Chapter 7

Tuesday, Week 2

Jerome’s point of view

I woke up ahead of my alarm by a half hour this morning. I was so full of energy, so full of excitement because Ginny was coming home today. Mikey and Tony were still asleep, the former lying beside me and the latter laying on his back. I thought about trying to go back to sleep, but I was too wired and couldn’t sleep. I guess my tossing must’ve awakened him, because Mikey softly cuddled against me and asked in a sleepy, “You up already?”

I moved closer to him, which caused my cock to rub against his backside and start to harden. “Yeah, too excited for this afternoon.”

“Well, I’m up now too. So, what do you want to do since we have time?”

“Don’t know. I kinda just want to enjoy being cuddled up against you,” I said. When we were quiet again, that’s when I heard mumbling coming from Tony. I gave Mikey a shhh motion with my finger over my mouth, then gently turned over to look at Tony. He was muttering something in his sleep, while one hand was on his hard cock. Every so often, he would give it two strokes, then pause before doing it again. Two strokes then pause. Again and again. I strained my ears to listen to what he was saying.

“I am Master’s hypnotized slave; I live to obey his orders; I have no thoughts in my head; Master’s thoughts are my own.”

He was repeating the mantra from last night in his sleep! How…hot! I wondered if Mikey did the same. Speaking of, Mikey had risen off the bed so that he could get a better view. And he liked what he was seeing, because he was stroking along as well. He had the hypno goggles in hand. He held them over Tony and looked at me for confirmation. I took his meaning and gave him a nod. Mikey turned them on (he was careful not to look into them himself) and slipped them over Tony’s head. The motion did wake him a little because he made some movement, but he then calmed down and was still aside from his quivering cock.

Well, if Tony wanted to be my hypnotized drone slave, then I’d give him his wish. “Drone, recite your mantra.”

“I am Master’s hypnotized slave; I live to obey his orders; I have no thoughts in my head; Master’s thoughts are my own.” Tony replied in a very mechanical tone, sounding flat but crisp.

“That’s very good, Drone. Now, in a moment, I’m going to snap my fingers. When I do, you are going to recite your mantra 100 times. You will stroke your cock as you do so, but you may not cum! Once you’ve finished, you will turn off the goggles but remain in trance until I tell you otherwise. You will take a shower, and then put on your rubber suit. Once you’ve done that, you will grab the goggles and stand by the dining table. Once there, you will put the goggles back on, watch the spiral, and repeat your mantra over and over again until I tell you otherwise. You will stroke your cock as you do, but again you may not cum without permission. Is that understood, Drone?”

“Yes, Master.”

I really hoped the instructions were not too complicated. Just in case, I had him repeat the instructions twice before leaving him to his tasks. I would’ve stayed to watch, but Mike and I had to get ready for work. Same with Tony, but I had a plan for that. Mike and I took a quick shower, then made our way to the kitchen to have breakfast. I prepared a third serving for Tony, who arrived midway through the meal, put on the goggles, and started stroking while chanting, “I am Master’s hypnotized slave; I live to obey his orders; I have no thoughts in my head; Master’s thoughts are my own” over and over again in his mechanical, vacant tone.

I was glad that breakfast was simple, or else we’d never have finished it. It was easy to become distracted by the Drone. I made an effort to finish up before settling into my chair to watch the Drone go about his programming. Mike wanted to watch, but he needed to dress for work. He was reluctant to leave, but we had a schedule to keep. To make sure he complied, I used his trigger and sent the SuperStud Slave to the bedroom to suit up. Since I was horny and wanted release, I gave him instructions to return with the hypno goggles and do what the Drone was doing now.

While SuperStud Slave complied with my orders, I fetched the protein smoothie that Mike had prepared for Tony while I was cooking breakfast, then carefully had the Drone drink from a straw as he continued to stroke and (in his head) chant the mantra. It was hot watching him drink in a no-nonsense efficient manner as he stroked his cock. When he had finished, he returned to chanting the mantra aloud.

By this time, Mikey had returned, slipped on the goggles, and was parroting out the mantra as he stroked. The sight was really hot and I stroked along with them. I looked at the clock and unfortunately saw that he had to wrap things up soon. So, I gave the pair an order to repeat their mantra 10 times, then cum. Once they had done so, they would take off the hypno goggles, mentally count up 20, and awaken. As they chanted, I stroked my own cock furiously, trying to time my release with theirs. I was a bit late on the release, but did receive a good helping of their jism all over my naked body. When I had caught my breath, both men were mentally awake and smiling pleasurably at me.

We exchanged a quick set of thank yous before rushing off to work. I gave Tony the breakfast that I had prepared for him (which would help him get through the morning) and we made our way to the parking garage. I quickly smeared the cum across my chest and slipped on the gym shorts, before leaving the house with the two rubber-clad men in tow. Foot traffic was light, with only a few people wearing shirts. The loudmouth neighbor from yesterday was still fully clothed and spitting venom at everyone about how they were dressed. He especially picked on Mike and Tony, but thankfully we passed by him as quickly as possible. Mike wasn’t in tears today but I could tell that it was still hard on him. One of these days when I wasn’t in such a rush to get to work, I would give him a piece of my mind.

Work was hard today as there were so many projects that needed to be taken care of. I was so focused on my work that I almost missed lunch! Had Mike not stopped by my desk to checks on me. We had some good fun at lunch; many colleagues came by to admire the two men in their rubber suits. Some joined the fun, taking turns fucking or sucking the rubber-clad men. A young man from accounting gave my ass a good fuck and spread his seed all over my chest when he was done. It was great that so many people were supportive of Mike and Tony’s decision to wear rubber, and that everyone was getting along so well. Everyone was being very nice these days and I liked it. I was even talking to coworkers that I never had the chance to talk to before, back when they were silent, stern, or haughty. It was great! Work was becoming just like a big happy family and not nearly as stressful as it had been a few weeks back.

As soon as my shift was over, I rushed home to see Ginny. I arrived just in time to see her finish the leftover stir fry that I had left for her. She was fully dressed and looking radiant, so much better than before her trip.

“Hey hon, you look amazing!” I said as I set my bag against the couch.

“I feel amazing! Not only did I get a mini-vacation, but I tried that meditation program last night. Best night of sleep ever!”

“That’s awesome! It’s been helping me sleep too, and do better at work,” By this point I had pulled off the track shorts, and my fully hard cock was on full display.

“Missed me that much?” A lustful smile grew across her face as she stripped as well. We made passionate love and came out of it feeling quite satisfied.

“You’ve been working out,” she commented as she rubbed her hand against my exposed chest, feeling the muscles that were starting to develop.

“Yeah, Mike has been giving me pointers. You like it?”

“Definitely. Keep working at it, stud”

That brought a wave of pleasure through my body, as well as a growl from my stomach. I was really hungry. Ginny heard it too and gave a good laugh. “Hey, you go get dinner going. I want to relax on the bed for a bit.”

“Good idea. You’ve been on a flight for several hours, so you deserve to relax. And since you’re going to be relaxing, why not try the meditation program again?”

“Good point. That should make me feel all good and relaxed after a long flight.”

I got her comfortable on the bed, then gave her a peck on the lips, “See you in a bit,” I said as I closed the door behind her and made my way to the kitchen. I ended up cooking pan-fried salmon with vegetables and potatoes for dinner. I made enough to last for a few meals, which I put in Tupperware for our later enjoyment. By the time I had finished eating and was working through the dishes, Ginny had snuck up behind me and wrapped me in a bear hug. I could feel her soft skin against my own as we shared a moment together. My hole was itching, wishing that there was a hard cock to ram me right there and then.

She licked her chops as she gave a deep sniff. “How I’ve missed your cooking,” she said. Naked we spent the rest of the evening watching the news. I was annoyed by the annoying flicker, which Ginny noticed right away. It had to be from the station. Since there was nothing, we could do about that, we tolerated it as we watched the program. Nothing really new, though both news anchors were squirming a lot in their seats. By the end of the show we were both really tired, so we decided to go to bed early. I fell asleep right away with Ginny in my arms, though I really wished that Mikey was here as well. His arms wrapped against my body and his cock resting against my cheeks. Or, better yet, in my hole!

Saturday, Week 2

Jerome’s point of view

It was so nice to have Ginny back home again, and, since she had come home this past Tuesday, I had spent all of my free time with her as she shared the latest news from back home. Her parents were doing great and were in good health.

Her work situation had improved this past week. Her employer had incorporated the meditation program into the daily schedule, and it was working its magic. She was getting along better with the other employees, especially those that were generally gruffer. Like me, she had started wearing less in general. Yesterday evening we decided to be naked whenever we were at home.

This morning I awoke to an itching sensation in my ass that got more intense as the day progressed. By lunchtime it was driving me crazy. Putting on my rubber suit with the built-in hollow dildo did not do the trick. It was too short to hit the source of the itch.

Ginny found me leaning against the wall, trying frantically to fuck myself to no avail.

“Hey stud. Loving the suit!” Noticing my obvious discomfort, she added, “You doing okay?”

“So itchy. My hole is itchy.”

“You need something to fill it up?”

“Really badly, hon. Mike usually takes care of it for me.”

Ginny grabbed my phone and held it so that I could talk to Mike. It was so nice to hear his voice on the phone. Yes, we saw each other every day at work, but we had had missed our regular evening fun. Since I was spending time with Ginny, Mike had been playing the role of master for Tony. He was slowly figuring out what to do, but I could tell that he really wanted to be taken under by me.

He was quite excited when I begged him the come over and ram me hard. So excited that he promised that he be there quick as the wind.

After the call, Ginny stroked my back as I panted from my latest failed effort to fuck myself, “A strong man like you needs to be fucked by other men. We should have Mike stay with us so that he can take care of your itch.”

“That would be amazing, hon! I love you so much!” I gave her a strong kiss.

We left the door unlocked so that Mike could come in without delay. It was a half-hour later when Mike ran through the door dressed in his superhero suit. As soon as he saw me bent over the couch, he wasted no time ramming his big cock into me, filling me up nicely. The combination of his cock and the hollow dildo were hitting all my good buttons, bringing me such bliss.

“Hey Ginny, how was your trip?” Mike asked as he settled into a regular rhythm. Ginny was standing beside me, watching us with interest.

“It was exactly what I needed, same with the meditation program that Jerome shared with me. I want to thank you for being around for Jerome while I was away. My man is so horny and it’s important that he get regular release.”

“Totally” Mike said as he continued fucking my brains out. It felt so good! I started to moan, which got Ginny excited as well. She spent some time stroking my cock, then pushed me off the couch so that she could line my hard-on with her eager hole. Being sandwiched between them was divine!

We played a lot that weekend. Ginny liked how good Mike and I looked in our rubber suits, and had us frequently pose for her. We even gave her a show by 69ing for her amusement. We shared a lot of hot moments.

Thereafter, Mike came over for dinner most nights, often bringing Tony along. They slept on a camping mattress that I set up in the living room for them. Sometimes they’d wake up before we did and would quietly hypnotize each other into being our obedient slaves. Those were some hot mornings waking up to a pair of hypnotized rubbermen that were ready and willing to obey our every order.

The next week went by in a blur. Work had gotten busier for the four of us. There was so much to do. Thankfully, as soon as the workday was done, we had each other to play with. Sometimes it was the four of us. Sometimes it was us and the next-door neighbor, Crista. She was the same age as Ginny and was recovering from a recent divorce. She seemed happier when she was with us. She was a really good card player. She knew so many games and was a good teacher. Sometimes we would play in teams, girls versus boys. No matter how we played, we all had a good time.

No matter what our revelry, we made sure to tune into the nightly news channel so that we could hear about any new developments. Crista and Ginny would go over to Crista’s house to watch the female-only version while we three men stayed at my place to watch the male-only version. After watching the news, we would all go to bed: Ginny with Crista, and I with Mike and Tony.

I didn’t mind the separation that came from watching the news and from not sleeping with Ginny. Men watched the male-only channel and women watched the female-only channel. It was that obvious and simple. There was nothing odd about it. As for not sleeping together, there was nothing wrong with sleeping with other people. We both knew that we still loved each other, and we also knew that I loved Mike and Tony just as fiercely. I was not alone in this sentiment, as Ginny had expressed many times that she loved Crista as much me. My heart would swell with pride at how open we were with our feelings and how lucky we were to be with such loving and understanding company.

Ginny is probably the only woman I’ll ever love. The connection I feel with her remain strong, but I feel just as strongly about many of my other close male friends. There is a connection that I feel whenever I’m around them. I can’t help but get aroused and horny when I’m around other guys. I can’t help but drool over their cocks as I beg them to fuck me good. And they are always eager to oblige, being ever so friendly with me and anyone else they meet. It’s like were all one big family. It’s so nice and empowering to feel so loved by so many people!

Thankfully things outside of work had also been changing for the better. Most people had been wearing just pants or boxers a week ago. But now most people were naked. Those that weren’t often wore various sexy garments. Just this week when I went to the supermarket, I saw a small group of guys that were completely covered up in black rubber and were wearing gas masks. It looked a little intimidating at first, but they were so nice when Mikey went over to talk to them. They were more than happy to talk about the gear that they wore and the compliment Mike on his. I didn’t wear my rubber outfit that much, but once every blue moon the itch would come and I just had to wear it.

Friday, Week 3

Jerome’s point of view

Today I decided to do something special and have a few guys over for dinner at my place. Ginny had made plans to hang out with Crista and a few other female friends for the weekend, so I would have the house to myself. And it would be nice to cook for everyone. I do so enjoy cooking for others!

Dan was the first to arrive, humming a tune as he put down his book bag by the door and made his way into the kitchen to share a quick kiss and grope. He had arrived straight from the university campus (completely in the buff as was the new norm nowadays) from his last final of the semester. And how relieved he was to have a break! I certainly wished I could have a break soon. Maybe I’ll ask my boss about it on Monday.

Mike arrived still dressed in his superhero suit just as I was finishing things in the kitchen. Tony followed behind him. Dan was there to greet them at the door.

“Hey Mike! Long time no see!”

I put the lid on the pot to let the dish steam for a bit and made my way into the living room. Mike and Dave were exchanging hugs while rubber-clad Tony just stood by the door, stiff as a mannequin and staring ahead with unfocused eyes. Mike must’ve put him under using the trigger I had shared with him.

“Good to see you again, Dan. So how were finals?” Mike asked.

“They were fine. I think I passed all four of them. So glad that they’re over with. Now to enjoy the summer in good company. Maybe get some quality time with you guys.”

“I see no problem with that, though we’re gonna be busy this coming week. So many bugs to work out. That meditation software is doing wonders and I’m glad that we all get to experience it now.”

“Totally, man!”

Dan noticed Tony standing still by the door, “And who is this?”

“Oh, that’s Tony from work. He’s hypnotized to think that he’s a rubber drone.”


“Glad you’re here, Mike,” I said.

Both of them then noticed me as I approached, though Mike looked at me with a hunger in his eyes. He gave a smile as he moved over to say hello by placing his lips over mine and giving my cock a good stroke. Mike then got down on his knees, and took my cock inside his mouth, doing his best to bring me to orgasm. Dan stroked his own cock as he watched us. Once Mike had swallowed all of my load, he stood back up with the pair of us.

“So, Mike, I don’t think Dan has seen you as a hypnotized superhero slave yet,” I said coyly.

“You’re right!” he said with extra emphasis on the dramatic. He turned to look at Dan, “Hey kiddo, you want to control a hot stud of a superhero tonight?” He puffed his chest out in emphasis and placed both hands on his hips, adopting the traditional superhero pose. It was all I could do to stop myself from laughing hysterically.

“Do I ever!” Dan said, smiling.

I smiled, knowing what was coming next, “SuperStud Slave, it’s time to serve your Master.”

Mike fell under like a rock, and assumed a relaxed attentive pose. “SuperStud Slave is ready to obey.”

“Explain to Dan who you are and why Mike loves this.”

“Yes, Master. Mike has a fetish for hypnotized superheroes. I am a superhero that was hypnotized by Master and made into his Slave. I obey all of his orders without question. I have no mind or will of my own. His every order brings me pleasure and it is a pleasure to obey him.”

“That is so hot! Just like in the movies,” Dan said.

“That’s right, you haven’t seen the new superhero movie yet. Maybe we could watch it together after dinner?”

“That would be great! Let’s have Mike and Tony do some tricks for us as well,” that last part he said while tracing his hands in a line from his pecs down his torso and then up to the edge of his cock, giving it a slight tip with his finger before looking back to me with a smile.

“I’m sure they’d enjoy that. Let’s eat first before dinner gets cold.”

Both Mikey and Tony ate with ruthless efficiency while entranced. I occasionally had to help them out with some commands, but otherwise they ate their dinner until nothing was left. It was getting easier for them to eat while in deep trance. Soon they wouldn’t need any additional input from me.

Both finished before either Dan or I, so we had them do a bunch of tricks for our amusement as we ate. Dan had them quack like ducks, do various physical exercises, and had Mike say all sorts of superhero things. It was especially comical watching Mikey “submit” to the mind control of the “evil rubber drone master villain” while his ass was on the receiving end of Tony’s rubber-clad cock!

Once we had finished our meal, we moved to the couch. It was a small couch big enough for two people, not four, so after Mike had set up the TV, I had him do a lap dance for Dan. Dan enjoyed it a lot, encouraging Mike along and giving him small commands. It wasn’t long before he had Mike riding his pole, at which point Dan came nice and hard. I in the meantime had been availing myself on Tony’s pole, settling into a pleasant rhythm. It was hot knowing that Tony was mentally repeating his hypno mantra while obeying the command to fuck me.

As Dan came to his senses, I asked if he would love to experience Mike’s cock in his ass. Dan didn’t pass up on the invite, standing up to let Mike rest on the couch and then sliding slowly onto his big cock. But not before I had Tony retrieve both pairs of hypno goggles and place them on his and Mikey’s heads before starting the movie.

We watched the superhero movie with our asses being pleasured by our hypnotized rubbermen, whom were lost to the gaze of the spiral playing across their eyes. Like clockwork Dan and I fell into trance when the villain unleashed his hypnotic powers on the hero. It was such a hot movie! Once it was over, I had to know what Dan thought. I was glad to hear that he loved it and could see why I had recommended it.

I looked at the clock and saw that it would soon be time for the evening news show. So, to entertain us while we waited, I had Mike and Tony stand up and stroke while chanting their mantra. Dan hovered around them, moving about and feeling everywhere that he could. I let him have his fun and give me a good show. The hottest part was when he bent Mike over and began fucking him, even as Mike chanted and stroked. I had Mike cum while Dan was inside him. By then it was time for the news and I wanted to get a piece of Mike, so I had Mike kneel before me and pleasure my cock. Dan did the same with Tony as we both watched the news.

Both anchors were naked like us and occasionally stroked themselves off while giving the news and reading from the teleprompter. By this point we had gotten used to the annoying flicker, accepting it as part of the program. I’ve started to find it relaxing actually, though it took Mike and Tony to tell me why. I had noticed one evening after the show that the pair continued to stare at the screen for a few moments before blinking quite a bit. They had looked so relaxed and had collected some drool to boot. When I had asked them about it, they said that the flicker had the same pattern as the spiral from the hypno goggles. And that made a lot of sense. Certainly, as the days went by, I found it easier to relax and focus on what the two anchors were saying.

In tonight’s show, the anchors reported that the meditation program had been so widely accepted and that everyone was seeing the results and loving them. Law enforcement (as well as scientists and construction workers) was having some difficulty given their need to wear gear and uniforms while on duty, so the company was preparing a special version of the software for them.

It was the reason why work had gotten so busy. The entire department had been adding changes to the software and fixing some bugs. It was a complicated affair. Truth be told, I honestly had no idea how my part fit in with the larger whole. I don’t think anyone did, but the Boss was happy and that’s what mattered. He was so considerate when I came in with my questions, letting me ride his cock as he told me not to worry about things and to just keep up with the good work that I was doing. That made me feel so good, as did his member inside of me. Just like how Mike’s cock in me felt good.

Once the news had concluded, we got ready for bed. I wasn’t feeling too tired but it was important to get a good night’s sleep. Dan gave yawn; I guess he was actually tired. My bed was only large enough for two people (three if we spooned each other all night), so we slept on my spare camping mattress (which was much larger), which I put together while Dan, Tony, and Mike (the latter without their hypno goggles but still deeply hypnotized) took a shower. I figured the kid would get a kick out of controlling Mike and Tony for a little longer. As I put everything together, I made a note to go out shopping with the guys for a bigger bed.

When they had come out, all naked and clean, I awakened Mike from trance and tucked us all into bed. I left Tony in trance since it was his preference. These days, I pretty much didn’t awaken Tony from trance anymore. The four of us settled into a cuddle as we fell into dreamland: Dan inside of Mike, and myself sandwiched between Mike and Tony. My life was perfect.

I looked forward to tomorrow night’s revels in our new home. The three of us had found a larger house that was available just down the road, and would be spending the day moving everything into the new house. The current house would be sold with half of the earnings going to Ginny, so that she and Crista could make some renovations. Mike and Tony would also sell their homes as well, with the earnings going towards paying off the new house. With the extra money, and there would be a lot of it, the three of us were determined to create a well-stocked playroom. Pan had been excited when I had told him about it and had volunteered to help us with the design. He had also offered a 15% reduction on many of the larger toys and furniture, since we would be buying in bulk. All in all, things were looking good for us.

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