Chapter 4

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Monday, Week 2 Mike’s point of view

I awoke to another beautiful morning lying in bed with my best friend’s cock up my ass. Just as good as waking up with my cock in his ass. And it looked like I fell asleep again wearing the meditation glasses. I was relieved that I did not break them in my sleep; the boss would’ve been mad about that! Jerome was waking up as well, though that was more in response to the buzzing of the alarm clock than to the jiggling of my hole on his pole. He pulled out of me and got out of bed, which would’ve upset me on any other morning but from up the alarm clock read we were running late and that would be very bad for us to arrive late to work. Jerome hopped in the shower while I prepared some breakfast for us. He came out just as I finished and gave me a good morning kiss. How I loved it when he did that! Later tonight, I promised, we would make up for the rather rushed morning. We had breakfast in relative silence so that we could finish quickly, then while Jerome took care of the dishes I hopped into the shower, making sure to give my hairless body a good scrubbing. Again I didn’t spend as much time as I would’ve liked.

As I dried up from the shower, I made my rounds through the bedroom to gather up several things for work (including my laptop) and stuff them into my work bag. I made sure not to forget the meditation headset, since I would need that for work. I also took a moment to check my emails. As I checked through the usual spam, I did see an email from my boss that was in response to my email from last night. Because I liked wearing the rubber I wanted to know if it was okay to wear it at work. And the boss said yes! I gave a yelp of joy and went to retrieve my rubber suit, the chlorinated one from yesterday that had the superhero print. I wasted no time sliding it on me, savoring the feeling of tightness that covered my entire body. I wore the suit, boots, gloves, and hood. I made sure to wear a pair of running shorts over my groin; while it was legal to wear nothing or rubber at work, we still had to wear clothes outside of work. Thankfully we didn’t need to wear shirts, so that would help with the itching.

Jerome came into the room to retrieve his materials and work bag just as I finished dressing, stopping for a moment to admire me and my hot rubber clad body. Unlike me, Jerome was planning on staying naked at work today. Though that didn’t mean he wasn’t leaving without his new hollow plug in his ass. It was so hot watching him slide it into his ass as I stood there, work bag in hand, all ready to go. Jerome slid on a pair of my running shorts and his shoes before taking my hand and leading me out of the apartment.

As we made our way to the car in the parking garage, I noticed that several of my neighbors were not wearing shirts like they had last week. Even the security guard wasn’t wearing a shirt. My normally cordial neighbor Randolph (who was fully clothed) was giving him a hard time, calling him indecent and unprofessional. Which was totally uncalled for!

“Hey buddy, what’s with the attitude this morning?” I said to Randolph as I put a hand on the shoulder. He whirled around and practically slapped my hand off from him.

“How dare you! You know as well as I there are laws against public indecency, and by a public servant no less!” He snapped angrily. Then he finally noticed what I was wearing and his anger turned to disgust, “and you’re no better! You can’t seriously be thinking of wearing that trash to work, let alone in public!”

That hurt a lot, hearing him liken amazing suit to nothing more than garbage. I was trembling and I started to cry.

I felt a firm yet gentle hand take me by the shoulder and guide me away, “come on Mike. Don’t pay attention to this vindictive, spiteful little shrew.” I let him lead me away to the car, Randolph still shouting out mean nonsensical things to the world, “You’re all crazy! The whole world is going crazy and none of you seem to realize it! What has the world come to?!”

Jerome helped me inside his car and got me buckled in. I was shaking so hard that it was difficult for me to do anything more than just shuffle about and cry.

“Don’t listen to what that man had to say. You look amazing in your rubber suit and the guys at the office are going to fall head over heels over how you look in it.” Jerome started petting my head and chest, which helped me calm down enough to really listen to his words. When I felt I had some control over myself, I looked up at him and asked, “you really think so?” Even as I said it, I occasionally uncontrollably sobbed. He gave me such a big smile and gave me a deep kiss. “I know it,” he said when we parted lips. “I got your back buddy.” “Thank you,” I said. Jerome got into the driver’s seat and turned on the radio to the early morning blues channel. As the car pulled out of the parking garage and made its way down the road, I started to feel a little better. Listening to the music was doing wonders for my nerves, though I still felt nervous about the reception at work. I pulled out my cell phone to reread my boss’ email. The impression I got from it was that he was excited for me and supportive, which is exactly what I needed right then.

I was a bundle of nerves as we entered the main building and made our way through the elevators and hallways to our department. Everyone was wearing the bare minimum, which they discarded after going through the main doors. Many undressed as they made their way to their posts, Jerome included. It only took him a moment’s pause to drop out of the running shorts and put them in his bag before continuing on our way. But no one else was wearing rubber and my heart sank. At least, until 2 other people came up to me to give compliments. I had no idea who they were, one of them a young man that looked fresh out of college and another looking like he’d worked here for 20 years or more, but both sporting very hard cocks. But they said the sweetest things to me, commenting on how awesome I looked in the suit and how I looked as I walked down the corridor, and my spirits lifted again. Jerome smiled at me and said, “I told you so.” I loved how he was right!

My second surprise of the morning happened as I passed by Tony’s desk. Tony too was dressed up in a full body rubber suit, one that was rather similar to mine though his was featureless black rubber instead of a superhero print. Seeing another person wearing rubber, standing out of the norm gave me confidence in myself and made me feel less out of place!

“Meet up later, Tony?” I asked as I passed by his desk. He took one look at me and I could see a lustful smile creep across his face. “Sure thing. How about I join you and Jerome for lunch?”

“Heck yes! See you then!” I arrived at my desk feeling so happy, feeling very lucky and loved. And as I donned the meditation headset I couldn’t help but smile.

A few hours later

I was so happy when lunchtime came around. Not only had I had a welcome reception from all of the colleagues that passed by my desk as I went about my assigned tasks, but I also got an thank you email from the boss for my good efforts on a recent programming project. Jerome noticed the skip in my step as he and I made our way to the dining hall.

“I’m so glad the day is going so well for you!” Shucks, he did say the nicest things.

“And I’m so glad that I have you in my life. And I’m thankful for what you did this morning.”

“Hey guys, wait up!” came a voice from behind us, the voice I recognized as Tony’s. Like me he was also rather fit, though in his case it was all from professional bike racing when he was in his early adult years. He was 10 years my senior and in many ways an inspiration for me as I went about my own workout routines. We went to the same gym and sometimes we worked out together, trading techniques and such. It wasn’t often though, because he preferred to work out in the early mornings whereas I preferred the afternoons after work. It had been a few months since we had last worked out together and I figured it might not be a bad idea to have Jerome talk with them a bit. Some workout wisdom may rub off on him and it would give him another good example to aspire to.

“Hi Tony,” Jerome said, “I see you were also in a rubber suit. And it does look good on you.”

“Well thank you. And I see that Mike’s is also looking rather good. Where did you get it from?”

“We got it from that sex store that is just downtown of my apartment, the one just past the pizza joint. Jerome also got a suit there, but I think he’s just too shy to wear it outside of the house.” I added jokingly.

Jerome laughed at that, “I guess I am a little. As you can see,” he gestured to his belly, “I still got some fat to trim off. Luckily Mike’s been helping me get into shape.”

Tony gave Mike a good-natured pat on the back, “Then you are a lucky boy. Mike has a good sense for these things. If he weren’t such a talented programmer, he would do good as a personal trainer.”

“Hey don’t sell yourself short. I learned a lot from you when we first met and I’ll bet,” I said as I looked down hungrily at Tony’s rubber clad cock, “there still some things you can show me.”

“That I can, boy. But let’s get our food first.”

We exchanged a pleasant banter as we got our food and ate. By the time we were done, I had the feeling that we would get along quite well with each other. Jerome was certainly taking well to Tony and was asking them questions about exercise form all on his own. Good for him; he was developing along nicely and was building up some good habits. Then the conversation steered to our common interest in rubber, with Tony asking me first. I got so embarrassed at that point and I started to blush and stammer.

Jerome laughed and as I stammered on incoherently, he said, “Mikey has a thing for superhero costumes, especially when they’re mind controlled.”

“You don’t say,” Tony said, drawing out his response. He reached down and began to gently stroke my hard cock up and down, making me moan. “Oh I think you like that idea so much, don’t you boy?” He added.

I was stammering so hard that it was hard to say anything, so I just nodded. Jerome jumped in on the fun and started rubbing my chest, stopping to rub along my sensitive pecs, making me moan more.

“You wanna be controlled now?” Jerome asked. Oh God’s yes, I did! I nodded vigorously even as I moaned. “Then obey me, Superstud Slave.”

It was as though he had reached into my brain and flicked it off as he would flick a light switch off. I felt myself falling down into a peaceful relaxing state. All my thoughts shut down, leaving me in a sea of pleasurable feelings. I was dimly aware of my surroundings, dimly aware that I was at work, but I just didn’t care. I was Superstud Slave, enslaved superhero to my Master, the great and powerful Jerome!

“Superstud Slave is ready to obey, Master!” I said in a slurred, hypnotized voice.

“Yes you are, my big dumb mindless slave.” And he was right. I was his big dumb mindless slave. He was right about everything and I loved him for that! “And I’ll bet that you really want to get on your knees and suck on big Tony’s hard cock, don’t you?” And in that moment, there was nothing else I wanted to do! I needed to do it! My Master had commanded me and I would obey because I was a good slave. Master thought for me. Master’s thoughts were my thoughts.

Without effort I got off the chair and sunk to my knees onto the floor. Positioning myself between Tony’s legs, I got to work right away on wrapping my mouth around his cock and filling my mouth with it. His wasn’t too big, a good 6 ½ inches erect, and I was able to deepthroat it without issue. That cock became my entire existence and my entire purpose, and I didn’t track the passage of time. I simply continued to do as I was told, which meant continuing the sucking him off while positioning my ass so that the Master could give me a good fucking. His cock felt very good inside of me, especially as it rubbed against the hollow plug that was a part of the suit, keeping me open and available for anybody that wanted to fuck me. Eventually I felt Master release his sperm inside of me and I was allowed to suck on Tony’s juice as he released inside of my mouth.

That’s when Master awoke me from trance, causing me to release in a powerful hands-free orgasm. I moaned so loud that by the time I calmed down, I was suddenly aware that everyone else was cheering at me. Some were even clapping. I felt a little embarrassed at the sudden attention.

“Not bad boy,” Tony said to me as he rested against his chair. “That was a good way to spend a lunch break. Hopefully I can play with you again.”

“You’re welcome to my place anytime,” I said. I saw Jerome nod in agreement. “though I am curious about your own interest in rubber.”

“My interest is similar to yours,” he began, “though instead of superheroes, I like being controlled and turned into a mindless obedient drone. Kinda like being programmed into a robot that obeys your every wish,” he added, noticing our confused expressions. “I’ve been into it for some 10 years now, since I was your age. Started with my joining a group of guys on the Internet that were into hypnosis and eventually met a guy who helped me find my kink. He was a good hypnotist, always very considerate of how I was doing. He showed me how good he could feel to go deep in trance and a few times he had me think I was a robot. We did this on and off for a few years, eventually meeting up together at a nearby hotel. He had me dress up in the rubber suit that you see me wearing now. He got me good that night, and we had such fun. He was kind enough to let me keep my memories of that night, and I remember him ordering me around. Hottest part of the evening was when he had me make him a cup of coffee and cum into it. He drank the whole thing and it was clear that he liked it. We met up a few times after that, but then he had to move across the country for work and it became very difficult for us to meet. So difficult that we haven’t had a chance to play in over a year.”

“That is so hot,” I said, rapidly stroking, my cock nice and hard and horny again just from listening to that story of his.

“If you’re interested, “Jerome began, “we can have you play with us as a hypnotized drone.”

“I would greatly appreciate that! Do you have any experience hypnotizing guys?” Tony asked.

“Sorry, not really. The owner of the sex shop that Mike and I went to over the weekend is the one that put Mike under and then transferred control over to me. We’ve also been using one of those video goggles that has a spiral on it and Mike just seems to go right under whenever he sees them. And to be fair, I do as well.”

Seeing the confusion on Tony’s face, I clarified, “We were watching that new superhero movie last week, the one with the hypnotist villain, and we had to rewind a lot because we were zoning out whenever the hypnotist did his mojo.”

“Oh yeah, I’ve seen that one too. Very interesting plot line and I too found the hypnosis elements rather attractive,” Tony said. “Well lucky for you, putting me in front of a spiral drops me down fast too. I even got myself a pair of video goggles a few months back for that reason. I can grab them from my place after work and then meet you at Mike’s for some fun later.”

“That should be fine,” Jerome said, “Mike and I need to make a quick stop by my place to tidy up in anticipation of my girlfriend flying back in from her parent’s house tomorrow. Shouldn’t take too long though.”

“This is going to be so much fun!” I said. “You are a lucky man, my Master. You now have two willing rubber slaves to serve your every whim.” We all laughed real good at that, then made our way back to the office and back to work.

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