You know that feeling where everything is in slow motion but also sped up at the same time. Where the whole world is crumbling around you – only instead of reacting you just sit there and watch it all happen. Well that was certainly happening right now, as you just stared eyes widened at your Dom for the evening. Stunned for a few seconds, his grin doesn’t fade instead he starts to drive you towards his crotch again. WAIT! He hasn’t recognised who you are?

“Mhmmmm,” you grunt, into your gag as you slowly reach the zipper of his leather pouch. He thrusts against your face and applies force to the back of your head.

“Quiet! I didn’t say you could make noise, slut!” he yells.

Conflicted, you remain kneeling, arms crossed behind your back, just waiting. Waiting for what? You aren’t really sure. Maybe he’ll ask you to remove the hood, in that case it’s game over. Should you attempt to moan again to get his attention that something’s wrong? You internally cursed whoever invented gags as they knew exactly what they were doing.

“So are you going to be a good boy? Or do we need some disciplinary measures?” he questions.

“Mhmm,” you moan, his request met with a little grunt. You feel a light slap against your back which you identify as the sting of a crop.

“I’ll take that as a yes,” he smirks, “see this cock right here? This is all you need to be focussed on tonight. Seeing as it’s our first session I’ll be soft”

WHACK! The crop now harder on your lower back. Definitely leaving a mark.

“But I can guarantee that if you step out of line…”

Another WHACK! Even harder than before. You whine and force your eyes shut.

“…You’ll fucking know about it!” he growls.

Feeling conflicted between wanting to obey and also leaping up and yelling out, you end up just pushing deeper into his warm leather crotch. Your eyes snapped open, as he seemed to take your lack of a protest as a reason to continue. He aggressively shoved you away and relaxed back into his large upholstered armchair.

“FOOTSTOOL,” he barks. You put two and two together and collect yourself at his feet. You move from kneeling to all fours, as you feel two heavy leather boots rest on your lower back. Still gagged, you stare down at the timber flooring contemplating your predicament. Ok, so your new boss (that clearly hates you) is currently enjoying you as a footstool and has no idea who you are. This may be the most uncomfortable position you’ve been in – and you get tied up on a regular basis.

You hear rustling and creaking behind you and a television switches on. The volume low, you hear talk show panellists speaking about the rise in unemployment. Ironically, this very predicament you’re in may end up with you being jobless! Your head continues to spin with scenario after scenario.

Maybe… he wouldn’t take off the mask and you could ride this out without ever letting him see your face. Then you could pretend like nothing ever happened! It’s not ideal but it’s the best plan you can come up with.

He folds his hefty legs, bringing pressure now to your upper back.

You can do this! Just have to ride it out and hope he doesn’t remove the mask. You bite down on the gag once again trying to release some of the tension from your body. Forcing yourself to simmer down, you try to focus on the conversation on the television.

“Like so many of the thousands of residents who’ve received pink slips. We’ve gotten little reassurance from the state’s unemployment insurance system…” the opinion of some panellist beckons. 

Already growing bored of the mundane discussion, you raise your head slightly to get a better look at the apartment. Plenty of space, the décor was certainly minimalist. Full length windows and freshly painted walls surrounded you. While a hard-wood floor sat under your sore knees and elbows. A Mediterranean rug lay nearby and you cursed that the armchair wasn’t at least one meter closer to it.

As you continued to inspect more of your surroundings, you suddenly feel a leg come down against the back of your head. It aggressively forces you to state down at your elbows and the patterned wooden floor.

“Did I say you could move, cunt?” your Dom questions.

Instead of grunting in response you play the safe road and stay silent. His boots once again land on your lower back as he lets out a sigh as he sinks further into the armchair. At this point you wish the earth would swallow you up. How could this situation get any worse?

. . . . .

WHACK! You feel the crop come down on your ass with force. A few minutes have passed while you stared obediently down.

“Ok bitch! I think you’ve figured out your place for tonight. KNEEL!” he commands.

You rise from your all fours position, guaranteed to have some aches tomorrow. Sitting back on your haunches, you look up at your new boss turned leather Dom. From this point, you take the time to properly look at him. His facial hair is neatly shaped and trimmed, his eyes are slightly sunken with bushy eyebrows. His jawline is well-pronounced shaping down into a button chin and a lady-killer smile plastered on his face.

Sitting there in his leather jacket, cap & jeans and a black cotton shirt you couldn’t have guessed this was the same jackass from this morning. The guy received none of your respect earlier, but now, he screams it.

CLIP! You feel the leash re-attached to the collar you forgot you were wearing. A powerful force yanks you forward, as you once again, find yourself buried in your Dom’s crotch.

“Usually I’d lock up your little friend there, but I think I’ll be nice tonight,” he proclaims, boot lightly tapping your member, “That doesn’t mean it’ll be getting any pleasure. Understood?”

You grunt in reply, jaw now aching from the gag lodged in your mouth. You can feel his arousal spring to life again. Gently moving your head from its position, your Dom reaches down and carefully unzips his pouch. You can feel the metal zip vibrate against your rubber covered head. He pulls out his hardened member and pushes it against your face again.

You close your eyes and inhale, as your earlier concerns begin to fade away and you enjoy the smell of leather mixed with pre cum. He thrusts against your face earning laboured breath from you and a slight moan.

“Let’s put that mouth of yours to work, slut!” he declares, releasing the buttoned straps keeping the gag in your mouth. It plops out with a generous amount of spit, which manages to land itself on his awaiting cock. You take one gulp before resigning yourself to your fate. You open your mouth, tongue lolling out, and glide it up his hard dick. With some effort you take the top between your lips and let it sink further in.

His hand comes to the top of your rubber-masked head and he seems to relax moving his attention back to the television. You kneel and obediently let him guide you up and down on his stiff member. Every once and a while he’ll apply just enough pressure to press his cock against the back of your throat – testing your gag reflex.

As he continues to use your mouth like a toy, you do your best to display your above-average skills. After all a cock is a cock – you tell yourself. Occasionally, you receive a grunt of approval or heavy breathing from above but that’s about the extent of the communication between you two.

Bzzzzz you hear a dull vibration close to your rubber coated head as you begin to slow your motions. There’s movement and your new leather Dom lets out a sigh and speaks.

“What are you doing calling so late in the evening?”

You feel a mixture of humiliation and irritation. This guy has some nerve. He continues to chat nonchalantly on his phone as you gaze up in anger. He catches you glaring at him with his erect cock still between your lips. His brows furrow and you feel a hand smack the back of your rubbered skull.

“Did I say to stop sucking, you useless cunt?” he barks, still within earshot of his phone. This guy is serious about putting you in your place. You instantly start sucking again almost too scared to do anything else. “Haha yeah he’s a newbie. His mouth feels pretty good but I’ve yet to test the rest of him.”

Your leather covered Dom continued to talk about you on his phone to a complete stranger and you had to shut your eyes in embarrassment. He continued his conversation occasionally breaking it to yell some more orders about your technique. But most of the time he acted as if you weren’t there. Just a toy he played with while he chatted to a friend (at least it sounds like a friend?). From the pit of your stomach you started to feel a burning resentment over your humiliation.

Eventually he hung up the phone and pushed your head from his cock leaving trails of saliva connected to your mouth.

“If you want to earn the privilege of sucking my glorious dick again, you’ll do so with more vigour, understand slave?” he yelled. You nodded and hung your head low, unsure what to do next. If the situation wasn’t awkward enough, you felt a leather coated hand caress the back of your head and something changed. A tender voice now said;

“Look at me.”

You slowly worked your way up from his leather coated knees to his cool and collected smirk. The smooth leather glove gently stroked the rubber covered your head as you gazed into his eyes. For a moment you saw a different side to him. The tenderness of the moment came to a close when he firmly pushed your gag back in and threw you to the floor. It was going to be a long night.

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