Jeremy and his gang of friends had all come to the isolated little village in an attempt to do some hiking but couldn’t shake the feeling that something was off with the locals but figured it was just they weren’t used to outsiders in their town.

The first day was great. The group spent the day roaming the various trails around the village and nothing was out of the ordinary. Nothing was out of the ordinary until they started noticing some strange things that they couldn’t recognize. Every so often they would pass a strange rubbery-looking sac either hanging from a tree or laying on the ground, almost seeming to be growing from places randomly.

They didn’t really think anything of it, nature was weird and they were in an unknown area.

At the end of the day, they all headed back to the hotel they were staying in and noticed some of those strange rubber sacs growing on the sides of the buildings and in dark alleys as well. Jeremy made a mental note to ask one of the locals the next day.

When he returned to his room he took a quick shower and went to stick some of his luggage in the close when he noticed one of those sacs growing in the corner of the closet. His curiosity was peaked at this point and having access to one, he decided to investigate it a little more closely.

He touched it gently and felt a warmth emanating from it and felt rubbed the rubbery material gently to not accidentally break it. He felt something move inside it and pulled his hand back but could only watch as something seemed to react to his touch and start attempting to break free of the sac.

In a panic, he closed the door to the closet right as a wet splash hit the ground from the sac opening. He listened for a moment but didn’t hear anything and curiosity was burning in his head. The unknown was too much for him to bare and he found himself opening the door a crack and peaking inside.

He was immediately hit with a very strong rubbery scent and saw, with the aid of his phone’s flashlight, that laying in a pool of dark liquid was what he could only really describe as a gas mask.

He was a bit perplexed and opened the door to get a better look, wondering for a moment if that had simply been laying there previously but something looked odd about it. The mask had a strange rubbery appendage attached to the filter and he leaned in further to inspect it.
Before he could react the mask on the floor sprung to life and launched itself at the man.

In less than a second the rubber mask had opened, enveloped his head and sealed itself back up. Blinded and shocked Jeremy stumbled backwards into his bed and pulled at the mask tightly locked around his head, pulling at the completely opaque lenses and filter as he felt the rubbery tentacle wrap tightly around his neck, cutting off his air supply as he felt something warm and slick pressing itself against his lips. Lips that he kept shut as best he could.

His head started swimming as he started to run out of air and found himself involuntarily gasping in an attempt to get air. As if on cue, the mask seized the opportunity and thrust something long and slippery into his mouth and down his throat where it started pumping a strange liquid into him. As soon as the mask was lodged firmly in his throat he found that through some miracle, he was also able to take a deep breath of fresh air. Fresh air mixed with the intense smell of rubber.

A moment of reinvigorated struggling later and he felt himself starting to feel a warmth in his stomach, no doubt from the liquid being pumped down his throat. That warmth made his mind and body tingle and he found that both his panic and struggles were getting weaker and weaker. Soon he was floating in a blissful fog as his body was slowly enveloped by a rubbery cocoon growing over him from the mask, changing the man inside into something else.

A short while later the new drone would break free of the cocoon and make its way down into the massive network of tunnels hidden beneath the sleepy little village and join its’ brothers in mindless service to this hive that now owned it.

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