Kyle sighed heavily as he looked at the sign posted at the entrance to the park. It was simply stating that new dog leashing posts with built-in stray capture technology were donated to the park from DroneTech but something about how grand of a display it was for such a simple thing irritated him.

“DroneTech eh? What don’t they have their hands in these days…” he scoffed to himself. He did appreciate the fact that they were donating to local communities given the sudden surge in rubber pups roaming around. A place to safely hold them was a welcome addition.

He couldn’t even begin to count the number of times his morning walk had been interrupted by a rubber pup or two popping up along his trail and distracting him. They were always friendly, if not to an almost obnoxious degree at times, so he never really told them off but it would be nice to have them under control moving forward.

As he started his jog he passed a few other various signs about the fancy new addition but paid them no mind. He was just ready to start his daily routine and failed to notice the one that was warning him not to approach the posts without becoming a registered member of the park’s new visitor centre.

His jog was fairly uneventful and he spotted the metallic posts scattered around as he followed the trails but when he went to finish with his usual bit of ‘off the beaten path’ he found that there was one planted firmly in his path.

As he approached, a small red light flickered to life and pointed in his direction. Kyle stopped in his tracks for a moment and wondered what it was doing. It didn’t take long for light to start flashing repeatedly and a mechanical voice called out.

Unregistered member detected. State Handler ID or you will be restrained.

Kyle froze in his tracks and felt a knot of panic in his stomach.

“Handler ID? What is that? I’m not a Handler.” he called out, clearly confused by the whole ordeal.

Confirmed. Unregistered member is not a Handler. Member designation changed to Pup. Pup will be restrained.

Without warning the post emitted a loud whir as a small hole opened on the smooth metal. Kyle took a step back and opened his mouth to protest but before a single word could be uttered a long tendril launched from the opening towards him like a bullet. He tried to dodge but the rope was too fast. The sharp sting of it slapping around his neck shocked him and the sudden force of it caused him to lose balance and fall back onto the grass.

“What the hell! I’m not a…ack!”

His protest was silenced just as quickly as the rubber constricted tightly around his neck. He reached up to grab at the collar that had now formed around his neck and pulled against it. He felt the collar relax slightly to allow him to breathe once more and immediately went to speak once more but the robotic tone echoed out once more before he had the chance.

Primary scan indicated Pup is in violation of multiple club policies. These policies are the acceptable speech policy, uniform policy, and acceptable behavior policy. This Unit will now correct all violations.

Kyle felt the rubber around his neck seem to slither around slightly. The unnatural sensation sent a chill down throughout his entire body. He pulled at the rubber wrapped firmly around his neck but couldn’t get it to budge in the slightest.

“I tulld youu I’mm no a puup.” he slurred uncontrollably as the slithering sensation increased in intensity causing his neck and throat to tingle. It was like his mouth was losing the ability to speak correctly and it was only getting worse as the collar continued its work.

“WHUFF is this shuUFF! Someone ARF help! WUFF WUFF…BARK”

Kyle growled in frustration as he quickly realized that whatever words he wanted his mouth to say came out as nothing more than canine barks and growls. A few choice barks later and he realized that human speech was all but impossible and went to pull on the collar with increased fervor in a vain attempt to free himself from his predicament. The robotic voice chimed up again and pulled him out of his frenzy.

Speech Violation corrected. Two violations remaining.

Kyle realized he wasn’t going to be able to free himself from the collar and turned to look around for someone to help him out. He turned around wildly in an attempt to find someone to help him. He noticed a man a short distance away slowly walking towards him. He waved to the man and barked for help but he seemed content to simply watch what was happening rather than assist. Rage boiled up inside him and he started barking and growling ferociously in the direction of the man.

Aggression toward Handler is not permitted. Emergency pacification protocols initiated.

In his fury, Kyle did not notice a sweet scent hitting his nostrils, accompanied by a sudden pleasure radiating softly from his groin. It wasn’t until he was a few breaths in that he realized that his rage was quickly being overtaken by the steadily growing buzz emanating from his now rock-hard cock. As soon as he noticed the needy itch, it was all he could focus on. All his fury and anger were replaced with lust towards his own cock with increasing pleasure and need.

Consumed to the point, he stood in the middle of the field, surrounded by people. The bizarre situation he was in didn’t even seem to deter him. He slowly undid his pants and slid them off. His massive rock-hard cock extending proudly was all he could think about. He was so enthralled by it that his hands were shaking as he ceremoniously wrapped them around his cock. The simple act of touching it sent pleasure rocking through him and the first stroke increased it tenfold.

A needy whine escaped his lips as he dropped to his knees and basked in the pleasure flooding through him. Each stroke effectively washed away any coherent thought he may have been able to make. His addled brain heard the robotic voice speak again but only passively listened.

Pacification successful. Continuing with corrections.

Kyle only half noticed when that strange slithering feeling around his neck returned but rather than uncomfortable it somehow added to his pleasure. The fact that it has actually started extending past where the collar rested on his neck was completely lost on him.

Had the young man cared to look, he would have seen that thin tendrils of black, shiny rubber were descending over his body from the collar. Spreading the shining rubber over his upper body, dissolving the remaining clothing that he was wearing as it passed over them. The feeling of the rubber gliding over his skin was pushing him even higher in pleasure. The tendrils snaked further down, wriggling and weaving together until they smoothed out into a thick rubber coating that clung tightly to his skin. The strange sensation amplified in intensity as it slid over more and more of his exposed bare skin, replacing it with black shiny rubber.

It wasn’t until the rubber reached his forearms that he really took notice of it. He was suddenly aware that the sweet scent that had initially forced him into his lust-filled daze had subsided, and the foreign black substance slowly engulfing his body was enough to pull his addled mind away from his throbbing cock and back to his current predicament. He looked down at his chest and torso, seeing the sky reflecting off his shiny new outfit.

Still unable to stop stroking himself entirely he pulled one hand away from his cock and ran it along his smooth chest. The sensation caused him to shutter as he became aware that the rubber somehow made him even more sensitive. The sudden burst of pleasure forced his attention back to his cock. Still aware enough to know what was happening was wrong but too wrapped up in lust to do much about it.

He watched as the rubber continued down his abdomen and over his wrists. The tendrils slid over his hands and fingers, smoothing and settling over them like gloves. The feel of his rubber hand stroking his cock was unlike anything he had ever experienced, and he could only watch with bated breath as the rubber reached the base of his cock and started climbing up his massive member.

The immense pleasure from his stroking coupled with increased sensitivity from the rubber engulfing him sent him back into a complete frenzy. He watched in awe as the rubber seemed to change the behavior on his cock. Instead of smoothing out into a smooth coating like it had been. The rubber seemed to bulk up more and up, making his already large cock thicker. He watched, still stroking the writhing mass, as it finally started to solidify and smooth out. It didn’t take him long to recognize what his cock had become. Rather than a rubber version of his own cock, he was now sporting a throbbing rubber canine one, knot and all.

The pure erotic pleasure radiating from his new cock was beyond words as he continued pounding it with his rubber-coated hands. Kyle was in a lust-filled heaven for a few moments before he noticed his hands were starting to feel strange. He saw that the rubber around them had started to thicken, restricting his digit’s movements. The rubber slowly forced his hands off of his cock and into fists, but the rubber continued to swell around them. At first, he thought they were going to stop as rounded balls but the rubber swelled and contracted around his hands until it settled into a pair of shiny rubber paws.

He tried to continue stroking but with the large paws he could do little more than bat it around. While still able to find a little pleasure, it was becoming increasingly more difficult. All the while, the rubber continued its ceaseless onslaught down his legs and ankles. Frustrated growls and whines emanated from the man as he struggled to attend to his new, even more sensitive, cock. He was so engrossed in fixing his problem that he didn’t even take notice when the rubber flowed over his feet, bulking up and replacing them with paws similar to his hands now. From the neck down Kyle was now completely covered in rubber and was almost indistinguishable from the other pups he had seen thus far.

The struggle to pleasure himself was suddenly pushed away as he felt something pressing up against his hole and unceremoniously force itself inside. The sudden intrusion caused him to emit a surprised yelp and brought coherency back to his mind. He twisted around to inspect his rear and saw that he now had a short rubber tail extending from his ass.

He reached back with his paw, slowly inspecting it as best he could. As soon as he touched it, however, he felt the large plug in his ass thrust deeper in and he felt that overwhelming pleasure start building again having discovered a new way to pleasure himself.

The fog in his mind slowly started descending again as he played with his new tail, basking in the pleasure thrusting into him deeper and deeper. His rubber pup cock throbbing with each push. He had enough coherent thought to know what was happening this time but couldn’t bring himself to do anything about it. The collar wrapped firmly around his neck seemed to react to his mind fading once more, and the rubber started to flow.

The pleasurable slithering sensation of flowing rubber returned and started ascending up his neck this time. The deep pounding in his ass drove him further and further into a sex-crazed haze as he felt the rubber flowing over his jaw and mouth. A moan was all he managed to release before the rubber rushed inside his mouth and filled his throat with a large rubber cock just like the one in his ass. He had only a moment to close his eyes as the rubber flowed up over them. A moment later, his entire head was completely engulfed in shiny black rubber.

The rubber coalesced and shimmered over his head for a few moments while he was basking in pure bliss before settling down. As the rubber settled into its final, he felt the plug lodged in his ass stop responding as vigorously to his playing, and the haze on his mind started clearing once more. It took Kyle a moment to come to his senses and realize that he could see light on the other side of his eyelids rather than the pitch-blackness that overtook him moments earlier.

He opened his eyes slowly and couldn’t help but release a surprised gasp. The first thing he noticed was something large and black extending from his face. He reached up a rubber paw to inspect it, knowing deep down what it was already. A quick once over all but confirmed his fear. He now had a rubber pup mask tightly wrapped around his head. He stared at his new canine muzzle in a mixture of disbelief and frustration. 

The pleasure-induced stupor faded almost entirely, replaced with that anger he felt earlier. He quickly darted his head around in a vain attempt to find help, feeling the air rushing past the rubber ears on his head as he did. It proved slightly more difficult than it should be though as he quickly realized something else had changed.

In addition to his new muzzle, his vision was also slightly darker, almost tinted and he knew from seeing other pups that he was actually looking through the blacked-out lenses, making him completely unidentifiable from any of the other pups roaming around.

After his vision adjusted to the subtle changes he finally spotted the man who was approaching him earlier, now leaning against a tree watching him in his predicament. He was clearly content to let this whole ordeal work itself out and Kyle could feel that rage building up once more. A low growl emanated from his throat but it was cut short by the robotic voice chiming in once more.

Uniform violation corrected. One violation remaining…

Kyle turned his head back toward the post and barked in frustration. He couldn’t help but feel even more helpless when he saw his reflection on the shiny chrome surface of the post. He looked like all the other rubber pups. Down on his knees, wrapped in shiny black rubber. Thick paws for hands and feet. Large rubber ears extending from the top of his canine head. An engorged rubber dog cock throbbing between his legs. His entire form transformed into a rubber pup. He only had a moment to recall what the last violation it was speaking about was and his eye widened when he remembered.

Without warning the blacked-out lenses he was looking through darkened. Blinding him entirely. A loud bark was all he managed to issue before his entire vision was blasted with images and colors in a kaleidoscope of overwhelming visual information. At the same time, a static-filled warbling assaulted his ears. He tried shaking his head and closing his eyes to alleviate the onslaught of sensory information but nothing granted even the slightest bit of reprieve. To make matters worse he smelled that subtle sweet scent enter his nostrils and felt that burning need start growing in his cock once more.

Strange voices echoed in the static but he couldn’t tell what they were saying. There were too many for him to be able to focus on a single one with his already strained mind and it was getting to the point where even his own thoughts were hard to hold onto. His internal voice gets lost in the commotion of all the others. Every so often a thoughts would flicker into his mind but he was quickly losing the ability to distinguish his thoughts from those whispering their insidious messages.

His vision was equally overwhelmed. Images and flickering colors, too quick to be able to comprehend, blasted him relentlessly. He would catch glimpses of things he knew like his friends or work scattered in them, vague memories of his life. At the same time, he could see other images of rubber pups and all the fun they could have.

With both his conscious and subconscious struggling to hold onto any semblance of self in the assault, his body was awash with a burning pleasure. His front paws acted on pure instinct as he pawed at his throbbing member. If he had had the mental fortitude to maintain thought through the barrage in his mind, what little remained would immediately be consumed by the burning need coursing through him. To anyone looking at him now, they would just see another pup mindlessly pawing itself and panting in pleasure.

The concept of time was completely lost on Kyle as he was bombarded from every direction. The voices whispering to him through the static were coming through clearer and clearer, phrases like ‘a good boy’, ‘you’re a pup’, ‘obey your handler’, and ‘happy and playful’, were coming at him with an intensity that his own thoughts were getting lost in the barrage. It was getting harder and harder to make out his own thoughts in the static but the programming was getting clearer and clearer to the point where he wasn’t sure if he was thinking those thoughts or if they were fed to him by the static.

Similarly, the flashing barrage of images before his eyes was getting even more intense. The flickers of his memories were mixing entirely with those of being a rubber pup until he was struggling to accurately tell which was which. He could vaguely remember faces and places shown to him, but some were foreign and unknown. The flashing pup images seemed more familiar, memories of those moments popping into his head as he recalled them in fond detail.

Sensing that the programming was taking hold, the rubber plug in his ass started thrusting forcefully into his hole. At the same time, the pleasure from his incessant pawing was amplified tenfold, and he finally felt that sweet release building deep inside him.

The release he had been chasing for so long had finally arrived. His entire rubber-covered body tensed up, and a loud howl escaped his muzzle as hot white cum exploded out of his cock. The pleasure rushed through his body and into his straining mind, breaking it entirely. Rational thought ceased, and all the new memories and thoughts pushed their way into the deepest recessed of his psyche. All the while, everything that made him Kyle was fully lost in the static and colors. His entire being rewritten at a basic level by the mind-breaking euphoria crashing through him and out his erupting rubber cock.

As the torrent of cum and pleasure subsided, so too did the static in his ears and the flashes in his eyes. His rubber cock, now spent, slowly softened and shifted into a round rubber bulge. The pup that used to be Kyle was lying on his back, panting heavily when his vision returned to normal, albeit still tinted by the lenses. The thoughts and memories of the man now ceased entirely, taken away as the programming faded away. Basic thoughts and pup instincts ruled his simple mind now, and he felt a sense of contentment just laying there, leashed to the post, awaiting his handler to come and get him. He would be a good boy and wait for his Handler. He was too lost in his own simple mind to register the post chiming once more.

All violations corrected….searching pup registry to alert handler…error…no Pup ID found…registering pup….requesting ID….received…Pup KT-8453 registered…alerting nearby Handlers.

KT-8453 felt a slight tingle around his neck and shook his head playfully. He heard a slight jingle of the new bone-shaped tag rattling around on his collar, engraved with his ID. It didn’t bother him. Worries and thoughts generally were lost on him entirely at this point. He was content to simply wait for his Handler to come get him like a good boy.

The sound of grass crunching under someone’s foot drew the pup’s attention and he turned to see the man approaching him. He barked happily at the man who simply smiled in response. The pup watched the man intently as he walked over to the post and retrieved the lead that led to KT-8453’s collar. The pup barked and wagged even happier realizing this man was his Handler and he quickly ran up to the man.

“I gotta say, I didn’t really expect to find a new pup when I came here today but you’re too cute to pass up! You’re such a good boy!”

The words caused the pup’s bulge to twitch pleasurably. A happy yip escaped through its mouth.

“Come on boy! Let’s go introduce you to your brothers. I’m sure you’ll love them.”

With that he started walking away, leading the new pup with him. Happily walking off towards his new happier life.

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