Sam dumped the full keg under the bar with a massive ‘clank’. He was still growing accustomed to the heavy lifting of his new job at the beachside bar. At least it did wonders for his physique. He wasn’t exactly jacked but the boy had plenty of definition on his lanky form.

Fresh out of college, the boy in his early twenties needed a job. Sam always loved being at the seaside, so when the opportunity arose to work as a bartender at the local beach bar, he snatched it up. The fresh sea air, the sound of waves crashing, and who could forget, the endless stream of hot surfer guys in tight wetsuits.

Sam was a pervert through and through. He spent more time ogling over the surfer bros than he did pouring out drinks to impatient customers. He was just glad that being located behind the bar hid his many boners from clueless drinkers. Endless hours spent fantasising about being up close and personal with any of the surfer bros who frequented the bar and shoreline.

One, in particular, was Sam’s current heartthrob. He didn’t know the guy’s name, but he liked to refer to the hunk as “Roka”. Those four letters were always planted on the surfer’s chest. His dirty blonde hair and killer smile always captured the horny bartender’s attention. Similar in body size to Sam, his Roka Maverick MX Wetsuit hugged his body to perfection. He usually hit the same spot at about midday, so Sam opted to do as many opening shifts as possible.

Roka occasionally came to the bar for drinks with his buddies after a midday surf. When he did, Sam took every opportunity to get a good view of the hunk. They’d caught eyes a few times only for Sam to pretend to be busy. His face, his laugh even his cool blue eyes were perfect. Could this boy be even more of a dreamboat?

As Sam once again popped wood just thinking about the surfer. He broke out of his reverie and back to the task at hand. The tiki-themed bar was right up on the shorefront, so Sam had an extensive view of the entire beach. At the moment, it was mostly empty apart from the odd dog walker and fitness enthusiast. He listened out for the gentle waves lapping against the shore and the squawking of the seagulls.

Sam let out a disappointing sigh as he got back to stacking glasses and preparing for the bar’s opening. He had a long day ahead of him. The weather forecast predicted it to be a scorcher. No doubt many people would be flocking his way in the hours to come.

The next thing on Sam’s list was gathering some fresh fruit from the refrigerator out back. The storage room was accessed by a door in the alleyway behind the tiki bar. Sam grabbed the keys from behind the register and headed out towards the quiet backstreet.

With peeling paint and red-brown rust, the door creaked as it opened revealing a narrow storage area. In the corner of the compact room sat a grotty little refrigerator. Sam collected a crate of assorted fruit for cocktails and some herbs for garnishes. Slamming the fridge door closed, he bounded back outside with his hands full of the sweet-smelling fruit.

As he pushed open the rusty, grating door, Sam got the shock of his life, as the muscled stud Roka was slowly stripping off in the alleyway. Sam quickly ducked out of view and spied through the slim gap of the slightly opened door. The hunk was disrobing after a morning surfing session. His shaggy, blonde hair damp with seawater and his body covered in sweat with his wetsuit strung around his waist.

His back muscles rippled like the ocean waves descending to a narrow midriff. Roka’s shoulders and arms were packed with muscle while still retaining his slim form. Sam held his breath while he stared with lust as the suit came down over Roka’s hips to reveal his tight, muscular ass. The two globes jiggled as they sprung free from the fabric.

More seawater… ‘or was it sweat?’ Sam thought, spilt out as the thick wetsuit came down the boy’s slender legs. The socks seemed part of the suit as they slipped off with more liquid pouring out. Roka was now completely in the nude. He was packing some things into the trunk of his car before he pulled on a pair of shorts. Sam was disappointed to see that ass disappear.

Completely distracted by the exposed Surfer, Sam pressed against the door with a bit too much force. He felt it creak open as he lost his footing and fumbled forward. With a loud crash, he lost his grip on the box of fruit. It slammed on the floor, sending stray limes and lemons rolling in every direction.

The surprised surfer turned to find a shocked Sam scrambling to pick up the fruit from the floor.

“Uhh hi,” Sam managed to blurt out, while grabbing for a kiwi.

The hunk looked unimpressed as he glared down at Sam. He didn’t speak for a few seconds while the two gazed at each other. Sam started to feel uncomfortable before the muscled surfer yelled out;

“I hope you got a good look, queer boy!”

Sam was taken aback.

“Excuse me?” he said.

“You heard me, faggot. I’ve seen you staring at me for weeks now and your little ‘friend’ is a pretty big giveaway,” Roka yelled.

Sam grimaced, feeling his throbbing boner pushing out his shorts. He was lost for words as the hunk just continued to glare down at him.

“People like YOU make me sick. Fucking drooling over guys like a pervert,” he barked out, bounding over to Sam.

Sam felt a rush of terror wash over him as he was dragged from the ground and pulled over in the direction of the guy’s car. He prepared for a pummeling of a lifetime but instead felt a hand caress his hard dick.

“As I fucking thought, hard as a rock,” Roka chortled.

Sam felt the hand grab at his cock under the fabric of his shorts. He let out a shocked yelp as the hunk held him tight to his almost naked body. The smell of sweat and seawater just made the whole situation more erotic – even if this was technically a telling-off.

“Well… go on, what got you this hard, pervert!” the boy growled inches from Sam’s ear.

“Uhhh I… I’m sorry for-“

“I don’t want to fucking hear it,” the boy cut him off, “Now I’ll ask once again, what was getting you this hard?”

“Ahhhh it… it was y-you in your wetsuit. I – I really… get off on them,” the boy stammered, blushing brightly.

Cogs whirred in Roka’s brain as he held the scared bartender in his grip. The hunk smiled before saying;

“So you REALLY are a huge pervert. Well, I think I need to teach you a lesson for looking without asking,” the blonde haired surfer shot out, “If you like my wetsuit so much you can wear it all day”

“WHAT?” Sam retorted. That’s not what he was expecting. Sure it was his dream come true but this was very unexpected.

“You heard me now STRIP, faggot,” the surfer ordered, releasing Sam from his grip, “And before you try and argue your way out of this, my uncle owns this place so if you don’t want to end up jobless you’ll do as I FUCKING say.”

Sam was shaking as he was liberated from the hunk’s grip. The bigger of the two, unfolded his wetsuit and turned it right side out. He held it open for Sam to climb in. The smell of sweat was heavy and musky mixed with the salty scent of the sea on neoprene. The suit looked a lot thicker up close.

“I said to strip NOW,” the surfer yelled out, once again.

Slightly hesitant, Sam pulled his shorts down and tossed his shirt to the side, standing in just his briefs. His cock throbbed and created a wet patch in the white fabric of his underwear.

“All of it…” Roka snarled.

His white briefs fell to his ankles. He stepped out of his shorts and underwear and removed his sandles.

“Now get in…” the hunk growled.

Sam took hold of the thick wetsuit as his legs glinded inside. It was cold to touch and already thoroughly lubricated with sweat. His foot continued on it’s journey until it found its home in the bottom of the suit’s socks. It clung to him like it’s life depended on it. The feeling was soft and cushiony but with a lot of pressure on every inch of flesh.

His next leg followed as the suit was brought up to his knees. The fit was so tight that he had to pull and squeeze with massive amounts of force to get it up to his hips.

“Wait!” the blonde haired boy called out. He disappeared for a second and reappeared behind Sam, “Bend over!”

To Sam’s horror he was slowly bent over with his legs trapped in place within the suit. He felt a cool gel spread around his ass and a pressure applied to it. Too scared to fight back he just moaned out as the pressure got more intense. It seemed to get past the widest point and then die down. Sam guessed some kind of plug was pushed into his ass.

“Continue!” Roka yelled again.

Sam shook as he pulled the remainder of the suit up and over his tight ass. This caused the plug to lodge itself even further in his butt making the boy yelp in surprise. Two extra hands now joined with force dragging the suit up Sam’s body. He felt tightness from every angle below his waist. He couldn’t believe the hunk beside him managed to fit into this thing!

As his arms were forced into the sleeves of the soft, wet neoprene, Sam felt the zip come up on the back of the wetsuit. The suit became even tighter, slightly restricting Sam’s breathing. Once it reached the neckline, Sam heard the surfer mess with some velcro before hearing a click.

“Now you’re all locked in, perv!” the surfer mocked.

Sam looked down as his entire body was on show beneath the unbreathable material. His cock clearly visable as a bulge under the tight fabric.

“Well… I know this isn’t attire my uncle allows his bartenders to wear. Let me see what I’ve got,” Roka laughed, as he hunted through the boot of his car.

He threw some lycra running pants and a long sleeved shirt at Sam, waiting for him to slip them on over the wetsuit. He also produced some Nike TNs for the boy to wear. The lycra fit just as well as the wetsuit did, but hid any of the soft neoprene. The sneakers fit over the wetsuit socks making the boy look almost normal. Although it wasn’t attire for a sunny day by the beach.

“Lucky for you I’ve got the day off today and said I’d help my uncle out as he’s understaffed. So looks like I’ll be your boss for the day,” the surfer informed a panicked Sam.

He couldn’t work in the scorching heat in THIS! Before he could utter a word of protest, he was pushed over to the box of scattered fruit still laying on the ground.

“Now get to work. I want all this cleared up pronto,” the boy ordered. Sam felt his heart sink, still confused about what was going on.

He gathered up the fruit feeling the sweat already building under his layers, joining that of the muscled jock’s. Roka bundled up Sam’s clothes into his trunk and locked the car.

“Alright let’s go,” the blonde hairder boy ordered, as the two walked back into the bar.

After lunch the bar was already heaving with many seaside goers. Sam was already on the verge of passing out, as he could feel the sloshing of sweat building in his suit. Luckily the thick neoprene meant it all stayed inside.

He was making sure to drink plenty of water which only made him need to pee even more. His bladder was currently filled to bursting but with no access to his dick he didn’t know what to do.

Everyone commented on his flushed expression and his odd choice of clothing, asking Sam why he didn’t remove his shirt. Sam panicked and lied about how he forgot his sunscreen. He’d occasionally catch eyes with his current bully and see the mischevious smile on his face. Sam was starting to hate that smile.

Just as he was in the middle of an intrigate cocktail for an inpatient sunbather, Sam felt something odd happening to the plug in his ass. It started slow but he could feel it start to vibrate. Quickly it launched into action sending the cocktail shaker in his hand flying through the air. It crashed into some nearby boxes as Sam yelped out.

He quickly regained composure, as he apologised to the elderly woman and went to retrieve it. He bent down to pick the shaker up and the vibrations once again assaulted him. He moaned allowed and tried to disguise it as a cough.

Continuing with the drink and after apologising profusely, he handed the woman back her change. The pulsing started again on his poor anus and he stifled a slutty whine. The woman looked completely disgusted and appauled as she walked away.

Sam shot daggers at the grinning, blonde surfer. He smiled innocently as he held up a mini controller in his hand. Sweat was openly dripping from Sam’s forehead as he wiped it away and moved onto the next customer.

“All going well, Charlie?” the owner asked the blonde surfer.

“Hey Unc, yeah all good! Feels like only yesterday I worked here with you,” the surfer, now revealed as being named Charlie answered.

“That’s the spirit, it’s like a bike, ey? Has it been busy today?” his uncle enquired.

“Yeah, but you’ve got a great team here, especially the guy behind the counter,” the boy informed the owner.

“Ah Sam! He’s a new hire but a hard worker,” the owner said gazing over at Sam, “You okay, fella? You look a bit unwell,”

Sam panicked.

“I uhhh…” he murmered.

“He was saying earlier that he felt a bit of a flu coming on. Should I take him home Unc? Can’t be good out in this hot sun and around customers.” Charlie said, in a sickeningly-sweet voice.

“Sure, we’ve got the night shift boys starting in a few so if you want to head home too you can,” Charlie’s uncle replied, “you’re in good hands, feel better soon, Sammy!”

As the owner walked away, Charlie shot Sam another devilish grin.

“Come on, Sammy let’s get you back home… to my place,” Charlie said maliciously.

Sam almost fainted on the spot. He felt the plug in his ass burst into life again as he let an erotic moan erupt out. He quickly lost control of his bladder sending a long stream of hot piss inside the suit. From the look on his face, Charlie knew exactly what he’d done. Charlie quietly mouthed; ‘I’m going to make you pay for that.’

If Sam thought it was a long day before he was VERY mistaken. It was also going to be a long night.

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