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M A Thorp – Senior Reporter:

It’s impossible to ascertain where the RubberDrones originated or when their mission started. What is clear to this reporter is that they’ve had a plan and are executing it with robotic precision. They show no mercy in the process. If you are a male, 18 and over, and want to remain a free man, I suggest you read on.

Anyone who has studied military strategy knows you exploit your enemy’s weaknesses – and that’s exactly what they’ve done. They hide in plain sight using events where rubber men, leathermen and other fetishists congregate as cover to recruit the willing and convert them to their cause.

Once the male target is acquired, they restrained them quickly and efficiently while the captured is unaware of the nightmare that awaits. A collar is placed around the male’s neck. It appears as though the collar emitted a signal that renders the wearer submissive and compliant.

It takes up to 30 minutes for the collar to neutralise a person’s individuality and thoughts. But once their mind is turned to mush, they’re led away to a conversion facility. These are nearby and usually, but not always, located in abandoned warehouses or underground. Once in the conversion facility, the compliant male is held for a time in a cell. This allows the Nest Collective time to consider the type of rubber drone each male will be converted to fulfil their final objective.

I’ve heard that the Collective has several different collars they use to subjugate the males. These range from chains with padlocks to leather collars to two-part metal rings. While this reporter can’t know whether there’s any difference in functionality between the different types, I can confirm they all seem to have the same effect on the wearer.

No one is 100% sure what happens next. What I write here is unconfirmed by myself, but has been corroborated by several sources. At the appointed time, the male is taken from their cell. Some are taken to be measured for the full rubber suit they’ll come to wear for the rest of their existence. Others are first taken to a room that contains many chairs – like the ones you would see in a dentist’s surgery. Unable to think for themselves, they sit in the chair, as they’re instructed to do, and are strapped down.

Had they been aware of what was about to happen, they would have attempted to escape. However, to my knowledge, if anyone has tried to make a run for it, no one has been successful.

A mask is placed over the male’s nose and mouth, which pumps a mind-neutralising gas into their lungs. This is quickly absorbed into the bloodstream which makes its way into the brain. The chemicals from the gas that are carried in the blood start a process which reduces the cognitive ability of the male’s brain. From this point, he can only perform basic functions – enough to survive but completely unable to think for himself. After some time, long enough for the gas to take effect the male’s head is shaved and all other body hair is removed.

From this point onwards, there is no going back. The male will become another compliant rubber drone, obeying the orders received from the Nest Collective. What comes next is the beginning of the end for this particular male and the start of its existence as a rubber drone. With only minimal brain function, it needs to be given its primary directive by the Nest collective, so it is taken to be programmed.

The programming is almost complete for the one nearest the reader – you can tell that because the mask lenses are clear. However, the other two are being programmed both visually and aurally – and this will take some time. Once the programming is completed, the ‘proto-rubberdrone’ is taken to be fitted with its rubber skin. It’s here this former male is fitted with rubber that is befitting the role the Nest has chosen for it – in this case a rubbersexdrone.

This drone is being kitted out with a jock, over-the-knee waders and long gauntlets, all made of the highest-grade rubber. The next step of the conversion is painful for any human but not for the newly programmed rubber drone. A pipe an inch in diameter is forced into the mouth and down the throat of the new rubber drone. Once it reaches the opening of the stomach, a black tar-like solution starts flowing along the pipe. From the stomach, the solution starts to leech into its body, and before long the pink skin turns black.

Once all the skin has turned black, the pipe is removed and the drone is sent for the final stage of processing. The drone is handed a gasmask which is combined into a rubber hood. The drone receives instructions and obeys. It takes the hood, places it over its head and pulls it all the way down until it fits tightly around its head. It then zips the hood together.

With a turn of a key, the gasmask and hood combination heats and seals tightly to the rubber suit the drone is wearing. A new compliant, obedient rubber drone is now ready. It will join the many that have already been processed in Nests all over the world ready to action their orders.

As I finish writing this article, I don’t know whether the authorities have a plan to stop the rubber drone takeover. What I do know is that the rubber drones are here and they might be coming for you next…

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