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The world is changing. The earth’s climate has been out of control for a few years. The world’s population was living in poverty and hunger was driving people into lawlessness.

A few months ago, a rich manager of a research company announced that he had the solution to the world’s problems. Over time, he invested more and more in futuristic-looking buildings that he had erected all over the world. At the time, nobody knew what he was trying to achieve.

When he was satisfied with the infrastructure he had planned, he contacted the world governments to get their approval so that he could put his plan into action. Not knowing what they were really getting into, the representatives of the world governments agreed to the manager’s proposal to save the world, as they saw no other options and gave the magnate a free hand.

Chapter 1

Dennis is a young man who lives in a city where it is stoll possible to live comfortably. He lives a secluded life and only notices in passing that the world government is working with the manager of FutureIndustries on a solution to the problems of mankind. This is due to start in two days, but as he lives a very withdrawn and introverted life and has no television or other multimedia devices, he ignores the issue.

Now that these two days have passed, Dennis can recognize small changes in the people around him. Very subtle at first, like people showing more and more naked skin. On the 4th day, on his way to work, he notices that many people are walking around dressed in skin-tight latex. Totally confused, he speeds up his pace so that he doesn’t come across any more of these freaks. On the seventh day, he sees what is now known as a drone for the first time. A man in skin-tight latex, with a gas mask on his face and his cock encased in a kind of latex sheath. The drone moves robotically through the area and purposefully towards its target.

The more days pass, the more drones are on the loose. Totally terrified, Dennis now hides at home because he wants nothing to do with these guys. Men in skin-tight latex with gas masks and their genitals encased in latex, on public display. The female drones, not much better, also wear skin-tight latex and a tight corset that perfectly shows off their latex-wrapped breasts.

Drones have already taken over most of society’s important infrastructures. Be it the police, fire department, military or even the post office, everything is now run by them. But the most disturbing for Dennis are the puppy drones. They are also dressed in skin-tight latex, they walk on all fours on the floor and their hands and feet are shaped like dog paws made of latex. Instead of a gas mask like the other drones, the Puppy drone wears a latex dog head and a latex dog tail sticks out of its butt. Instead of a latex penis like the humanoid drones, these anthromorphic drones have a latex dog penis, which is usually hidden behind a latex bulge. These types of drones also behave like dogs, as they sit like dogs, walk on all fours like dogs and communicate by barking like dogs. They are also used in a wide variety of functions, be it by the fire department, police and so on.

Dennis no longer leaves the house at all. Fortunately, he has taken precautions and built up a small supply that will certainly last him a few weeks. It has become too dangerous outside. The chance of being caught by one of the many drones is far too great, because as soon as you are caught by a drone, you are put in one of these conditioning centers and no one has ever escaped from one, only new drones leave these buildings.

Chapter 2

It has now been 5 weeks since the drones took over the world. Denis has given up all hope of normality, but unfortunately his supplies of food and water are running low. So Dennis plucks up all his courage and makes himself a weapon in the form of a kitchen knife, which he sticks to a broomstick. He waits until night falls and sneaks out of his apartment as silently as possible. In the blackness of the night, he scurries through narrow alleyways, always on the alert to see or hear any drones. He avoids the main streets, the danger of being discovered is too great, and after 3 hours of strenuous hiding and sneaking, he reaches the entrance to the shopping center. Dennis’ first step is to hide behind a rusty dustbin to make sure the coast is clear and he can sneak into the store unnoticed. After about 15 minutes, which feels like an eternity to him, he decides to take the risk and approaches the entrance. Surprisingly, the door is not locked, but this fuels Dennis’ fear that the shopping center has already been looted. Plagued by hunger, he decides to take the risk and enters the building. He listens as best he can to hear any suspicious noises, but all is quiet and so Dennis continues on his way. A sudden pain in his neck makes him wince and everything slowly goes dark. Just before he loses consciousness completely, he hears a monotonous robotic voice say: “Subject detected and sedated. Order received, drone X9345 bringing human resource to next factory”

Chapter 3

When Dennis wakes up, he realizes that he is lying naked on the floor of a small room with only a bed in it, otherwise the room is empty. He sits up and rubs his aching head: “Shit, what’s wrong, where am I?” As if in answer to his question, a female computer voice chimes in: “Welcome individual. You have been detected entering a building without authorization. You are now being scanned to determine your potential area of operation. Please remain silent.” As soon as the computer’s words fall silent, a red laser beam appears and scans Dennis. When the scan is finished, the computer voice sounds again: “Scan complete, subject’s potential detected.


Gender: Male

Humanoid drone potential: 11 percent

Potential animalistic drone: 89 percent

Area of application: Hunters

Id: A8650

Code name: Ranger

Not knowing what this all means, Dennis starts banging on the walls: “Hey, you weirdos, let me out of here. I’m not in the mood for this shit here.” All he gets in reply is: “The conditioning of the subject will begin tomorrow at 6:00 a.m.” and with these words the computer falls silent again. The light in the room turns a dark blue, which has the direct effect of making Dennis relax and feel somehow tired. So he lies down on the bed and he hears a very quiet noise in the background. This hypnotic noise relaxes his body, his thoughts also calm down and within 5 minutes Dennis has fallen asleep.

At exactly 6 o’clock in the morning, a loud whistle sounds and Dennis is wide awake within a second. The computer voice sounds: “Subject takes his uniform and goes into the hall.” Without thinking, Dennis grabs the latex suit hanging on the wall for him and begins to slip into it. Starting with his feet, then up his legs and Dennis is already stiff. The latex fits him perfectly and he has no problems at all pulling it further up his body. When he reaches his genitals, he presses his penis and balls into the latex bulge provided in the suit. He pulls the latex further up his body and begins to enjoy the feeling of tightness. Unconsciously, he starts to massage the bulge in his crotch, but when he realizes what he is doing, he recoils. He’s not ready yet, Dennis doesn’t know exactly what for, but he knows he’s not allowed to. Not yet.

After his whole body is completely encased in latex, Dennis feels the latex suit sticking to his back. He groans, rubs the latex that encloses his body and moans. The feel of the suit against his skin is unbelievable and an excited shiver runs down his spine. He then takes the accompanying latex mask and pulls it over his head to complete himself. Now completely covered in latex, with only his eyes and mouth uncovered, Dennis searches for the exit. Strangely enough, it suddenly feels completely normal for him to be dressed in skin-tight latex and he doesn’t understand why he always wore these strange fabric clothes before if latex is so much better.

He spies the exit on a wall, but to get through it Dennis has to crawl, as it resembles a kind of dog flap. Thinking nothing of it, Dennis gets down on all fours and crawls through the passageway. Once in the corridor, he gets up again and makes his way to the hall, following the signs. He doesn’t even think about it, he just follows the computer’s instructions.

Chapter 4

In the corridor, Dennis meets several people, also dressed in latex. Together they all walk quietly through the corridor towards the hall and once there, Dennis looks for his seat. The room is large and 5 rows of tables with chairs serve as the interior. All the chairs have an ID number printed on them and Dennis instinctively moves towards the chair with the number A8650.

He sits down and the rubbing of the latex on his body against the chair makes a noise that immediately arouses Dennis. Next to him sits a woman who is also covered from head to toe in latex: “Hey, my name is Jenny. Are you new too?” He immediately likes her voice and replies: “Yup, since yesterday. My name is Dennis, nice to meet you. How long have you been here?” “Since yesterday too. I don’t know what’s going on, but do you think this latex is so great? It feels so relaxing to wear it.”

Dennis realizes how right she is, he would never have thought how pleasant it feels to be wrapped in latex: “Yes, it’s wonderful, isn’t it?” During the conversation, a man who, like her, is also covered in latex sits down opposite Dennis: “Hey, I’m Thomas, but most people call me Tom. Are you new too?” “Hey Tom. Yes, we’re new too, welcome to the party,” Jenny replies with a laugh.

As the conversation between the three unfolds, several drones enter the room. They move robotically towards the tables and serve the waiting guests their food and drink. Both are in a kind of dog bowl and are served to the hungry without cutlery. Dennis stares at his bowls in amazement: “Is there no cutlery?”

He sees how Tom and Jenny have already started eating by simply sticking their heads in the bowl. “For what?” Jenny answers with her mouth full. Shrugging his shoulders and thinking nothing of it, Dennis sticks his head in his bowl too and starts to eat. He drinks the water by slurping it with his tongue and enjoys the crunch of the food in his mouth. It tastes heavenly, the best he has ever tasted.

When everything has been eaten, the drones remove the empty bowls again and the computer voice sounds, which makes everyone sit up and take notice: “Next phase, go to the showers, it’s time for cleaning!” Everyone stands up and lines up in a row. Unconsciously in step, the group starts moving and heads towards the showers in an orderly fashion. Once there, they enter the shower cubicles one after the other, they close and a hot black oily jet streams over the occupants.

Dennis stands waiting in front of one of the occupied booths and when it opens Jenny steps out: “Ahhh that was soothing. You’re going to love it.” She strokes her body with pleasure and moans. He enters the chamber with anticipation, because it must feel incredible, it closes by itself and a warm steel of chemicals pours over Dennis.

The feeling of the warmth enveloping him makes Dennis moan. He feels the latex getting tighter and tighter on his body and the tingling sensation on his skin is overwhelming. What he doesn’t realize, however, is that the chemicals have the effect of melting the latex on his body into his skin so that it can never be removed.

After the warm jet dries up and the cubicle opens, Dennis leaves the small room. Totally relaxed, he begins to stroke his body and loses himself completely in the ectasy of every touch on his latex skin.

Chapter 5

After everyone has had their chemical shower, the computer voice sounds again from the loudspeakers: “You will now go to your conditioning rooms, sit in your assigned seats and wait for additional instructions!” Lined up again, the group moves to the rooms. The flap to enter forces the subjects to get down on all fours again and crawl into the room. There are 5 rows of metal chairs in the room and Dennis looks for his seat and when he finds it, he sits down in it. Jenny sits down next to him and Tom in front of him, all waiting to see what happens next. Another door behind them opens and more humanoid latex drones enter the room, carrying some kind of goggles in their hands with displays for the test subjects. They stand behind those seated and put the goggles over their heads. As soon as Dennis wants to say something, the screen of the glasses starts to light up in dark blue, which has the effect of calming him down immediately. Dennis also feels two earplugs being automatically inserted into his ears and he hears a soft hissing sound again. It is the same sound as last night before he fell asleep and Dennis falls directly into a deep trance. At the moment when everyone is deeply absorbed, a lock symbol appears on the bumps above their genitals. This changes from closed to open and at the same moment as the symbols disappear, the bulge also disappears, revealing everyone’s genitals. The men’s penises are encased in latex and immediately stiff, the women’s pussies are leaking and now made of latex too.

A voice begins to flow softly through the earplugs into Dennis’ ears and even if he had been conscious, he would not have understood what was being said. With a robotic movement, he grabs his latex penis with his hand and begins to pleasure himself. Meanwhile, everyone in the room is doing the same, the men are wanking and the women are sticking their latex-clad fingers into their leaking pussies. A kind of moaning fills the room and drives all the test subjects close to, but not beyond, climax. It is important to wait for the exact moment so that the program can fully unfold. Hours pass. Loud moans mingle with the quiet propaganda that subtly hammers its way into Dennis’ head. When the time for the climax is reached, everyone unloads their pent-up orgasms at the same time. The moans change to relieved orgasmic sounds. Then the bulge forms again over the genitals, enclosing them and the lock symbol appears and changes back to closed. The future drones slowly awaken from their trance and the glasses are removed from their heads. As his eyes adjust to the light in the room, Dennis notices that all the chairs have disappeared and they are all sitting on the floor like dogs. But somehow it feels right to sit like this. After all, why would he sit in any other way? This made the most sence.

He turns to Jenny: “Wow, that was weird. Do you have a slight headache too?” Jenny almost touches her head and massages her temples: “Yes, it’s like I’ve been sitting at the computer all day. But it’ll pass.” Tom turns around in his sitting position and says:” Are you as hungry as I am? That’s funny, we just sat down here.” None of them realize at this moment that they have been sitting in the room for hours and have been bombarded with hypnotic reprogramming. Unconsciously, Dennis starts rubbing his bump over his genitals: “Somehow I feel relieved, as if something has been released.” Shortly afterwards, they hear the computer voice again; “First conditioning completed. Subjects now proceed to the hall for refreshments.”

Chapter 6

Once in the hall, everyone sits down again and the bowls are served. Suddenly Tom says: “Hmm, somehow it’s really uncomfortable on this shitty chair.” “That’s right, I feel totally uncomfortable too,” says Dennis. Jenny then takes her two bowls and puts them on the floor: “I’ve got an idea. It should be much more comfortable this way.” She sits down in a dog-like position in front of the bowls and starts eating. “Great idea.” Dennis replies, takes his bowls from the table, puts them on the floor and starts eating in the same position as Jenny. More and more people put their bowls on the floor and start to do the same as Jenny and Dennis and the drones remove the chairs and tables, their robotic movements ignored by everyone. Why would they need chairs or tables when it makes much more sense to eat in this position? Dennis again enjoys how the dry food crunches on his teeth, its taste is also overwhelming and he devours his portion in no time at all with an unprecedented hunger. He drinks the water again with his tongue, as if it were the most normal thing in the world. Satisfied, he sits upright with his hands on the floor and starts panting: “Wow, that was delicious. I’ve never been so hungry, but I’ll tell you one thing. Filling your belly like that makes you really tired.” As if on command, the computer voice sounds: “Catering complete. Get ready for the recovery phase! Go to your assigned apartments and start the cycle!” Obeying the order, everyone lines up again for their sleeping phase and as everyone stands in a row in front of their room, Dennis notices that Tom and Jenny are his neighbors. He discovers that there are also labels next to Jenny and Tom’s dog flaps.

The From Jenny reads:

Gender: Female

Potential: animalistic drone

Area of application: Satisfaction

Id: Z4859

Code name: Shila

Tom’s is:

Gender: Male

Potential: animalistic drone

Area of application: Satisfaction

Id: Z8788

Code name: Sid

After the flaps open behind them, everyone crawls into their bedrooms and when Dennis enters his, he falls onto his bed, totally exhausted. But instead of lying down as usual, with comforter and all, he curls up and falls asleep on his mattress.

Chapter 7

Another whistle sounds at exactly 6:00 a.m. and wakes Dennis. He wakes up and rubs his eyes, yawns briefly and instinctively makes his way to the hall. This time he doesn’t need instructions from the computer to know what is required of him. Once in the hall, he goes to his assigned place, sits down on the floor and sees Jenny move to her position next to him: “Aaah, I slept well. I can even remember my dream. I was in a park with soft grass, chasing after a ball. You and Tom were there too. We played together all day.” Tom sits down opposite him: “That’s weird, I had the same dream.” Dennis looks at both of them confused and says: “That’s intresting, I also dreamt that we were in a park and played with each other all day. It was really good fun. But anyway, it was a good dream, wasn’t it?” Both Tom and Jenny agree with him.

The door to the hall opens and the drones enter the room. They carry in the food as they do every time, the bowls are placed on the floor again and all the latex-clad creatures wait hungrily for their command. “Eat” comes the computer voice and they all start gobbling down their dry food at the same time, as if they hadn’t eaten for weeks. After Dennis has eaten and drunk, the bowl in front of him is removed again. He gets back in line with his fellow occupants, knowing that it is now time to clean. As on the previous day, everyone moves in step to the showers and once again it is Jenny’s turn before Dennis. As she steps out of the shower after her cleaning, Dennis notices that something has changed about her. Her eyes are now black and look like they are made of latex and her mouth is the same dark color: “Mhhh that was even better than yesterday.”

Dennis then enters the shower and immediately notices how it has changed since yesterday. Like the day before, the shower has a large shower head, but now there is also a kind of hose with a mouthpiece at the height of his mouth. The shape of the mouthpiece is reminiscent of a penis and without realizing what he is doing, he sticks the hose into his mouth. As he does so, Dennis immediately notices that a second tube is trying to penetrate his anus. He lets this happen and starts to moan as the Apparatus penetrates him. The shower starts, again a black liquid flows over his latex-clad body and the same stuff is pumped into his body through the hoses in his mouth and ass. The liquid tastes metallic and Dennis sucks as hard as he can. He doesn’t realize how his insides are being transformed into latex. His insides change into machine-like devices that take over the task of keeping his body alive. When the black oily liquid dries up and the shower cubicle opens, it releases Dennis with his now upgraded body.

Chapter 8

Now it was time for the conditioning and everyone lined up in the direction of the rooms. Dennis sits down on the floor next to Jenny and behind Tom and waits for the drones. They enter the room and put the goggles on everyone’s heads again. Once again, two earbuds stick themselves into Dennis’ ears, the screen in front of his eyes turns blue and the soft whispering sounds in his ears. Just like yesterday, the bulge releases everyone’s genitals, which are now made of latex, and once again everyone starts to satisfy themselves.

Hours pass and during this time new commands are programmed into their brains. Without them noticing, the drones stand behind the seated individuals, who get on all fours and present their asses. With a smooth movement, the drones insert a plug with a dog’s tail into the asshole of those waiting, which is commented on by everyone with a pleasurable moan. The plug melts into the latex and opens a hole in the middle so that the future drone can still be pleasured anally despite the plug. The latex dog tail slowly moves up towards the coccyx and melts into the subject’s spine. As the tails are now fused to their bodies, they can also be moved and they all start to wag their new body part. All of this gives the penetrated ones an indescribable satisfaction and the moaning gets louder and louder. They are all close to their climax again, but they are not allowed to go beyond it and another hour passes while Dennis learns how to behave. When the command to orgasm is given, everyone in the room howls and explodes in ecstasy. The glasses are removed, the genitals are tucked behind the bulge and everyone wakes up. Dennis approaches Jenny on all fours and starts sniffing her backside:

“Hey Jenny, you smell good.” “Thank you my dear, that’s very nice. Can I sniff you too?” Dennis turns around, sticks his ass out towards her and Jenny starts to sniff his bottom with relish. Tom comes over to them and says: “Hey Jenny, what’s that over your ass. It looks like a dog’s tail. Can you move it?” Jenny smiles at him and says: “Why don’t you try it yourself, you’ve got one too.” Tom turns his head, grins and starts wagging his tail. His eyes widen and he starts chasing his own latex dog tail, spinning in circles on his hands and knees. This is commented on by Jenny and Dennis with a laugh because it looks so cute.

Chapter 9

After a short time of sniffing, everyone gets down on their hands and knees in the hall, because it’s feeding time. Dennis takes his designated place next to Jenny and drools in anticipation of his filled bowl. He lets his tongue hang out of his mouth and pants. Somehow his tongue has grown and now hangs down to under his chin. The drones place the full bowls on the floor in front of him and his friends and the command to eat sounds. Dennis devours his food in no time at all, but he still notices that the contents of his bowl appear gray. Somehow everything looks greyish, as if all color has disappeared. Not only the color of his food has changed, but also its ingredients. Its food now consists of pure tasteless, energy-giving gruel. As his new body can no longer utilize normal food, he now needs adapted food that his body can efficiently convert into energy without waste. Dennis doesn’t even notice that his food tastes like nothing, he has devoured it so quickly.

After his bowl is empty, he turns to the water in the second container and begins to slurp up the contents with his new latex tongue, which, as it is now much longer, works much better than the previous times.

Full of food and dog-tired, Dennis yawns: “Eating is wonderful and it’s really more pleasant to devour the bowl on the floor. You had a brilliant idea Jenny. “Jenny smiles: “Thank you.”

Lined up, they all walk back to their dormitories, again on all fours. It has become quite normal for them to move in this way, why should they walk any differently? A good dog walks like a dog, sits like a dog and eats like a dog, absolutely no issue. As they are all crawling now, the dog flap to their rooms is also much easier to pass through and now really makes sense.

Once inside, Dennis goes to his dog bed and sits down. He lifts one leg over his head and starts to lick his asshole and the bulge above his genitals. It is important to clean himself and he now has the right tongue for it. As his latex tongue strokes his genital area, a feeling of excitement runs through him and he begins to moan. As soon as he has licked his whole body completely, he turns in circles to find a comfortable position to sleep in. After three or four turns, he lets himself fall down and falls asleep in no time. His leg twitches again and again, accompanied by an excited and playful whimper. As he sleeps soundly, dreaming of chasing after Tom and Jenny in a green field of soft grass, his new body recovers for the coming day that will seal his fate forever.

Chapter 10

6.00 a.m., the whistle blows, Dennis wakes up and yawns. He stretches and starts scratching behind his right ear with his right foot. Panting, he makes his way to the hall and meets Tom on the way. Dennis sniffs his friend’s ass and he greets him with a short bark: “Waff, good morning Dennis. Did you sleep well?” “Like a dog,” he replies with a laugh. “Hey guys, I’m coming too!” Jenny pants after the men and trots towards them. As they are almost starving, the three of them continue on their way to the hall as quickly as possible in anticipation of their food. Somehow it feels like something big is about to happen today.

When they have emptied their bowls at record speed, Tom sits down with Jenny, wags his tail and says happily: “Now the cleaning and I’ll feel great.”

As if on command, the half-dog-like drone candidates make their way to the shower cubicles. Jenny re-enters the cubicle before Dennis and he hears her moaning and barking through the wall of the shower, a sign that Jenny seems to be enjoying what is happening to her. After Jenny steps out of the shower, the color of her latex body has changed. Her arms and legs, as well as the area above her pussy, are now pink. The contrasting shiny black of the rest of her body immediately excites Dennis. He enters the shower cubicle with great anticipation, puts the hose in his mouth again and lets the second one penetrate his anus. The shower pumps and sprays the black oily material into and over him again. Shortly afterwards, some kind of additional jets appear, coloring his legs, arms and genital area in gray. He is not aware why he is dyed gray and Jenny is dyed pink, but this has to do with his future area of operation and the black mixed with the gray will serve as good camouflage for his hunt.

Dennis steps out of the shower and is greeted with wide eyes by Jenny: “Wow, that’s a hot color, it makes me horny.” Unnoticed, Jenny rubs her pussy encased in latex, which makes her moan. Excitement runs through her body at the thought of what she could do to Dennis. He hears Tom panting from the side and turns to his friend. His body has also changed color in the shower and Tom now appears in black and purple. These colors also make Jenny moan and Dennis has to say that he is also turned on by Tom and his new color scheme.

Now ready to get their final conditioning, the three friends trot off one after the other to their conditioning rooms. Ready for whatever awaits them.

Chapter 11

The conditioning room, like the showers, has also changed and there is now a machine-like mound of latex on the seats where they always sit. Dennis walks up to his and climbs it, causing his stomach to rub against the latex of the machine, which makes a squeaking sound. He inserts his hands and feet into the holes provided at the bottom of the latex structure, and a helmet-like device is installed for his head, into which he automatically inserts it. The helmet closes, his limbs are strapped in, the screen in front of his eyes lights up and the earplugs automatically insert themselves into his ears. He hears the computer voice say: “Start conversion.” His penis get released, his cock immediately becomes erect and the latex penis guides itself into the designated hole in the device, which begins to vibrate. A plug is inserted into his anus and stimulates Dennis anally with thrusting movements, while strobe-like instructions are hammered into his head with colors and images.

He moans with excitement and doesn’t realize how the machine is slowly erasing his personality. More and more of Dennis disappears and all that remains is the instinctive behavior of a dog that has been inoculated into his head for days. During the brainwashing, the machine works on his body, his hands and feet are remodeled into dog paws made of latex, his face stretches and is pressed into the shape of a dog’s head by the helmet over his head. His penis is also transformed into a red latex dog penis, with knots and everything that goes with it, which elicits another groan from Dennis. He feels the machine working on his cock, enlarging it and transforming it into a new shape.

Dennis is only aware of all this unconsciously, he is too deeply immersed in the machine and the ecstasy. With the insertion of cables, computer chips, tubes and other devices, his eyes, brain, senses and muscles are enhanced. His now primitive consciousness enjoys to the full the feeling of more and more devices and apparatus entering his body.

With his now cybernetic eyes, it now looks to him as if he is looking through a display and numbers and words appear at the edge of his field of vision:

Deletion at: 68 percent

Body adaptation at : 96 percent

Duration of conversion remaining 2 hours



When 100 percent of its deletion is reached, the computer voice sounds again: “Deletion completed, body adjustment completed. Begin uploading program Ranger.exe.”

A loading bar appears before the eyes of Dennis, who has now been completely deleted. He uploads and when the bar is complete, the Ranger.exe program starts to work. What used to be Dennis is now Ranger ID: A8650.

The machine drives the new dog drone to its climax and when Ranger cums for the first time in his new form, his transformation is finally complete.

Words appear before his eyes again:

Start integration in hive mind.

Establish a connection.





Instructions, information and data from all existing drones explode in Ranger’s head. The direct connection to the hive is the final step in his new existence.

Download program Hunter.exe




Start program

New commands and information about his task are programmed directly into his now processor-like brain. His mission is to search for remaining humans, capture them and bring them to a conditioning center, as he now serves as support for the humanoid hunter drones.

The new pup drones are released from the machines and their latex genitals disappear behind the latex bump. Ranger sits down and instinctively scans the room. His sensors fall on the female dog drone next to him. This drone used to be Jenny, but she too has been erased, overwritten and transformed. By scanning her body more closely, the information about this drone is shown to him as a result:

Female pup drone

ID: Z4859

Code name: Shila

Task: Satisfaction

After Ranger realizes what kind of drone is sitting in front of him, his dominant program for sexual intercourse kicks in. He stands behind Shila, growls and gives her the command to submit with a bark. The female dog drone recognizes this command and presents her rear end to Ranger, who mounts her and his dog penis get released. He rams it into the female’s waiting pussy with a robotic doggy-style movement.

While the two are in the throes of ecstasy, another male drone joins them, Ranger scans it too and receives the information:

Male pup drone

ID: Z8788

Code name: Sid

Task: Satisfaction

With this realization, Ranger barks again and gives Sid the order to satisfy him anally. The bulg from the male drone releases its dog cock, Sid humps Ranger from behind and as he penetrates him, Ranger howls. This canine orgy infects the rest of the new dog drones and the whole room is lost in doggy style sex.

Ranger thrusts his cock into Shila’s cunt again and again and feels Sid penetrating him deeper and deeper. The command to orgasm sounds and all the new drones pass their climax, Ranger feels Sid cumming inside him and he also unloads his load into Shila’s pussy. They all howl and after this orgy, their genitals disappear behind the latex bulge again. This is their life now, consisting of hunting and satisfaction. The sex doesn’t matter now. Whether anal, oral or vaginal, it’s all about sexual desire, about the orgasmic ecstasy that flows through the hive and the collective consciousness of all the drones.


Ranger roams through the old subway tunnel. He sniffs the air for his victim and since his humanoid companion drone has let him off the leash, he can move freely in the dark terrain. The darkness means he can’t see much of anything, but he can rely entirely on his hearing, sense of smell and all his other enhanced senses.

Ranger goes deeper and deeper into the tunnel and when he notices that the scent is getting weaker, he stops. Ranger turns around and goes back part of the way he came until he notices the scent of his victim more strongly again. He stops again and listens. He quickly hears the soft breathing of his prey and uses it to determine its position.

He jumps in the direction of the sound and rams the person to the ground. It is a young man who immediately starts pleading:” No, please don’t. Noooo.” The plea is ignored by the pup drone and Ranger rips the clothes off his captive. The drone positions itself behind the naked man and the dog’s penis pops out from behind the bulge. The drone rams its latex cock into the man’s ass and he moans, unable to free himself. As Ranger reaches orgasm, he pumps a black liquid through the asshole into the body of the future drone. This has the direct effect that the man instantly relaxes and obediently follows Ranger to the nearest conditioning center.

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