Your camera snaps the scenic landscape in front of you, as your foot adjusts its position on the mossy rocks. The vast forest was filled with fallen branches and trunks long forgotten. The seasons had been harsh, stripping away the bark and outer layers, yet rendering them all the more beautiful.

The moss under your feet is kelp-like and the trees around you stretch upward as they tower over you. You tilt your head upward, sniffing at the damp air around you. You leap off the rocks and slip the DSLR camera back into its satchel.

You felt an enormous relief, finally getting away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Your job was the main culprit for your rise in stress lately and being out in nature always seemed to calm you down. Before you knew it your feet began to walk in the direction of the unknown. Mind and body on autopilot.

The sun began to sink beneath the tops of the pines. The light streaked through the boughs as their shadows cast all over the forest floor. Conscious of nighttime soon approaching, you decided to head back in the direction of the car park.

You took a strange route away from any of the trails to get away from any other forest walkers. Therefore, you had only your compass to rely on for direction. The dial aimed at the southeast as you trudged through the damp woods.

You heard the birds above calling and pecking for grub. There is a movement of small animals nearby combined with the sound of trickling water from a stream. As you climb over a large rock, your hands grabbing at the rough exterior, you feel your palms come into contact with something sticky.

You discover a strange tar-like substance smeared across your hands. Maybe some kind of strange sap or fungi? You wipe off the residue on some nearby leaves as you continue with your journey without a second thought.

Your route takes you back along the stream of water into the densest part of the forest. As the sun disappeared behind the thick layer of trees surrounding you, you decide to switch on your flashlight. During the day the leaves are bright green but in the dusk, they look almost inky black.

Your torch’s trail of light shows you the earth below riddled with fallen foliage and vines. Your boots crunch against the leaves under you. You continue on your walk until you hear a splat! Your foot is caught in a muddy puddle. As you shine your flashlight down, you notice it’s the black tar-like substance again.

Using extreme force you manage to pry your foot free as you investigate the inky goop. You reach for a nearby stick and begin to poke it. The stick becomes lodged in the sticky mess and you try to pull it back out. As you continue to battle with the puddle – you’re unaware that around you the black goop is starting to gather. It drips down from the forest trees and collects on the earthy floor until all around you is coated in the black reflective slop.

Giving up on the stick experiment, you turn your attention back to your journey. It’s suddenly gotten a lot darker as you shine your flashlight in front of you. However, it’s not the darkness that surrounds you, it’s the black fluid! It closes in and envelops you. Crawling over every crevice destined to cover you completely.

You start to lose consciousness as you’re unable to breathe. Slowly your vision fades and you’re lost in the empty blackness.

You come to, surrounded by hard metal. The only source of light comes from a small window, too far out of reach to view the outside world. You feel like you’re in some kind of cell. Confused and frightened you curl up into a ball, only to notice that you’re completely naked. The only thing against your bare skin is two solid black cuffs attached to the metal wall behind your back.

You feel the ground beneath you lurch and your body moves with the feeling. Wait. You must be moving? The sound of movement around you confirmed this. The last thing you remember is walking in the forest at dusk. But, the golden light shining through the small window reminds you of a morning glow. How long had you been out?

The moving cell was barely four feet by two. The walls were the same dark metal with thick iron bars over the small window. The more you begin to gather your surroundings the more you start to panic. What the hell was going on? Had you just been kidnapped? Being chained down was enough of a dangerous signifier – but being completely naked? What had you got yourself into?

You wrestle against your bonds in an attempt to escape. You start to shriek for help but there’s no response. After what seemed like an eternity in isolation you start to hear hustle and bustle around you. The sounds of a city fill your ears.

You cry out once more but nothing seems to change. Either people can’t hear you or they don’t want to. You feel the cell roll to a stop. For a few minutes, you’re left in complete silence. Your beating heart – the only thing to keep you company.

A sound reaches your ears. Mechanical clanking all around you. Feeling movement against the metal walls your bonds are suddenly released. You rise to stand up in the cell, rubbing at your sore wrists. You take a step forward before something disengages around you. Four nozzles lock into place pointing right at you in the centre of each metallic wall.

There’s a beat before they blast into action coating you in more of the inky rubber from before. It coats you from head to toe – almost instantly. You try to breathe only for the goop to coat the insides of your mouth and throat.

As you wretch and squirm surrounded in the mess, four more nozzles appear and shoot hot air at your new skin. The interior of the metal cell turns into an oven as the goop begins to cure. The shiny material begins to tighten and you can feel it press into every point on your body.

The tremendous heat around you continues to build as you writhe in pain. Your skin feels like it’s burning off, to be replaced with its new hardened coating. Before you feel like you’re going to pass out, the heat source shuts off. It’s replaced with a blast of cool, wet air which instantly soothes your skin. You’re unaware that it’s shining your new skin leaving it reflective and glossy.

You gaze down at your new body. Covered from head to toe in shiny, black rubber. Your cock and balls in a tight mound – lodged between your legs. You hear the cranking of machinery once again. The whole wall in front of you comes away as a bright light fills your vision. You strain to see the outside world as two figures come into your eyesight.

You notice these two beings are also coated completely in red rubber. They have red padded armour matching their tight skin, with a trailing shiny rubber cape behind them. With red rubber helmets, they looked almost identical both in height and body size.

They enter the metal chamber, bodies squeaking as they grab your newly coated arms. You moan in protest but you’re easily carried out of the metal chamber on to what awaits you.

The world outside your cell appears otherworldly – like something from a science fiction novel. Black towers of large tree-like structures surround you. Due to the horizon, you suspect you’re high up in the sky. You can see the forest stretching for miles below with no sign of civilisation. If you weren’t so petrified and bewildered you’d think the scene looked somewhat beautiful.

The two beings carry you up a set of red rubber steps. You’re surprised the two don’t slip on the reflective stairs. You reach the entrance to an extravagant palace before you’re hauled through the ingress. You spot many other figures dressed identically to your red rubber companions roaming around the great palace.

You hear the squelch of their boots on the rubber floor made to look like some kind of polished marble. Whoever lived in this palace certainly had a theme going on. Bright white rubber surrounds you as you’re dragged in an unknown direction. Only certain embellishments around the palace are glazed in red or black rubber.

You pass through a hallway filled with several black, reflective statues all in different poses. You start to dread the idea that there are living beings behind those rigid busts. This began to fill you with even more panic. The red rubber guards arrive at a set of large intricate doors. Whatever lay beyond displayed pure power. You shiver at the thought.

Your heart sank as the double doors boomed open – revealing a long chamber leading to a throne. Brilliant white rubber covered every object in the great hall. From the chandeliers hanging from the curved ceiling to the rubber-coated walls and latex tapestries that hung on the wall.

Your black rubber body stuck out like a sore thumb among the sea of white in the room – similar to your red rubbered companions. You were trawled the full length of the room before being dropped about four feet from the rubber throne. The guards bowed. You gazed up at what you assumed had brought you here.

Sat atop a glossy white throne, was something more akin to a demon than royalty. Black rubber skin coated. The figure was strewn across the imperial chair. Two thick horns adorn its black shiny head, which itself had a perpetual grin. A quick shuffle and the demon Prince rose with a flick of its blade-like tail behind.

Its massive head sits atop a broad, inflated body. Solid black wrapped around its torso. This thing was surely made from the substance inside and out. The creature peers at you its eyes drilling into your very soul. The demon, disappointed or bored, breaks its gaze upon you.

“Speak,” a deep hungry voice calls out.

“Sire. This human was found caught in one of our traps in the woods. We have brought it straight to you!” one of the guards instructed. Its mouth was hidden from view so you were unsure how it managed to communicate.

“So a human? Well, you must be enjoying your new skin. A human’s skin is so fragile and easily damaged so we decided to upgrade you. This way you’re much better for serving me,” the Prince remarked.

He was tall, taller than any average man. His eyes held no light whatsoever, just as black and reflective as his skin. You try to protest but the rubber inside your mouth grew larger turning into a solid replica of a human cock.

“Looks like you’ll need to learn your place as you’ll now be my devoted slave. The pity about humans is they take longer to train than the average beings of this world. Well, all the more fun to be had,” the Prince laughed menacingly.

You began to feel a warm sensation massaging your rubber bulge. The cock in your mouth took on a similar buzz while another cock grew up your rubber-coated butt. You began to mewl from the mixture of sensations. Sending you into a lustful frenzy.

“Prepare the slave for throne-duty. It needs to learn to worship me. The best way for it to learn is to be right under.”

“Yes your majesty,” responded the red rubbered guards.

You feel your arms grasped harshly, as you’re dragged up several steps to the throne of the demon Prince. The throne was shaped like an opulent throne of any King or Queen. Only this one was formed from solid white rubber.

It was clear this was made to represent royalty with so much dedication and ornate carvings into the smooth, reflective material. You feel the two burly guards easily lift your lithe body and place you upside down on the rubber throne.

Your rubbered legs lay against the backrest – as your spine settled into the cushiony seat. You started to feel something enveloping your form as your body was sucked into the throne. Slowly you felt immense pressure against your figure as your black body melted away into the pristine, white latex.

The buzzing in your orifices increased in intensity as you stared up at the ornate ceiling above. Soon your entire body was engulfed in the chair. The only thing that remained was the black oval shape of your anonymous face. Mouth bulging with the dildo in your mouth as you continued to stare upwards.

You tried to wiggle but not even a toe would budge. You were well and truly stuck. Like a fly in taffy. The demon Prince’s head poked into your vision with a vicious grin.

“A few days and I’m sure you’ll be ready to serve your new Prince with all your heart. To start you off, you’ll need to fall in love with kissing my ass. Time to get to work,” the Prince announced.

Two shiny rubber globes came down onto your rubber-coated face. The pressure felt almost crushing and the scent from the rubber demon was intoxicating. The rubber cock in your mouth was forced even deeper as your entire world melted away and you focused on pleasing the hot rubber butt pressed into your blank face.

This was your world now. A Prince’s throne.

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