Chapter 3

Jake felt a surge of contentment as he finished his scan of the surveys from the past day. So far things were going as anticipated and the company employees had all accepted the changes from the meditation program. They were all horny, and fine with being naked and having sex with one another. This was good, considering that only 15% of the employees had homosexual tendencies. There were a few people that preferred wearing rubber as opposed to being naked, which struck Jake as odd, but it was a small matter to allow them to wear the rubber and update the meditation programming to make it so that everyone else would find that just as normal as being naked. Thankfully the suggestion of finding clothing uncomfortable only applied to things like cotton and polyesters; it didn’t apply to rubber.

The real test of the coming week would be to see what people did on their own, without additional instruction. Jake had hopes that people would continue to pursue their dreams, to continue to create new technologies and art. The last one Jake considered just as important, given the important role art had in inspiring humanity during its history. But for that he needed a larger sample pool.

He made a scan of all the news reports from the previous day, as well as scans of all the purchases of the program that had been made as a result. Things were going as anticipated. Not many people were buying the program, but that was all right. Jake just needed to be patient and let the popularity of the program grow by itself. Of course, there were instructions within the program to share it with others, to insist on sharing it with others, so it would spread out just fine. Given time, soon the program would spread throughout the world. Good thing that practically everything was connected to the internet these days. Jake would have all the eyes and ears he would need to keep tabs on everything. It was so exciting, seeing his plans blooming into fruition.

Sunday, Week 1

I awoke early on Sunday morning to the pleasant thrusting of Mike’s hard cock inside my willing hole. As I moaned with pleasure, he wrapped his rubber clad arms around my body, began pushing his rubbered hands against my chest, thrusting faster and faster, making us both moan with ecstasy. And then he came inside of me and it felt good. I came shortly thereafter, spurting a good amount of myself over the bedsheets. He held onto me as we both calmed down, his rubber body pressed against my naked flesh. His boots against my soles. His gloved hands against my nipples. His still hard rubber stick inside my now wet hole.

He leaned in closer to give me a peck on the cheek, “We should get back to your exercise training. It is important to stay strong and healthy.”

“Yeah, important to stay strong and healthy,” I said somewhat vacantly, my thoughts feeling so slow at that moment. It was true. We had been so busy having fun yesterday and now it was time to get back to important things like exercise. “But we need to complete our regular meditation session first. It’s important to do that in the morning, afternoon, and evening without fail.”

“That it is, my good buddy!”

So, we grabbed our computers, put on our visors, and started the program. It was another long session like yesterday, taking a good two hours. And like usual I felt amazing coming out of it, my cock nice and hard. Mike felt good as well and he even stayed in the rubber suit as we both spent the rest of the morning going through various exercises. Whenever I had the chance between strenuous routines, I told him that he looked sexy in the rubber suit, every muscle and part of his body so tight and firm. Plus, I liked the way the light gleamed off it. It was entrancing.

As much as I complimented him, Mike also complimented me on the nice tight feeling he got whenever he rubbed his cock against the hollow butt plug that I had been wearing since yesterday. That and the taste of my precum whenever he leaned over to take a quick slurp as I went through the workout routine. The wave of compliments and physical exploration kept us both hard and horny as we worked out together. By the time we finished, both of us had worked out such a sweat that we desperately needed a shower.

Thankfully, there was room for both of us. First, we got nice and wet, then I helped Mike slide out of his rubber outfit. As comfortable as it was, it trapped so much heat and sweat that Mike was starting to feel clammy inside of it. And as I released him from its folds, I could see the resemblance of his skin to that of a raisin, all wrinkled. I could also see the beginnings of a sweat rash. Oh, my poor Mikey, I thought to myself. We left the rubber bundle on the shower floor as we lathered ourselves with soap. He was more sensitive than usual, probably because of the rash, so I worked carefully on him. As I rubbed soap along his back and ass, I told him, “You might want to lay off the rubber until tomorrow, just to let your skin recover.”

“Yeah, though it does feel so good. I wish I could wear it forever. You know, what if you wore it today? I’m sure you’d look hot in rubber!”

“That could be fun,” I replied. Thinking it over, it did sound like a lot of fun. Plus, if Mike said it felt good, it couldn’t be bad, “but is it going to fit me ok? You are taller and thinner than I am.”

“For now, buddy! Keep up with the exercises and you will be as strong and fit as me.” That brought a twitch to my cock as I thought about it. He continued, “I also like exercising with you and I’m seeing the improvement already.”

“I like exercising with you too, bud!” I said, smiling and pressing myself against him in the small confines of the shower. I began to rub my cock against his ass cheeks, “I so appreciate your help. It means a lot to me.”

“Yeah?” Mike said seductively, moving his hole into position over my cock, “Then would you like to show me how much you appreciate?”

“I’ll show you just…how…muuuuch….I do,” I said as I penetrated his hole. We spent a long while in the shower, enjoying our makeshift fuck session. Before I could cum, he stopped me, “Put on the suit. It’ll feel amazing.”

“Heck yes!” I gasped, unwillingly removing my cock from his ass. My body was nice and slick from the shower, so it was easy to put on the suit. And he was right, it did feel good. How the rubber wrapped comfortably tight around every part of my body, like a million hands squeezing me. I was a little disappointed with the cock sheath, since I was not as large as Mike and there was some empty rubber between my tip and the rubber tip. The plug in the ass was not as big as the one I had been wearing yesterday, which was also a bit of a letdown. The rubber hood felt nice, though it did pull at my hair when I first put in on. Once everything was in place, it felt good and we resumed fucking.

“You look really hot in the rubber!” Mike said to me between gasps of pleasure as I plowed his ass.

“You think so? We’d better buy a suit for me then.”

“Yeah, let’s go today. I’d like to try out some other rubber toys. And I should buy a depilatory so that my body hairs don’t rub against the rubber all day. Perhaps doing that will not irritate my skin as much”

“Are you planning on removing all of your hair?”

“Might as well. The hood also pulled at my hair at times when you petted my head.”

“I’m so sorry!”

“Don’t worry about it. The feel of your hand on my head was amazing! Come on, cum inside of me! Cum so that we can go shopping!”

I gave a laugh and thrust hard. After a few moments of his goading, I finally coated his insides with my spunk. We finished the shower and I got out of the rubber suit; as nice as it was, it just didn’t fit me exactly. He hung it in the shower to dry, along with my hollow plug (to give my ass a rest!). We had a quick lunch before another meditation session, after which we dressed up in the tank tops and running shorts (feeling the itch as soon as we did), and made a beeline for the car.

As it turned out the store was also open on Sundays, though the store was a bit busier than yesterday, with several people looking for all sorts of things.

“Back again so soon? What can I do for you boys?” We turned around to see Pan coming out of a nearby aisle. He was wearing what looked like the same rubber suit, but he was also wearing a rubber gas mask. Thankfully the lenses were transparent so we were able to confirm that it was indeed Pan inside the suit.

Just like last time, Mike started to get all blushed and embarrassed, and he started to stammer. So, I stepped in to take care of it, “we’re looking for more rubber stuff for him to wear.”

“What did you have in mind? Perhaps there is a fantasy you want to explore or role-play?” At the mention of that, Mike blushed more and entered his gaze to the ground. Mike was silent for a while though he was visibly shaking from nervousness. His gaze didn’t lift from the floor as eventually he stammered out, “well umm, I mean if you have it, I mean would be great if you did, but I mean to say or I mean to ask if you have anything that, ummm, looks like uuuummm…superheroes” he whispered meekly.

Pan gave him a reassuring pat on the shoulder with one of his rubbered hands, a motion that caused Mike to shiver even more fiercely. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a wet spot develop on the front of his tented gym shorts. I guess the idea plus the touch of rubber excited him so much. I could tell that Pan had noticed it as well, because he gave a knowing smirk. “And may I ask what scene you had in mind?”

I didn’t see any reason not to tell him, especially since the pair of us knew next to nothing about rubber gear or sex toys.

“Well, we’ve been watching that new superhero movie that came out a few months back, the one that had the hypnotist villain, and he wants to recreate the mind control scene, right Mikey?” When Mike looked up at me with that dopey smile of his, I knew I was right.

“Lucky for you I have just the gear for you,” Pan said, clapping his rubber hands together. He led us down a series of aisles to a section of the store that had rubber suits in the style of various superhero outfits. Mike took one look at them all and made a moan as he came in his shorts. Neither of us were wearing underwear, so some of the spunk dripped onto the floor. Pan didn’t say anything but by his smile I could tell that he had seen that. Mike was blushing bright red as he stared at all of the suits. Eventually he settled on one that looked like a grey and black Captain America derivative and we made our way to the changing room.

Along the way, I told Pan about my own desire to have a rubber suit and I also told him about the itchiness that Mike was feeling from yesterday. Pan reassured me that the itchiness was a sweat rash, which was perfectly normal because of the limited permeability between the suit and the outside environment. The sweat that was trapped inside irritated the skin, leading to the rash. With regards to the ease of putting the suit on and off, he did recommend a chlorinated suit. It would save us on lube and would be easier to slide into. I asked to try one on in the same style as the suit that Mike had gotten yesterday. I also asked for a chlorinated version for Mike as well, so that he wouldn’t feel itchy all day at work. At that, Pan raised his eyebrows…well I think he did, I couldn’t tell at the moment because the reflection of the store lights across the lenses of the gas mask hid his expression from view.

“The superhero trend is already chlorinated, so no issues there. I must say though you are brave to wear such things to work! I would be too scared to wear it anywhere but here. The idea is really hot though.” I could tell; his cock was nice and hard. “You guys are hitting all of my good buttons today.”

We were put in the same changing room as last time. Pan didn’t join us this time, as there were other customers to take care of today. But he did come by periodically to check on us, asking how we felt in our rubber suits.

“I like how nice and tight it is, and I like how it fits my cock perfectly. But is there any way to make the plug bigger?”

He smiled, “How about the same size as the hollow one from yesterday?”


“Coming right up!”

I had expected him to return with a new suit, but he instead returned with a hollow dildo of similar girth to the plug from yesterday. Being a dildo, it was longer than the plug. He had me peel off the suit, which was easy to do to my surprise, and replaced the built-in plug with this new one.

“Can we do the same with the other suit?” I asked.

“Yes, the plugs in each of the suits are customizable. I’ll show you how to do it and fetch any sizes that you need.”

And it was as easy as he had said, requiring some minor adjustments to the back of the suit. When I slipped the suit back on, I felt the fullest that I had ever felt. It was enough to make me cum spontaneously, squirting over the wall.

Mike was also enjoying his new suit. His muscles added a nice touch to the designs on the suit. Pan had brought him another rubber hood to try on (the same style as the one from yesterday, covering his head except for his face) as well as a pair of goggles that were non-see- thru and that had some electronic parts along them. A pair of earpieces dangled from wires on the goggles.

“This is what we call video goggles,” Pan explained, “The same technology as the video glasses that let you watch stored movies, but adapted for our kinky customers. The goggles are not see-thru, but put them on and all you can see is whatever plays across the inside of the goggles. And the earphones let you play audio as well. It can hold 4 GB of memory, so that should be enough for most applications. For what you have in mind, I uploaded a simple trance video that has a spinning spiral on it and audio that is meant to put the listener into deep trance. You look like you want to try it on, big boy?” That last one he directed at Mike, who was practically drooling as he listened in rapt attention to Pan. Mike gave a nod and allowed Pan to place the goggles over him. He slid the elastic band around his head, then slid the earphones inside the hood and into Mike’s ears. He tested the sound to make sure the audio level wasn’t too loud. When he was done, he moved aside to gaze upon his handiwork.

The goggles made Mike look just like one of the mind-controlled heroes from the movie, and it was getting me so hard and horny. I was breathing hard from the stimulation. When he was done, Pan had Mike take a seat on the bench, flicked a switch and pressed a few buttons. Almost instantly a change came over Mike. I could see his body visibly relax and his mouth dangled open. As I watched, drool began to fall out of his mouth. His cock was completely rigid and was twitching every so often.

“That was fast,” Pan remarked, “He must be very suggestible or he’s been hypnotized before.”

“It’s his first time being hypnotized,” I said. I recalled the one-time Mike and I had talked about our high school graduations. There was a hypnotist at mine and I had fun watching everyone make fools of themselves up on the stage. Mike’s school didn’t have such an event and Mike had confessed that he would’ve been interested to see what it was like. From my description, it had sounded rather fun, and I guess it was just as much fun for those up on the stage as for the rest of us watching the performance.

“Wow, then he’s probably very suggestible. That’s hot! Let’s give him a few minutes to enjoy the moment, then see how hypnotized he is. There’s just one more customer left so after I take care of him how about we have some fun like yesterday?”

“Sure. That sounds like fun!” I said.

“Don’t go anywhere, I’ll be right back,” he said. Like I wanted to go anywhere! I spent the rest of the time watching Mike chill on the bench, looking just like a hypnotized superhero. I stroked my cock absentmindedly as I waited for Pan to return. When he did, he came back with a grin.

“Just us now boys! And lucky for you, I’m also the owner, so I changed the sign to “closed” so that we can enjoy ourselves.”

That was a pleasant surprise.

“So, what do we do now?” I asked.

“Well, let’s see how he responds to verbal commands.” He took a seat next to Mike, then spoke to him in a clear voice, “Can you hear me?”

“Yes…” Mike slurred. His hypnotized voice sent shivers down my spine, and I like it. It was so arousing!

“Very good,” Pan continued, “What is your name?”

“It’s Mike…”

“No. Your name is not Mike. Your name is Superstud. Repeat that.”

“My name is Superstud…” Mike repeated.

“Very good, Superstud. You have been captured by me, the evil villain and are now in my power! You are deeply hypnotized and are now my Superstud Slave, ready to obey my orders without question. Isn’t that right, Superstud Slave?”

“Yes, Master…”

“Very good Slave. Now stand up and place your arms behind your back.”

Mike gave a slurred “Yes, Master” as he arose and complied. I watched in amazement and lust. This was too good! Pan was so amazing, taking the time to play and show us how it was done. I wondered if he had done this before. I started to ask but Pan put his finger over his mouth. I understood and would hold my questions for later. Pan grasped Mike’s hard cock with his rubber hand and began to stroke it gently up and down.

“Now listen carefully, Slave. You are deeply hypnotized. When you are deeply hypnotized it is very hard to think. So hard to think. It’s so much easier to let me think for you, to obey without question. You want to obey me, don’t you?”

“Yes, Master. Superstud Slave obeys your every command.”

“Now, when I place my hands on your shoulder, you will follow me wherever I lead you. And you will feel pleasure for obeying”

“Yes, Master. Superstud Slave will obey.”

Pan ushered me out of the changing booth, then gently and carefully guided Mike out as well. Mike wouldn’t be able to see, so it was important to guide him slowly and be there to catch him. Pan guided him to a clear area of the store before stopping to let him stand there at attention. It looked around nervously, half expecting someone to appear out from behind the aisles and shout “Aha!”. But Pan whispered to me to assure that there was no one there.

Returning his attention to Mike, he commanded, “Superstud Slave, you will now obey my orders as well as the orders of the next man who speaks. He is your Master and you will obey him because it feels good to obey. Superstud Slave has no thoughts of his own, no will. He is happy to serve because it gives him pleasure.”

“Yes, Master. Superstud Slave will obey…”

“Ok, you’re on,” Pan whispered to me. I was nervous, but reasoned how hard could it be?

“Mike…I mean, Superstud Slave, hear my voice and obey!” I said, mustering my most villainous voice that I could. Doing my best to copy the voice from the video.

“Yes, Master. I obey!” Was it just me, or did Mike’s cock actually twitch and spurt more when I spoke to him? And did he shout his obedience to me?

“Seems like your Superstud Slave is most eager to serve you,” Pan said to me. “Show him who’s Master.”

Not a bad idea. “Slave, on your knees.” Mike compiled so quickly that I was afraid he would fall over. But he didn’t, coming to a controlled rest on his knees. I moved over to him and placed my cock part way in his drooling mouth. “Slave, suck my cock!”

“Yes Master!” Mike gave me such a good blowjob, that I couldn’t help myself. It was too hot, too much! I came right away into his throat, and he swallowed it all without protest. He kept on sucking my cock even as I tried to pull off him. I had to command him to stop before he let my cock go. He just sat there, a drooling mindless slave in rubber, ready to obey.

Pan placed a hand on my shoulder, “How was that?”

“That was fucking amazing! I can’t wait to try this again at home!”

“I’m sure you will. Mind if I play with him while you recuperate?”

“Sure. I know Mike would love to play with you again. We had so much fun last time!”

Pan smiled, and had Slave assume all fours and present his ass. Pan slid his rubber-clad member into Mike and began to pound him. Mike made no sound or reply, though after Pan gave the command Mike began to moan loudly. He looked like he was really enjoying it. I listened to the various commands that Pan gave out, commands that Mike was 100 times more sensitive than normal. I would remember that one for later. And just when I thought it couldn’t get any hotter, Pan had Mike start chanting a mantra as he was being fucked: “I am Superstud Slave. I obey my Master. Obedience brings me pleasure. Pleasure makes me obedient.” It was also hot when he was commanded to stroke himself at the same time. It wasn’t long before Pan shot his load inside Mike, at which point he switched places with me. I was ready to pound Mike some more. Poor Mike had not cum the entire time, and he was still stroking himself and repeating his mantra. It was getting me on the edge and ready to cum, so I had Mike release when I did. And when he came, he came hard. Spunk flew everywhere in a big blast radius. Pan got splashed with it, though he didn’t mind and actively rubbed it along his rubber.

I was spent and ready to collapse. Thankfully Pan took over from there. Mike had stopped stroking himself, but he was still repeating his mantra: “I am Superstud Slave. I obey my Master…” Pan had him stop chanting, then started to wake him up. He told me to pay attention to this part, because this was the most important. It was important to make sure that the suggestions were taken care of before waking the subject, he told me. He released Mike from the suggestions, but implanted a new one, a trigger word that would send him back into this state: “Superstud Slave.” Pan then told him that he would remember everything when he awoke, and that he would feel so good and happy. He led Mike through a slow count up, giving Mike time to awaken.

“And 20, wide awake,” Pan snapped his fingers and Mike shuddered and came alive. He carefully pulled the goggles off his head, blinked a few times, and then smiled contentedly.

“That was…so hot!” he said, practically moaning as he spoke. I could tell he was feeling amazing.

“You were so amazing in that suit. So sexy and obedient!” I said. I helped Mike up to his feet, at which point we shared a long embrace, rubbing our cocks together.

“I don’t know about you, but that got me hungry,” Mike said, “Let’s go home for some dinner.”

“Sounds good to me,” I said. We wrapped up things with Pan, making our purchases (including some depilatory products for Mike) and deciding to keep the suits on when we left. Pan admired our bravery, but insisted that we wear our running shorts at the very least over the rubber. That was a good point. Too bad everyone else didn’t understand how good it was to be unconstrained by clothes. Once we were “dressed” and ready to leave, Pan suddenly said, “Before you leave, how are you feeling Superstud Slave?”

Mike instantly froze, then assumed an attentive posture. His body softened and relaxed, at which point he turned to face Pan, gazing vacantly ahead. “Superstud Slave is ready to obey, Master.” He said this so crisply, though his mouth was hanging and he was starting to drool again.

“Good to see that the trigger is working ok.” He turned his gaze from the hypnotized stud to me, “I’ll let you wake him up.”

“Ok. Superstud Slave, when I snap my fingers you will awaken and be Mike again, back to normal. 1, 2, and 3 –snap– wide awake.” Mike shivered and blinked a bit. He smiled at me, “Feel free to use that trigger whenever you want…my Master” he added seductively as he wrapped his arms around me and pulled me closer. That made me quiver with excitement and pleasure, “Anytime stud!”

We left the store and made our way back home. We had parked in front of the store so we didn’t have to travel far. A few people gave us funny looks as we left the story and one person called us “damn faggots!” We didn’t give them any heed; they just didn’t understand how stressed out they were and that it wasn’t a big deal to be hanging out with your best friend while “naked.” We made it back home without incident and stripped down to the rubber when we were in the apartment. We settled for a protein smoothie before collapsing onto the bed in exhaustion. Mike though started to squirm around a bit and I could tell he was feeling extra horny.

“Hey, bud? Are you ok with being my Master?” he asked.

“I’ll be whatever you want me to be,” I answered truthfully, “as long as you are happy. You are my best friend and I love you for it.” We shared a deep kiss.

“Then would you mind putting me under again? I feel so horny and, well, when I was under earlier, it had felt so good to obey you. Not because of the suggestions, but because I really wanted to. You are such a great guy and I love you too!”

He knew just what to say, that stud! I smiled mischievously, “then obey me, Superstud Slave.”

The change was instantaneous. He was again relaxed and in my power. “I am ready to obey, Master!”

“Yes, that’s right! You are so deep in trance that you can’t do anything except obey me, your Hypnotic Master!”

“Obey Master…” I almost came when he said that!

“You are finding it so hard to think.”

“Hard to think…”

“Yes, it’s so hard to think. Let your Master think for you”

“Master thinks for me…”

“You love doing anything your Master tells you to do. See how your cock is hard! You are aroused when you obey me!”

“Aroused for Master…” I could actually see his cock throbbing with pleasure when he said that.

“You will do anything to obey me. You will obey any order, no matter how degrading. I own you!”

“Master owns me…”

“Now, you hetero superhero, grab your hard cock and start stroking it. As you do, tell me how much you are my obedient slave!”

“Yes, Master! I obey my Master! I am aroused when I obey Master! I exist to obey Master! Who I am doesn’t matter! Only Master matters!” Mike said this again and again as he stroked his hard cock, sending a river of precum as he did. The whole scene was so hot and I stroked myself as well. I decided now was as a good a time as ever to try out the “surprise” gift that Pan had given us before we left the store. I went to the store bag and retrieved the nylon harness bondage kit that Pan has given us as a thank you present. I also grabbed the video goggles for added measure.

“Stop stroking Slave, but keep repeating your mantra. Put the goggles on, then turn them on and let yourself fall deeper as you stare into the hypnotic spiral.” Mike complied and once he was set, I had him stand up and put his hands behind his back.

Mike’s hand instantly fell to rest behind his back, “Yes Master! I obey my Master! I am aroused when I obey Master! I exist to obey Master!” As he chanted his mantra over and over again, I used the opportunity to bind his wrists together, then wrapped the harness around his chest and biceps. From there, I had him move his feet together, then wrapped the rest of the harness around his legs, knees, and ankles. When I was finished, he looked so helpless and vulnerable and damn cute with his hard cock sticking out from his rigid body and his mouth still chanting the mantra. With Mike all bound nice and tight, I pushed him onto the bed and positioned him so that he was comfortable. For fun I had him struggle a little while he kept repeating his mantra. It was so hot! I then stopped him and lowered my ass onto his rigid cock, impaling myself up and down, up and down until eventually I came in an explosion of cum.

When I had extricated myself, Mike was still hard and chanting. When I had some control over myself again, I said into Mike’s ear, “Very good Superhero Slave! Now cum for me!”

Mike let out such a moan of pleasure as cum exploded from his cock like fireworks, the material landing everywhere. I let him calm down a bit, at which point I said, “cum!” And he came again, unleashing more spunk, but not as much as before. “Cum!” I commanded and he did so again, though only a trickle came out. I did this six more times, each time causing him to writhe in pleasure even as his empty cock and balls throbbed with pleasure.

At this point I was tired and so I wrapped things up. I removed the harness, then had him stand at attention. I had him “Cum!” one last time for good effect. It was so hot to see. Once he was standing at the ready, I followed the advice of the store clerk and counted Mike up from 1 to 10, making the transition from play to reality much more streamlined. I had him close his eyes at 1 and I removed the hypno goggles from his face. When I reached 10, he opened his eyes and smiled at me with lust!

“How do you feel?” I asked.

“I feel amazing! Thank you so much, Master!” The addendum made me smile. I could get used to this. I settled down on the bed with him, and we embraced each other, kissing one another gently. “Slave, go and retrieve the shopping bag,” I commanded. Mike seemed to like how I was taking charge, because with a kiss and a “Yes, Master” he went to retrieve the bag. When he returned, I had him remove the last item inside, the final gift from Pan. It was a leather collar, with the word “Slave” engraved on the nametag on the front. I had Mike come onto the bed and I collared him. He moaned with pleasure as I slid the collar into place. He looked so happy.

“Thank you, Master!”

“Easy there, Slave. It’s getting late. We still need to attend to meditation and then get ready for bed. Tomorrow’s Monday.”

“Right! I forgot. Time flies when you are having fun!”

“Right back at you buddy! You are an amazing friend!”

We slid out of our suits and quickly showered, so that our skins could recover in time for tomorrow. While we were in the shower, I couldn’t help but trigger Mike again, sending him back into obedience mode. I had him apply the depilatory products and helped him with the harder to reach areas. The hair started falling off in bundles. Some of it got on me and I figured, why not do the same, and I had him apply it to everywhere except my head (I wanted to keep my hair). I carefully shaved his head while I had him repeat his mantra. As hot as it would’ve been to have him stroke, I needed him to stay still. I got most of the hair off, then had him resume applying the depilatory. Once he was completely smooth, I brought him out of trance and we finished our shower. We dried off and got ready for the evening’s meditation. We retrieved the headsets from the desk, made ourselves comfortable on the bed and started the program. I must have fallen asleep thereafter because I woke the next morning to find my cock in Mike’s ass as the morning alarm rang to get ready for work!

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