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Jake had a crush on his straight college roommate Chris. The problem was Chris was straight, great at sports and could pull any woman he wanted (and he did). Although Jake was more of the studious type, he was gay but also had a very kinky side to him. Rubber was a huge turn-on, and, although relatively inexperienced in the world of rubber, he did have a small collection of gear, including a gas mask, a full rubber suit, a rubber surf suit, rubber gauntlets and waders.

He would peek at Chris getting ready into his compression gear before going for his daily 5-mile runs. Thinking about how good Chris’ defined abs and chest would look encased in a rubber suit. Whilst he tried to focus on his university coursework, he couldn’t help fantasising about what it would be like to be with Chris fully clad in rubber.

Unable to focus on his studies he decided to spend time surfing the web. He typed “rubber men” into the browser, and hit return. As Jake scrolled through countless pictures of rubber-clad men in all kinds of situations, an advert popped up and the words caught his attention. “Are you a rubber fetishist looking for a partner?”

So he clicked on the advert, which took him to a new web page. Another photo caught his eye when he saw the text, “Turn your dream guy into the perfect rubber man. Click here.” Jake just had to find out more. It was an advert for a company called ‘LatexUs’. They offered a liquid latex product that contained an extra ingredient. Once the liquid latex came into contact with the skin it would turn that person into a compliant rubber-loving ‘drone’. The product came at a price and the text stated it was still experimental so results were not guaranteed. The cost was £1,000 for an 8 oz flask.

This could be the answer to his dreams. For only a grand, he could turn his roommate into his perfect partner and rubber man. He clicked on the purchase button and entered his card details. The purchase was confirmed, and delivery would be in 48 to 72 hours. Jake’s heart was pounding. He used the time to plan how he was going to change his roommate into a rubber man. 48 hours later, a courier delivered a parcel to Jake.

Jake had waited for his moment. He took the flask out of the cardboard box and unscrewed the lid, letting the scent of rubber fill his nose. The thick black liquid sloshed around, shiny and gooey. It was now or never. Jake went into the bathroom and quickly poured the contents of the flask onto Chris as he emerged from the shower.

“Wha… Ahh~… What is this stuff… Nghh~..” Chris let out before he fell to his knees.

Chris felt so fucking horny. He never felt so good in his life. He had felt the best pussy on the hottest women, but this made him melt in ecstasy. It was so warm…so thick…that smell… It was so good…

Chris’ hands moved on their own, rubbing the thick substance all over his body. He watched as everywhere the rubber touched, it clung tightly to his skin, and as the rubber covered his body up to his neck, it encased him in a seamless, shiny black rubber suit. Jake quickly got some headphones and placed them over the ears of his confused roommate.

“You are gay,” he heard a voice tell him.

“No, I’m not, I’m straight, I like women,” Chris thought clearly.

“You love cock,” the voice spoke again.

“I’m not gay, the only cock I love is my own,” Chris confirmed.

“You love rubber.” came the next line.

“No I don’t…but it feels so good” acknowledged Chris.

“You love your rubber suit.” the voice rang through his head again.

“Yea… I love my suit…” Chris’ thoughts were becoming more clouded each time the voice came.

“You want to be in rubber…always.”

“I do…? No…Yes…I do…” Chris’ face became slack as the rubber started to cover his head.

“You are gay.” the voice began again.

“I’m not…” but this time Chris’ own thoughts sounded a bit ‘woolly’.

“You love cock.”

“NO!… It’s not true…” Chris could feel himself losing control. “No… This isn’t right… What’s happening to me…?”

“You love rubber.” the voice continued.

“I….I… I love rubber… ” Chris was becoming unable to challenge the words that were clouding his mind.

“You love your suit!”

“I love my suit… it feels amazing…” Chris declared.

“You want to be in rubber forever.” This time images flashed through Chris’ mind of himself being permanently encased in rubber.

“So sexy….” Chris relished the thought.

“You are gay,” the voice began again.

“Am I…? I guess I am…” Chris’ responded it was getting harder and harder to think. It was so much easier to agree with the voice.

“You love cock.”

“I’m gay. I love cock…” As he said the words, he shuddered. In his mind, he felt things change. His mind was being wiped clean.

“You love rubber.”

“I love rubber…” thought Chris. Of course, he loved rubber, he’s always loved rubber.

“You love your suit.”

“I love my suit.” His mind was going blank as he thought those words.

“You want to be in rubber forever.”

“I want to be in rubber forever.” the mantra cemented itself in his mind, wiping away everything else that Chris had been. He was a blank slate now.

“You are gay.”

“I am gay,” the thought came almost naturally.

“You love cock.”

“I love cock. I want cock. I need cock.” he was getting hungry for some cock.

“You love rubber.”

“I love rubber. It makes me so fucking horny.”

“You love your suit.”

“I love my suit. It’s so fucking tight. I never want to take it off.”

“You want to be in rubber forever.”

“I want to be in rubber forever!”

After convincing himself there was no way back for Chris, He placed a gas mask over Chris’ head. Then Jake spoke;

“Don’t worry Chris, you will be together with me in rubber forever.”

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