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The ice-cold chain forced Cody’s neck into an uncomfortable downward position. His eyes focused on the two kneeling legs jutting out from his midsection. His cuffed wrists dug into his lower back as he tried in vain to shimmy into a more comfortable position.

The garage Cody currently kneeled in was cold and grimy. His body shivered from its contact with the rough, frigid concrete below. Cody’s car currently sat a few feet from him in the garage. He had been instructed to park it, strip himself and take his place by the door leading into the interior of the house.

The garage door folded closed after Cody drove inside. He was trapped in the ill-lit room as he fumbled into his current position. Time had ticked on and on for Cody, as he waited for his next instructions. His phone remained in the car, with the rest of his belongings, so he had no way of telling the time.

The occasional noise from outside leaked into the interior of the garage. Traffic whizzing past, birds happily chirping and sounds of movement reached Cody’s ears. He tried his best to listen to any signs of life from within the house. But it was dead silence.

‘Is there even someone at home?’ Cody pondered.

Today was a big day for the kneeling boy waiting patiently in the garage. It was one that Cody’s owner had talked about constantly… the day his pup would be ‘branded’. The branding of a pup by its owner is a ceremonious occasion where a stray becomes owned property. From this day forward, Cody would belong fully to his Sir.

His chastity cage throbbed in enthusiasm as Cody felt a bubble of nervous excitement swell in his stomach. He was proud to soon become his owner’s property – even if that meant much less control of his own life from now on. Cody’s Sir was nothing if not strict and dominant. The chained up pup was familiar with carrying out orders from dawn to dusk.

Any deviation from his directions was met with severe punishments. Cody had become all too familiar with his Sir’s methods of motivation and by now he had become a piece of property any Dom would feel proud to collar.

An enormous part of becoming his owner’s possession was in Cody’s mental transformation – but also his physical. Before they met, Cody resembled a regular, geeky computer nerd. He’d let his hair grow long and had a fairly dull wardrobe selection – mostly containing a plethora of plaid shirts and oversized sweaters.

Roughly six months to the day they met, Cody now sported a carefully trimmed mohawk, in the traditional fetishist style, septum and nipple piercings and a complete overhaul of his clothing choices. Loose-fitting shirts were replaced with tight black tank tops – usually decorated with a fetish logo of some kind.

Skintight leather jeans and boots often completed the look and of course who could forget about the heavy metallic chain around Cody’s neck. His new attire usually glued to his body like a second skin, showing off his now toned physique. His Sir put together a rigorous workout and diet plan which had bared incredible results for the once lanky nerd.

As he kneeled, staring at his almost unrecognisable toned abs and thighs, the thing which caught most of Cody’s attention was the black silicone cage currently locked around his manhood. In the six months, he’d been his Sir’s pup, Cody had seen very little of his cock outside of a cage. It was only removed for cleaning under strict supervision from his owner. This resulted in Cody paying a lot more attention to his sexual training.

During the first few sessions, Cody was an adequate cock sucker and bottom bitch. His stamina was subpar and he often needed firm guidance from above. Now he was a devoted boy-whore who knew how to get any man orgasming in minutes.

Every morning, when in his Sir’s presence, his mouth was wrapped around that magnificent cock. When they were apart this was replaced with a rubber facsimile modelled after Sir’s manhood. Cody’s was so experienced in servicing his Sir sexually, one-word commands were all it took to offer hours of pleasure to his owner.

Suck. Beg. Clench. Swallow. And deepthroat. These were all orders which Cody now reacted to almost instinctively. His mind had been programmed to run through a set of actions whenever these commands were barked out. Of course, Cody loved every second of it. This was often evident by the hard twitching cage poking out below. He sometimes earned himself a caged orgasm which left him melting at the touch of his owner.

Cody heard movement from within the house as something approached the door he was currently kneeling in front of. Heavy footsteps thudded getting louder and louder, just as Cody’s heart began to beat in his chest. The nervous feeling increased tenfold as he waited in anticipation. He quickly checked over his posture making sure his head was bowed in a submissive stance – ready to present to his owner.

Suddenly the footsteps ceased and there was silence for a few seconds before a click signalled the door being unlocked. Light from the hallway poured into the cold, dark garage as Cody’s eyes strained from the brightness. He continued to stare at his owner’s shadow waiting on the dominant man’s instructions.

“Head to the floor,”

Cody did as instructed and pushed his body forward so that his forehead met the cold cement of the garage.

“Are you ready for your branding to begin, mutt? I hope you enjoy the last vestiges of your freedom. From this day on you’ll be totally and completely my property,” his Sir boomed.

Cody was already straining and leaking precum onto the cement floor. Just hearing his Sir’s silky rough voice was enough to make his knees weak.

“Yes Sir!” Cody answered.

His Sir slowly approached the kneeling sub, brushing his hand through the freshly shaved mohawk before unlocking the cuffs behind Cody’s back. Cody shook his now numb hands trying to get some feeling back in them.

“Come,” his Sir ordered, turning to walk ahead of the submissive boy.

Cody knew all too well that walking on two feet in Sir’s home was expected unless told otherwise. He crawled along glad to feel something other than concrete under his sore limbs. He’d usually be dressed as Sir desired, but for his branding ritual, Cody was instructed to be naked except for his cage and steel collar.

The two came to a set of double doors leading into the living room of his owner’s home. Cody initially thought this strange as the doors were usually always open.

“Time to get you prepared for the ritual, boy” his owner instructed.

He bent down to fix a blindfold around Cody’s head, leaving the sub completely blind.

“Paws together,” the next instruction was barked out by his owner.

Cody felt soft rope being drag along his wrists, as it tightened with the knots his Sir was currently tying. His palms were squashed together with little room for movement. Sir was nothing but proficient and experienced when it came to bondage ties. Within moments Cody was exposed in a hogtied with his limbs stretched behind him. The final addition to his bondage came in the form of a tight leather muzzle gag. It effectively muted the tied up sub with a cock gag firmly pressed into his mouth.

He lay on his stomach as his Sir inspected his body. This was a common practice at the start of any of their sessions. Cody was instructed to keep his body shaved at all times including other cosmetic “rules” his Sir made sure he kept to. After he was satisfied, Sir gave Cody’s pert ass an affectionate squeeze before opening the double doors.

Cody was still blind to all that was going on around him. Trying to get comfortable in his bonds. His Sir had a habit of leaving him in it for long periods so he’d come to get used to longer sessions.


Sir’s two boots slammed down just inches from Cody’s face causing him to twitch with surprise.

“The time has come, boy. Today begins the rest of your life as my property. Once you cross through into this room you’ll be forever my possession. Firstly I’ll take you through the rules of your new life, what I expect from you and then the branding will begin.”

There was silence for a few seconds before Cody grunted in reply. Unsure if that’s what he was supposed to do or not. His Sir manhandled him. Easily lifting the twinky boy up and into the living room. He was dropped down onto a cushioned area as he was left struggling in his bonds.

Cody tried his best to relax. The apprehension for what was about to come caused him to feel a tense knot in his stomach. There was the noise of heavy boots booming around him as his Sir brought closer what he needed for the ceremony. A hand grasped at the cage between Cody’s legs making the younger sub jump in surprise.

He began to feel the cage tighten as he felt the cool leather of his Sir’s gloves caress his swollen caged member.

“We’re about to start, pup. I’m about to remove your cage and chain. This is to get you ready for your new collar and chastity device. After that, I’ll begin to describe your new life as my property”

A familiar click signalled that his cage had been unlocked as Sir pulled off the silicone cage away. Cody could feel himself immediately harden as Sir teasingly massaged his dick. Up until now, he’d been on a complete cum ban. So the slightest touch felt like heaven to the poor sub. He let out a soft whine behind his gag.

Next, the chain collar was removed from around his neck. An empty feeling sunk over Cody – as he was left naked apart from the blindfold, gag and ropes binding him.

“You’re now stripped of your training gear, boy. Now for the item’s that you’ll spend the rest of your life in,”

Firstly, an ice pack was pressed firmly over Cody’s hard member. He squealed out in pain. The bindings keeping him from squirming too much. His owner’s muscular arms kept him pinned in place as he went flaccid behind the ice pack. It was discarded and a slightly cool gel was massaged into the numbed prick.

“We’ve been working you up to this point, boy. Your new device has been specifically made for long periods of wear. Custom-fit to your measurements this will keep you well and truly locked up. The problem with traditional cages is that they difficult at adapting to the constant changes of size in a penis. It can become either too loose or too tight. This device will solve that issue”

Cody had to admit that being made a full-time locked puppy wasn’t easy. Many nights trying to calm his aching boners under a cage and the painful marks left after he’d gotten horny in the office. The words of a device to control him so totally were both exciting and also terrifying. His days of hoping to get unlocked were over.

First, a soft jelly-like ring was placed around his dick and balls. It fit just right without digging in too much or cutting off any circulation. Next, a sort of metallic flange was pressed over the squishy ring and connected somehow with a click.

“How does that feel, boy? You might notice the interior of the cage is elastic and moves to conform to your shape while the hard metal on the outside gives your cock the encasement it needs.”

The ring was followed by a sort of sleeve, similar to that of the “jelly-ring”, being pulled over Cody’s limp dick. Due to the ice, he couldn’t feel anything except a dull tightness in the crotch area. More pressure was put on his member wrapped in the strange putty as it came to a stop when connected to the ring. A hard “click” insinuated that Cody had just been fully locked.

He felt his Sir examining parts of the cage before letting it go and moving onto his new collar. His old one was pretty lightweight and could easily be hidden under his clothes. From now on he wouldn’t have such a privilege. His new collar was to be displayed with the world – and the perfect object to symbolise his Sir’s ownership of him.

“You are almost complete… all that remains is your branding mark.”

Cody’s heart began to race. He’d been preparing himself for this part of the ritual. His Sir had informed him that their new relationship was to be complete by a permanent bonding to Cody’s skin. This would reinforce the complete surrender of his freedom to his new Master. The buzzing of tattoo equipment reverbed in Cody’s ears as he began to tremble, waiting for the needle to pierce skin.

He jumped as cool lotion was massaged into his right buttcheek. He mentally braced for the impact of the needle. Sir could sense the apprehension in his trembling sub and gave him an affectionate squeeze before starting his handiwork.

Cody gritted his teeth as pain erupted from the spot his Sir was working on. Cody was continually praised for bearing the brunt of the sharp pain. He held back a torrent of swear words as the needle worked its way over raw flesh. This moment symbolised the trust Cody held for his Sir as he was a literal canvas to be inscribed however his Sir deemed fit.

As the buzzing died down and a cool cloth was pressed against the freshly marked skin, Cody was brought into a warm embrace by his Sir.
The blindfold was ripped off and behind teary eyes, Cody gazed up at his new Master. The image of perfection in his eyes. A leather glove came up to caress the boy’s face as lips planted against his muzzle where his mouth would be.

“You are now MINE. Your branding is complete”

Cody gazed down at his body, … his Master’s body, and noticed the shiny new cage. The symbol of their new relationship. Cody’s Sir began to undo the restraints tying him down and then got a better idea. Why put a good pup to waste and besides they had their “honeymoon” to enjoy now. Sir lifted his new possession into his arms and bounded for the upstairs bedroom. It was time to brand his boy in a whole other way he knew how.

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