rubberised servant quickly suppressed the straining man as he attempted to shout bloody murder. The legs of the bound boy were dragged along the floor in tow with the body they belong to – skin burning with friction against the carpeted surface. Lewis manages one last glimpse of his son before disappearing through the open doorway.

“Now, what to do with our little traitor here? I can safely say you’re not exactly my type, so you don’t have to worry about being turned into one of my servants,” Master grinned looking down at the pitiful man beneath him, “But my manor is home to quite a few items that used to be human. Yes, I think that’s what I need from you to pay off your debt!”

Nodding to one of the servants, the bound form of Lewis was dragged from the room, petrified of what was in store for him.

Noises in the dark reached Lewis’s ears as the emptiness gripped and seized his entire being. Tucked away, incapable of moving a single muscle, Lewis had woken up in this state a few hours ago – although time lacked any sense of meaning. He tried his best to hold back a sob fearing for the fate of both himself and his son.

The petrified male was aware any pleas would fall on deaf ears while in the darkness that currently consumed him. Lewis had tried shortly after coming to, but something planted in his mouth gagged him. He’d almost choked but learned to breathe through his nose.

Lewis tried to get a bearing on his orientation. Up, right, down or left, he couldn’t decipher if he was laying or standing. His current predicament was clearly made to disorientate him. A tight force bore down on every inch of his body – gripping like a vice.

This further reinforced the low chance of being rescued or escaping. Lewis fought long and hard to keep himself sane, but voices began a low mumble in his ears. Lights flickered in front of him like a cruel mirage, teasing him with a fantasy of escape from the dark void. Shapes pulsated allowing Lewis something to focus on.

The voices had started making more sense too. Lewis listened intently to make out words amongst the mumbling and potentially hear a voice he could recognise.


The last one rang through his consciousness as if he’d collided with a moving object. Several strong emotions flooded Lewis with a mixture of fear, love, adoration and yearning for something. The words continued on repeat, getting louder and louder with each iteration. He started to appreciate them as a distraction from the thought that this was his fate.

His panic and fear drained away as the shapes gained clarity to them in front of his eyes. Lewis started to recognise things. An eagle-eye view of some kind of storage room with several items stacked away. An embellished frame encompassing a large oil canvas, many antique furniture items and large metal drums filled with who-knows-what.

The angle of view changed abruptly, which startled Lewis. He could now see the same room but from a different angle. Lewis tried to decipher if he had lost his mind in the countless hours in isolation or if his view was, in fact, real.

As Lewis kept pondering, a foul-tasting liquid meal started pouring through his gag and he was forced to swallow it down. He tried to retch and stop the warm liquid but what was embedded in his mouth stopped any chance. After some time of discomfort, his meal ended. Lewis could feel the warm embrace of the liquid now in his stomach. He wallowed in despair and misery. Why would someone do this to him?

He didn’t have long to ponder this as a large opening broke away from one of the walls revealing a concealed entrance. Lewis felt a pit in his overfilled stomach as Master strode in, followed by Lewis’s son with a dazed expression on his face. Both dressed in tight black rubber accentuating their different builds. Of course, Master towered over the younger male, who was already more muscled than Lewis remembered.

Master’s voice reached Lewis’s ears – almost clear as day. Wherever he was, he could hear him through earphones that were embedded in his ears.

“Enjoy your meal? As it’s the only way you’ll be getting sustenance from now on. What do you think of your improved boy? He’s now my most loyal slave. I’ve already made quite a few changes to his personality and body,” Master announced, with a dark smile plastered across his face.

Not unrecognisable but clearly changed, Lewis’s son now sported a mohawk, septum piercing along with a skintight black suit covering every inch of his form below the neck. Said neck was decorated with a heavy collar as the boy looked downward with his arms fixed behind his back.

“I have to say I’ve been enjoying using him and he almost needed no brainwashing at all. You really raised a true submissive, Lewis,” Master chuckled.

Lewis felt defeated. He couldn’t even muster the energy to try and struggle or scream. The view of the room changed to a close-up of his rubberised son. His mouth was slightly open in a daze as some drool dropped onto the polished metal floor below.

“Now on to what revenge I thought up for you. After your plotting, scheming and trying to fuck me over, I thought why not give you exactly what you wanted. Surrounded by my riches and treasures. This room is my personal vault hidden in the depths of this manor. Inches from you are a majority of the cash I possess along with many other priceless items. Only you won’t ever be able to touch them as you are now one of these items,” Master proclaimed, as Lewis’s view now switched to show a side of the room he hadn’t yet seen.

Fixed in place at the centre of the safe room was a shiny golden sarcophagus looking like it was fresh from a museum. It quickly dawned on Lewis that inside the shiny carapace was his current resting place. It was large enough to house a person and explained his inability to move within his confines.

“A week has passed since a full body cast was made of your body. A thick-walled aluminium shell, isolated by a three-inch-thick layer of foamed rubber is now your permanent home,” Master explained to the panicked prisoner.

The shell was covered with intricate patterns of filigree in gold. The shell of the coffin appeared shiny and reflected some light from the room.

“I won’t tell you just how much money went into making your new look, but it was more than what you stole from me. So I think life as a historical artefact is a fair trade. You will be fed, watered, wastes removed and a concoction of drugs fed into your system to keep you healthy for the remainder of your life. I’m sure you’ll become quite bored in your new home, so maybe I’ll rent you out to a few museums in the area. You can enjoy being admired by the public as they go about the life you used to have. Of course, you’ll want to know I’m taking good care of your boy, so I’ve made sure to set up cameras all over the manor that tap into the lenses in your eyes. That way you can follow him around as he serves me and my other slaves,” Master emphasised by grabbing the ass of the sub next to him.

“Well… I’ll leave you to enjoy your predicament and guard all my valuables. Say goodbye to your pathetic dad,” Master laughed, exiting the room followed by a dedicated slave boy marching behind him.

The mumbling whispers returned as all fell quiet around the panicking Lewis. He had made a very big mistake going up against Master. He’d carry this burden to his grave… well he was already in it.

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  1. Very good story. I envy Lewwis fate, knowing there won’t be any escape…and his mtaer taking him all he has

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