The curtains added a cerulean glow to the morning light. The harsh lighting caused Manu to stir as he began to rise from his slumber. For a moment he felt around for a familiar presence in his bed but found an empty space. 

He breathed a deep sigh. His Sir had already left for work, as Manu worked night shifts he would often wake at later hours in the day. He reaches his hand out to pull back the duvet, noticing the sound of birds outside the window. Light poured through the open space between the curtains and Manu winced as he rose to start his day. Manu stepped out of the shower gazing at his reflection in the full-length mirror.

His lush, brown hair flopped to the side with a rippling quality. His aquiline nose complemented his prominent cheekbones. Handsome in an understated way. The faintest sign of muscle decorated his slender frame as he towelled off the rest of his body. 

Slipping on some tight underwear, Manu strolled into the kitchen gazing up at the clock on the wall. The hands lay at 11:20 revealing that the day wasn’t entirely wasted. Manu noticed a note pinned to the fridge, written in Sir’s handwriting, detailing the slave’s tasks for the day. 

He plucked the letter from the fridge magnet and unfolded it to reveal his instructions.

We’re running low on some groceriesThe letter began.

The slave is to fetch these from the store. The slave is to go the usual route and wear the following. 

  • Rubber gimp suit
  • Plugged 
  • White socks & white hi-top trainers
  • Restraints & collar
  • Black & white PVC jacket
  • Baseball cap

Manu’s dick began to throb as he read his instructions. Sir would often send him out on errands wearing the same sort of attire. However, the next line detailed the final request from his Sir. 

I expect a photo to be sent to me wearing your outfit with a gas mask attached. You may only wear the mask for the photo. PS the jacket needs to come off. 

Reading over the letter again to ensure he understood his instructions correctly, Manu folded it back up and headed to get changed for his adventure out in the big bad world. If there’s one thing he knew, Sir didn’t like to be kept waiting.

The slave meandered into the playroom, just opposite his and Sir’s bedroom. He slid open the wardrobe door to reveal an enormous collection of fetish gear. The smell of rubber and plastic was overwhelming at first – adding to the tenting erection in the sub’s underwear. 

Manu placed the note aside as he selected his attire for the shopping trip. Starting with a full-length rubber catsuit, he took the hanger from the rail draping it onto a nearby chair. Next, he picked out the white hightop trainers from the vast array of footwear at the bottom of the wardrobe.  

He glided the sliding door closed and began hunting in a nearby drawer for his restraints and socks. Lastly, the slave took out a bottle of lube and a plug and laid all the items together. 

This walk was going to leave him tenting under his rubber and he’d have a hard time concealing that fact as he walked to the store. Coating his body with lubricant, the slave began massaging the cool gel into his skin. His legs and arms had the faintest tell-tale sign of body hair poking up. To the naked eye, he looked smooth-skinned and an added benefit; getting into rubber was never a bother for him. 

Manu dropped his underwear, picking up the shiny rubber catsuit and slowly pulling at the neckline. Sir had specifically chosen this suit for his slave. It fit like a glove and was void of any zips. The neck entry suit kept everything behind a layer of tight rubber.

Squirting plenty of lube into the neck of the suit, the slave began to massage it into the fabric. This ensured he could slide it on easily. He shook the catsuit hearing the thundering sound of rustling rubber that echoed in the room. 

The slave boy reached for the plug and greased it up before letting it gently sink into his butt. Manu winced from the increasing pressure as he let his anal muscles relax around the rubber intruder. Slowly but surely, the plug guided home and the slave felt his prostate massaged by the toy. Taking some small steps around the room, he could certainly feel its presence. 

Cleaning off his hands, Manu lifted up his suit for the day. Pulling apart the neck slot with force he stepped into the mass of gloop inside. The suit felt cold and sent a shudder through his body. Manu sat down to guide his feet through their respective holes. After they popped back into sight, he stood up and began pulling the tight suit up his body. Even with all the lube, it was still a tight squeeze. 

The slave wrestled with the suit until it was around his mid-section. The toughest part was getting it past his shoulders. Manu edged his fingers under the rubber neckline and gently guided his hands into the waiting arms of the outfit. After a bit of struggling, the catsuit’s neck slid to its proper position. 

Manu creased out the wrinkles of air and position parts of the suit so it sat more comfortably against his skinny frame. He then picked up the white cotton socks and slid them onto his feet. These were tucked over the seam of the catsuit and he could already feel sweat start to build in them. 

Restraints were added next, one on each of his wrists. Thick rubber like most of the attire the slave was instructed to wear. Unlacing the trainers, Manu stepped in feeling his foot disappear into the sole of his footwear. The trainers were black and white and complemented his current outfit. 

Feeling the collar in his hands, Manu wrapped the chunky choker around his neck and tightened it just enough to make its presence felt. Giving himself a quick spray of silicone lubricant he glanced at his reflection in the mirrored wardrobe. A glossy, polished rubber skin reflected in the mirror. Only the slave’s hands and head were on show. Gazing at his rubbered reflection, Manu smoothed his hand over his shiny chest. It came to rest on the crotch of his suit – feeling his hard dick fighting to break through the rubber.

Tearing himself away from his lustful stroking, Manu cleared away the bottle of spray and grabbed the padded PVC jacket hanging on the door. The puffer jacket glimmered just as much as his rubber flesh. Strolling around in broad daylight wearing his current getup, Manu would stick out like a sore thumb. He fixed a backwards cap over his head and zipped up the down jacket. 

The rubber from his waist-down looked like some kind of shiny leggings so maybe he’d get away without attracting too much attention. It wasn’t likely but he could hope. The rubber-clad boy grabbed his wallet, keys, phone and hooded gas mask and slipped them into a rucksack. 

The birds soared high in the sky with so much zeal and zest. It was warm in the indirect sun, cooler in the shade. Manu took a breath as he set off on his journey to the store. The air smelled fresh – mixed with the distinct metallic twang of hot latex. 

As he reached the sidewalk, the slave noticed the heat climbing higher. Being in the direct sunlight in all black was just asking for trouble. He felt the sweat slowly trickling under his suit into the awaiting socks and trainers. His body squeaked with every step he took and the plug forced itself into his butt causing the boy to try to minimise his movements. 

Manu and his Sir lived in a quiet, suburban cul-de-sac. The street was void of any curious neighbours so he was lucky for now. The journey to the supermarket would take roughly fifteen minutes, counting the detour to take his photo, maybe twenty. 

As he reached the intersection that connected to his road, Manu could hear traffic whizzing back and forth. With each stride, his mind became more cloudy, more embarrassed, as if the physical distance between him and his destination seemed to grow with each step. As the nascent sunlight caressed his face, he recalled similar situations where his Sir demanded he leaves the house in shiny gear. 

Although he was nervous, the whole ordeal turned him on. Wearing such eye-catching attire in public. The top of his collar poking out from the neckline of his puffer jacket. Manu grinned. His chest filled with a sense of pride. 

His lower half absorbed the spring sunshine as if intent on melting the material. Coming to a set of traffic lights at the intersection, the slave bounded left heading in the direction of the store. Cars now raced up and down the street he travelled on. 

A jogger dressed more appropriately for the scorching midsummer’s weather passed by Manu. He didn’t seem to take much notice of the sweating, shiny slaveboy. Too focused on his afternoon run. The rubber boy noticed a few eagle-eyed drivers as they gawked from their moving cars. He just wanted to get out of the scorching heat and past the busy road.

Without causing a scene, Manu managed to complete his stretch of the bustling street. He turned to follow cobblestone steps that led to the narrow canal below street level. The rest of his trip could be taken away from the hectic onslaught of lunchtime commuters.

Passing under a low bridge, the rubber slave came to a secluded spot. Perfect to take his midway photo for Sir. Manu dropped his rucksack to the ground and began rooting around for his mask. He squeezed it over his head, tucking the edges underneath his collar. Drawing the zip on the puffer jacket down, cold air from the shaded canal hit the rubber boy’s shiny chest. 

Manu discarded the PVC jacket – laying it next to his rucksack. He strolled over to the water’s edge trying to get his entire outfit in the frame. After a few quick snaps, his mission was complete and he packed away his things and flung his jacket back on. Ready to continue his journey to the store. 

Sleek, automatic, glass doors slid smoothly open, only to shoot cold air at the sweaty slaveboy. Tills beeped nearby. Accompanying the noisy, flamboyant signs that stood tall and proud, enticing innocent shoppers towards them. The aisles were pretty empty as it was still early on a weekday. 

As Manu strolled through to collect a basket, he earned a glance from a curious staff member restocking shelves. The rubber boy felt a bit self-conscious. Taking squeaky steps away from the gaze of the shop worker, Manu pulled out the shopping list his Sir had provided with his instructions. He got to work pulling produce out from the fruit & veg aisle and placing them in his basket. 

He attempted to distract himself from his nervous impulse by happily humming to himself. Popping some more goods into his basket he turned onto the dairy aisle. His hot flesh beneath the rubber was overjoyed to get the opportunity to cool down. The chilling refrigerators and air conditioning units were a refreshing respite from the scorching sun outside. 

Dry goods came next and a disgruntled old lady nearby was not impressed when Manu came into view. Her frown was plastered over her face, brows squished together in an aggravating way. The offending boy simply ignored the old bat and began filling his basket with more items. 

After picking up some frozen goods and a loaf of bread, Manu had ticked off everything on Sir’s list. He felt a swell of pride built in his chest as he joined the short queue with his basket of shopping. 

The female staff member behind the till beckoned Manu forward as he stepped up to the counter. 

“You’re certainly not dressed for the weather today,” the cashier laughed while scanning his items. 

“Yeah I guess I could have checked the weather forecast,” Manu responded. 

He decided just to laugh off the comment, hoping that they’d drop the subject and talk about something else. 

“Aren’t you warm dressed like that?” she queried. 

“It’s not so bad and I only live about a fifteen-minute walk away” 

“Wow! You walked here like that. I’m very impressed. Is that rubber pants you’re wearing?” 

Manu blushed from the question, wishing the earth would swallow him whole. 

“Y-yes. Well actually it’s a whole suit-” he blurted out, regretting divulging so much info to the excited cashier. 

“No way! Can I see? If that’s not really inappropriate to ask?” she smiled, pushing against the counter to get a better view of the nervous rubber boy. 

Unsure if he had a choice in the matter, Manu sighed and unzipped the puffer jacket to reveal a rubber-coated chest. The cashier looked ready to bounce on the spot with joy. 

“That’s seriously amazing! Wow I think you’re my favourite customer of the day”

The queue behind Manu became very interested in the scene unfolding in front of them. The cashier was loud enough to announce to the entire store. Manu blushed as he packed away his shopping after she read out the total. 

“Take it easy, rubber boy. Hopefully, I’ll see you in-store again soon.” the cashier gestured. 

Manu gave a polite wave before exiting the store flushed with embarrassment over what had just transpired. But, he had done a good job. As he began his journey home in the hot sun, he opened his phone for a text response from his Sir. Being complimented on his outfit and for following his orders – the slave felt content and happy. 

The message bubble lit up showing the first few words of Sir’s next text. Manu read;

Well done Slave. Now for your next task…

It was going to be a long day! 

Photo Credit: 9Till5

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