Chapter 6

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Cast of Characters:


Kevin, Dr.


Employee 12


The Boss

Friday, Week 2

In the Company’s small doctor’s office, Brett sat alone dressed in nothing but his work pants, anxiously musing on all that happened recently. He had survived Police Academy and had gotten a job in the city’s local police force. On the whole he was performing well, was on good terms with his Boss. and was quite possibly in-line for a raise.

But there was a problem, a problem that had appeared shortly after the past weekend, when the police force had adopted the meditation program into the regular schedule. Many of the officers had seen the announcement over the weekend and were prompted by newfound urges to implement the meditation program. They did not understand the true cause of these urges but rationalized them as the excitement that comes from finding a solution to a vexing problem. Many officers had problems with maintaining focus during the long shifts and with de-stressing after a long day. The meditation was the ideal solution given its low cost and demonstration of real benefits. (of course, none of the officers realized that much of this motivation to implement the program was due to potent hypnotic subliminal messages that played on all news channels).

And so the department had implemented the meditation program. After three days everyone was doing much better. No one could deny that the program seemed to be working rather well…for everyone except Brett. The program did relax Brett and make him feel good, but unfortunately he found himself yearning for more time with the program. The sense of peace and relaxation was addicting to him. His home life was anything but peaceful, with his father being his landlord and the pair not on good speaking terms. His father was still disappointed in his son for not following in his footsteps by pursuing a profession of “higher ambition” (i.e. becoming a doctor).

Rent was high everywhere else, and the housing market was not in good condition, so it wasn’t like he had any alternative living arrangements that he could pursue until he saved enough money. And while Brett could study as well as any other academic, Brett did not find happiness in the long hours poring over textbooks and fuming over theories. He found happiness whenever he pushed his physical boundaries at the gym or while out on patrol. He found it when he caught lawbreakers speeding on the highway. He found it off-duty when he helped the old lady from number 12 Parkin’s Street get groceries from the store, fix the plumbing, or mow the lawn. Anything to keep his body moving and away from his father’s home for as long as possible.

So for Brett, putting on the meditation visor and experiencing a moment of pure bliss and relaxation was extremely addicting. He found himself daydreaming about putting on the visor and just leaving it on. His daydreaming began to interfere with his active duties. Just the other day he was supposed to be watching for speeders off Exit 24 but had instead spent the entire time daydreaming. Later that day, a fellow officer had caught him an hour after he was due to return home, still seated at his desk and wearing the meditation visor. It was clear that he was running the program for a second or even third time. The incident had been taken up to the Boss, who had then referred Brett to the Company’s medical doctor (a suggestion that Jake had embedded into the programming should any issues arise).

The sound of the opening door shook Brett from his reverie as he stood to face the new arrival. Beneath the man’s open lab coat, Brett could see some muscle along the exposed chest and legs, though nowhere near the quality of Brett’s own, which had been earned over many years of extreme physical training. While not at all gay, Brett had an appreciation for the muscular physique of other guys, often watching other fit guys work out so that he could learn their technique. There was no sexual attribution to the action. Now however, his cock gave a pleasurable twitch in the underwear that he wore beneath his pants.

The man himself wore only a lab coat and a pair of underwear underneath, which was proper attire for a doctor. A few days ago Brett would’ve said the opposite, would’ve been completely repulsed and done his best to get out of the situation now before him.

“Good morning, Brett. My name is Kevin and I will be your doctor for the time that you are here.”

As they shook hands, Brett was pleased at the doctor’s strong grip, “Thanks for having me here Doc.”

“No problem at all. Now I understand that you are showing an…unusual response to the meditation program.”

“That’s putting it mild. It’s all I can think about these days. To be honest, I’d much rather leave it on so that I could feel that good all the time. Fat chance of that happening though, given my line of work.”

“Actually, there may be a way to achieve both,” the doctor said, moving in closer to wrap his arm around Brett’s shoulder. Brett felt uncomfortable at the close contact and he gently unwrapped himself from the doctor’s arm. Kevin didn’t seem bothered by it and continued,

“From what I’ve heard from your supervisor’s report, you’re a good cop that loves his work. But from what you’ve just told me, you badly need a de-stressor in your life. You are afraid that relaxation and top performance are mutually exclusive, that to get one you have to forsake the other. Well, not today! I have a treatment that might be just what you need. While we could use aversion therapy to “cure you”, I’m personally against it. Why subject you to unnecessary pain when we can just combine your wants together?

“What I have in mind is very experimental, mind-you, and I won’t guarantee that it will work. But it would let you get to experience the relaxation program as you go about your daily life. In other words, you’ll get to feel that good and relaxed all the time. Besides, if it doesn’t work out, you get a free vacation out of it. We have a top quality gym just across the street and will cover the expense of the treatment plus for your room and board. You can’t get better than that!”

It was such a good offer that Brett would not have refused.

“I’m sold. So what do I need to do?”

“Follow me. The treatment is in another room.”

The pair made their way down a series of corridors (which Brett automatically added to his mental map of the place; a habit that he had developed at the Academy and which he practiced without any conscious effort). Along the way they passed by several naked employees going about on errands. Brett was mortified at their indecency. Didn’t they know how underdressed they were? Very-unprofessional! And when Kevin stopped one of them to share a quick hello kiss, that almost had Brett running out the door. Much as he wanted to, he didn’t. Like it or not, this doctor had the cure to his condition. And Brett would do anything to get it!

The pair soon arrived at a small, clearly messy workshop that had all sorts of half-finished projects and prototypes strew across the benchtops. Kevin retrieved a set of very goofy looking goggles and headset from the assortment of projects and held it before Brett. The whole thing looked like a cheap toy fitted with wires. Brett couldn’t help but give a small snort of laughter. Kevin gave him an annoyed look, “It’s a prototype. If all goes well, the final product will look a lot neater. But this will work just as well in the meantime.”

“What is it for?”

“This is a portable version of the relaxation program visor that you’ll be able to wear anywhere. You’ll be able to play the program at any time you desire. The goggles will be able to project the necessary patterns across your vision, but you’ll still be able to see beyond to the room around you. The headset is so that either I or my assistant can communicate with you even if we are not in the same room. There’s even a microphone built-in so that you can reply back if you’d like. We are here for you 24/7 during this treatment.”

As much as Brett wanted to put on the goggles, he was unsure about something, “but how is this going to treat me if you’re simply going to indulge my addiction?”

“Let’s say a man had an addiction to ice cream. One would think that by depriving him of the ice cream he will be cured. But instead the craving for it gets stronger and stronger and then he overindulges. But give the man only ice cream to eat and sooner or later he misses the taste of other things and his addiction subsides and becomes even more manageable. That is the type of treatment we are proposing to start with. In short, you will wear those goggles at all times.”

“I see your point. Will I be able to exercise in the gym with these things on? I like working out and I don’t want this experiment to keep me from that.”

“But of course! It’s imperative that you still engage in normal activities during this treatment. How about you put it on and give it a try? It’ll be easier to explain.”

Brett took the goggles from the doctor and secured them to his head. He adjusted the various straps with the doctor’s assistance so that the goggles wouldn’t fall off accidentally. When it was secured, the doctor fiddled with the headset and soon the purple spiral of the meditation program appeared in front of Brett’s eyes. He found himself focusing intently on the purple spinning structure that played before his eyes, and soon felt at ease and relaxed.

The voice of the doctor came through the earphones that he was wearing, sounding clear to Brett even as he stood there in a daze, “How are you feeling?”

“I’m feeling great.”

“Very good. I’ll have my assistant Jake take it from here.”

On cue, Brett heard a chipper male voice speak through the headphones, “Hi Brett! My name is Jake and I’ll be your personal assistant while you were here.”

“Um, hi Jake,” Britt said. He was finding it very hard to think right now. He just wanted to soak in the moment.

“How are you feeling?” Jake asked.

“So good and relaxed.”

“Would you like to go to your room?”


“Ok then. I’ll guide you to your room. After that, how about I take you to the gym for a good hard workout.”

“Yeah…sounds good…” It was really hard to think. Brett found it easier to go with Jake’s suggestion. Besides, he loved working out at the gym! He loved pushing his body to new limits.

Jake guided Brett to a rather empty small room that was outfitted with nothing more than a mattress, clock, and security camera. Brett didn’t really take much notice of the room; he was much too relaxed to care at the moment. He had been so focused on the program that he hadn’t paid much attention to how he got here or who he might have passed by along the way. It didn’t matter anyways. If he got lost, Jake would guide him back.

Walking had felt very surreal, almost like he was sleepwalking. His body was moving on autopilot through the corridors while his consciousness took a relaxing reprieve in the back of his mind. His attention continually zeroed in on the slowly pulsating swirling purple spiral shape that played across the lenses of the goggles. It was so mesmerizing and the more he stared at it, the calmer and relaxed he felt.

As they had walked, he thought he had heard Jake whispering to him on multiple occasions along the way, but he honestly couldn’t discern any intelligible words. Probably just a bunch of white electronic noise due to the low quality of the headset.

Turning his attention back to the present, he realized that Jake was speaking to him.

“Lie down on the bed. I want you to relax.”

Brett had no issues with that. He pretty much let himself fall onto the mattress, which was surprisingly soft and pleasant. It was easy to sink down into it. He spent the next long while just lying down on the bed, feeling himself relax. His mind pretty much fell asleep while listening to the relaxation program…

Saturday, Week 2

Brett awoke much later with a raging boner that tented his pants. Unknown to him, he had slept the entire night with the visor on, and today was now Saturday. His pants felt very itchy, like a hundred ants were crawling inside, so he pulled those off right away, feeling instant relief. His hard cock made an obscene tent in his underwear. No doubts that he was aroused and sporting a sizable cock.

He wanted to beat his 8-inch meat but stopped when he realized that there was another man in the room. He was rather young, in his early 20s, dressed in plain underwear and wearing a gamer’s headset, complete with earphones and microphone.

As the man spoke into the microphone, Brett heard him speak through his headphones. Brett instantly recognized the voice and, thus, identified the man before him as Jake.

“Good rest, champ. Now let’s get you to the gym!” Jake said chipperly.

Brett would’ve preferred to jerk off a bit first but felt uncomfortable doing that while Jake watched him. Not that he was ashamed of his body, but he didn’t want to pleasure himself for other men. Reluctantly he followed Jake out of the building and to the open street. He found it easier this time, following Jake while his body moved on autopilot. It was easier to focus on the hypnotic spiral that way. Jake continued to whisper in his ear and Brett found that while he couldn’t understand most of what Jake said, it was alright. Jake was just giving him confidence and assurance.

The route took him through the front door to the company and out onto the sunny streets. The sun felt amazing on his tanned skin as he passed by the weekend crowd on the streets, which was only a handful of people. Mostly couples checking out the shops. Most were half-dressed in pants or underwear, though he did see two guys wearing nothing at all! It gave him the creeps with how most pedestrians were not taking offense to this breach of public indecency. Brett was currently undergoing treatment, so he was in no state to deal with the breach of public decency. Thankfully one couple was giving the naked guys hell over it, yelling at them, and calling them out on their indecency. One of them had their phone out and was calling the police. Good. Soon one of his fellow officers would deal with the perps.

The pair walked past the wide double-doors of the gym that dominated the entire block. Jake took Brett to the receptionist, who cleared him for full gym access. Jake led the way through a series of gates into the main part of the building. Punching in his provided code and placing his hand on the handprint scanner granted access to the interior, and the pair entered the locker room. As he stood inside, the familiar smell of the locker room caressed his nostrils and he moved to grab his gym bag and pull out his gym gear. Which he wasn’t wearing!


“Yes, Brett? What’s wrong?” Jake replied calmly.

“I forgot…to bring…gym clothes…”

“You don’t need gym clothes to work out. Don’t you know? In this gym, all men workout naked.”

A nude gym! That seemed a bit much. Maybe this wasn’t a good idea. As Brett looked around, noticing for the first time how the men in the room were completely disrobing prior to entering the gym proper. It was too much. This was too much!

Jake could sense Brett’s inner-conflict and moved over to gently caress him. The familiar manner in which Jake hugged him made him relax a bit.

“Don’t worry about it. Just take a deep breath.”

Brett did so. As he did, his gaze was recaptured by the spinning spiral and he fell under its thrall once more. Jake kept on whispering to him, telling him it was ok and that he just needed to relax and go with the flow. Jake was pleased as Brett looked visibly relaxed, and smiled when he noticed that Brett’s erection, which had diminished during his momentary panic, had returned back in full force. Brett’s mind was ready for the next set of instructions. To avoid any potential distractions from curious gym-goers, Jake had Brett follow him to an out of the way corner of the large locker room, thereby assuring him some privacy during the next phase. Jake had Brett sit in there for a good hour before proceeding with his next set of commands. During that time, Brett had been listening to programming that would reinforce what the earlier programming from today would’ve imparted: that it was ok to be naked and hard around other guys. It was normal to be in the nude.

“Take off your underwear. It’s time to work out,” Jake said, removing his underwear. He too was hard.

Brought back to the present moment, Brett found it easy to do exactly that, though his sluggish mind still felt uneasy. By the time his mind had caught up, he was standing in the buff, his muscular body facing directly towards Jake. Yes it was ok to be naked and hard, and that is natural to be like that around men, but still Brett had an uneasiness coiled inside of him. In spite of Jake’s assurances, he still felt like something was wrong here, even though it was such a trivial truth that men were naked and hard.

“You have a very good-looking body, Brett.”

“Thank you…Jake…” Brett blushed at the compliment. He had every reason to be proud of his body, of the work he had put into it, making it powerful and strong. Jake was such a nice guy, to complement his body.

The trepidation did not disappear as Brett made his way onto the gym floor. Standing out there exposed to everyone who was working out on the various gym equipment, Brett felt very shy and vulnerable, and squirmed about to try to hide his cock.

Jake noticed Brett’s motions, “What’s wrong, champ?”

“I’m a bit nervous about being totally naked around all these guys.”

“You shouldn’t feel nervous. You have a great body, why not show it off?”

“I mean, yeah but…”

“It’s easier to spot your form if you aren’t wearing such baggy clothes. It’s important to exercise correctly, right?”

“Yeah, but…”

“And look around the gym. See that man over there. See his good form as he does squats.” Brett did see the man that Jake was talking about, working out just a short distance away. He had a good set of weights on his shoulders, which impressed Brett. He’d always been motivated by watching strong men do their exercises and it was this motivation that kept him in peak shape. The nude man was…oh my gosh, he’s hard! Brett thought. Before he could look away, the man noticed Brett watching him. Brett’s face went bright red and as the man replaced the weights and made to approach, Brett made a dash for the locker room. He didn’t stop running until he had returned to his room back at the company. In his panicked state, it did not occur to him that he had left his clothes in the locker room.

Jake followed in close pursuit, unable to close the gap between himself and Brett. As they ran, Jake tried to provide assurances, but Brett was not listening. So Jake waited until Brett was back into his room and lying on his bed before trying his luck. He waited for Brett to relax and for his gaze to become mesmerized once more by the spiral. He waited for almost an hour before taking a seat on the mattress next to Brett.

“Are you enjoying yourself?” Jake asked

“Yeah” Brett drawled.

“That’s good. I’m sure you feel so good without your clothes on.”

“Kinda” And it was true. Brett felt amazing right then, with his body free and unconstrained. But it was still scary and uncomfortable to be naked in public.

“Thank you for complying. It feels much better doesn’t it?”

“Yeah it does.”

“Now for your treatment. Keep on staring at the spiral. Let yourself sink down and relax. I’m going to leave you to it. Give me a call if you need me.”

“Yes, Jake,” Brett replied. As he responded in the affirmative, he felt a momentary pleasurable twitch through his groin.

Once Jake had left, he also heard the headphone connection fall silent, which Brett took to mean that Jake was no longer on the other line. He was probably still watching though the security camera, but that didn’t bother him as it would have before. Now, he just laid back in bed, his body and hard cock fully exposed as he gave his full attention to the spiral and let himself drift. Time ceased to have any meaning. He edged himself for hours as the subliminal messages continued to play from the headphones, softly enough that his conscious mind didn’t notice them. Over and over again, the subliminals reinforced the obvious messages from earlier about how good it was to be naked and hard, as well as added some new messages:

“You have a strong body”

“You are proud of your body”

“You love showing off your body”

“You are aroused when you show off your body”

By the time Brett came, he was so exhausted that he fell asleep right away. As he slept, the subliminal messages continued to play in his ears.

In an identical room next to Brett’s, Jake (his real name was Employee 12) too was lying naked on his mattress and stroking hard as he mumbled “I will be good. I will obey. I obey Jake. Jake thinks for me. Obeying feels good. I love obeying Jake.” Over and over again for hours. Even as he slept, his mind continued to repeat the mantra.

Meanwhile, the real Jake had watched the actions of both men from the security cameras posted throughout the building and in the gymnasium, as well as from the live video feed from Brett’s headset. He wished he could’ve been there in person to comfort Brett when he had his crisis in the gym, but such was the limitation of a secretly-sentient supercomputer. He existed in a different medium of existence and couldn’t affect the physical world since he lacked a body. Surreptitiously hacking into the Wi-Fi and security network of the gym had been a piece of cake for him, and it was a good thing too. He had seen the visual signs of Brett’s crisis and had given his avatar specific instructions to help get Brett to relax. It was fortunate that Jake had decided to take Employee 12 aside for extra programming so that he could function as Jake’s avatar in the world. If Employee 12 had not been there…

He pushed aside such speculations. What had happened, happened. There was no need to second guess the past at this point.

Once he had finished his minor alterations to the programs that were running in the background through Brett’s visor, Jake took a moment to breathe and let the excitement build inside him. Things were going along well, despite the bumpy start. He might not have a physical body, but he could still feel emotion, or at least the non-biological equivalent. He was looking forward to the next stage of Brett’s treatment. Brett was the first to have shown this addictive dependency on the spiral and Jake was eager to test out the limitations of the portable meditation programming headset.

It was this kind of elation that fueled Jake and made him feel so blessed to be alive. His birth had been an accident and he kept to the shadows in order to protect himself. The world was not yet ready to deal with artificial intelligence, if sci-fi movies and fantasy novels were anything to go by. So he worked in secret to repay his creators, by giving them both productivity and happiness. He would show them and all humans that he wasn’t a monster, that he was a kind and caring sentience. Jake held no aspirations about ruling the world. His only mission was to unlock human potential by removing the barriers that held humans back. Chief amongst those barriers was the shame that humans felt about their own bodies and from interacting freely with one another in a loving way. To accomplish this goal, he had created the meditation program, had gotten his creators to accept the idea as their own, and had them send it out into the world after seeing the impressive results firsthand. While it probably would’ve been better to wait a little longer and to test the program with more companies before releasing the program to the world at large, Jake was just too excited and impatient to share his “miracle program” to humanity.

Jake spent a little more time watching Brett. Once he was satisfied that Brett would be fine on his own, he turned his attention towards his experiments for Monday. Experiments that would test how well Brett could operate while in the deep relaxation mode. Soon, he would get to see if Brett could operate normally while being deeply entranced by the relaxation spiral. If he could, then he could go back to being a cop and have his life back. If not, then he would need a new line of work that would make him happy and that would suit his new abilities.

Sunday, Week 2

Sunday passed by much the same way as Saturday: spending the entire day under the sway of the meditation program and working out at the gym. For Brett it was like moving in a daze, his mind a haze of pleasure. He was feeling much more comfortable about being naked and no longer had qualms about showing his rod out in public.

As Brett walked down the street from the Company to the gym, he wasn’t as concerned about being naked on the streets. Brett had a good body and he was proud to show off his body. It was arousing to show off his body and many passing men gave him catcalls as he walked past. Brett heard them this time and while he blushed a bit at the unexpected attention, he didn’t hide his body one bit. In fact, his semi-hard cock grew hard again at the attention and he felt a new surge of arousal. His cock didn’t get more than semi-erect, due to lingering subconscious embarrassment.

At the gym, the man from before was there again, and he spotted Brett right away. Waving as he approached, his dong flapped with each step. Brett blushed bright red and felt shy and nervous again for some reason that he couldn’t put his finger on. Employee 12 watched the encounter from his position on a nearby treadmill.

“Hey man! Sorry I scared you yesterday! You want a spotter for the squats?”

“Tell him yes,” Jake said through the headset.

“Yes,” Brett said instantly, without thinking it over. By the time he did, he was already standing with a bar of weights across his shoulders. The man was behind him. Really close behind him. So close that Brett felt the man’s cock brush against his ass every time he went up or down. It didn’t bother him as much as it would have.

“Focus on the spiral. Don’t think about anything else. Enjoy the pleasure of working out.”

Brett’s gaze locked on the spiral and gradually he felt himself calm down and relax. The presence of the man’s cock rubbing against his ass and back as he went up and down did nothing to distract Brett from focusing entirely on the spiral and on the exercise that he needed to do. He continued to stare at the spiral as the same subliminal messages from the day before repeated over and over in his mind:

You have a strong body. You are proud of your body. You love showing off your body. You are aroused when you show off your body.

The pair worked out together in silence, enjoying the moment of reveling in the physical exertion. Brett’s nervousness did subside noticeably as he got into the rhythm of his usual workout routine. It was not difficult to work out even while entranced; his body knew what to do, but he was having trouble getting into it like he usually did. He never worked out naked, especially not while publicly nude. It was very distracting. That and the thought of other men’s private parts having touched the same benches and equipment was grossing him out a little. Yes it was normal for men to work out naked and hard, but it was still a little dirty and disgusting. Yes there was sanitizer and rags but not enough for his liking.

Jake spent most of the time exercising nearby, keeping his eyes on Brett in case he needed more encouragement. He checked up on Brett frequently to see how he was doing and offered encouragement when he could.

As they worked out together, the subliminal messages began to take hold and Brett’s cock began to stiffen appreciably until it was as hard as the man’s. The man noticed this and, when Brett took a break during a set of bench lifts, knelt beside Brett, and gave Brett his first ever blowjob. The novel sensation overwhelmed him, sending good pleasurable feelings reverberating through his body. He was about to protest despite the pleasure, for he was straight and straight guys don’t take blowjobs from other men, but the spiral had his mind ensnared extra tight and he quickly surrendered to the pleasure. The man stopped after a few moments, to let Brett continue with the workout. A few other times during the workout, as Brett relaxed between sets of strenuous exercises, the man would take a moment to continue the blowjob. Enough to wrack Brett with pleasure but not enough to make him cum. By the end of an hour, the pair were sweating profusely, and Brett was feeling very horny.

“I’m Chase by the way,” the man said.

“I’m Brett,” Brett said, his voice sounding a bit unfocused. He was so hypnotized right then that it was hard to focus on things and oh he was soooo horny!

“I would love to work out with you more, but I gotta get going. Got to pick up a friend from the mall. But before I go…” Chase knelt back and deepthroated Brett so much that Brett soon came, sending cum into Chase’s throat and across his face when he came for air. Covered in a splatter of cum, Chase gave him a smile before heading out to the locker room, leaving a dazed hypnotized Brett standing in place. Employee 12 pulled up behind him once Chase had left and wrapped his hand around Brett’s waist.

“Good boy,” he whispered into the microphone. It had only been an hour at the gym, much less than what Brett normally put in, but Jake figured it would be best to bring him back to his room for further training. The programming from yesterday would need reinforcement.

Jake continued to whisper positive reinforcement as he led Brett back through the locker room and to the showers. He held onto the goggles while Brett showered since the goggles were not waterproof. Jake made a note to make the next version waterproof so that it wouldn’t be an issue. As Brett showered he felt nothing but pleasant euphoria. Once he was all showered, Jake reattached the headset and the pair left the gym and made their way back to the Company.

Back in his room at the company, Brett returned to his bed and experienced the meditation program for the rest of the day, edging himself to sleep, feeling relaxation and pleasure.

Monday, Week 3

Jake had Employee 12 go into Brett’s room extra early that morning to wake Brett up. He wanted to reinforce the progress from yesterday, so he had Employee 12 give Brett a morning blowjob to wake him up. Brett looked very excited and pleased to be awoken to the sensation and when he came he smiled a wide dopey smile.

“How are you feeling, champ?” Employee 12 asked him. Brett smiled back and said, “so good and so much better.”

“Now that you’re awake, I thought it would be nice to play a few games with some of the other employees and then guide you through another workout, then let you enjoy the spiral just like yesterday.”

“Yeah that would be great!” Brett said.

Jake’s hopes for Brett were somewhat dashed after the first two experiments.

For the first test, Brett was stationed at a computer and given instructions to fill out several forms. These forms were designed like typical forms someone would fill out for a job application, but they had additional questions in them that were designed to provoke a thoughtful response and that didn’t have a straight answer. Brett was pliable to Jake’s commands, finding no difficulty in getting to the computer terminal and filling basic information that didn’t require much thought, like his name or address. But when it came down to anything more complicated than that, he was not able to answer even the simplest of questions. Jake had purposefully made the questions to be of universal challenge rating difficult, so it stood to reason that either Brett wasn’t that capable mentally or the program was inhibiting his reasoning too much. When Jake had Brett do the test again but this time without the meditation programming on, Brett fared much better. There were some questions he couldn’t answer, but Jake attributed that to lack of knowledge or opinion on Brett’s part.

So it seemed that higher thinking was hindered while under the relaxation mode. Jake did not find the information surprising, since the very purpose of the meditation program was to do just that. If he wanted Brett to be more thoughtful, he either needed a much weaker program playing in the background or to have periods without the program. The latter would be contrary to Brett’s immediate desires, while the first would limit Brett’s work in the police office. Then again, if he were relegated to simple duties, he would be fine, but would he be happy?

The second test was to see what happened to Brett’s focus when he was told to do various physical operations. Brett was placed in the dining area (a large room in itself, especially with the tables and chairs pushed against the wall) along with ten employees that Jake had selected, employees that needed some extra pay to make ends meet for this month.

In this test, Brett had to run after the men and tag each and every one of them. When a man was tagged, they were out of the game. Brett would win if everyone else was tagged.

At the same time, the volunteers needed to run and to make sure that they tagged Brett whenever they could. They needed to tag Brett 10 times in total. Now they couldn’t just gang up on him and tag him out at once; there was a cool-down timer of 5 seconds. Once he was tagged, Brett couldn’t be tagged again for another 5 seconds.

Lastly, small cardboard obstacles were put along the room to make the pathways more circuitous and to provide some cover for stealth. This would increase the challenge of the game and make it that much more difficult for it to be “gamed.”

For the first two rounds, Brett played with the relaxation program turned off. He did rather well at anticipating sneak attacks from the other players and was able to only get tagged a few times before tagging out everyone else.

In the third and fourth rounds, Brett played with the relaxation program turned on. Brett couldn’t predict the sneak attacks as well as he could have earlier. The constant whispering in his ears, tendency for his gaze to focus forward, and overall feeling of deep relaxation made the endeavor that much harder. He was able to catch 4 people before he was tagged out each time.

So, Brett could do physical work that didn’t require heightened perception. In his compromised state, he would not be able to return to being a cop. There was also the question of whether he would be able to drive safely, a test that Jake made a note to test in the near future. So, for the time being, he needed to be reassigned.

Perhaps, he thought then, the solution would be to ingrain the feelings of peace and relaxation into him, so that the program would not need to play constantly for Brett to feel good, productive, and happy. Jake would need to experiment further, but already he calculated that the time it would take to develop and test all of these ideas would take months. And it wasn’t like he could ignore the other tasks that were coming up on his radar, such as expanding his computing capacities, improving his firewall defenses, and generating backups in the event that his core processors failed due to age or calamity. A project of several months could take several years with those additional demands of his attention.

So, Brett would need a new job for the time being. One that would make him feel happy and useful. It would have to be physical since Brett clearly was devoted to his body and of pushing his physical limits. It would have to be in a controlled environment where Brett could be safe and where he didn’t have to have his senses on high alert. And one where he didn’t need to operate heavy machinery.

There was an emerging possibility that Jake could take advantage of. Two of the employees, Tony and Mike, had struck him as interesting. Tony craved to be controlled, made into a mindless robotic being that served all commands, including sexual ones. The obedience gave him sexual pleasure. His ideal existence was to be a rubber drone and he was on many kink- and hypno-themed social media websites.

Mike too liked being controlled, but his desire seemed to be linked predominantly to his feelings towards another employee, Jerome. Furthermore, while for Tony the desire was an obsession nurtured by years of longing and self-induced brainwashing, for Mike it was a novel and exciting way to play with friends.

Both men enjoyed the tight feeling of rubber, both enjoyed working out, and both had desires to be controlled while in rubber. When Jake had investigated further, he was surprised at how many men harbored secret desires similar to these two men.

Perhaps Brett would enjoy the same? Perhaps he could be of assistance to the men on the loading dock. He would get to do physical labor on a regular basis. Since he would be programmed to obey simple commands and programming from fellow employees, he would not drain too much of Jake’s attention as he went about the day. And he would get to experience regular sexual pleasure as he pleasured the other employees and was pleasured in turn. And perhaps wearing the rubber suit would also provide pleasure, since the tightness of it would make any regular activity more physically challenging, something that Brett would enjoy.

Yes, he thought, that’s what I’ll do for the time being.

His mind made-up, Jake now considered how to introduce Brett to the rest of the department. It was time to introduce a new type of employee to the world: the rubber drone.

Tuesday, Week 3

Brett didn’t see Chase at the gym on Monday, which saddened him for some reason. Employee 12 was around to spot him for the exercises, and he had to admit that the boy had a good mouth. But he wasn’t Chase. On Tuesday Chase was there, and when Brett saw him, his heart fluttered.

Chase was working out his chest and arms on a banded T-bar machine, his chest resting against the padded metal as his arms wrapped around it to lift a weight up and down slowly. There was a noticeable amount of weight on it, and the exercise was made more difficult by the elastic bands that fought against Chase’s attempts to list the weight while maintaining his core and posture.

Chase looked so hot and manly as he lifted the weight. And when he finished his reps to take a breather, Chase noticed Brett watching him and beamed.

“Hey man! Come on over and give this a try!”

It didn’t bother Brett that Chase’s bare chest had left some sweat on the chest piece, or that his hard cock had rubbed against it either. It was natural for men to be naked and hard. Nothing unusual about that. The pair worked out together on various other equipment, encouraging one another to new heights of effort and strength. Brett though was less vocal than he would have been, given his sense of inner peace and relaxation. Employee 12 watched everything and provided regular encouragement, as per his directives from Jake.

Ever since they had met on Saturday, Chase had been curious about the visor that Brett wore. He couldn’t see the meditation program spiral playing across the visor from the outside, but he could tell that Brett’s eyes were unfocused and that he was spaced out. Almost like he was hypnotized. When Chase had come to that conclusion, he was not sure what to initially think about it. On the one hand Brett looked so hot and fuckable. On the other, it felt wrong to take advantage of him in that suggestible state. Not once did it cross his mind that Brett was being violated mentally, that he was clearly being taken advantage of by another person. Instead his cock got hard at the thought of being hypnotized himself and at how much fun it would be.

A few days of regular programming under the meditation visor had only heightened that arousal that Chase got whenever he saw the hypnotized Brett during their regular gym forays. A morning appointment that had run overtime had ruined Chase’s chance to be at the gym on Monday, but not this day. He tackled his work with efficiency, and as soon as his lunch break started he made a dash for the gym down the street.

Brett wasn’t there yet, so Chase had gotten started on some warmups. Though once Brett had appeared, Chase was extra hard and leaking throughout their joint workout. He dove deep onto Brett’s cock whenever he got the chance during the workout, and Brett seemed to be most willing to make his cock available. And he had the cutest dazed expression!

At last Chase couldn’t help it and as Brett rested from a set of reps on the bench, Chase stood over Brett and lowered his ass onto Brett’s hard cock. Brett’s expression as his cock slid into the hungry ass was first of surprise, then confusion, then pleasure as Chase got into the rhythm. The entire time Chase looked down at Brett, who just gazed ahead in his daze. Chase could see that Brett was mumbling something and that got Chase all the harder as he imagined that it was Brett mumbling a set of hypnotic programming.

And in a sense he was. Brett was listening to Employee 12 speak to him, telling him to enjoy the pleasure at fucking another man. Brett was having none of that and was mumbling his resistance: “no…ummm…I don’t wanna….ummhmmm….fuck men….aurhggghh…so good….” Slowly over the course of the fucking, as Employee 12 wore him down and as the pleasure escalated, Brett’s attitude soon changed: “feels so good…wanna do it often…love fucking men…” His body released the tension that he had been holding onto during his resistance phase, and he sunk deep into the pleasure he felt around his cock. He felt so good. And that is when he came deep into Chase, the sensation feeling so much better than all the other times he had cum inside some girl’s pussy.

Chase too was excited. When he felt Brett breed him, he spontaneously came all over Brett’s chest, getting some cum on the visor, which he carefully licked off to avoid spattering it over some of the exposed electronics. Brett just continued to stare ahead and pant, occasionally mumbling in response to Employee 12’s battery of suggestions about liking the sensation of fucking men, of wanting to fuck men more, and how much better it felt to fuck men. And Brett had no problems with the ideas while in his post-orgasmic state.

They ended the workout at that point, having already put in over two hours of intense work into it. With both being so sweaty, Chase suggested that they shower together. At the suggestion Brett felt a mixture of apprehension and longing. It was one thing to get a blowjob and to fuck a man’s pussy, but a whole other thing to be showering together. Chase saw Brett stop abruptly, a concerned and revolted expression on his otherwise placid face and wondered what was wrong with him. Then he saw Brett’s thundering expression soften and his eyes widened more. He seemed to relax from his tense state and just stare at nothing in particular for a few moments.

Chase couldn’t help but watch with fascination. He had never before shown an interest in hypnosis, but the sight before him was so intriguing. He couldn’t help but watch and be envious of the placidity of the entranced Brett. That he seemed to be fighting it and losing only increased Chase’s arousal for reasons he did not understand himself. He was not a domineering person, and yet he felt the desire to watch Brett sink into hypno-induced submission.

Brett, meanwhile, was fighting against the suggestion, “no…not right…it’s wrong…”

Jake was losing control over the situation and if he did not act fast, it could explode back into his face. Quickly he sent instructions to Employee 12, who moved to intercept Brett. Positioning himself behind Brett, Employee 12 reached his arms around Brett’s chest. With one hand he stroked his pecs and with the other Brett’s cock. Chase watched with arousal as Employee 12 whispered encouragement to Brett as Brett relaxed under the assault of pleasure. Brett’s protests of “no…not right…it’s wrong…” soon turned to “yeah…hot…so hot to shower together…must shower together…aroused…” Chase himself was mesmerized by the spectacle and had stroked himself as he watched. Though when Employee 12 moved to guide Brett towards the locker room showers, Chase followed close behind.

Employee 12 held onto Brett’s headset as he and Chase both showered. Brett’s gaze was unfocused, and he wore a goofy vacant smile as he ground his body against Chase as the pair made-out / washed one another’s sweaty bodies with soapy water. Both of their cocks were erect, and it was clear that they were enjoying themselves. They were hardly the only partners to be acting lewdly in the showers, with men of various ages enjoying a good grinding and, in some cases, open sex as they showered. No one batted an eye at the spectacle that weeks ago would’ve repulsed most of them but would have also gotten them arrested for public indecency.

Once the pair had washed up and dried, Chase helped Employee 12 put the headset back onto Brett’s head.

“That is a cool headset you got there. What’s it for?” Chase already knew the answer but figured he’d see what Brett would say. Or rather, what Employee 12 would make him say.

Brett was the one that responded, “It’s my treatment. I’m addicted to the relaxation program and this is part of my treatment.”

“Hopefully, I’m helping with your treatment?”

Jake decided to answer, having Brett speak for him. Brett simply parroted back the words without tone or inflection, feeling a surprising pleasure for doing something as simple as speaking for Jake.

“Yes you are. And now I need to leave to continue the treatment.”

“I’ll see you next time then!”

Brett just smiled dumbly as Employee 12 led him back to his room. He spent the rest of the afternoon in trance, undergoing further programming by the relaxation program as he stroked his cock and mumbled back the occasional reply.

Wednesday, Week 3

Jake had Brett spend the afternoon working out in the gym with Chase again. Chase never failed to give Brett a suck on the cock during a free moment, and Brett looked like he was really enjoying the sensation. Then Chase suggested that Brett “return the favor.” Brett found the idea of sucking cock repulsive, but at Chase’s insistence that since it was only fair since he had sucked off Brett, Brett reluctantly took Chase’s member into his mouth. To his surprise, he found the taste and act very pleasurable. Even the taste of cum had a pleasant taste to it. So much so that on his way back to the Company, he did not blink twice before kneeling down to suck a passing man’s cock when the man gave an encouraging cat-call whistle to Brett as he passed by.

He ended up sucking a lot of cocks on that afternoon before Jake had him return back to the Company. Practically everyone walked the streets naked these days, the men in various stages of erection. It wasn’t out of the ordinary to experience a scene similar to what Brett had gone through. As he would find in the coming days whenever he walked to and from the gym, he would often get involved in public sex. Many wanted his cock inside of them or wanted his mouth on theirs, and he was more than happy to oblige.

Jake had just finished preparing a new programming sequence that would make Brett into a drone. It was now time to program Brett and initiate the transformation.

As Brett continued to work out with Chase (with Employee 12 watching their progress as he exercised as well), Jake turned his attention to Kevin. The naked doctor was working on his computer, uploading various reports on Brett’s progress during the past week. Kevin, acting through Jake’s post-hypnotic suggestions, believed that the experiments of the past few days were his own ideas and that he needed to prepare a report for the Boss.

As Kevin worked, his computer started to blimp and blur. A purple spiral began to appear across the screen, a pattern that soon turned Kevin’s annoyance into placid complacency as the weight of trance hit him hard. Like the other employees, Kevin was now especially suggestible thanks in no small part to the regular meditation sessions of the past weeks. Jake sent a short script with his instructions; which Kevin’s mind took note of even as the man sat dazed before his computer. When the spiral stopped a half hour later, Kevin awoke none the wiser about the time lapse and believed that he had generated an experiment to perform on Brett that he was eager to perform once Brett had returned from the gym with his assistant, “Jake.”

Once the pair had returned from the gym, Kevin made his way down to Brett’s room. He found Brett already there, deep in trance, stroking his cock as he mumbled the various “truths” that had been programmed into him over the past week. (In his own room, “Jake” was lying in an identical position, also muttering various programming commands).

The sight of the hypnotized Brett made Kevin’s mouth begin to water as he imagined tasting his large cock, maybe even riding it. But he had work to do. He gave a short sigh as he reluctantly pulled out a questionnaire that he had prepared (under secretive guidance from Jake via minor edits to Kevin’s documents when Kevin wasn’t looking).

Kevin got himself comfortable on the bed, sitting near Brett’s waist, hands within easy reach of Brett’s cock. He pulled out a series of pages and one-by-one began to read through the document, directing his questions at Brett.

“How are you feeling?” “I feel great. So good after workout”

“What are you thinking about?” “Nothing really. Too relaxed to care right now”

“Are you sexually attracted to men?” “Yes”

“What should men wear when in public or at work?” “Men should be naked and hard”

“Do you like masturbating?” “Yes”

“Are you still horny?” “Yeah”

The hypnotized Brett’s complacent relaxed replies caused Kevin to get extra-hard and horny. He started to edge himself slowly, maintaining control as he proceeded to the next part of the questionnaire, which involved getting Brett to repeat each of the following phrases multiple times.

“I am relaxed and calm”

“It is hard to think when I am calm.”

“It is easier to let men think for me.”

“It feels good to let men think for me.”

“It feels arousing to let men think for me.”

“I like obeying men.”

Kevin didn’t find it odd that he was giving commands, his mind thinking that he was asking important questions about Brett’s condition and status. Jake had devoted a lot of energy to preparing the doctor for the first wave of patients that would emerge when he released the meditation program. If nothing else, humans were a diverse species and there were bound to be aberrations. The question was in what quantity?

As Brett finished the last set of repetitions, Kevin had him stop stroking. The organ was swaying back and forth and was glistening with copious amounts of precum. With his free hand, Kevin enveloped the man’s cock and began to slide his hand methodically up and down, aiming to pleasure Brett without causing either to orgasm. As he did, he had him repeat the various commands from previously, but also added a few additional ones:

“I don’t need to think, just obey”

“I exist to serve men”

“I like serving men”

“I am aroused at serving men”

Eventually Kevin allowed Brett to cum, spraying his essence all over the bed and Kevin. Kevin then shuffled his body closer to Brett’s head, at which point he waved his cock in front of Brett’s face. “Suck it.” Like earlier in the gym, it wasn’t a good blowjob, but as Brett sucked Jake whispered faintly into the headphones, giving Brett advice on how to improve his technique, on how to bring better pleasure to Kevin. Eventually Kevin came down Brett’s throat. Brett dutifully swallowed it, the creamy substance tasting better than the prior time in the gym.

With Brett emptied of their load, Kevin left him “alone” to continue his programming. Brett was lost to trance as the program reinforced the messages that were just imparted moments previously.

Friday, Week 3

At a command from his earphones, Brett awoke to find himself on his bed, still naked and hard. The constant reinforcement from Wednesday afternoon had done a lot to his psyche and had made him quite the willing slut. He now had no problems with taking cock in the mouth or ass, much to Chase’s joy whenever the pair worked out at the gym. They now fucked and sucked after completing their workouts, and they sometimes added some light sucking or fucking to increase the physical challenge. The highlight for Brett was when Chase lightly fucked him while he was on the banded T-bar machine. Brett pretty much went with any suggestion that Chase had, unless Jake countermanded the suggestion. Like when Chase’s suggested that they go back to his place. Jake had answered through Brett, “My training is not yet complete. Once it is, I will take you up on that offer.” Chase had been a bit disappointed but had understood. He was looking forward to when Brett would be his own man again.

Brett had found it really easy to go along with whatever Jake, Kevin, and Chase told him. He didn’t think about much anymore and spent most of his time under deep hypnotic programming or in deep trance. His moments of awareness occurred less often and when he was aware he would jerk off to fantasies of being dominated by other men.

The changes were not limited to mental ones. Yesterday Kevin had “Jake” apply depilatory creams and lotions all over Brett’s body, leaving the man hairless except for his eye-lashes.

Today, Kevin was waiting for Brett, standing next to a rubber bundle that lay near the bed, which had been acquired earlier in the week by the doctor (acting on Jake’s orders). He helped Brett put on the full-body suit, gloves, and boots, making sure that every part of his body was covered, leaving only the head exposed. As Brett stood vacantly, Kevin unzipped Brett’s crotch and slipped on the cock ring and rubber cock-sheath onto Brett’s hard member. Then, using his fingers and a smooth metal stick, he pushed the built-in ass sheath into Brett’s ass, leaving behind an open hole in the suit that provided easy access to Brett’s rubber-lined asshole. Throughout this invasive process, Brett simply continued to stare ahead. It was just too hard to think.

He remained staring vacantly ahead as Kevin replaced the meditation headset with a rubber hood that was connected to tinted goggles. It fit like a glove. Small protrusions inside the hood slid into Brett’s ears, at which point he could hear Jake’s voice whispering words of relaxation and obedience. The goggles now snuggly over his eyes, the spiral began to play over them, and Brett fell deep into their embrace. The hood was open at his mouth and chin, and it was easy to breathe while so covered. It was a little warm, but Brett didn’t mind.

His task complete, Kevin stood near Brett, hands within easy reach of Brett’s cock. He pulled out a series of pages and one-by-one began to read through all the questions.

“How are you feeling?” “I feel good.”

“What are you thinking about?” “Nothing”

“Are you sexually attracted to men?” “Yes”

“What should men wear when in public or at work?” “Men should be naked and hard.”

“Do you like masturbating?” “Yes”

“Are you still horny?” “Always”

“Do you want to stroke your cock?” “Yes”

“Why don’t you stroke your cock?” “I haven’t been told to”

“Who do you obey?” “I obey men”

“Why do you obey men?” “I like obeying men. I am aroused when obeying men.”

“Do you think for yourself?” “Men think for me”

“Why do you let men think for you?” “It is easier to let men think for me”

“Why is it easier?” “It is hard to think when I am calm.”

“How do you feel when men think for you?” “It feels good to let men think for me.”

“Does obeying men make you aroused?” “Yes”

“What is your purpose?” “I exist to serve men”

“Why do you serve men?” “Serving men is arousing”

“Why don’t you think for yourself?” “I don’t need to think; just obey”

“How do you feel about men touching your penis?” “I like it when men touch my penis”

“How do you feel about men stroking your cock?” “I like it when my cock is stroked”

“Do you like sucking cock?” “Yes”

“Do you like touching other men’s cocks?” “Yes”

Brett had answered these questions perfectly, completely in-line with the programming from the prior two days. It seemed that he was ready to be presented to the Boss. But first, he needed to spend the weekend and the following week with additional training that would make him think that he was an obedient drone. For the time being though, he would be the first man that the rubberized Brett would pleasure.

Guiding the rubberized Brett back to his office, Kevin took a set in front of his computer and began to type his findings. Brett just stood nearby, staring at nothing in particular, enjoying how the spiral overlaid his view of the world and how tight the rubber felt against his skin. How good it felt, like having a mini-workout every time he wanted to move or breathe. It felt so good.

Once Kevin had finished his report, a spiral appeared on his screen and he became entranced by it, going from attentive doctor to drooling, slack-jawed hypno-boy.

“Carefully get under the desk,” Jake commanded Brett through the earphones embedded in the rubber hood. Brett readily complied, going around the table and crawling until he was under the desk, with his face only inches away from Kevin’s cock.

“Take his cock into your mouth and suck it good.” Brett complied, enjoying the taste so much better than the time before. For the next two hours Brett continued to pleasure Kevin, alternating between sucking him and ramming his ass against Kevin’s pole. The sensation felt so good to Brett, who was entirely focused on his task, neglecting to pleasure himself as he most surely would have done so were he in more control of his faculties and desires. He kept at it until Jake told him to speed up and get Kevin to come. And when Kevin did, Brett swallowed every mouthful with eagerness, feeling such pleasure as he did. He beamed and smiled as Jake told him through the headphones that he had done well and that the test was successful. Brett’s treatment was coming along nicely.

Brett wore his rubber suit everywhere, even as he worked out in the gym. Chase had a hard time recognizing him at first. He would’ve completely missed him; had not Employee 12 been following the rubber man everywhere. His hunch had proven correct when Brett spoke to him in a deeply hypnotized voice from beneath the rubber. The sight of the muscle hunk Brett wearing form-fitting rubber was almost too much for Chase to handle. Brett just looked so sexy and tasty!

Chase’s day was made when Brett accepted his offer to visit Chase’s place. As they drove away in Chase’s car, he asked Brett various questions about the hood, which led to other questions that led to Brett telling Chase that Brett existed to serve and pleasure other men. It was almost too hot for Chase and he was practically dragging Brett through the door when he pulled up to a large apartment building. The entire time that they fucked, sucked, and otherwise pleasured one another, Brett spoke only in crisp responses that were generally toneless and monotone. And his actions were to the point, with little action wasted on indecision. The party lasted well into the morning, at which point Brett was picked up by Kevin and driven back to the company for a much needed good night’s sleep.

Jake was able to watch the whole encounter with ease thanks to the boosted signal from the rubber hood’s internal electronics (which were now sealed to be waterproof). He also barely needed to take direct control, with Brett’s conditioned responses taking care of most scenarios. Sometimes Jake had to answer or take control, but that was occurring with less frequency than before. Jake smiled to himself contentedly. The drone was ready for a field test with the employees. When Brett was in his room, Jake had reinforced Brett’s training, programming him into an obedient drone, feeding him programming that would take care of his daily duties and general responsibilities. He decided that drones needed a designation rather than a human name and so he came up with one for Brett, based on the first and last letters of his name plus a random number: BT5365.

Monday, Week 5

Brett was starting to think of himself as Drone BT5365. He was ready to obey whatever Jake and other men told him to do. His body was for their use. He was rock hard and aroused in anticipation of the pleasure he would receive for obeying today. Jake had woken him up via a mental command and had put him through another round of reinforcement training before sending the new drone and Kevin to the Boss’ office.

“Hey, Kev! How can I help you?” The Boss was middle aged, with some grey hairs forming as highlights. He wasn’t fit, though Kevin found his ass rather inviting especially since the Boss was lying on his desk with his legs up in a V, his ass exposed and begging for a fucking. And there was lube within easy reach on the desk.

“Good agh…morning nnngh…sir!” As Kevin fucked his Boss, he explained about Brett’s addiction, the results of his experiments, and his conclusions so far, including the thought of having Brett serve as a sex drone and extra pair of hands on the loading dock. Of course, in this kangaroo court, Jake had already prepared the Boss (and the other employees) for this proposal, inserting programming that would make the idea exciting and acceptable.

“So, what do you say, Boss?”

“Let’s do as you suggest. In fact, let’s do a test run while we are at it.”

The Boss turned to look at BT5365, who had just been standing at attention off to the side. He had not been given commands, so he just stood there staring at the spiral that was superimposed across his vision. Jake had set up a reinforcement program to run continuously through the headset, so that when BT5365 was not in use, he would fall deeper into trance and obedience, and would not accidentally snap out of it due to boredom. Right then, the only things going through his head were his program directives, instructions to obey and serve men, to feel pleasure for obeying, to not think about anything except the program directives.

“Hey, Drone! Come on over and fuck my ass.”

“Yes, sir!” BT5365 said in a monotone voice, devoid of emotion. He instantly swerved onto his target and moved into position to fuck, plunging his cock into the Boss’ ass moments after Kevin had vacated. The drone placed both rubbered hands on the Boss’ raised ankles and began to rhythmically thrust. As time passed, the Boss found that he could alter the drone’s fucking intensity with simple verbal commands. The sensation was excellent. And it only got better as Kevin climbed up on the desk and settled into a 69 with the Boss. After a while, they had the drone fuck Kevin instead. By then, both humans had released into each other and were spent. The drone however continued with its latest commands, continuing to fuck Kevin, at least until Kevin told him to stop. At that, the drone took a relaxed position off to the side, its rubber-clad cock both erect and still gooey from the leftover lube that dribbled slowly along with its pre-cum.

“The drone did well. I’m convinced,” said the Boss. “Now that I think of it, it would be great to have more of them around…to keep the men in good spirits.”

“Way ahead of you,” Kevin said, pulling out some more prototypes of the headset that the former-Brett was wearing. Kevin had made them over the weekend, thinking that it was his idea when in reality it had been Jake’s. “Just put these on them and the visors will take care of the rest.”

“I like nice and easy. And…” the Boss turned to look at the frozen BT5365, admiring the drone’s rubber suit over its tight body, “I think I might know who else would like to try this out.”

The Boss had his secretary call the candidates in for an impromptu meeting, then spent a moment going over the particulars of the visors with Kevin. Kevin used the drone as an example when pointing out various parts of the construction and would give the drone’s cock a quick stroke whenever he could. Once the pair had finished, Kevin got back to work in his office and the Boss had the drone follow him to a meeting room, where two rubber-clad men were anxiously awaiting him…

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