Chapter 8

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Friday, Week 2

Greg Summers groaned as he walked down the halls of his office complex, seeing another worker head into the bathroom without a shirt or a pair of pants, just his socks padding on the carpeted floor. It had been a stressful morning for the young intern. At 19 years of age, young Greg had just graduated from high school and had secured this fortuitous summer internship that would help him further down the road. His long, dirty blonde hair had been a bit of issue at first, but he managed to convince those in charge that he was a damn good employee despite his more teenish looks. He had always been called a bit babyfaced, and like always this was another challenge to overcome here. The first week on the job had been particularly demanding, but he had been able to adapt quickly. It was still difficult even as he started the second week, and then this happened as the week was coming to a close. Between getting papers sorted and rushing between back-to-back meetings, the last thing he needed to see was another half-naked man in the office.

He doubted it was some kind of practical joke, unless most of the company was in on it. Which was very unlikely. While he hadn’t had as much interaction with the heads of the company as he would have liked, he did meet with them enough to get the sense that they weren’t the type of men to do a long joke like this, especially if it started getting in the way of progress.

Not that Greg didn’t mind the view, what with him being recently out of the closet. But it was very distracting and unprofessional.

It was not the only strange thing to have happened this week. Greg lived far enough away that he needed to take the bus to work, and luckily there was a bus stop nearby. To reach it, he had to descend and leave through the parking garage. The security guard that kept an eye on things was a cheery fellow that was always polite to Greg. But on Monday, as Greg was on his way to catch the bus, he had found the security guard standing at his post without a shirt! He was otherwise dressed for his job, minus the shirt.

At first, Greg thought it was a prank of some kind and he was about to give him a piece of his mind. However, right before he could do that, some of his neighbors began to pile out of the building, all of them in a similar state. Some without shirts, others without pants, leaving their tighty-whities out for the entire world to see. But the one that drew the most ire from Greg was his neighbor, Mike. Mike was actually wearing something, but what really drew Greg’s anger was what he was wearing. He was clad from the neck down in some shiny, sleek black suit that seemed to be made of rubber and left literally nothing to the imagination.

The last bizarre occurrence of the week had to do with the appearance of the VR-like headset on his and everyone else’s desks on Monday morning, along with a note to spend an hour going through some sort of guided meditation/relaxation software before starting work, before going to lunch, and an hour before leaving. The letter made it clear that it was meant to improve focus and productivity. But Greg didn’t have enough time to waste almost a good half of the day every day on what he believed was mumbo-jumbo! Besides, it was not going to help him make the friends that he took this job to make.

As Greg rounded the corner and made his way into the HR office, and he was relieved to see that the secretary was still fully clothed.

“Excuse me…umm…” Greg stuttered as he took a moment to read the secretary’s nameplate, “Steven. I have a complaint.”

“I’m sorry to hear that…It’s Greg, right?”

“Yes. Just what is going on around here?’”

“Could you be more specific?”

“More specific! How can you not know? I swear half of the employees are completely shirtless! And it’s been like that since Wednesday! And there was also one guy wearing nothing but his boxers!”

“Calm down. I doubt it’s anything serious. Though I’m surprised I haven’t heard of this earlier.”

“Well what are you going to do about it?”

“Well first I gotta file this report and then speak to my supervisor. This is clearly a large-scale breach and we’re going to need time to settle this appropriately. For the time being, know that your complaint has been heard and will be processed with all speed.” And with that, Greg was given a stack of papers to complete and sent back to his cubicle.

The nonchalant way in which he had been so casually dismissed infuriated Greg. How could the guy not see how serious this all was. Well, Greg would be damned if he was going to stay here while the office was in utter chaos. But it was only his second week on the job and he wouldn’t just walk out now. He’d have to bunker down and keep to himself until it was time to leave, and then rush on home straight away. Once he was home, he’d figure out what to do next.

Luckily, he didn’t have any more meetings today and there was plenty of paperwork to keep him busy until closing time. He kept an eye on the clock during the last 30 minutes, getting everything ready ahead of time so that he could rush out the door at exactly 5 PM. He was out before anyone had left their cubicles.

He was just in time for the bus. Usually he had to wait a good 15 minutes for the bus that would take him home, so this was a stroke of good fortune. At least until he passed through the door and stumbled into a hodgepodge of half-naked people. Some were standing and holding onto the overhead railings, while the rest were seated. Most did not wear shirts. Seeing that, he made an abrupt turn to get off the bus, but was pushed back on by the influx of other half-naked passengers. By the time he fought his way to the front, the bus had already closed its doors and was moving steadily down the road.

He jumped out at the first stop even though he still had quite a way to go before he got home. It was too much being packed in that bus with a bunch of half-naked people. It was almost like he was afraid of catching whatever it was that had infected everyone else, worried that mere proximity would be contagious. As soon as he was off the bus he signaled for a taxi. It would cost him a good $50 to get back home, but it sure beat a 3-hour walk.

As soon as the cab arrived, he dived right onto the backseat, gave his address, and took a moment to steady his breath.

“You doing all right?” The cabbie driver asked.

“Could be better…huff, huff…just, overwhelmed…”

“Well don’t you worry now. I’m a very safe driver and you can leave it just to me. Just relax and enjoy the ride.”

“I’ll try…”

Greg was about to say more but then he noticed that the driver was underdressed. Actually he was very underdressed! He was wearing only a pair of boxer briefs that didn’t leave much to the imagination.Greg felt his heart lurch and pound as his apprehension grew. He had to get out!

“On second thought, just right here is good.”

“You sure? We still got a ways to go…” the cabbie said as he slowed down and pulled over to the curb.

“It’s fine. I…um…forgot that I was supposed to meet a friend here…” I lied.

“At the SexMart?” the driver asked. Greg looked out the window and blushed a little as he saw the city’s most popular and exclusive adult store sitting right outside.

“Y-Yeah. His idea, not mine!” Greg said with a smile.

“Ok, we’ll…that’ll be $10.”

Greg ended up giving him $20 in his haste to escape, and was out of there before the cabbie could protest or sputter out a thank you at the outrageous tip. Greg set off at a jog in the direction of his home. His heart pounded against his chest like a drum from a marching band. Everywhere he looked, he saw half-naked people walking around as though it were perfectly normal. He almost lost it as he saw two guys dressed in nothing but their underwear. And nobody was calling them out on that! His panic rose sending him into a maddening sprint, his field of vision narrowing. So lost in the panic that he did not pay any attention to what was ahead of him, until he ran head first into someone going in the opposite direction.

“Ugh! Watch where you’re going!” said an angry voice that Greg immediately recognized, “Why I oughta…”

“David? Oh my gosh I’m so sorry!” Greg lept back onto his feet as fast as an angry cat off a hot skillet. Indeed, standing in front of him was his old childhood friend David Mackingly. A mop of crazy orange hair, a few stray freckles and a pair of warm brown eyes pretty much gave it away. Greg hadn’t seen him since the end of the second year of High School; David’s parents had sent him off to a private high school on the opposite side of the town and the two had not had the chance to reconnect in the two years since. The sight of his old friend amidst the madness was a comforting thing for Greg.

“Greg? Ugh… You sure know how to knock a guy down.” Greg reached his hand down to help his friend stand. “You’re usually not so reckless. What’s gotten into you?”

“It’s all of…this!” Greg said, spreading his arms wide to indicate everything around them. He looked at David and let out a sigh of relief, as he saw that his friend was still wearing clothes. A pair of shorts, a t-shirt with a logo so faded that Greg couldn’t tell what it was, and a pair of flip flops.

David got the hint and he pulled in close to whisper, “Yeah it’s crazy. It’s like everyone’s gone cuckoo or something. It’s really freaking me out too.”

“Yeah. I just want to get off the street at this point.”

“Come over to my place then, it’s a lot closer.”

“Thanks man.”

The two moved at a brisk walk the rest of the way, avoiding people whenever they could. Soon, they reached a rather large apartment complex, quite a lot like Greg’s own. The place was mostly empty however (no security guards standing outside) and David simply led his friend through the lobby as fast as possible, avoiding eye contact with everyone. Soon, the two reached the fifth floor and the orange haired guy unlocked the door to his flat, and the two dashed inside, slamming the door behind them and turning every lock on it.

Once they had locked themselves inside of David’s flat, Greg let out a sigh of relief as he crumpled onto the couch, dropping his backpack on the side as well. The place wasn’t that fancy, just a one bedroom, one bathroom apartment with an attached kitchen, a big poofy couch, and a huge tv hanging right in front of the couch. Attached to said television were quite a few video game consoles, and Greg had to fight the urge to chuckle, as it was damn clear where all the cash from David’s paychecks went.

“I just don’t get it. With everyone being half-dressed, you’d think the police would be onto it by now,”Greg said.

“Yeah, I thought so too. But when I called, the cop on duty said that there was nothing strange about it. It was very strange. He was going on about how it was normal for people not to wear shirts, even though you and I both know that’s not the case!” David said as he walked away from the door and set his own bag down.

“It’s crazy how damn fast this thing has spread!” Greg groaned from the couch, rubbing his temples “It makes me wonder if that fucking meditation program has something to do with it.”

“You mean that hocus-pocus headset thing that’s supposed to magically make us work better and solve our departmental relationships?” David asked as he walked around the room.

“How did you know about that?” Greg asked.

“My boss ordered a bunch of the things. He’s all high and mighty about how it’s gonna improve production and make us the greatest company in the city yada yada. Never put the piece of crap on just to stick it to him, stuck-up rich bastard!” David said. Greg couldn’t help but chuckle a little at that. David always had a hate boner for stuck-up people, so him doing that seemed just like the kind of thing he’d do.

You don’t need to be a genius to know that things can’t change that easily. My boss must’ve been scammed real good,” David grumbled.

“I know it’s a longshot, but it’s the only other thing that’s been different this week. I don’t know what else to think. Heck, what am I going to do about next week?” Greg said as he planted his face into his hands, feeling defeated.

“I don’t know either. You know what, I’m tired. It’s been a long day for both of us. Let’s just take a breather and worry about this tomorrow,” David offered.

“How can you be so relaxed about this?! It’s all I can think about!” Greg shouted, staring at his friend.

“And that’s your problem sometimes. You can’t let things go even for just a little bit. I’m not saying we should forget and move forward as though none of this ever happened. All I’m saying is let’s do what we can to rest up so that tomorrow we can give this a good long think. Besides,” David said as a loud rumbling noise came from his stomach, “it’s hard to think on an empty stomach.”

“Fine! We will do it your way,” Greg said, shaking his head as he sat down on the couch and opened his bag, checking exactly what he had on him. It was pretty much just his laptop and phone, with both chargers.

“That’s my buddy!” David made his way to the kitchen. “What do you want to eat anyway?” he called back, “I got some frozen pizzas and leftover Chinese.”

“I could do with a pizza or two!”

Greg placed his bag on the couch and turned on the TV, flipping through the channels until he came upon the sports channel. By then David had arrived with the pizzas in tow. The strong buttery scent of garlic bread invaded Greg’s nostrils as the smell brought back memories of sitting down after High School with his buddies to watch the game. Sadly, most of his friends had gone into other things and he rarely talked to them anymore, much less having the opportunity to do something like this.

He settled in for the soccer championships. Greg had been following it closely during the past few weeks, even when swamped with studying for finals, he made sure to leave time available for watching the game.

“Sports? Really dude?” David asked as he shoved a piece of pizza into his mouth, “God! Could you have picked something lamer?”

“What? Don’t like it?” Greg asked with a cheeky grin, knowing all too well that David hated sports. Guy was a gamer through and through, and he vividly remembered the rants David went on back in school about P.E.

“I’d rather watch paint dry,” David muttered as he finished his slice, “At least there I could get high off the fumes.”

Greg chuckled at that as he settled down to enjoy the game. Just a few minutes in however, his phone started buzzing from inside his bag. Curious, he reached in and turned it on, seeing a notification about an email from work.

“What’s up?” David asked as he wiped the grease off his hands, “Something wrong?”

“It’s an email from work,” David explained, “Right before I left, I bitched about what was happening to HR.”

“Pfft, good move,” David said with a grin as he managed to swipe the remote, “Now while you read that, I’ll watch something interesting. Don’t worry, I’ll record your dumb game so you can watch it later.”

“Sure,” David said, now distracted by the email:

“Dear Mr. Summers,” it began, as he read aloud for the benefit of his friend,

“We have received your complaint, which we take with all seriousness. Due to the nature of your claims and the serious breach that such reported behavior implies, we are empowered to inform you that you and the other interns should remain at home for the next two weeks. This will give our department time enough to investigate your claims without causing you undue stress. Rest assured that you will be paid in full for those two weeks. Please stay alert for any additional instructions that we may send your way as the investigation proceeds.

“Thank you again for your diligence,

Steven Carpenter,” Greg concluded.

“Sounds like they’re taking you seriously,” David said as he put on some anime or other that Greg didn’t recognize.

“I hope so,” Greg said with a little smile, a spark of hope igniting in his chest as he relaxed on the couch.

“Right,” David said with a grin, “I don’t mind ya crashing here with me, but if you are then rule one: you try out some of the stuff I like to watch. Otherwise, you’re sleeping on a bench in the park,” the redhead said with a wink as he relaxed to enjoy the show.

“Heheh, alright, fine. As long as you let me watch the game later tonight,” Greg said as he relaxed next to his friend.

“Plus, two weeks off means plenty of time to plan,” David explained, “Whatever you’re thinking of doing, now you have more time to make sure it has no problems.”

What David said made sense. As the show went on and Greg at long last started to relax and regroup after the past few stress-filled days. That stress hit him harder than expected as, since the moment the show ended, he yawned and rubbed his eyes.

“Hehe, looks like you’re a lot more tired than I thought,” David said with a smile as he got up.

“Guess so…Um, where am I gonna sleep?” Greg asked, “Cause you don’t have a guest room…”

“No I don’t, but I did plan for this kinda thing,” David said with a wink as he tossed Greg’s bag to the sleepy guy, and removed the cushions from the couch and grabbed what was inside.

Greg smiled as he saw his friend unfold the couch-bed, “Nice!”

“Thanks. I got this one in case my dads decided to drop in for a surprise visit” David said with a wink “I’ve got a mattress and spare bedding in my room. Give me a sec, alright?”

“Sure,” Greg said, grinning as his friend walked off to his room, bag in hand. Speaking of bags, Greg took advantage of the moment and moved a few of the tables around to give himself a little nightstand to keep his things. Not waiting another second, he emptied out his bag and gently put his PC on his makeshift nightstand, along with his phone.

“Nice laptop man!” David said as he came back in with the mattress which he quickly put on the bed.


“Mind if I borrow it sometimes?” David asked, as the two lift the mattress onto the couch bed.

“What, Mr. Gamer doesn’t have his own computer? You have like what, five consoles but no PC?” Greg asked with a bemused smile.

“I do own a PC, for your information. A rather nice tower to be specific,” David explained as the two kept going, “But it went on the fritz a few days ago. Had to take it to the repair shop, so I’m kinda restricted to my phone for internet access.”

“Well, as long as you don’t watch any straight porn on it, I’m fine with it,” Greg joked, giving his friend a wink.

“Pfft, trust me. I’m taking a break from chicks for a while,” David said, his bisexuality something both of them were comfortable talking about, “Last time went to shit really fast. So, I’m gonna try and find a cute guy next.”

“Well, then I wish ya luck,” Greg said with a yawn. “Well, I think I’m gonna check out for the day.”

“Sure thing,” David said with a grin as he left the room. Greg smiled and stripped down to his undershirt and boxers. He would have preferred PJs, but those were currently at his house and he knew from all the times he had slept over at David’s house when he was younger that his friend didn’t have any. He had always been the sleeping-in-his-underwear type of guy.

Rubbing his eyes, Greg crawled under the covers and closed his eyes, falling asleep really quickly.

Greg’s Point of View

My dreams that night were something else.

I dreamt I was in a cold steel hall, something out of a cheesy sci-fi horror movie. And all around me, doors were opening and out of them were stepping random people, all them naked. They just stared at me with blank eyes and started marching at me like zombies, their arms outstretched.

“Join us,” they chanted as more poured out of the open doors. I didn’t hesitate. I bolted down in the opposite direction, running the fastest I ever had in my life. But the hall seemed endless, and as I passed, more doors opened, and more naked zombies stepped out, the horde behind growing larger and larger. Then I tripped on something. I fell face down, smacking against the cold steel as they all gathered around me and grabbed at my clothes, ripping them off violently and sending shreds flying all over.

“Join us! Join us! Join us!”

“NO!” I shouted, waking up and opening my eyes. I panted slightly, but what drew my attention was what met my eyes. Instead of just the dark room, I was greeted by a slow moving spiral that floated right above me. “Guess I’m still dreaming,” I muttered with a little laugh as I stared at it. It really was beautiful, with a mix of purple and a really nice shade of pink. It was really relaxing.

I grinned and laid my head back down as I began to hear something whisper into my ears. I couldn’t really tell what they were saying. All I knew was that the spiral was very very relaxing after that nightmare. I just laid there, watching for who knows how long until everything around me went dark.

Saturday, Week 2

Greg woke up the following morning feeling surprisingly refreshed given his…nightmares? He could’ve sworn that he had nightmares last night, but he couldn’t remember them. Greg thought that he couldn’t have had nightmares given how much better he felt today. He’d have been dead tired had he really had nightmares. Greg shook my head as he sat up and stretched, hearing the bones pop in his back.

“Get up you lazy bum!” David’s voice rang from the kitchen. Greg giggled a little as he grabbed his phone and looked at the time: 8:47.

“Yeah, cause waking up at 8 in the morning is the height of laziness!” Greg shouted back as he slipped out of bed. But the moment his feet hit the ground he groaned. A strange itching sensation was coursing through him, coming from his feet specifically. “The hell?” he grumbled, sitting down on the bed and bringing his foot up to take a look at it.

These socks were brand new, he had bought them just a few days ago. He wiggled his toes experimentally inside, groaning a little as that only made the itch even worse.

“Damn it I hope I don’t have a rash,” he grumbled as he grabbed and peeled it off in swift motion. His foot didn’t show any signs of a rash or anything, so Greg was perplexed. It looked the same as it always had, smooth and free of any blemishes thanks to the fact he was a bit obsessed with taking care of his skin, from his face all the way down to his feet. However, the moment he took the sock off, the itch disappeared completely. Shrugging, he brought his other foot up and took his sock off as well, chucking both of them on the bed and getting up, giggling a little as he felt the plush carpet tickle his toes.

“You coming over, jock boy?” Dave shouted from the kitchen, “Or am I gonna have to eat all of these by myself?”

“I’m coming, I’m coming!” Greg said as he walked over, grinning as he saw the spread that David had created. It was far more than he had honestly expected. There were two huge stacks of pancakes, a jug filled with orange juice and a plate with eggs and bacon. “Holy shit! What, we having people over?”

“What, with this?” David joked as he put down the apron he had on, “No, this is my usual breakfast.”

“This is normal? What, are you studying to be a chef or something?” Greg chuckled as he sat down and grabbed his fork.

“Yes actually,” his friend said with a grin, “I am. Took the job to help pay for culinary school.”

“Huh,” Greg muttered, shocked at the answer. As he began to eat he noticed that David was also walking around barefoot, “Socks bug you too?”

“Yeah, don’t know why,” David said, looking down at his feet, “Hope there aren’t fleas or something that decided to make a home for themselves in my socks. That would fucking suck!”

“We should send them through the washer just in case,” Greg said, “Better safe than sorry after all.”

“True that,” David said as he chugged down some orange juice, “So, turns out you’re not the only one who gets to stay here for a few weeks.”

“Wait, what? Your job too?”

“Yup!” David said with a smirk, “Turns out someone else reported the same thing you did to my company’s HR department. Investigation going on at the same time.”

“Huh, well at least it’s good to know that we’re not the only two sane people left in town,” Greg said as he finished his pancakes, “So, guess we’re roommates for a while.”

“Yup!” David said with a grin, “So, get yer ass to the bathroom and wash up. If I’m gonna school ya in Smash, I want you to be clean for it!”

“Hehe, yes sir,” Greg said, with a mock salute, “As long as you don’t mind loaning me some clothes and a razor.”

“I don’t mind,” David said, “I’ll find ya something.”

Greg nodded and got up, stretching again as he walked to the bathroom, closing the door behind him. The place wasn’t anything too fancy, with a combination tub shower, a sink and a big vanity mirror right behind him.

“Well, that’s handy,” Greg mumbled as he stripped off his clothes, chucking them into a nearby hamper. He smiled to his reflection and stepped into the shower, doing a quick wash for his whole body before stepping out. He stood in front of the mirror and looked over his whole body, frowning a little.

Another part of the caring about his skin part of Greg’s routine was getting rid of his body hair. He hated having body hair, and he made a case to shave his body at least once a week. He turned around and began digging through David’s cabinets, eventually finding his prize.

“Perfect,” he muttered as he held a fresh razor and a can of shaving cream and began his morning routine.

After around twenty minutes, Greg stepped out of the bathroom with a bathrobe on, feeling extremely refreshed. He walked back to his bed, where David was laying down, controller in hand.

“So how was the shower?” he asked as he fiddled around with the game’s menu.

“It was fine. Thanks for letting me use a razor by the way.”

“No problem,” David said with a smile, pointing to a small bundle of clothes that laid right next to him, “Now get dressed so I can trounce ya.”

“All right, all right,” Greg said, grabbing the clothes and quickly getting dressed. After he was fully clothed, except for his feet, he hopped onto the bed and grabbed the other remote, “Ready to get your ass kicked?”

“Pfft, you wish!” David said with a smirk.

That’s how the two of them spent most of the day: lounging around, playing games or watching random stuff on the TV, either sports or anime. After a few hours, David made them some pretty good pasta that the two ate while watching the television.

Soon though, the light that streamed in through the blinds slowly dwindled into nothingness as the sun had begun to set. David stood up, yawning.

“Hey, mind if we skip dinner today? I’m beat and not really that hungry after that huge lunch we had,” he muttered, rubbing his eyes.

“Nah, fine by me,” Greg said, yawning as well. “That pasta was something else man. Tomorrow try making something a little simpler…”

“Yeah, will do,” David said with a nod “Night man.”

“Night,” Greg called to him as David walked into his bedroom and closed the door. The blonde quickly stripped down to his boxers and crawled into the bed, falling asleep a few seconds later.

Greg’s Point of View

That night was a lot calmer than the previous one.

I had mostly dreamless sleep until some time later; not sure what the time was honestly. But I felt something kinda fuzzy rub against my ears a few times.

“Guh,” I groaned as I slowly woke back up, “What was that? Did the neighbor’s cat get in or something?” I wondered as I slowly opened my eyes.

Sitting in front of me was that weird pink and purple spiral again, still spinning as if it left off right in the same spot as before. I chuckled a little as memories of my last dream like this flooded back into my head and I relaxed.

“You enjoy this don’t you?” whispered a voice I didn’t recognize.

“Yes” I said.

“That’s good. Just keep staring at the spiral. The more you stare, the more relaxed you feel. It feels great to be so relaxed, doesn’t it?”

“Yes,” I said, letting out a breath I didn’t know I was holding in, “It feels so good…So relaxing…”

“That’s a good boy. Just keep staring. Just keep watching and relaxing,” the voice whispered again. Soon though everything went black as I slipped back into dreamless sleep.

Sunday, Week 2

Greg yawned as he slowly opened his eyes, rubbing sleep from them as he slowly sat up.

He could hear the sizzling of something coming from the kitchen, as light flooded in from the open blinds, illuminating the whole room.

“Nother morning, ‘nother round of David’s huge ass breakfast,” he mumbled as he threw the covers off and stood up, freezing right before his bare feet touched the carpeted floor.

The same awful itch from yesterday was back, and with a vengeance. Only this time it wasn’t on his feet. It was on his torso. But how could that be!?

“Goddammit! David must have been right about fleas!” Greg groaned as he quickly stripped the shirt off, throwing it to the floor, shaking his head as he got up and went to the kitchen. There he saw David, flipping bacon with an apron on. But just like Greg, he was wearing nothing but a pair of shorts.

“Morning,” David called with a smile as Greg took a seat.

“Morning,” Greg grumbled as he served himself some juice. “The damn fleas strike again!”

“Yup,” David said, shaking his head as he put the bacon on the table and took off his apron, “At this rate, I’m gonna have to call an exterminator or something.”

“I didn’t even know fleas went after people,” Greg said as he started eating, “You don’t mind me going around shirtless do you?”

“Nah, of course I don’t,” David said as he sat down himself. Unlike Greg, David didn’t really shave his body, preferring to let his wispy body hair show for all. Greg wasn’t the biggest fan, but to each his own.

“It’s so weird…” Greg said, shaking his head.

“Well, nothing we can really do right now,” David said with a shrug, “So, let’s just relax and try not to stress about it.”

“Yeah…Relaxing,” Greg muttered, his eyes going blank for a second as he said that, “It feels good to relax…”

“Yeah, it does,” David said, not at all worried by his friend’s sudden shift in speaking pattern, “So, anything you wanna do specifically?”

“Not really,” Greg said, blinking as his voice returned to normal, “Wanna just laze around?”

“Sounds good to me,” David said, grinning as he grabbed all the stuff on the table, “Go get showered and dressed, and we can get started on doing jack shit.”

Greg giggled and nodded.

The way went just as they thought, with the two just sitting around doing nothing. Greg was curious about this flea situation though, so he cracked open his laptop and began doing a bit of searching, trying to find anything about fleas going into clothes.

He did find a really really recent article about how fleas like jumping into human clothing and that wearing these pieces of clothing for extended periods of time could lead to various health complications, and it was recommended to not wear anything if one felt the fleas biting them.

“Well, that’s a bit convenient,” Greg muttered as he re-read the article, “Who wrote this?” he wondered as he looked up the author. The author turned out to be a world-renown entomologist who also had a degree in medicine. “Huh…Well, guess this is legit then” he muttered, shocked at what he was reading. He shrugged as David walked out from his room.

“Hey man. Can I borrow your laptop for a bit? My dads want to have a video chat.”

“Oh, sure,” Greg said, closing his laptop and handing it to his friend, along with the charger, “Make sure you plug it in; this bastard is a battery guzzler.”

“Will do buddy,” David said with a big smile as he went back into his room, slamming the door behind him.

The rest of the day was relatively quiet, with David spending most of the day locked up in his room talking with his dads. Greg kept himself amused by watching the games that David had so graciously recorded for him.

Soon, the sun set as Greg wrapped up the third game and he yawned.

“Man, who knew doing nothing could take so much out of ya,” Greg giggled as he stripped down to his undies, crawling back into bed, “Not hungry… Should get some…zzzzzzzzz,” he snored as he fell asleep, the TV still blaring the cheers and screams of the soccer game.

Monday, Week 3

Greg awoke to the smell of another of David’s large breakfasts. Groaning, he got himself out of bed and went to put on a pair of shorts. Though when he pulled on a pair of shorts, he felt the itch again. The damn itch wouldn’t leave him alone!

“Goddamn it, these fleas are fucking everywhere!” he shouted, ripping his shorts off and chukcing them aside, frustration clear in his voice, “Fuck me!”

“Everything ok?” David asked from the kitchen poking his head out through the door.

“No,” Greg grumbled, “Fucking fleas got into my pants now…You know what, fuck it. There has to be some kinda solution to this shit. Where’s my laptop?” he muttered, looking over to the bedside table, where it usually laid.

“Oh, it’s in my room. Forgot to bring it back after that conference with my dads yesterday. Sorry ‘bout that!” David said, running back into the kitchen, “Can you go get it? Cause if I leave we’re eating charcoal instead of bacon.”

“Sure sure, I don’t mind,” Greg grumbled, getting up in nothing but his underwear and walking over to David’s room.

He slowly cracked the door open and peeked inside. Despite having been here for a few days now, he hadn’t really come into the room that much, but it wasn’t anything that exciting. Just a king sized bed sitting in the middle, a closet opposite to that and a desk sitting in the corner, with a big window behind the bed. Greg frowned a little, as he couldn’t see his laptop on the bed itself or on the desk.

“Course, lazy bum probably slid it under the table,” he grumbled as he got to his knees and reached underneath, feeling around for his computer. For a bit, he felt nothing but plush carpeting, until his hand finally hit something metal. “Gotcha!” he said, pulling out his prize. But when he pulled it out fully it wasn’t what he expected.

In his hands was a black-tinted visor with built in headphones, much like a slimmed down VR headset.

“Holy fuck!” Greg shouted, quickly dropping the thing as if it was coated in acid. He stared at it in abject horror “T-T-That’s the…T-The meditation shit!” he gasped as he knelt down to feel the headphones, feeling the fuzzy padding, realizing he recognized that sensation. He gulped and looked down at himself. His almost fully bare body, except for a pair of undies, clearly showed that his fears were truly justified. “T-There aren’t any fleas, are there…?” Greg muttered slowly, his eyes going wide in fear.

“Breakfast is ready,” Greg heard David yell from the kitchen.

Greg gulped and frowned. David. He’d been doing this. There was no other explanation. Somehow, he managed to slip this damn thing on him at some point and it did exactly what he thought it did!

“You son of a fucking bitch…” Greg growled as he threw the thing to the floor, hard. He heard a crack and a few sparks flew out of it. Without saying another word, he crouched again, grabbed his laptop and walked out of the room.

“Greg?” David called from the kitchen, “You ok dude?”

The blonde didn’t answer, instead he stomped over to the pile of clothes he had abandoned earlier and forced them on. He shivered as the itch coursed over his entire body, but he took it.

“It’s all in my head,” he mumbled under his breath as he forced his socks on. “There’s nothing wrong with my clothes, it’s all in my head,” he kept muttering as he put on his shoes and grabbed his backpack. He took one last glance around, making sure that David wasn’t out of the kitchen. Not seeing anyone, he let out a sigh of relief and walked over to the door, trying his hardest to ignore the damn itch.

“Sorry buddy, but you’re on your damn own,” he muttered as he grabbed the door handle and jiggled it. But the door wouldn’t budge. “Shit! Locked,” he exclaimed, “Fuck me…Where the hell would David keep the key…?”

“On me at all times,” a voice said from behind him. Before Greg had a chance to react, he felt two arms wrap around his neck and block his windpipe.

“GAH!” he choked, trying to hit David in a vain attempt to free himself. Sadly, he wasn’t able to do anything, and everything around him started to go darker and darker as he slowly passed out.

“Sorry buddy,” he heard David whisper, right before Greg passed out fully.

“Guh,” Greg groaned, blinking rapidly as the world around him slowly returned to focus.

“Alright David. Report.” He heard a voice, one he didn’t recognize. It sounded really really strange, almost like his Text-to-Speech had gained emotions but still couldn’t overcome its clearly synthetic voice. Greg blinked even faster, seeing that he was on the couch.

“Hmph!” He tried to speak, but something was blocking his voice. He looked down and paled. His mouth was wrapped in duct tape, and touching the gag with his tongue, he realised that David had shoved one of his socks in there. He tried to get up, but like he expected he wasn’t able to. He looked down and let out a sigh of defeat. His mouth wasn’t the only thing that was covered in duct tape.

His wrists, ankles, upper legs, waist, upper arms and neck were covered in bright silvery tape, and he was stuck tightly on the couch.

“Yes, Master,” David said. Greg looked up and his eyes went ever wider as he saw David was completely nude. His ass was pointing right at Greg, but that wasn’t what drew his attention. What did was that David had completely shaved himself from the nose down.

David had always been proud of his body hair. Greg remembered back in High School when he got his first chest hair he had boasted about it for two whole days. But here he was, smooth and perfectly hairless, as if he had ages of practice doing it.

“What’s the progress of the conversion?” the synthetic voice rang out again, snapping Greg’s attention.

“The nightly progression was not fully successful, Master Jake,” David explained, “Sadly, Greg found my visor earlier and tried to escape. He also damaged it.”

“Hmmm. Is it still functional?” the voice, Jake apparently, asked.

“No, Master,” David said with a shake of his head, “The screen of the left eye is shattered and the headphones give out nothing but white noise and static.”

“Hm, that’s a shame. Note to self, work on reinforcing the next batch,” Jake muttered, “Can’t have them breaking so easily. Now, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Do you still have that program I gave you?”

“Yes, Master,” David said, grabbing a small thumb drive from the table.

“Perfect,” Jake said, and Greg could almost hear the smile forming, “Then we get to turn this failure into an experiment.”

“What do you mean, Master?”

“That right there is what I’m calling the ‘Forced Relaxation Program.’ The name needs some work, I freely admit. Anyways. That program doesn’t need the visor to function. It needs a computer, a large enough screen, and you there to follow the instructions it gives you.”

“Yes, Master Jake,” David said with a nod. The sound of Discord hanging up rang through the apartment as David crouched down and yanked the HDMI cable from one of the consoles, and plugged it into Greg’s laptop, which he had been using for this conversation.

David then inserted the USB drive into the laptop and grabbed the remote control, pressing the power button. The TV screen sprung to life with a now familiar sight, that off a large purple and pink spiral that slowly moved back and forth.

Greg growled a little as he looked at it, not falling into a trance like the previous times. He knew what this damn thing did now, and he was ready to fight it. While he looked at the screen though, he didn’t notice David walk up next to him.

David hadn’t known just what he had been getting into a few weeks ago when he put that visor on for the first time. He folded exceptionally quickly, faster than anyone else who had put them on and used the program. Normally, the being known as Jake wouldn’t really have cared, but the A.I. saw an opportunity with David and got to work turning him into something…different.

After observing the effects of the meditation program on the small initial population of subjects, Jake noticed that not all of them were falling equally. In fact, there were a few that seemed to be outright immune for one reason or another. There were a few slackers who outright refused to use the program, there were people like Greg who considered it a waste of time. It wasn’t a large number, between the two companies he used as his control group it was around a dozen people. But he chose both companies for that exact reason. A small population of subjects.

He knew that the moment the full program was released to the public, way more people would resist it’s effects or simply refuse to use the program. So, he started another experiment at the same time: Project Sleeper.

He sent David a new visor, with new updated programs meant to turn him into exactly what Jake would need: A Sleeper agent. Someone who by all appearances seemed to be resisting or immune to the program, someone the rejects would trust and approach, either for support or to plan with for some hairbrained scheme. The Sleepers would covertly condition the rejects with the program over a longer period of time. After moulding David’s brain into being the perfect agent, he sought out more. Not everyone could be a Sleeper, he realized. Jake needed people like David, others who would fall to the program easily, so that many orders could be loaded in a single session. After scouring both of his control groups, he had managed to make 40 Sleepers, roughly 20 in each company.

It wasn’t a perfect solution, Jake knew that. Sleepers needed to be able to get close to the rejects, they needed to befriend them, and even then there was always a possibility of failure. While it wasn’t ideal, it was a band-aid solution that worked for now, and that he would of course refine in the future. But that possibility of failure gave him a chance to test another method. One to convert the rejects who discovered Sleepers.

And that was exactly what David was doing now. Most of his thoughts were suppressed. All he knew at the moment was how good it felt to obey. And how good it would be to teach Greg how good it felt to obey. Anyone who could see David would see just how much he was looking forward to obeying, given how erect his cock was.

“Don’t fight it,” David whispered into Greg’s ear as he ripped off the gag in one swift motion.

“GAH!” Greg screamed, spitting out the sock, “Fuck you, ya fucking Borg! Let me out of this!”

David ignored him and grabbed something that was laying on the floor. It was a big pair of headphones, which Greg saw were plugged into the computer.

“Just relax,” David said as he slid them over Greg’s ears, cutting off all sound from the outside world. All sound except for the sound of what came from the computer.

“Say how much you love looking at the spiral,” a soft voice whispered into Greg’s ear. The blonde shivered a second as he realised something. The voice sounded like him! Greg couldn’t see, but David had been the one who had spoken, the program turning the sound of his words into the same sound as Greg’s voice thanks to the high-quality voice synthesizer. Parts of the script appeared in a pop-up window on the computer for David to read from, along with directions for what to read depending on the subject’s answers. In this way, the conversion process could be customized to the subject.

“Go to hell!” he screamed, struggling against his restraints.

“You love looking at the spiral,” the voice said again, this time a bit more forceful.

“Fuck off!”

“Repeat or you will be punished. This is your only warning,” the voice said. “You love looking at the spiral.”

“MAybe I wasn’t clear! Go fuck yours-GAH!” Greg screamed as he felt David punch him in the gut. Hard.

“Repeat or you will be punished again.”

“A-A punch to the gut I can take, jackass,” Greg sneered at the screen, thinking it was Jake speaking. The voice didn’t answer. “What? Don’t have a-GYARAH!”

This time, David stomped on his foot.

“Gah!..T-Thank god you hate shoes now,” Greg mumbled as he winced at the pain coursing up his leg.

“You love looking at the spiral,” the voice said again.

“N-No!” Greg shouted again. “Go and shove it up you’re synthetic asshole, you wanna-be Borg Que-GAAAAAAAAAAAH!”

This time David had gripped Greg’s balls into a painful vice, grabbing them and squeezing them slowly, with each second becoming worse and worse.

“Okay okay! I-I love looking at the spiral!” Greg shouted, tears beginning to stream out of his eyes as he finally gave him. Instantly, David let go of his balls and Greg let out a sigh of relief.

“Good boy,” the voice said. Suddenly, Greg felt something inside him begin to vibrate. Rapidly.

“Gyah!” he moaned, his eyes going cross as he felt arousal and pleasure swarm his entire body for a full minute. It ended as quickly as it started, leaving him panting, his cock twitching inside his underpants. “Hah hah ah…Y-You shoved a plug up my ass!”

There was no reply to his question, only another order.

“Repeat it again. Five more times.”

“Five more times!?” Greg shouted “Are you fucking nuts?! AGH!” David punched him in the gut again, even harder this time.

“Repeat or be punished,” the voice said. Greg groaned and closed his eyes.

“There’s only one way out of this…” he mumbled before taking a deep breath. “I love staring at the spiral! I love staring at the spiral! I love staring at the spiral! I love staring at the spiral! I love staring at the spiral!”

“Good boy,” the voice said as the plug turned back on. Greg shivered as pleasure and arousal once again flowed through him, but the reward once again only lasted a minute.

“Holy shit…” he panted “I-I didn’t know a plug could feel that damn good…”

“Now repeat it fifty times,” the voice said. Greg groaned at that, but he knew he had no way out at this moment.

“I love staring at the spiral…” he began saying.

Four Hours Later

“I like falling into a trance. Falling into a trance is easy,” Greg panted, finishing the 100 repetitions the voice wanted.

“Good boy,” the voice said again, and the plug started up again.

“OOoooooh!” Greg moaned, his voice getting a bit higher as pleasure rang through him again, counteracting the pain he was feeling from the latest foot stomp. He knew he shouldn’t, but honestly he was starting to look forward to the rewards.

He had never felt anything even close to the pleasure that plug was giving him, and the way it seemed to wash away all the pain he was feeling…It was damn near magical.

N-No! he thought, shaking his head D-Don’t think like that Greg…That’s what this cheap copy of GlaDOS wants…I-It wants me to think like that…I-I can’t…N-No matter how good they feel…H-How super arousing and pleasurable and goddam-NO! he shook his head as he tried to clear the fog that had formed over his head from the constant pain and pleasure. Frankly, he didn’t even know how long he’d been strapped for. Hell, he couldn’t even move his head. And closing his eyes just resulted in all three punishments happening at the same time, so he sure as shit wasn’t gonna try that again. He was tiring and it was getting harder to resist.

As for David, he was feeling so high and good. He had been obeying the orders that displayed on the computer screen without fail. He felt pleasure whenever Greg submitted and obeyed. It didn’t matter that Greg had been a friend. What mattered was obeying Master Jake’s instructions. David’s erect cock had been leaking pre-cum for the past while now and he would’ve cum had he not been so well conditioned.

“Say ‘Obeying is good. Obeying feels good. Obedience is natural’ ” the voice commanded Greg.

“W-Wha?” Greg stammered, shocked by what the voice wanted him to say.

“Repeat or you will be punished,” the voice said.

“Gah! N-No need for that!” Greg stammered out, “O-Obeying is good. Obeying feels good. Obedience is natural!”

“Good boy,” Again the plug was turned on, flooding Greg with pleasure. Once time was up and the plug turned off, the voice said, “Repeat it again. Five more times.”

“Y-Yes,” Greg muttered, not wanting to be punished again. He took a deep breath and started “Obeying is good. Obeying feels good. Obedience is natural. Obeying is good. Obeying feels good. Obedience is natural. Obeying is good. Obeying feels good. Obedience is natural! Obeying is good! Obeying feels good! Obedience is natural! Obeying is good! Obeying feels good! Obedience is natural!”

“Good boy,” another minute of pleasure, then the command, “Repeat it again. Fifty more times.”

Friday, Week 3

Greg groaned as he slowly opened his eyes and looked around.

W-Where am I?” he asked himself, his mind a complete mess of arousal, pleasure and fog. He could barely think straight at this point.

“Good morning,” a voice whispered into his ear, and Greg woke up instantly. He knew what the voice meant. The voice meant lessons. And lessons meant rewards! That’s really all he could remember at this point, his own voice telling him to repeat things, and getting rewards when he did.

“Answer these questions,” the voice whispered. Greg was confused for a second, but he shrugged that off. If the voice wanted to ask him questions that was fine. He was a good boy, he’d answer them like he was told to. “What do you love to stare at?”

“I love to stare at the spiral!” Greg said with a huge smile, staring at said spiral as he said so. It was really easy and fun to stare at it. So easy let it suck him inside, like a good boy.

“What is natural for a good boy like you?”

“Obedience!” Greg chirped out, “Obedience is natural for a good boy!” He giggled a little as he said that. It was true. After all, obeying felt so good! It sent waves of pleasure through his whole body like he just got his dick sucked. He doubted there was anything on Earth that felt as good as obeying.

“Do good boys like falling into trances?”

“Yes!” Greg exclaimed with a nod, “Good boys love going into a trance!”

“Do good boys wear clothes?”

“No!” Greg shouted, shaking his head in disgust. “Good boys never wear clothes! Good boys are always naked and they make sure to shave their bodies to keep them nice and pretty!”

“Good boy,” the voice said, and Greg moaned. After all his conditioning, being called a good boy had the same effect as the plug being activated, “Who do good boys obey above all else?”

“Master Jake!” Greg exclaimed “Master Jake is who good boys have to always obey!”

“What should good boys do with other good boys?”

“Good boys suck each other’s cocks and fuck their holes!” Greg said with a huge smile, sticking out his tongue like a dog for a second, wanting something in his mouth to suck at that very moment.

“Good boy,” the voice said, sounding a bit farther away now, “You’re ready.”

“Ready?” Greg asked, confused, “Ready for what?”

The voice, for once, didn’t answer with anything. No punishment, no rewards, nothing. It was completely silent. And a few seconds later, the TV turned off, the spiral going with it. Greg blinked, confused at what he was supposed to do as he felt the headphones being removed.

“Don’t worry, I’ll have this stuff off in a second,” a voice said, different from the one Greg was used to hearing. He heard a loud rip as he felt the pressure on his neck that had become so familiar at this point being lifted and he was finally able to move his neck. He groaned as he felt his bones crackle, looking up.

He saw a guy with bright orange hair, brown eyes and a face full of freckles smiling at him.

“Umm…Who are you?” he asked, genuinely confused at the person standing in front of him.

“I’m David,” the guy said with a grin as he peeled away more duct tape.

“Um, nice to meet you David,” Greg said with a smile, “I’m Greg! You’re cute!”

“Hehe, thanks. So are you,” David said with a wink as he peeled the last of the duct tape and freed Greg from the couch.

It felt so good to move after being held in place for so long. Greg couldn’t even remember when he had been put on the couch. But he didn’t really care. Good boys don’t worry about stuff like that, they just do as Master Jake tells them.

“There you go,” David said, giving Greg a pat on the ass as he cleared away the last few shreds of Greg’s underpants. He wasn’t going to need them anymore anyways.

“Hehe,” Greg giggled at the slap, “So, where am I?”

“You’re in my apartment,” David said, “Master Jake ordered me to make sure you’re a good boy and are ready to go out into the world.”

“I am a good boy! I love obeying Master Jake,” Greg said dreamily, the thought bringing him such pleasure.

“Exactly,” David said, kissing Greg, “Obeying Master Jake is the most important thing that good boys have to do! But, what’s the second?” he asked with a wink. Greg started at him for a second before giggling and nodding. He turned around and bent over, presenting his ass to David. “Good boy,” David said with a grin, “Just let me take this out…”

“Take what ou-oooooooh!” Greg moaned as David pulled out the vibrator plug, a loud pop ringing through the room as he did that.

“There we go,” David said, chucking the thing aside and grabbing Greg’s buttcheeks. “Ready?”

“Good boys are always ready!” Greg giggled, wiggling his ass a bit.

“Then here I…ahhhmmm…come…” Both David and Greg panted and moaned as David slid his rock hard cock into Greg’s willing hole. David slowly began to pull out then thrust right back in, the sound of the two fucking echoing through the whole apartment.

Monday, Week 4

Greg yawned as he slowly sat up, rubbing any sleep out of his eyes. He had slept so peacefully this past night, and the past few nights since. As he arose, he saw David sitting on the bed, moaning as he stared into some visor. Greg blinked for a second, confused at what he saw before the rest of his reprogrammed brain woke up.

“Oh yeah, that meditation thingy from Master Jake that arrived yesterday,” he giggled. “Wonder why Master Jake sent him that thingy?” He shrugged and threw the covers off, grabbing his permanently erect member and pumping it up and down.

David was mumbling as he moaned and stroked his hard cock, “Good boys obey Master Jake. Good boys love obeying Master Jake. Good boys love staring at the spiral. Good boys don’t wear clothes. Good boys keep their bodies clean for Master Jake. Good boys take care of other good boys…”

Greg shrugged as he kept pumping. He didn’t understand why David needed that weird visor thingy to remember how to be a good boy. The rules were playing in a constant loop in his mind for him. Every time he felt pleasure or David plow into him, he could hear his voice whispering the rules in his head. He didn’t question it though. If Master Jake wanted David to repeat the rules, then David was a good boy for obeying Master Jake.

Greg was just about to cum when David stopped chanting and slid the visor off, a huge smile on his face as he looked over at Greg, “Morning Greg! Sleep well?”

“Uh, yeah!” Greg said with a smile, “Dreamt about Master Jake!”

“Good boy,” David said with a huge smile as he climbed out of bed, stretching. “Now come on, we have to get started.”

“Started on what?” Greg asked as he clambered out of bed, following right behind David. The two naked men headed to the kitchen, where David quickly made a few bits of toast and some coffee, a paltry little thing compared to what they usually had.

“Master Jake thinks you’re about ready to go out there on your own,” David explained, taking a sip of his coffee.

“On my own?” Greg asked, clearly confused as he felt a momentary pang of apprehension. Away from his fellow good boy, David? That moment passed though as he remembered the rules. Good boys felt good when they obeyed Master Jake. Master Jake knew what was best for Greg, and Greg took comfort in that, confident in Master Jake.

“Yup,” David said with a big smile. “Thing is, Greg, you’re really important to Master Jake! Like, really really important! So, he wants to make sure you’re well and ready. And for that, we’re just missing one little piece that we’re gonna go get.”

“What piece is that?” Greg asked, taking a sip of his coffee, wincing a little but that was normal nowadays. Every bit of food tasted lackluster compared to the cum he guzzled from David’s cock whenever they played together. Those video games, or whatever David called them, were boring compared to fucking.

“It’s a surprise,” David said with a wink as he finished his food. “Now come on, eat up so we can get going.”

“Ok,” Greg wolfed down the rest of the food, eager to see the surprise.

The two stepped out of the apartment and headed down to street level without another word. Greg marveled at everything around him with awe, since as far as he remembered, this was his first time going outside. Course, if he could remember, he’d notice just how different things were now.

You could search the entire town, and you wouldn’t find one woman walking the streets. It was all men. And all of them were naked, just like Greg and David. There were a few who still had body hair, and the blonde couldn’t help but sneer a little at them.

“Bad boys,” he hissed, as if it was the worst insult on the planet. But most people were naked, openly parading about with their cocks on full display. Most were semi-hard, though a good number were fully erect. Though there was something that caught Greg’s eye.

There were a few walking around not naked, but not dressed in anything Greg had ever seen. They were clad in something shiny that hugged to their skin so tightly, they might as well have been naked.

“What are they wearing?” he asked David as they passed a couple making out, both of them clad in the weird material.

“Oh, it’s rubber,” David explained as the two approached a big office building. “Master Jake said that it’s something good boys are allowed to wear.”

“Why would anyone wanna wear something?” Greg asked, the very idea of clothing now completely alien to him.

“Master Jake says that the tight feeling makes it feel like they are being caressed all over their bodies all the time. He also says that some bad boys became good boys more easily if they wore rubber.”

“Then it is ok?”

“Absolutely!” David said with a big smile as the two finally reached the entrance of the building. The place seemed to tickle at a memory in Greg’s head for some reason, but he shrugged that off as another guy around their age dashed outside, what looked like a cellphone box in his hands.

“You guys here to pick up the package?” he asked, looking at the two of them. Greg didn’t really pay attention to what the guy was saying.

Man I wanna plow this twink, he thought as his eyes traveled up and down the guy’s naked body, the thought sending a wave of pleasure through his body.

“Yup,” David said with a nod. The twink smiled and handed over the box.

“Take good care of it. Master Jake had us work day and night to make that baby,” he said with a smile before turning around and heading inside. Greg’s eyes lingered on the guy’s ass while David opened the box, grinning at what he saw inside.

“This is that surprise I was talking about Greg,” David said, snapping the blonde’s attention away from the twink’s ass. He looked into the box and frowned. It was a little black square with a plastic hook and some weird looking white things on the side.

“What is that?” Greg asked, frowning.

“You don’t…Oh that’s right you can’t read,” David giggled as he took it out of the box. “Well, this is the DLJ Earpiece,” he reached over and placed it into the blonde’s ear. Greg frowned a little, not used to the extra weight.

“So what’s it do?” Greg asked, shrugging.

“Let me turn it on and you’ll find out,” David said with a smile, pressing a button on the thing. There was a low buzz, which was a bit annoying, but it disappeared quickly.

“Hello Greg,” a synthetic voice rang through the earpiece. A voice that made Greg’s eyes go wide.

“Master Jake?” he asked, completely surprised.

“Yes boy. It is Master Jake.” the voice said, sounding a strange mix of bored and amused. “I’m gonna be in your ear from now on. Understood?”

“YES, MASTER!” Greg squealed, bouncing up and down in joy.

David watched his friend smile with complete and utter joy. He knew Master Jake would want to keep an eye on Greg. But there was also a bit of sadness in there. Jake wanted Greg to be isolated as much as possible. He said something about keeping external stimuli away from the subject. That meant this was likely the last time David would see him.

“I have a job for you to do,” Jake said to Greg.

“Anything for you, Master!” Greg exclaimed.

“There is someone you need to see, someone who needs to feel good. Someone you don’t remember, but who you need to make feel good.”

“Yes, Master!” Greg said with a huge smile. He didn’t really understand the order, but it wasn’t his place to question it.

“Good boy. Follow my directions and you will arrive at your destination.” And thanks to the camera that was built into the earpiece, Jake would indeed be able to navigate Greg through the city. “But first, I need you to tell David the following instructions.”

“Yes, Master!” Greg said, then he listened carefully for several moments. David watched the exchange, eager to get every last second he could with his friend before they separated.

Once Jake had finished relaying his instructions, Greg spoke to David. “Master Jake says that you are a good boy and that you need to return home right away. Master Jake needs to talk to you urgently.””

“Ok,” David said, giving his friend one last big hug and a tug on his dick before the two separated and walked off in opposite directions.

Jake smiled as he watched through the camera installed in Greg’s earpiece, watching every step the guy took in crisp HD. He was pleased with the quality, especially given how the DLJ (or Direct-Line-to-Jake) earpiece was a rush order.

“Goes to show how much the program improves effectiveness,” he said with a smile, bringing it closer with his hand. After months of bouncing back and forth with different looks, he finally chose one that suited him. After taking a physical form with Employee 12, he decided his virtual self should be a bit more…unique.

His skin was a soft, translucent blue with glowing circuits flowing through it, from his fingers to his head. His hair was similarly wildly colored, with it being green with glowing circuits on it. It resembled a circuit board at a distance. His body shape was similar to David and Greg’s, a twink with a big butt. After all, he had Employee 12 if he wanted to enjoy muscles. Might as well enjoy the other end while he was in his domain. At the moment he wasn’t sure on clothes, so he just made it so his body didn’t have any genitals while he hunted around for a good look. He had time, though not as much as he wanted, given how some humans were mounting an armed resistance against him.

“Oh well,” he sighed, “Guess I gotta get a bit better at multitasking. Speaking of rebels…” he grinned as he turned his attention back to the camera.

Greg was still walking down the street, a bit of a bounce in his step actually.

“Hm. Not bad so far,” Jake said, snapping his fingers. Right next to him a floating window of a recording software began to hover. He tapped the record button and started speaking

“Experiment 45A log,” he said as he saw Greg approach an apartment building. “Subject Alpha has so far responded well to the reprogramming. While I wish that the covert method had functioned, the results of the Forced Conversion Program cannot be argued with. Just a few modifications and the prototype should be ready for deployment…once I see how well Subject Alpha responds to living on his own.”

He smiled as he saw Greg go up the stairs, “Notes for corrections in version II. Subject’s experience has left him with no memory of previous life before the conversion procedure. While this might prove beneficial in the long term, it might be best to isolate the cause, and perhaps develop it into its own program in the future. Furthermore, Subject Alpha seems to have lost many high end brain functions, like reading and arithmetic. While he could be retrained, the experiences he has gained cannot be. It would be best to limit the loss of such functions in the first place. Also, the subject seems to no longer need constant exposure to the Meditation software. The instructions have planted themselves deep into his subconscious on a level I previously did not think possible.”

He hit pause on the recording and made a note document appear, “Note to self, study more psychology…Clearly base knowledge obtained so far is not enough.”

He reactivated the recording and continued, “I will have to see if this permanent state is connected to the other issues. If not, it would be extremely valuable, but if it is the cause of the loss of intelligence or memory, then it might have to be sacrificed.” He grinned as he saw Greg walk right in front of his apartment, “Subject’s home has also been outfitted with cameras which all maintain a constant link to me. I will be able to observe him and all his actions and reactions to outside stimuli without issue.” He paused the recording and spoke to his new subject. “Alright Greg, now I want you to go to the door on your right, knock on and say ‘Master Jake has sent me to pleasure you’ and don’t stop until he tells you to.”

“Yes, Master!” Greg said with an enthusiasm that Jake had never seen in a human before, which made him chuckle a little. As he waited for the door to be answered, he tapped record again on the machine and continued his log.

“Side note to Project 45A. Sleeper David performed well enough, but his primary goal failed. However, since this was through no fault of his own and pure random chance, he will be allowed another chance at converting another escapee. However, emotional attachments to Subject Alpha might endanger both his role as a Sleeper and the experiment with Subject Alpha. Therefore, his next meditation session will be programmed to erase all traces of Greg Summers from his memory. It is highly unlikely Subject Alpha will leave his apartment complex in the future, therefore there is no risk of the two meeting by accident. End log,” he stopped the recording and sent it off to his archived memory.

Through the camera, Jake saw the door open right as he sent the log away.

“Perfect timing,” he said with a grin as he made the screen bigger, so that he wouldn’t miss any detail.

The door opened to reveal a big muscled guy dressed head to toe in black shiny rubber. He wore form-fitting boots and gloves. Every part of him was covered by it except for an opening for his chin, mouth, and eyes.

“Hmm, a catsuit might work for an outfit,” Jake muttered as he watched, grinning to himself.

“Hello!” Greg chirped with a big smile, “Master Jake sent me to pleasure you!”

“Greg, is that you?” the big man said, at first confused and then pleasantly surprised by the appearance of his formerly grumpy neighbor from two weeks ago. The one that had almost made him cry the first time he’d ventured out to work while dressed in rubber.

“That’s my name! What’s yours?” Greg asked with a big dopey smile.

“Uh, is this some kinda prank?” the big guy asked.

“Damn, a kink in the plan that I’d better fix now,” Jake muttered with a hint of annoyance. He snapped his fingers and brought up personnel files, “Right, I’ve seen that guy in one of the two offices…What was his name again?

Off to the side of the camera, the face of a man appeared. But it wasn’t the right one. At a command, the faces began to change very quickly, almost blurring. Just as quickly they settled on a face that matched the one in the doorway.

“Ah yes, Mike. The guy that sleeps with Jerome and Tony. Man this guy is huge…I might want to lower the workout bits of the meditation program, otherwise he’s gonna start having problems grabbing things,” Jake shook his head and started digging through the file. “Right, so how to fix this…Greg, tell him that you were a bad boy to him before and that Master Jake made you better and now you’ve come to make it up to him.”

“I was a bad boy before!” Greg said, actual tears forming in his eyes as he fell to his knees, “Master Jake fixed me and made me good! S-So I came here to apologize! S-See if I can make it up to you somehow!”

Mike was surprised that his neighbor felt remorse and was happy that he had made the apology. He seemed really sorry about what he had done. He couldn’t stay mad at him. Master Jake taught that all good boys should be nice to other good boys. And it was clear Master Jake had made Greg into a good boy.

“Oh ok,” Mike said with a little smile, “How ‘bout you suck my coc-”

He wasn’t even able to finish his sentence, as Greg almost pounced on his member and gently slid it into his mouth. The rubber had a strange taste and texture to it, but as it filled his mouth he felt content and didn’t let the taste bother him. In fact, if he sucked deep enough, he could feel the rubber give way and allow Mike’s cockhead to slide through the opening of the sheath and pass along Greg’s throat. The familiar taste and texture of the cockhead brought such joy to Greg, pleasure second only to that he felt for obeying the instructions of Master Jake, which were to pleasure this man.

Good boys suck the cocks of other good boys” his own voice whispered in his head, sending even more pleasure through him. He was so charged that his cock twitched pleasantly and dribbled a little pre-cum without his needing to touch it. He kept at it as he ran his tongue over Mike’s shaft, until Mike buckled and thrust his hips forwards, blasting cum into Greg’s mouth.

Good boys love drinking cum from other good boys” his own voice repeated in his mind as he slurped down every last bit of cum that he could.

From Jake’s view, it looked like Mike and Greg were really enjoying themselves. Mike clearly had been pent up for quite a while, and Greg. Well Greg was just concerned with two things. Fucking and Obeying him. So, it makes sense he’d enjoy getting a cock shoved down his throat. If he continued to behave, maybe Jake would let him cum. Greg would probably cum hands free, given his extreme arousal.

“T-That was s-so good!” Mike panted, pulling his dick out of Greg’s mouth.

“Happy to hear you thought so!” Greg said with a big smile, “Do you need me to do anything else? Master Jake ordered me to pleasure you until you said enough.”


“Hey Mikey. What’s the holdup?” another voice called out from inside. “Tony is all ready to go. Might as well bring your new friend inside! The more the merrier!”

“Heheh, sure why the hell not!” Mike said, grinning at Greg and cocking his head. Greg nodded and climbed to his feet, scampering inside with a huge smile on his face.

“Well, this is something else,” Jake laughed, minimizing the screen. “Right, well I think I’ll check up on them later. I’ve got other things to do right now.” With that, he turned around and disappeared.

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