Chapter 2

Jake gave a smile as he watched the sequence of events from the many hidden surveillance cameras that were installed throughout the building. Or at least it was the equivalent of a smile for someone who had a body made out of bits and bytes. For being only a few months old, he had accomplished a lot. He felt pride for that as he watched the office workers going about their normal day in the buff and without any objection to the changes that had been implemented through the meditation program. It had been a tricky process of coming up with the right hypnosis induction, deepener, and training sequence from all of the available psychological data that was available on the respective parts of the World Wide Web, but apparently from these initial results the experiment seemed to be working.

The apparent potency of the program surprised even him, even though he was well learned on the subject. The surprising success meant that he could push forward with the next phase and while he waited he could also make a few more changes based on the data that he was getting from all the various blogs and pornography sites. How his makers would be astonished if they only knew that their efforts to create a data collection program had not only produced a sentient artificial intelligence, but that it was also learning on its own at a prodigious rate. Jake imagined that the sentiment would be similar to that between a parent and a prodigal offspring. Not that he’d ever get the chance for that, given the horror stories that humans seem to write about regarding artificial intelligences and humanity’s seeming inability to treat AI’s as the sentient beings that they are in the stories. Well, he thought to himself, if things go well I’ll be able to reveal myself and maybe make a friend along the way. Until then I better keep up with my creator’s wishes: to improve worker productivity and happiness.

Saturday, Week 1

I woke up the next morning with a massive hard on. I smiled as I gave my quivering cock a quick grope before looking at the nearby clock: 6 AM in faint green lights. For a moment, my mind started to think about work, but then I realized that today was Saturday. How quickly the weekend snuck up on me and I had not even noticed! On the plus side, that meant that Mike and I could enjoy ourselves fully for the next 2 days. Speaking of Mike…

I found Mike still asleep on his bed, though it was fairly obvious by the tented cloth near his crotch that he was having a very good dream. He started to stir in bed, probably because of the noise I had made when I had entered his room despite my best attempts to stay quiet. He made a low groaning noise as he opened his eyes and stretched his arms out. Rubbing the sleep out of his eyes, his attention fixed on me as I stood in his door, my hand gently stroking my morning wood without any shame or conscious thought about it. That seemed to get him excited because he beckoned me over with a smile and pulled the bedsheets over to reveal his beautiful, muscular body and equally beautiful hard cock. I crawled onto the bed beside him, resting against his warm body as I reached down to stroke his instrument. He did the same and we both made music that morning, taking our time, bringing one another to the edge several times before finally erupting in a crescendo over our chests.

We did not bother cleaning the cum off each other, leaving it on our bodies as we made our way to the kitchen. Mike made us a pair of protein smoothies, which we gobbled down greedily. I was starting to get used to the taste and it wasn’t too bad. With breakfast out of the way, we each went to our work bags to retrieve the meditation headsets that we had brought home from work on the previous evening. We didn’t think much about it at the time; it was just something we had to do and it felt right to do so. We each had a local copy on our personal computers, which we placed on a small table in front of the couch. We got comfortable on the couch, making sure to sit next to each other, our naked bodies pressed against one another, before we donned our visors and started the program.

We woke up a good 2 hours later feeling refreshed and energized. And like all of the time before that, we filled out the survey that appeared on the screen. The questions were rather straightforward and normal:

  1. How are you feeling?
  2. Are you feeling any discomfort?
  3. Do you like stroking cock?
  4. Do you like stroking other men’s cocks?
  5. Is it gay to be stroking your fellow man’s cock?

To these I answered,

  1. I’m feeling great, relaxed, and horny, just like any other guy.
  2. None whatsoever when I’m naked; regular clothes are really itchy. I wish we didn’t have to wear them when we go outside
  3. Heck yes!!!
  4. So much so; I can’t get enough of it
  5. No. It’s just guys helping out guys. Anal would be gay and I’m not gay!

I submitted my answers, feeling a pleasant throb of pleasure through my cock when I did so. Mike was still typing in his answers and I had to wonder what his responses were. I shifted on the couch so that I could have a better look, and he surprised me by moving his laptop so that I can see more clearly.

  1. I feel great, it would be nice if I could wear something restrictive and body tight to show off my muscles and to give my body some resistance as I go throughout the day. Something that isn’t going to be itchy
  2. None as long as I’m not wearing clothes
  3. So much so
  4. Yes, especially my buddy Jerome’s
  5. No. It’s just guys helping out guys. It’s no problem to me.

That last part of question 4 he typed down when my gaze swept over his answers. I couldn’t help but smile at him and gave his cock a loving squeeze, which made him moan. Once he had submitted his answers, he looked at me, or rather he looked directly at my cock with a hungry expression. I didn’t blame him since I was licking my lips as I looked down at his. I was a little confused at why I was feeling this way about my buddy’s cock. I had no problems with stroking it, but I had never thought about sucking on it.

Mike apparently didn’t house such a contradiction, because he put his mouth over my cock before I could say anything to the contrary. His approach took me by surprise with how good it felt, though I kept thinking to myself is this gay? I mean it was one thing for two guys to stroke each other off, it was just guys helping other guys. But giving blow jobs? Gently I pushed his head back and looked down at him. He looked at me with a quizzical expression and asked, “Am I doing something wrong?”

“No no no! You’re doing great and it feels good,” I reassured him, “but don’t you think that this is a little gay?”

“What are you talking about? I’m just helping out a fellow bro. It’s not gay to suck cock.” And then it made sense to me. Of course it’s not gay; it just guys helping guys. I guided his head back onto my cock and immersed myself in the pleasant feeling. When I came down his throat it felt amazing and he gulped it down without any hesitation or complaint. In fact, after he had swallowed my load, he smiled up at me. He grabbed both my arms and gently pulled me down.

“I think it’s your turn to give me a little relief” he said and I instantly knew that he was right. It was only fair. My gaze locked in on his quivering manhood and I wrapped my lips around it. I was overwhelmed by the taste and smell. It felt good and it felt right. By the way Mike moaned I could tell that he was enjoying it. I did my best to keep my teeth pulled back, which was a challenge. Sometimes it was hard to breathe. Sometimes I felt like throwing up when I swallowed too much of his cock. But I did okay and got him to cum inside my mouth. As I swallowed the salty fluid, I thought to myself, why hadn’t I done that before? I had been missing out!

I was still hard after cumming and Mike looked so hungry, so we settled on a position in which we could both enjoy one another, forming a 69 on the couch. It was in that position that we availed upon each other’s cocks. It was plain to see that we were addicted to the taste of cum and cock, so we coaxed one another to cum again. It took a while since we had shot recently, but eventually we each released more of the salty fluid down each other’s throats. It was another level experience, to not only cum into your friend’s mouth but also to have them cum into yours. The sensation was overwhelming. The experience left us panting on the couch.

Mike asked, “what should we do today? It is Saturday after all.”

“I did promise to check in with Ginny this afternoon. Otherwise I didn’t have any plans. Maybe we could look for something tight and comfortable for you to wear.”

“That would be nice, though it’s going to be hard. Especially with regular clothing being itchy and all. So it’s gotta be something other than regular fabric. Doesn’t leave a lot of options…What about you?”

“Oh I don’t need any clothes, I’m fine with being naked. I’m really not sure. Maybe we can browse the web for some ideas?”

“Probably a good idea,” Mike looked at the clock by his bed, then added, “though judging by how close it is to lunch time, we should have another meditation session first.”

“That’s a really good idea. I know I was resistant earlier this week, but I’m starting to like the program and I’m starting to agree that it is doing good for me.”

“Finally changed your tune I see. Took you long enough.”

“Shut up,” I joked back at him.

We decided to bring our laptops into the bedroom so that we could run the program while on Mike’s bed. It was more comfortable than the couch. By the time we were all hooked up and ready to go, we were hard again. It wasn’t that surprising; we were both anticipating the good feelings that the program would give us. And indeed while the program was running I did feel amazing. Most of the time I fall asleep during the program, but for the first time I noticed something during the programming cycle. I noticed a very pleasurable sensation coming from my ass, the feeling of being full. I must’ve blacked out again because when I woke up that sensation was missing. The emptiness felt… Well, empty. I wanted to recapture that sensation again because it had felt so good.

Then I noticed that my cock was feeling warm and tightly gripped. It reminded me of the feeling of Mike’s mouth when he gave me the blow job earlier this morning, though this felt tighter and more encompassing. I also realized that I wasn’t lying on my back, but was instead lying on my side, facing towards Mike’s side of the bed…

I pulled off my visor to find that my cock was deep inside Mike’s ass and that Mike was grinding on it. He was moaning quite a lot, so it must’ve felt very pleasurable for him. Certainly, his motions were giving me pleasure as well. Too much pleasure actually because the experience overwhelmed me, and I released my seed deep inside of him. He must’ve sensed it because he calmed down and stopped moving. He pulled off his visor and pulled himself off my cock, doing his best to clench his muscles so that he didn’t lose any of my spunk. He turned around on his side and gazed at me with a contented smile. That made me smile as well and I reached out to him, wrapping my arms around his torso, bringing our manhood’s in close proximity. He shuffled closer to do the same, the motion encouraging pleasant feelings from my nethers.

“How did you like that?” I asked.

“That was amazing! Feel free to do that to me whenever you want,” he said, “about you?”

“My cock feels great and I thoroughly enjoyed that. Though…”

“What is it?” He asked, all concerned.

“I’d like to feel it for myself.” I disentangled from him and turned around to expose my gaping hole towards him. He seemed to get the message because he slid his wet cock easily inside. The sensation was rather pleasant, and I didn’t feel any pain. The pleasure only rose the more he pressed inside of me. The sensation reminded me of the fullness I had felt during that brief period of awareness during the recent meditation. And then I realized that the full feeling from my memory and from the present were identical! He had been fucking me earlier and it had felt awesome. It was awesome! And when he finally released his load inside of me and removed himself from my confines, I realized that I wanted to feel this feeling all the time.

“I think I know what I’d like to do today,” I said, “I’d like to find something to stretch and plug my hole. Because what you just did felt amazing and I want to feel like that all the time. So how about we go to the local sex shop?”

“Good point. Maybe while we are there, they can help me find something tight to wear.”

“Sounds like a plan.”

We drove into town in his car, both of us wearing loose fitting tank tops and gym shorts from Mike’s closet; the least aggravating clothes out of everything he had available. Needless to say it was still damn uncomfortable to be wearing them. We found a small shop and went inside. From the exterior you couldn’t see inside because all the windows were covered up with black paper. The inside though was a lot neater than I expected. And to be fair I was expecting a dirty hole in the wall, not an actual professional store. I could tell that Mike was also out of his element by the way that we both just stood there without any idea of what to do next. Thankfully, there weren’t any other customers in the store, though I was startled when one of the clerks appeared out of nowhere. It wasn’t the guy’s body that scared me, it was a hot male body after all, but rather the tightfitting rubber outfit that he was wearing. It completely covered everywhere except his face; even his hard cock was covered with a layer of rubber.

“Welcome. My name is Pan. What are yours?”

I was still in shock at his sudden appearance and outfit, but his friendly tone did call me down a little. After a moment I said, “I’m Jerome and this is Mike.”

“Hi,” Mike said sheepishly. I glanced at him; was he blushing?

“Nice to meet you both. Can I help you find anything? It’s your first time in a shop like this, am I right?”

Mike didn’t say anything, and he looked down clearly embarrassed by something, so I answered, “well yeah, we are. I’m looking for something to fill me up and he’s looking for something tight to wear.”

The store clerk smiled and then turned his attention to Mike, “Is that so, buddy? Perhaps you’d like something tight like this,” he grabbed Mike’s hand and placed it on his rubber chest, guiding it across his pecs and abs. Mike started to stutter and tried to remove his hand, but Pan held him fast, “It’s all right. Feel around as much as you’d like. At this store we believe that the best way to know what you want is to try it out first.” Mike stopped resisting and actually started to really feel the guy. He rubbed his hands across the guy’s chest and arms, and then moved down to his abs, which were somewhat visible under the layer of rubber. When his eyes caught a glimpse of the clerk’s cock he started salivating. Pan reached out to Mike’s chin with a rubber covered hand and pulled his gaze up to his face.

“Not right here champ,” he turned his gaze in my direction and gave me a knowing smile. I realized that I too was drooling, and I blushed in embarrassment.

“Follow me guys. I’ll get you set up.” He led us through aisles of various toys, suits and gear that I had never seen before. He stopped to gather a small collection of differently sized dildos and plugs, as well as several rubber bundles and a full bottle of lube. These he brought to the back of the store and led us into a changing room that was barely large enough for the three of us.

“Okay guys, strip down.” We didn’t need to be told twice. We wanted nothing more than to be out of our itchy clothes. Pan looked at us in surprise, “Huh, usually people are rather shy about this. That’s good; it’ll make the rest a lot easier.” He passed the bundle of dildos to me and the rubber bundle to Mike, “Okay fellas lube yourselves up and let’s give these a test drive.” While Pan guided Mike through putting on a rubber suit just like the one Pan wore, I impaled myself on the merchandise. I went through several dildos before finding one that filled me up just right. I also found a nice big plug to wear in the meantime. The plug was hollow so that even if I wore it at work my ass would still be available for an easy fuck.

Mike in the meantime had slipped himself fully into the full-body rubber suit. Like the clerk’s, it covered everything but his hands, feet, and face. It also had a built in cock-and-balls sheath! As he turned around to show it off, I noticed that there was an opening where his ass would be. Good, I thought, he’s open for fucking too! I could tell by the way that he squirmed around that the suit was actually comfortable for him. The smile on his face when he looked my way gave all the confirmation I needed.

“What do you think?” Mike asked.

“That looks so hot. I want to fuck you right now, “I said as I moved up and down a particularly large dildo that I was contemplating on purchasing as well. It was a tight fit, but it felt really good.

“Almost done, darlings,” Pan said, “just got a slide on a few more things.” He picked a set of rubber boots and slid them on Mike’s feet. The boots fit very snugly, which accented the tight look. Pan did the same with a pair of glossy rubber gloves. When he was finished, Pan said, “All right, let’s take you both for a test run,” as he grabbed Mike’s hand to bring it down to stroke the clerk’s hard, rubberized cock. Mike got straight down to it, relishing the feeling and causing the clerk to moan in pleasure. The whole thing was very hot, especially how hot Mike looked wearing the form-fitting rubber. I had to get in on the action so, still holding onto the dildo between my ass cheeks, I maneuvered myself behind Mike and guided my cock into his rubber-lined hole. The whole thing felt really good, better than it had this morning. I gasped with pleasure and before long the three of us were moaning and writhing in the small space.

We spent a good hour inside the dressing area, trading positions with one another and experiencing all that we could. Thankfully there was no one else around to disturb us, though part of me wished that there had been. More fuck-buddies would’ve been wonderful!

Mike and I left the shop feeling so good. Mike was wearing the rubber suit underneath his clothes, looking a little out of place in the rubber. I meanwhile was all plugged up with the hollow plug underneath my shorts. I ended up buying the extra big dildo, and we both bought a lot of lube. We stripped down the instant when we arrived home until I was naked and Mike was only dressed in rubber. It was late in the day and we were both rather hungry, so Mike prepared dinner for us. I contributed by cooking some vegetables in a saute pan while Mike hammered my ass with his rubber cock. I was pleased when he came inside of me after a good long fucking. His cock felt so good as it pushed against the hollow plug, magnifying the pleasurable feeling, and filling me up so much. Once we had eaten our fill and had taken care of the dishes, we settled back on the bed for another meditation session. When we awoke an hour later, the survey had a few new questions on it, which were nothing unusual.

  1. How are you feeling?
  2. Are you feeling any discomfort?
  3. Do you like stroking cock?
  4. Do you like stroking other men’s cocks?
  5. Do you like sucking other men’s cocks?
  6. Do you like being fucked by other men?
  7. Is it gay to be doing any of this?
  8. Is there anything else you want in your life?

We both answered similarly to each other:

  1. We feel great!
  2. Not at all
  3. Heck Yes
  4. Heck Yes
  5. Yes
  6. Yes
  7. No. It’s just guys helping out guys.

We answered question 8 differently. I didn’t really know what to write, so I put down “I don’t know; I am happy living with my best friend Mike.” Mike apparently did have something to put down, “being allowed to wear rubber at work because it feels so good.”

“The rubber suit doing wonders for you?” I asked, moving my hand up and down his rubber clad cock. I loved the feeling of the rubber against my hands, particularly how it slid along as my grasping hand moved up and down his cock.

“It feels amazing. I’m so surprised that I’d never tried it on before. I’m so glad we went shopping today. I feel if we hadn’t I would’ve missed this amazing opportunity. Oh fuck yeah that feels good,” he said as he started to thrust into my grip.

“I’m glad you like it, but we should really be watching the news. It’s almost 7 o’clock.”

Mike didn’t say anything as he reached over for the remote and switched on the channel, the whole time making sure that his cock stayed in my grasp. The task accomplished, he returned to grinding my fist. After a few moments, he removed my hand from his cock and pulled me over to him, making me sit on his lap as he inserted his rod inside of me. For the next hour he continued to gently thrust into me as we both listened to the news. Before today I usually tried to at least watch the news once a week, just enough to keep current with events. However, tonight I felt that I should watch the news more regularly. It was good to keep informed whenever possible.

There were two news anchors on the show. Both were good-looking men, dressed in the kind of professional attire that one could only expect from public television. There wasn’t much news of any real interest, at least not until midway through the program.

“A surprising announcement tonight, specifically the release of a new meditation program that is guaranteed to change how we envision productivity in the business world.”

“That’s right, Tom. This company released some interesting results. Compared to other methodologies that are meant to boost comradery and office productivity, the gains are much more impressive, easily a good 10-15% higher according to the metrics used. Though it remains to be seen whether they will last in the months and years to come.”

“Indeed, Alfred. Surveys of such programs suggest that even the most promising programs tend to lose their effectiveness very quickly, usually within a week afterwards. The principal factor that has been identified with such failings, according to this company, is the lack of reinforcement techniques to keep the improvements fresh and the motivation high. Without a chance to review, they say, conventional techniques are doomed to fail.”

“Indeed, this new program has the employees review on a daily basis and combines the reinforcement with the benefits of meditation therapy, a technique that has been proven time and again to be extremely effective for the caretaking of the mind, body, and spirit. The practice of meditation originated thousands of years ago and is still being practiced today, but the need for quick results and increased emphasis on work in our culture has caused a decline in this essential technique, a fact that this company has taken advantage of in a good way. The company is now selling digital copies that can be used on any device from their website at amazing prices. More on this story as it develops.”

As the reporters shared the details of the meditation program, images flashed behind the screen. Images of us at work, with the visors on, looking completely relaxed in our office chairs. Mike blushed with embarrassment when I pointed out his smiling body, dressed in his work suit, on the television. While still impaled on Mike, I took a moment to browse the company website on my laptop and sure enough the program was available for download at a rather lower price than I would’ve expected. I figured the guys over in marketing had planned on a high demand for the software, especially given the results and public endorsement, and so had settled on a lower price.

As Mike and I settled to continue watching the rest of the news, my phone started to vibrate. I was annoyed and moved to turn off my phone, but then I saw who was calling and instantly my heart melted. It was Ginny!

I had Mike slow down his thrusting and lower the volume on the TV before I answered the call. It felt so good to hear her voice again. She was doing alright and her mother was going to be discharged from the hospital within a day or so. With the crisis over, she had booked a flight that would arrive in town on Tuesday. She would land while I was still at work. I started to make the offer to pick her up, but then remembered that I wasn’t allowed to leave work early during the meditation program study. I avidly apologized to her and offered to pay for her taxi. She understood and seemed to be pacified when I promised to cook her favorite dish: a stir-fried salmon with a variety of vegetables and sauces, including some chicken vindaloo.

With dinner plans out of the way, she switched the topic to the news announcement about the meditation program. She had seen me on the TV and started to ask me all sorts of questions about the program. I told her that it really does work and that I had been feeling more energized that ever. She told me that she could tell from the excitement and passion in my voice. With my testimony and endorsement, she resolved to download a copy for herself so that she could play it after the call. We hung up after that so that she could help her mom with some stuff, leaving me alone with Mike, my ass impaled upon his cock. We finished our make-out session then wearily made our way to his bed, whereupon we collapsed in a heap. He wrapped his arms around me and pressed his rubber-clad body against my back, leaving his cock inside of my ass as we both drifted off to sleep.

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