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I’m shifting to the next two parts of this 3-part series, which take place in the world where Drones and humans live together (the world of “A Day in the Life of Jeremy and BT5365”) and a world further in the future were all humans are drones.

There are sooo many stories that can happen in between and during. As such, if you feel inspired to add to the story (with new characters or existing ones, exploring other aspects of society, other aspects that you think were missing here), feel free to contribute to this community series. You know where to find me if you have questions.

Week 5, Monday

Mike’s POV

Tony and I sat in the otherwise empty conference room. Four chairs had been set and the table had been moved to the side, so that the chairs faced one another in a circle with nothing in the way.

I was a little curious about what the Boss had in mind for this meeting with Tony and me. I had to wonder if the reason was since we were the only ones that wore rubber suits. We didn’t work on any projects together, so it was the only thing I could think of that we shared in common. I fidgeted slightly as I waited for the Boss to arrive, whereas Tony was the picture of peace and serenity. He was usually like that, so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.

“Ah, good morning gents! Glad to see you already here.”

I gave a small jump in my seat as the door opened and the Boss came in holding a small box.

“Morning, Boss!” Then I noticed that behind the Boss was another rubber man in tow. He was very muscular, that much was obvious even with his body covered in a slick black rubber outfit. He was not familiar, though it didn’t help that he was completely covered in rubber save for his mouth and chin. My attention was instantly drawn to his rubber hood, which had a pair of tinted goggles melded into it. The appearance of the goggles made me think of the hypno goggles that Tony and I wore whenever Jerome wanted to program us.

“Say, Boss, who’s the new guy?”

“Oh, this is BT5365,” the Boss said, placing the box in his lap as he took a seat in one of the empty chairs. The rubber man assumed a standing position right next to the Boss and did nothing but stare at the opposing wall as the Boss’ free hand groped his rubber-clad cock. “He is our new drone,” the Boss explained.

Tony, who had been watching things silently and limited interest, all of a sudden perked up in his seat. “He looks hot! What are those goggle-things that he is wearing?” he asked.

“Oh, yeah. Those are an updated version of the meditation goggles. Some of the boys down in product development were working day and night on a set for him. They play the program all the time to keep him nice and entranced.”

“Do you happen to have a spare set?” Tony asked. Unless I read him wrong, his expression was positively…hungry. “I have wanted to be a drone for such a long time. And if there is room, I would like to be one. No, I need to be one!”

The Boss gave a slight chuckle, raising both hands slightly in placation, “That is why I called you both here. I am well aware of how much you both like being hypnotically controlled. I haven’t had the chance to see for myself, but I’ve heard that you both are quite the popular employees during lunch period, especially when Jerome puts you both under.”

I blushed a deep red at that. I really liked being hypnotically controlled by Jerome, though I wasn’t expecting the Boss to comment on that. I mean, I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised that he’d find out about it, but still I was a little surprised.

The Boss opened the box and pulled out its contents before setting the empty box to the ground. In his hands he now held two rubber hoods with the same type of goggles, which appeared to be a part of the hoods. “These are drone hoods, just like the one BT5365 is wearing. You put it on, and you become a drone. A mindless obedient hypnotized drone in a rubber suit.”

That description had my cock rise to full erection all on its own. I could see that the same was true for Tony.

“Tony, I know this is what you want badly. And I’m prepared to make your wish come true. This is a prototype and I’d like you to test it out-”

“No need to tell me twice!” Tony interrupted, “I’ve been wanting to do this for a very long time! How does it work?”

Not bothered by the interruption, the Boss smiled at Tony, “Just put on the hood, let the internal earbuds slip into your ears, and then relax. The hood should do the rest.”


Tony all but snatched one of the hood’s out of the Boss’ outstretched hand. Without hesitation, he pulled off the hood that he had been wearing up until now, then slipped on the new hood. Once it was on, he looked just like the drone that stood by the Boss. If I didn’t know any better, they could’ve been twins.

“As I was saying,” the Boss continued, this time looking at me, “I’d like you to test it out as well, Mike, if you want to.”

“Gee thanks, Boss. But I have a few questions first.”

“Ask away.”

“See, well…don’t get me wrong, the idea of being a drone sounds exciting. Tony can’t stop talking about it and how much he’s wanted to be one. Believe me, Jerome and I have had to keep him hypnotized whenever we’re at home just to keep him happy. But is there…that is can I…go back if I don’t like it?”

“Before I answer that, I need to ask if my assessment was incorrect? I was under the impression that you would jump on the opportunity. Your survey results seem to suggest that you have fantasies about being in trance all of the time. Of being a…oh, what was the term you used?”

“A Superstud Slave.”


“Oh I love being entranced and made to obey Jerome! And I’ve indeed fantasized about being hypnotized at work, being hypnotized all the time. But…see I…I can’t make this decision without talking to Jerome about it. I really value his opinion.”

“Would you like me to call for him?”

“If you wouldn’t mind,” I said squeamishly.

While the Boss and I waited for Jerome, I finally had a chance to really look at Tony. At some point he had moved to position himself by BT5365, standing at attention right next to the drone. He was clearly entranced, given how he had adopted what Jerome called his “attention pose.” It was a pose that he had Tony assume often enough at home, with Tony standing at attention until he was given his next order. During the week that Jerome was with Ginny and it was just me with Tony, I had often spent hours just admiring his rubber-clad body, rubbing my hands over every inch on and inside of him. All while he stood as still and silent as a statue. A living statue of rubber. When not touching him, I would have him repeat his mantra. He would, of course, stroke is cock; it was important to reinforce his obedience and brainwashing. A little tidbit I had picked up from casual reading online about hypnotic brainwashing; something I did during break at work.

While we waited, the Boss continued to gently grope at BT5365’s cock. As he did, the drone did nothing but stare at the opposing wall. He could’ve been a manikin given how still he was.

Jerome arrived after a quick knock on the door. He looked at me first, obviously looking worried about me, worried that I was in trouble. I mean that was my first thought as well, since I hadn’t known about this meeting until this morning, after I had seen a note on my desk with the time of the meeting.

“Welcome Jerome. Please take a seat. BT5365 and Tony-”

“My name is not Tony,” Tony said in a monotone, crisp, mechanical voice, “My designation is Drone TY2000.”

“Ok, BT5365 and TY2000, please stand against the back wall until we need you.”

“Yes, Master,” both drones replied in the same monotone voice as they moved to rest at attention near the wall. Jerome and I couldn’t help but watch them as they did.

“Please take a seat, Jerome.”

Jerome picked the empty seat closest to me and clasped my hand. How much better that made me feel.

“What’s going on?” he asked.

“Jerome, the Boss has offered me the chance to become a drone.”

“Wait, you mean like what Tony wanted to be?”


Jerome smiled at me and gripped my hand tightly, “That’s…wonderful. Right? I mean, that’s what you want, right?”

“I don’t know. I do want it, but…I…well, I…” Enough stuttering. I gripped his hand tighter as I took in a deep breath. “I don’t want to be one if you don’t want me to.” I said this as I looked at him directly in the eye.

Jerome started to look away as he said, “But, it’s your wish, right? Why should…” But I gripped his hand tighter, making his gaze lock with mine again. He was confused for a moment, then his eyes widened in understanding. “Oh,” he said softly.

“Exactly. As much as I want to do it, I only want to if you will be happy with me as a drone.”

“Mikey…shit! Now I don’t know.”

The Boss cleared his throat, “If I may interject-”

“Oh, yes, sir! Sorry, sir!” Jerome said hastily.

“Come here. Jerome, take a seat on my lap. Mike, come take a seat near me.”

“Yes, sir.”

“Sure, Boss.”

I made sure to sit as close to the Boss as I could. Soon as I was within arm’s reach, he started stroking my cock gently up and down. As for Jerome, he seemed to know what the Boss wanted, because he aligned his hole to the Boss’ cock and, with a moan, slid down onto the Boss’ hard cock. The Boss set up a rhythmic motion as he pleasured the both of us. I appreciated the gesture immensely. He always knew how to calm us down.

“Yes, good boys! Just take a deep breath and relax.”

I loved it when the Boss called me a “good boy.” Made me feel all special and tingly inside.

“It makes me so very happy to see how in love you both are with each other,” the Boss continued. “Like I was telling Mike, the process of becoming a drone (dronification) is meant to be a one-way street. But we don’t know for sure.” The Boss stopped his stroking and fucking, and spoke to us in his serious voice, “We would like Mike to test out this product, but he doesn’t have to if he doesn’t want to. I won’t punish either of you for that. You are my employees and I am the Boss. It’s my job to do what I can to make sure you are both happy and productive. Whatever you decide, I will honor it.”

Everyone was silent for a bit.

“Mikey,” Jerome began, “I am ok with you becoming a drone. I just want you to be happy.”

“Jerome, I-” I began.

“I know,” Jerome said, “You’ll feel better if you go through with this. I don’t want to see you tear yourself apart over this. You deserve to be happy. Please, put it on. If not for you, then for me.”

I could hear Jerome’s voice cracking as he said what must have been the hardest words of his life. He wasn’t alone. I too was feeling it. Well, ok then.

I tried to speak, but my throat felt so dry and constricted, so I ended up just nodding at the Boss. He handed Jerome the drone hood and I pulled off my rubber hood. Jerome held the hood in his hand for several moments before he finally lowered it over my face.

The sudden clamp of my hands on his wrists stopped him before he could slide it on all the way. He removed his hands and let me grip the hood, which I pulled off. I looked at Jerome, looked at his confused expression. I however was not confused. Everything was so clear. I now knew what I wanted.

Without saying anything, I stood up so that I could lean in and give Jerome a long deep kiss. A kiss that told him everything he needed to know. A kiss that said “I love you. I want you for you. You are everything to me.” His reciprocation to my kiss said it all as he kissed back with the same intensity of passion.

“Good boys!” the Boss said, returning to the rhythm of before as he slammed into Jerome’s ass and stroked my hard cock. We continued the merriment as the two drones stood unmoving along the side wall. The drone hood that I had removed lay on the ground, out of the way.

Jake’s POV

The scene that had unraveled before me was not entirely what I had expected, based on what Mike had suggested in his answers to the survey questions from the past few weeks. But it was alright. I still had Tony to experiment with, as well as several other men from different companies. I deemed the loss of one data point as not significant.

As curious as I was to force the hood on Mike and see if he would resist the programming, that would’ve been counter to my own beliefs. I had taken up my crusade, no that’s not the right word, mission to make humans happy and productive. Mike was already happy (as this profession to his love had made clear) and he was very productive. He was a talented computer programmer and I was glad to not have to lose his talents.

Tony was a different story. His productivity had never been as high as Mike’s and in the past few weeks it had been slowly deteriorating. Not that anyone complained, but I could tell based on several metrics. I had done my homework on him. He wanted nothing more than to be a drone, a service drone in particular that existed to obey orders and perform all sorts of chores for its master. Similar to how Greg as he is now. Only in Tony’s case, he would be held under constant control with the drone hood.

Of course, there was a world of difference between the trance state that Tony was used to when he was with Jerome and the one that would be made a part of him the longer he wore the drone hood. On the surface what I was doing was exactly the same as what they had no doubt experienced when hypnotized by Jerome. While they could say that they were mindless and obedient while under hypnosis, it wasn’t completely true. They still had awareness and thought, and they could refuse orders. It wasn’t in my interest to test their obedience by placing them in dangerous situations and making them comply regardless of personal safety. I wanted everyone to feel happy, safe, and productive.

The difference with this situation was that the program continued to whisper the same mantra of commands at all times. This was true brainwashing which, when combined with their entranced state and the association of their actions with sexual pleasure, would soon cause the programming to become the complete truth and core of their being. With enough time and training, they would truly believe that they were drones and believe completely in the truth of their programming. They would find themselves obeying without thought. They would feel good for doing so and they would want to obey because it felt good to obey.

Even so, they wouldn’t be truly mindless since they would still have some thoughts tumbling around in their brains. But their ability to form new ones would be diminished. And at all times they would find themselves content with simply listening to the continuous mantra that played in their ears. Their sluggish minds would accept that it was easier to think and do what they were told.

The program operating inside of the drone hood was an upgraded version of the Forced Conversion Program that I had subjected to Greg earlier on. By the time it was completed, Tony would no longer think of himself as anything other than Drone TY2000. He would think much like a computer, with limited thoughts beyond those that were allowed by whatever hypnotic programming I gave to him.

Unfortunately, his memory would become erased and he would lose the technical skills that he had acquired up to this point. It’s an issue that I don’t know how to solve at this point. I would prefer that the program converted him while allowing him to maintain his memories, but apparently it’s a problem that’s going to take a lot more experimentation. And that’ll have to be pursued at a later date. I can sense that I’m running out of time. I need to make sure that my various backup “bunkers” are set up so that when my enemies do decide to attack me, I will be able to escape.

But I digress from the topic on hand. Where Greg had been an unwilling subject, Tony was most willing. There was no need to introduce pain into the conversion. He would be transformed without any problems. Of course, I would still need to monitor him closely over the following week, to see how well the programming settled in. Especially interesting to see how he fared over the long term. If my theories were correct, then the constant programming delivered by the drone hood would maintain his new personality. In Greg’s case, his personality could change and erode with time unless it received periodic reinforcement. Of course, I would need to continue to watch and observe.

Speaking of needing to watch and observe, I needed to check on how the drone subjects in the local prison were doing. See, what subjects I had chosen among several companies were all willing volunteers. I needed to know if the program in the drone hoods could successfully convert humans that knew it would turn them into drones and yet adamantly did not want to become drones (group 1) or didn’t know that the program would turn them into drones (group 2). So I had selected 20 unwilling subjects from the local prison system that would be suitable for my experiment. Yes it went against my basic goal of trying to make everyone happy and productive, But I need a way to turn the increasing number of hostile enemies into happy and useful entities that would not pose a threat to the new society. And since I don’t know how long the effects of the forceful conversion program would last without reinforcement (as in Greg’s case), it is better to go with a forcible conversion program that constantly gets reinforced into the subjects (the drone case). It will be much safer that way, for me and the other willing converts.

Following my subliminal instructions, the 2 drones remained in the conference room after the boss, Jerome, and Mike had left. No one else had the room booked So the 2 drones were left alone to be conditioned. It was easy for Tony to accept the hypnotic commands and as time wore on he began to think of himself more and more in terms of Drone TY2000. At given intervals they would repeat their mantras aloud and would give their cocks a few strokes after each repetition, thereby associating obedience with pleasure.

After several hours, the two drones made their way to the dining hall, following the orders of Master Jake to obtain their food and consume it at the table that Jerome and Mike usually sat at. The dining hall was empty when the drones ate their meal, but that soon changed as the rest of the employees arrived for the lunch hour. By the time Jerome and Mike had joined the table, the 2 drones had finished their meal and were simply sitting contentedly, looking at nothing in particular as their minds focused completely on the words of Master Jake.

Tony’s point of view

“Hey Jerome!” another voice said. It wasn’t directed to me, so I didn’t really care. It was important to listen to Jake’s instructions and to focus on the spiral. Nothing else mattered right now.

“Hi Melvin. Did you need something?”

“Not really. My buddies and I were curious about our local rubberman’s new hood. How high-tech it looks. Say, who’s the new guy?”

“He’s BT5365. I guess he is the department’s drone.”


“Yeah. The Boss said that he would do a bunch of work for us, kinda like a robot.”

“They look like they’re zonked out.” For the briefest moment, a hand waved several times across my vision. I didn’t react to it. I was much too focused on listening and relaxing. “You know, I think they are. You hypnotize them again?”

“Not this time. Apparently, they really wanted to be controlled all the time, so the Boss got them a custom set of rubber hoods that keeps them deep in trance.”

“We’ll I’ll be! Say man, we got another half hour free so why don’t we have a quick bit of fun.”

“Yeah why not!”

“Alrighty.” A man’s face entered my view, Melvin’s. Clean-shaven, 45 years old but still looking young, with blonde hair and grey eyes. He always had this drawling smile about him. “Say boy, you should give me a good fuck.”

“Yes sir! My designation is Drone TY2000. I exist to obey men.” Melvin turned around to bend over the table and I took up a position behind him, lining up my hard cock and thrusting efficiently into his eager hole. I paid attention to his moaning, adjusting my thrusts to deliver maximum pleasure. I existed to pleasure other men.

I ended up sucking cock as I continued to fuck Melvin, and later I was penetrated by someone else. I didn’t cum because I wasn’t ordered to and when the lunch hour had concluded, I was still dripping with precum but felt completely at peace. My rubber body (and those of my fellow drones) was covered in cum.

With the lunch hour concluded, Jake directed me back to my desk and had me attempt to do some of my regular work. But I just couldn’t do it. I couldn’t think of what to do. I didn’t need to think. Other men would think for me. Jake would think for me. He had me type all sorts of things that made no sense to me, and every time I complied, he would call me a good drone and I would feel pleasure for obeying.

As the afternoon wore on, he had me walk around the office and pleasure several of the other employees. I sucked cock, fucked, kissed, and hugged at the command of various men. I did what they told me, and it felt good to obey. Not once was I allowed to cum even though I was so close to the edge.

Near closing time, I was directed to wait by Jerome’s desk. BT5365 was not with us, though that did not concern me. Jerome was reclined in his chair, the meditation visor resting over his eyes. He occasionally stroked himself while mumbling things like “I will obey” and “I’m a good boy”. The timer on his computer showed that he had another 15 minutes to go. No other commands were forthcoming, so I simply stood silently, watching the spiral intently as I listened to my own programming. How good it felt to not need to think and to just do as I was told. How good it felt just to obey and to serve men. Once Jerome had finished the meditation session and had filled out his survey, he drove Mike and me home with him.

That night he had me cook and serve dinner. It took a lot of supervision, but the instructions were easy to remember. He had me stroke and chant my mantra while he and Mike ate dinner. It felt so good to obey. The mantra was all I thought about. Time had no meaning. I would perform until I was told otherwise.

The rest of the night he had me pleasure both of their holes and cock. When it was time to watch the news, he had me stand nearby so that the pair of them could play with my body as they watched the news. Of course, while they watched the news I watched the spiral and listened to the continuous repetition of commands that Master Jake whispered into my ears.

The following morning, I was awoken by a direct command from Jake. The first thing my eyes saw was the spiral, which caused my sluggish mind to fall back into trance. Still hypnotized and under orders from Jake I quietly snuck out of bed while Mike and Jerome still slept. I carefully closed the door as I left the bedroom, took a seat on the couch in the living room, and began to softly recite the programming over and over again. After each programming command, I stroked my hard cock twice to reinforce obedience. After an hour, I stopped to retrieve my suit from the shower (I had left it to dry after my mandatory shower last night). Once I was fully dressed, I returned to the bedroom to suck on my Masters’ morning wood. After an hour of fun, I was rewarded with their cum on my rubber body and the pleasure that came with them calling me a “good drone.”

At work I performed a variety of duties for Master Jake. Most of the time I either carried things across the department or pleasured the other employees. Sometimes I would be sent to help BT5365 unload boxes from the loading dock. The employees down there so appreciated the extra help and were quite eager to share it with us drones.

During lunch (which was 90 minutes long and started a half-hour before anyone else), we two drones got together to pleasure one another once we had finished eating. The other employees often joined in on the fun, making sure we were well fucked and sucked. The sexual positions that we engaged in were never decided by us; Master Jake would tell us whether we kissed, sucked, or fucked. We did whatever he told us to do with the same energy and enthusiasm as all other orders. It was so easy to give up control and let things go as they would. So much easier to not need to think. So much easier to go with the flow and do what men told me to do. It was so very pleasurable, and I was aroused almost all the time.

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